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Current Ark needs a tutorial or something, cus this learning curve isn't even an actual angel, it's like a loop-de-loop ate a snake.
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Went to Gamestop for black friday, no one on line. Went in for five minutes, came out with Sims 4 and ARK: Survival Evolved. Today is good.
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Anyone up for a Walking Dead roleplay?
8 days ago
Anyone up for a Walking Dead roleplay?


Hey, I'm a female, 19. I like anime and manga. I like to read and write. But my favorite pastime is ROLEPLAYING. Duh, why else am I here? Anyways, you can find my posts all up in the 1x1 forums. I posted alot cus I'm looking for specific partners. Anyways if you read this, have a cookie on me.

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Long time bump!

In 20XX, a group of students that attended CalArts went missing during the summer months three years prior. They were found in the Redwood National and State Parks, in an underground bunker stocked with food and water. In a plastic box, there were cameras, laptops, and USBs. The events following is the students experiences.

Hello, I am DemonMiyu, and this is Point of No Return. The story is that our characters are the students from CalArts, who were film students creating an independent film series as a project. The series was a reality series around horror, as the students investigate local legends to debunk them. As the series went on, they realized that the more creepy legends might have some truth to them, egging them to delve deeper into a more dangerous reality.

I'm looking for a partner to help play some character to mine, you can be camerapeople, researchers or just a civilian tag along for this horrifying tale. My character will be the main 'host' who explains the legends and goes first into the danger.

PM or @me if interested!
[i][b][center]Hello, everyone reading this post.
My name is DemonMiyu, I've been on this site for a while now and have had quite a few partners and as time went on,
my partners have gone away. So I'm making this nice, new post to hopefully attract some new partners. I love to talk to people and make friends so I'd like to think that we would get along. I'm also a huge pile of trash anime fan, so if you like anime maybe we can geek out. Anyways onto the good stuff and the BOLD is what I am currently craving. The [*] are what I really want to do.[/center][/b][/i]



An Ancient Magus' Bride
Fushigi Yuugi
Boku no Hero
Macross Frontier
Snow White with the Red Hair


Tail of the Moon
Red River
The Vision of Escaflowne
From a Distant Time
Sensual Phase

TV Shows

Once Upon A Time
Pretty Little Liars ***********
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead*********


Yandere x Victim
Rich Guy x Poor Girl

Hero's Girl x Villain

That's pretty much it. Please PM me if anything interests you or you just want to geek out about something. Thanks for reading!
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