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"Impressive little spell." Asterope told Leon, now that she was standing behind him, a few seconds after he flicked the small object.

A few minutes ago, she had stepped out of the office claiming that she would take a look around to try and find clues or anything that might have been left behind by the preparators, leaving Einer and Eve together. In actuality, she quietly followed into Leon's footsteps. mainly for two reasons; to make sure nothing happened to him as they couldn't be sure the place was wholly safe yet and also because she wanted to know what it is they discussed about with. The fact that the coffee turned out to be disgusting played a role, also.

The silvery haired mage spoke low and softly as to not Leon's hiding.
"You shouldn't leave on your own like that. It isn't safe. Beside, keeping secrets from the team? Quite rude." she said, obviously referring to him whispering to Einer earlier.

"Found anything useful on your 'first watch'?"

For most of the trip, Asterope mostly did small talk with whoever would entertain her. She seemed relaxed for someone going on a three star mission. If she was worried or anything, it wasn't showing. That being said, her team members did not seem too stressed themselves. At least, until they all got to the building.

The Thunder mage also noticed the strange behaviour of the workers around them but did not act on it at all. It was best to not show them that the team was aware. Or, at least, not all of the team. They had just barely arrived and entered the Director's office that Leon was already taking off.

"Look at him go! He is going to have a promising future with such an attitude, don't you think? I personally prefer to take things slow." she said as she was sitting down on a comfortable looking chair. "Maybe I was alreayd too old to join the Reavers? Hrmm... yes, in any case I will take up your coffee offer if you please."

Upon receiving her cup, Asterope grabbed some sugar that came with it and mixed it with a spoon. As she was doing so, she infused electricity along the spoon into the beverage which basically made it almost boil and possibly destroy any unwanted substances. For this reason, she let it rest on the table a bit as it was clearly too hot.

"Yes - do describe the events in great details. Einer here is a sticker for details. It makes for better story telling, you see. Anything Donovan or anyone else might have left out?"

Asterope's greeting was seemingly completely ignored by Evelynn as she promptly left the room without so much as a look in the Thunder Witch direction. Still, the older Magus didn't seem too affected. In fact, she kind of smiled at the strange occurrence and turned to Taltrus and Einer, waving towards Evelynn and the hallway in a motion that meant to follow them.

"After you." she simply joked, hopefully following them and the rogue Eve that abandoned them.

Like the others, Asterope was in the hallway to listen to Donovan's explanations on the case as well as the little back and forth between him, Evelynn and Leon. it was only at the end of Leon's monologue that Asterope cleared her throat loudly, hopefully gaining the two young Reavers attention to the rest of the group.

"You two are very cute together, but I believe this is a team's mission, is it not? Not that I would mind sitting back and receiving some of the laurels, but it just is not my type to do so." Asterope said with a big smile. It was meant as a jest, of course. if the two others wouldn't speak up, then she would.

"While Leon here is right, I also wouldn't be too quick to judge your own teammates. Young Evelynn here has made her proofs, after all." Asterope added as she passed them all, ruffling Leon's hair as she did so, leaving some static in them.

"Thank you, Sir Krausser, for the much welcomed added intel." the new Reaved said, with respect, before turning to the others.

"Shall we talk on the way, then?"

That had been a long exposition they just went through, only to be left faced with a decision between three choices. Asterope was in no hurry, it seemed, to make a choice. Nor did she seem either stressed or worried about any of them either - just as certain of herself as ever. The interests manifested by her peers seemed to be for the Zoho marshes and the four-star mission, as expected. True, those seemed like they would see the most action and excitement. As much as the Thunder Witch would have liked that, the second option was the way to go, she decided.

If only because it had almost no one opt for it.

Before she could say anything, however, she was caught off guard by Scarlett outburst. She could do little more than stare, a surprised look on her face, at the pitiless barrage of words being thrown at her other peers faces. When it was all said and done and the silvered hair newly appointed Reaver left, Asterope just said; "Well... that was something. Is your friend often like this?" she told Shavis, more so as a jest than anything else.

@Polaris North
"As much as I would enjoy accompanying you and your colorful companion, I believe I will join the Badland team. They seem awfully neglected, beside... water does not suit neither me nor my dress very well." she said as sparks of electricity traveled between her fingers. "We just don't mix - and that's without even starting about the mosquitos." Asteroped shivered internally before regaining her focus and smiling at Shavis. "Do have fun at the swamp though, dear. Tell me all about it when you come back." A simple farewell with a heavier undertone that wouldn't get past Shavis; make sure to come back. A good luck, if you will.

@Inertia @PaulHaynek @AzureKnight
The Witch walked over to Evelyn group just in time to catch Taltrus introduction to Evelynn and Einer joined that group, too.
"Gracious, how courteous a greeting was that! It seems I might fit right in - if you would have me, of course." Asterope said to the group as a whole.

A multitude of things happened in the moment following Shavis and Asterope's discussion. One of which was a pretty looking Fey looking her way and presenting himself with a name and a flirt. Now, it was nothing too bad but the mage could see him go earlier and felt like he needed a warning. She first turned to the ither Fey, Renee.

