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2 mos ago
Current I'm ready for those Ready Player One roleplays.
2 mos ago
I'm gonna edit my roleplay IC, cus Netflix is a godsend.
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2 mos ago
Why is it so hard to find someone willing to play a Male Yandere?
3 mos ago
OOOOO, yeeeeeeah. Crunching a MLA formatted paper at the last minute for submission worked. -high fives myself- YEAH.
3 mos ago
Is it okay to talk about The Walking Dead now?


Hey, I'm a female, 19. I like anime and manga. I like to read and write. But my favorite pastime is ROLEPLAYING. Duh, why else am I here? Anyways, you can find my posts all up in the 1x1 forums. I posted alot cus I'm looking for specific partners. Anyways if you read this, have a cookie on me.

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I made a manga title error, I fixed it. Meant to write From Far Away. lol.
@headintheclouds Hit me up.
Bump. Old idea brought back. Looking for a partner for Rise of the Fallen Phoenix!
Two kids, one human and one squishy robot, go into a large hole to find a possibly dead person. Kid torture is imminent.
Pet the adorable blue fire creature.
Jurassic Cock.
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