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Current I am returned to the land of make believe. Hello, everyone! I AM SLEEP DEPRIVED!
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4 mos ago
-clears throat and brings out a megaphone- If you have extreme views on the following: gender, sexuality, political views, religion, being about total shit of a person in general. Fucking fight me.
4 mos ago
-inhumane screams due to the latest Steven Universe episode 'Leg From Here to Homeworld'-
5 mos ago
The bitch got her dog and I had to be held back to keep from smacking her across the globe. The dog was such a good boy and she did that! Dog abusers have a special place in Hell!
5 mos ago
Some bitch left her puppy out in the heat and we took him in. When the morning comes, I will reign hell upon this sinner.


Hey, I'm a female, 19. I like anime and manga. I like to read and write. But my favorite pastime is ROLEPLAYING. Duh, why else am I here? Anyways, you can find my posts all up in the 1x1 forums. I posted alot cus I'm looking for specific partners. Anyways if you read this, have a cookie on me.

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Bump from the graveyard
Long awaited boop.

No one remembers when the Mask System became a reality.
Some say after the Great War, when those who were different rebelled.
Others say it was when the King from a thousand years ago went insane.
No one knows, but..
Never remove your mask.

I won't be posting a lot of details about the roleplay, but I shall give a small explanation of the Mask System. We have the White Masks; they are the commonfolk who are unemployed. We have the Green Masks, whom are the farmers. The Purple Masks are the Tailors. All the way to the Golden Masks, whom are royalty. But be wary of the shadows, that is where the Glass Masks roam, and no one wants to get on their bad side and no, dear post reader, they are not thugs.

Now if you are interested, PM me.
Boop and @Nikolai please pm me.
I made a manga title error, I fixed it. Meant to write From Far Away. lol.
@headintheclouds Hit me up.
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