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8 days ago
Current When you accidently mistitle your assignment to be the same title as the instruction and you upload the instructions instead: -screaming internally while drinking coffee- This is fine.
10 days ago
Rest in Peace, Unus Annus. Memento Mori.
11 days ago
Don't care if it's not even 7am, I made some Maruchan noodles, drained the water, made the brother with the packet spices, garlic power, soy sauce and a bit of stew carrots from last night. chef kiss~
12 days ago
When you can't sleep but are hungry but at the same time can't afford to wake up the house. *cooking videos intensifies*
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13 days ago
Got my ramen packs, got my chopped garlic, got my soy sauce. Got all the fixings to make these cheap ass 1$ noodles the best damn snack ever.


God, I haven't edited this in forever.

Hi, guys, I'm Demon_Miyu! I'm 22, going on 23, and I am~

And damn proud of it. I've cultivated my tastes over the years and thanks to college, I've learned how to plagiarize without getting caught hone my writing craft. Thanks for checking in, there's free coffee, tea and hot chocolate on the way out. Water bottles are 3$, because I am master of my domain and you follow my logic, damn it!

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It all started on a cool Fall day in New York. She was a college student, top of her class. He was a vocalist of a band that's been on hiatus, now going on it's third year. No, they didn't meet in a cafe because she spilled coffee on his expensive clothes, nor did he offer his umbrella during a rainy day. It wasn't even love at first sight. Hell, they never even seen each other. Because this wasn't some cliche romance novel that you bought in the book aisle for like seven dollars. As I was saying, it all started on a cool Fall day in New York, with a contest that he was a part of. It was anonymous for both sides, for his side, he and his bandmates want to some back with a bang, but the thing is the reason why they left: they didn't have a song writer. Meanwhile, on the other side, it was to be a creative writing contest for a prize of $1,000. I mean, it's not a lot, but most of the contestants were college kids, what did you expect? But the real prize was to be a songwriter for one of the most famous bands in America. So what the hell went wrong? Well, the winner of the contest put down a charity for her college instead of her name. So now, he has to find this mystery writer and the only clue is the college that she attends.

So, this a modern setting, an alternate universe where any song we put up isn't front another band. Yes, this is a music roleplay. Put up video links, song lyrics, etc. Also, nothing 2020 is going on, this is a realistic alternate world. There'll be real bands and real names mentioned, but that's creative liberty. So if you're interested, come with your favorite music, male lead vocals if you could, but doesn't matter, just any good song, genre can discussed later. I'll be providing songs as well, female-lead or duet-lead music. My character will sing too, just not write away. Ahah, get it?

Okay, so disclaimer, this is a 18+ roleplay. There's going to be language, adult situations, some real not nice things, like some real HBO MAX stuff okay? I don't want kids near this. If you're all good with that, great!

Please feel free to PM me if you're interested. If you've read this far, let me know you favorite song and I'll judge you harshly take a listen to see if it's a certified bop.

I'm a good fan of horror. I like gore, mysterious cults, monsters, unimaginable scenes of madness. I think I described anything related to Lovecraft horror. Maybe there's influence to this idea, not sure. But here I go.

That's all I got so far, if you want to roleplay this with me or you got some ideas, hit me up, but before you do, please answer this question.

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