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3 mos ago
Current I have been a busy worker bee, nobody is forgotten, forgive me! I'll get caught up soon.
4 mos ago
Sunday is date day (keep the romance alive guild peoples) So my replies will likely be delayed if they aren't almost finished already. See you tomorrow~
4 mos ago
Hey you, yes you reading this. Go into off-topic and send a picture of your dog. A thread full of puppies makes everyone's day better.
6 yrs ago
Be all moved in by the end of the day- And will post with my keyboard as to actually catch up.
6 yrs ago
Most of it caught up, just four more? Also have a long opening post. It's been taking me so long because I'm on my phone, I'll never type as,fast without a keyboard.


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One more time~
Name is in the title. Guildies, prepare the fur creatures!

This is Beans, she's almost one.


One or two more maybe.
Hello there Guildies, I am Sleeth, a 25 year old butcher who's been on this lovely forum since 2009. That's right, do the math. Writing and role-playing was a big part of my down time as a teenager, and translated well into my career as a butcher.

Jokes aside, I am looking to start writing again after another long hiatus, life gets pretty hectic, but this is probably the most stable it's ever been. I should be able to post at least once a week, at a casual-advanced level, but until I know how often I can truly fit in Rp again I'm only looking for a couple of 1x1s so I don't have to put anyone on the backburner.

I enjoy world building and deep story elements, revelations and plots that come together in unexpected ways over time, and sometimes might make a post that has neither of our characters in it, but shows what's happening in the dark and put of view to add more ideas to the pool. (Maybe I won't, but I might if it needs a push, or would be interesting.)

Adult themes are fine, I get smothered with blood almost every day, I couldn't care less to read about someone being cut in half. If the story is violent I might even include such things, so be sure to tell me where your lines are, and what you'd like to see. For spicier topics, FTB is fine, or it can be a more major role for you smuttier people, just let me know.

Whether you'd like an adventuring bro to write with, or a partner for a shady romance plot, I don't mind, I want to write again. All pairings are fine, and I'm comfortable writing from any perspective, as long as we're both interested in the pair overall.

Now these are by no means the only options, throw anything you want at me, but here's a few things that have poked my interest recently to get me back into writing.

-LitRpg (Realistic game experiences, not the same as a world with a system.)
-Space Western
-Post apocalyptic scenarios. (Probably with darker themes to keep it more interesting that just being alive.)
-Anything fantasy that isn't just blatantly being the best, like being the child of a God, or a generic princess x knight plot. Let's keep it interesting and new.

And anything in between, throw whatever at me, truly. Fandoms are okay, but I don't plan on playing a character from that Fandom, being in that world we can work out if it's one I know.
In D&D (typically) Dragons stay in remote places or entirely different planes. The odds that a party of adventurers would ever end up fighting one that isn't an adolescent trying to assert it's dominance is pretty low. Ancient dragons, even evil ones, are usually wise enough to avoid conflict that would just get an even bigger fish to come out. That's why ancient black dragons aren't popping up to destroy the world as in some instances they so easily could, or they're just in hibernation. The world tends to have a certain balance to the forces in it, and the bigger players stay out of the way or they'll have to face each other. Gold dragons don't fight evil, Black dragons don't fight the good. If one comes out, the other will come out for balance, so it's better if none come at all.

Then I was right the first time :D Oh well, I adjusted it to half-elf already, and it works just as well.

I messed up when reading through and thought the twin kingdoms were the two cities to the south, I can make an alteration to half elf, or just be a human. In the grand scheme it won't make too much difference aside from his appearance. He probably won't go flaunting that he's technically undead, just very pale.

Edit: Adjusted character to be a half-elf to be more thematically correct with the world.


Before I go and write out everything I immediately thought of, just to check would it be alright to play a humanoid that's technically a revenant? Was thinking of doing a minor member of the Pantheon, Reemis, and it made sense to take host in someone angrily dying in battle, and in the merging process essentially become a revenant except of course being an enjoy instead of a spirit. It has some implications like light regeneration though and a lack of real function since the host is kind of dead, so I wanted to clear it before going with that version.

I find this pretty interesting, I don't always have a lot of time (some days plenty, then none for days after) so something that only requires a few posts a week would be preferable. Judging by you saying you'd try to post at least weekly means that should be okay though?
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