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21 May 2017 19:19
Current Dear Life, Stop making me piss my friends off when I don't mean to. Thanks.
12 May 2017 4:39
Where are all my rp buddies when I need them.
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6 May 2017 3:37… If anyone would like to play a game with me. I'll leave this here.
5 May 2017 4:15
I'm so bored,
3 May 2017 4:15
13 Reasons Why I love Netflix.
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Hey, I'm a female, 19. I like anime and manga. I like to read and write. But my favorite pastime is ROLEPLAYING. Duh, why else am I here? Anyways, you can find my posts all up in the 1x1 forums. I posted alot cus I'm looking for specific partners. Anyways if you read this, have a cookie on me.

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The Grimoire is an ancient text filled artifact from the world parallel to our own. It holds powerful magic inside of it, yet it cannot be used by the world's inhabitants. The Grimoire itself has a will of its own and thus selects it own master, from our world. However there are rules. The master of the book must be a female of the age to marry in their world, aged eighteen at least. Their social status, race and language do not matter. And they must be pure, no drug use, no alcoholic use and must have never been touched by a man.

Every one hundred in their world, ten years pass in ours. So every ten years, a young woman goes missing, but returns after a time has passed, or not at all. And once the Chosen has been sent to their world, a Protector is waiting, every one hundred years, a man of age is chosen to wait in the Temple of the Grimoire until one is sent there. But something odd has happened in this cycle. The Protector died while waiting, for the Chosen hasn't shown. It has been one hundred and eight years since the last Chosen has shown up.

Hello, I am DemonMiyu, I'll be playing the role of the Grimoire's Master. I'm looking for someone to play the Current Protector and the Villain who she has to defeat, also the Grimoire if you want to. There will be scenes of maturity so please be at least or over eighteen. There will be language use, so keep a Latin translation tab handy. Be open to the plot/sub-plot that you are presented with, surprise with your own ideas and be open to OOC conversations, I like making friends. Please comment and @ me if you're interested or PM me. Questions are welcomed.
@Artersf I have some ideas if you want to collaborate.
@XxLyraxX *sees that you have many of my favorite fandoms and games*

Please PM me.

In Loki x OC 10 Mar 2017 6:04 Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
@Kelpie99 I may be interested in this.
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