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Current On returning, I noticed that I had the same terrible face pic for like 5 years, that had to go. Here, have a drawing.
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2 yrs ago
Be all moved in by the end of the day- And will post with my keyboard as to actually catch up.
2 yrs ago
Most of it caught up, just four more? Also have a long opening post. It's been taking me so long because I'm on my phone, I'll never type as,fast without a keyboard.
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Off of work tomorrow, then I will catch up on everything, I promise <3
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Just got home a bit ago, busy day. I'm getting there.
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Work is causing me hell at the moment, on top of some life things. I should have it under control in the next few days.
I have always wanted to give stuff like this a try. Just never been brave enough to join a game, yet alone GM one

If you DM, players will flock. Most people fear the responsibility. Do you have any questions?
Kill the assassin? Some random person, who didn't take the credit? Eryx probably couldn't kill her, let alone some nameless rumor. Bullshit. He leans back, in his chair, looking around. A familiar looking figure entering the place.

An arm raises, clad in white up to the steel reinforced black gloves, waving to a man who had entered. "Isago!" He calls with a grin, gesturing to the man. For a moment Eryx is quiet, looking over his face. "The nose, it's always the nose they mess up." He unfolds one of the wanted posters to look back and forth between them, careful to keep it facing the wall so nobody else would see it.
I believe it's my turn yea? I'll post in the morning c:
ok i want to learn how to dm/gm but not sure where to begin? I just picked up deadlands and I really want to play it. @Sleeth

First and foremost, really familiarize yourself with the rules, then decide which ones are and aren't for you. Example; I only make my party in D&D use components on certain spells like Revivify. Not everything must be followed exactly, so find a comfort level in your game.

After that, you'll need to build your world. You can never anticipate everything your players will do, so you'll often just be winging it, but have a rough outline with a few set outcomes.

Ex: My party was hunting a band of Hobgoblins and found a lone goblin wandering the woods. They could've asked said goblin how to find the band and had a short cut. They could have offered the goblin food and gotten a gift, or they could ignore the one lowly goblin. Set event, a few set outcomes.

HOWEVER, the monk decided to just punch it.

Never bank everything on one interaction, find a balance of player freedom and control. 'Railroading' as its referred to, is forcefully keeping your players on a set track and never giving freedom. Some groups like this, others don't, be open to adapting to your group, talk it over with them.

That's it for my basic advice! If you have any more specific questions, ask away. Sorry I took so long to answer, I got busy this week.
I'll give my support to any one as well. I've been a DM for about 2 or 3 years, playing and planning about 3 games a week. 5e is my bread and butter.

Nice. Welcome!
I guess I'll just start using these generation questions to get this thread moving (though it really should be in roleplay discussion).

What’s your favorite variation of D&D? Do you prefer the crunch of 3.5 or the streamlining of 5.0? What are you feelings on 4.0 and other systems that emulate D&D script-to-script (Pathfinder, etc)?

Nobody looks for Tabletop help in that section, and this can always be moved later.

Personally, I enjoyed the versatility of 3.5 and the many variations that the wide variety of skills allowed. I love to build custom comtent, and 3.5 I feel really supported that in the different abilities.

HOWEVER, for introducing new people to the game, I'd have to say 5e is the way to go. It is more simplified, and very much tailored to newer players getting into it. Honestly I find that my groups start in 5e and then want to go back, even to 4e for the great adventures of the Paragon paths and their epic destinies.

Morale of the story is that all varients have ups and downs, and I think if you're an experienced player, that the edition you play depends on what you want out of the game. 3.5 for Home brew, 4e for the true lones of an epic destiny (and math) to truly finish the story, or 5e for casual groups.
I am so sorry, I was inactive because of work. I'm back now

Same, no problem.

It is! Most GMs I meet have a lot of trouble and I end up playing 20 questions with them. I'll be turning the first post into an FAQ as people ask things here.
So, a major problem with D&D that I find is that most people don't want to DM, or just have a lot of trouble.

So! I'm here for logistic suport, and general questions. I have been a GM from 3.5- My current 5e campaign. I can help in making scenes, creating spells, loot tables, encounters, dungeons, magic items, creatures, anything really.

Post questions below or send me a message, I don't want to write out the entire DMG (especially becauseit's illegal.) I spend a ton of time writing stuff for my real life group, and it's honestly good to pass the time. However, there's no point just making a ton of stuff if nobody uses it, it's borderline crazy to have a stack of D&D dialogue scripts.
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