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Current Why is so hard to find decent manga? I feel like I've read everything twice xD
2 mos ago
New Thing I learned about my partner: He mumbles in his sleep :P
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If anyone is interested, I edited this yesterday:…
2 mos ago
not me finally back after a long hiatus and wanting to roleplay like it's my lifeline T-T
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7 mos ago
I just caught up with the Attack on Titan anime and I have a craving to roleplay it so much.


God, I haven't edited this in forever.

Hi, guys, I'm Demon_Miyu! I'm 22, going on 23, and I am~

And damn proud of it. I've cultivated my tastes over the years and thanks to college, I've learned how to plagiarize without getting caught hone my writing craft. Thanks for checking in, there's free coffee, tea and hot chocolate on the way out. Water bottles are 3$, because I am master of my domain and you follow my logic, damn it!

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Bump. Craving Red River or From Far Away. Or any Isekai based fandoms.
Bump T-T
A darkness hidden by ones whose wish is to forget.
A little bookstore that no one visits.
Or do they not know of its existence?
And you thought magic never existed.

About me: I am DemonMiyu. I am 21+ and F, recently graduated college and want to get back to escapism. I am a a pretty chill person and am an avid reader, my favorite genre being Dark Fantasy.
Before expectations
This roleplay will be mature. Story/Smut ratio will vary, depends on how we feel. We discuss what is acceptable to the other. This is a Dark Fantasy, so expect some DARK themes. No fade to black. Okay? Good.

What I will give you
  • A new friend
  • Someone open to discussing plot
  • Possible ADHD, I haven't been tested yet but the signs are here
  • Creativity in the form of music and art (not owned by me LOL, you're crazy)
  • Me to play an evolving Female MC. (NON-NEGOTIABLE)

What I want from you
  • Expect a how are you and how was your day at any time.
  • Be 21 or above, everything else is baby. (NON-NEGOTIABLE)
  • Put your own creativity in this, it is ours.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for my Discord if you want, but no funny business.
  • Be open to rp as a Dominant Male MC.

Okay, you read everything? Okay, goody. Time for the staples of this hot pot.

Pop quiz if you read everything. Include the answer in the PM if you're interested.

I am honestly craving an Attack on Titan or Final Fantasy 14 roleplay.
I have been in deep with FF14. I would like to an RP based around my character in the game. This an 18+ post so no softies. Please.
I am bumping.
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