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2 mos ago
Current Santa Clarita Diet got cancelled. Wtf Netflix. That shit is illegal!
2 mos ago
Binged watched both seasons of The Dragon Prince. I understand why this show is hype and I cannot wait for Season 3!
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2 mos ago
To my past and current partners: I am a 2nd year college student, who has been dealing with slowly growing depression. I'm sorry for basically being a ghost, but I haven't been myself for a while.
2 mos ago
Why is Klaus [The Umbrella Academy] such a mood though?
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5 mos ago Is my mood after watching the Steven Universe special.
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God, I haven't edited this in forever.

Hi, guys, I'm Demon_Miyu! I'm 22, going on 23, and I am~

And damn proud of it. I've cultivated my tastes over the years and thanks to college, I've learned how to plagiarize without getting caught hone my writing craft. Thanks for checking in, there's free coffee, tea and hot chocolate on the way out. Water bottles are 3$, because I am master of my domain and you follow my logic, damn it!

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I've been having a godawful first trimester of this year and I'd like some escapism.
Who wants to fix The Walking Dead with me?
Bump from the graveyard
Long awaited boop.

No one remembers when the Mask System became a reality.
Some say after the Great War, when those who were different rebelled.
Others say it was when the King from a thousand years ago went insane.
No one knows, but..
Never remove your mask.

I won't be posting a lot of details about the roleplay, but I shall give a small explanation of the Mask System. We have the White Masks; they are the commonfolk who are unemployed. We have the Green Masks, whom are the farmers. The Purple Masks are the Tailors. All the way to the Golden Masks, whom are royalty. But be wary of the shadows, that is where the Glass Masks roam, and no one wants to get on their bad side and no, dear post reader, they are not thugs.

Now if you are interested, PM me.
Boop and @Nikolai please pm me.
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