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1 mo ago
Current Apologies to my partners, been busy with DnD and school work. Shall reply tomorrow or Saturday.
2 mos ago
Gonna finish eating, finish my homework and then take a nap until my dnd friends call me hopefully.
2 mos ago
My lil niece had her Bat Mitzvah today, she looks just like my older cousin it's terrifying. But I'm so proud of her for making her promises and her achievements T-T
2 mos ago
the session literally got canceled the second everyone gathered...usually the players don't show up and it gets canceled but the dm didn't show up :|
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2 mos ago
-DM says session tonight- .... -sets down nutella jar, graham cracker case and a galloon of hot tea- .... -prepares tissue box for the tears and stress ball for the unholy rage-
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God, I haven't edited this in forever.

Hi, guys, I'm Demon_Miyu! I'm 22, going on 23, and I am~

And damn proud of it. I've cultivated my tastes over the years and thanks to college, I've learned how to plagiarize without getting caught hone my writing craft. Thanks for checking in, there's free coffee, tea and hot chocolate on the way out. Water bottles are 3$, because I am master of my domain and you follow my logic, damn it!

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Bump from the dead.
Revived old plots!
So, my friends and I (3 in total) have been discussing playing DnD for the first time. We have no idea what we're doing but we're making characters. We're looking for a DM to give us a tutorial campaign of sorts. We're looking for a fantasy campaign, we're following 5e since it's recommended for newcomers. If interested, please PM me!
So, extremely recently, my friends and I were discussing DnD and we are creating characters for ourselves. Then we realized none of us wanted to DM because we have very little knowledge of how to do this. So I'm looking for someone to help create a campaign and DM for us. And by saying we're beginners is putting it lightly. We're level baby. If anyone is interested and knows how to DM, maybe make some idiot friends, please PM me.
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