"Renee, was it? Don't worry a thing about it." she answered to her apologies on his behalf, then turned to Lanus himself. "How sweet, thank you - but don't think for a second that your own pretty eyes will protect you from the lightning of the gods if you try that with me again." she said with a smile and in a nonchalant tone. There was no bad blood, just a friendly warning that Asterope was not the kind of Lady to suffer unwanted advances.

@Polaris North
"Well, certainly. I also am glad we meet once more. Our first encounter was much productive, wasn't it?" Asterope told Shavis, referring of course to them training together and learning from one another. "Shall we?"

After more little altercations, as well as the tower-climbing individual being brought back on the ground, the group made it's way inside the tower. Asterope did her best to ignore the man commenting on her group's looks. He didn't know any of them and looked in a bad place mentally - best not take any comments personally then. Besides, she had full confidence in her own abilities as a Magus and had to trust her companions were the same.

The tower was really something indeed - its architecture was impressive and beautiful. As expected from the Eon Tower. Though, they would not enjoy it for long before they made it through the large gates and in front of their new Leader - a young looking man, all things considered. He looked no older than herself, which surprised the Witch. Like the others, Astrope introduced herself and listened to his speech to them. Shavis said it before Asterope could - straight to the field, it seemed.

Contrary to some others, though, Asterope herself decided to remain silent. If they sent them out this quickly, it could mean that either big things were happening or that they were extremely understaffed... but she kept those thoughts to herself for now.

She did drop a; "Well, things promise to be interesting a lot quicker than I expected." for anyone close enough to hear her.

"I have to get going. You will be fine here, won't you?"

The woman speaking was addressing some of the city's guards who themselves were apprehending two low class criminals that were unlucky enough to cross path with the silver haired woman. She was well known to the Guards at this point: Asterope, the Thunder Witch. Though not officially a Reaver yet, she wasn't too far and had lived in this city all her life - hence why the locals knew her. Some yellow-ish sparks of electricity still lingered on the two fools that tested her, the men completely zoned out.

"We'll be fine." answered the guard, and after dusting off her cape Asterope made her exit.

"A fine first day this is. Surely, with this, I stand to be late !" she told herself, accompanied by a sigh. "No matter."

Asterope was right in that she was amongst the last to arrive at the tower, yet still arrived a little before the two Witches, Evelynn and Lapis. Arriving on site she immediately noticed the group of people that had gathered in front of the tower. Amongst whom...


The tall woman would hear from behind her as Asterope walked closer. The two of them had met before and studied together, exchanging some tips and tricks on lightning magic. The definitely smaller woman seemed not at all intimidated by her large fey friend, instead bearing a large smile. "I did not expect to find you here - what a pleasant surprise! I imagine you are here for-"

She was cut short by Shavis' companion sprinting away, suddenly, and using some sort of contraption to scale the tower walls.

"Oh. It seems you have lost your companion for the time being."

The two witches had made their appearances now, stopping Asterope for continuing speaking to Shavis. Just as they were done and she was about to resume, she was interrupted once more by the one called Evelyn.

"Good grief, let us catch up after, yes?" she said to Shavis before turning to Evelyn now.

"Miss Grace, yes? I am Asterlope, though some people seem to have taken a liking to calling me something else, which I don't wish to entertain." she said with no pretention at all.

Though she spoke mostly to Shavis and Evelyn, she Magu did not fail to notice the others in the group. Every single one of them were colorful in their own ways. She would eventually get to interact with all of them, hopefully.

The same blank, emotionless metal stare went from the Formorian to Fio. For a second, there was no friendship nor kinship in Niall as this would-be knight stepped in to protect the monster. Still, her remained silent as ever and listened to her little rant. Still, the Knight's boot remained in place on the Formorian's chest despite everything that Fio said.

"She is the Queen's prisoner." Niall corrected Fio, rather bluntly. "Perhaps I have let a bit of anger slip through, but I assure you... it was not unwarranted. You have not seen this monster's lair as I did. This was hardly an interrogation - just a reminder.", he looked upon the Formorian again, "You are not in charge anymore and your survival depend on how you act and, of course, on the Queen's mood."

Well. Fio was probably right, though, and she or the Queen might have better ways of getting information from such a foe. His own action now had not been so knightly themselves, but the things Niall seen in that wretched woman's underground room. Those tools, the prisoners and aberations she created - even Annagan's fate!

Terrible, indeed.

Niall took the formorian by the collar and the bonded hands behind her and raised up to her feet nonetheless.

"We should regroup and head back then."
And another one !
Not even 5 minutes apart. Gotta give those GMs some job. :^)

Asterope, the Thunder Witch

Human, Female, 30 years old

With an average height of about 5'6, Asterope doesn't fail to draw in gazes if only with her impressive hair length which are mostly kept tied and falling along her back. She would most often wear dresses, her clothing of choice, often along with an impressive cape or cloak. If you look close enough in her violet eyes, people say you can see lightning coursing through her iris.

Magic Divination

Asterope is peculiar in that she almost exclusively cast Elemental magic of the Lightning or Thunder type, something which she early on felt she had a strong affinity for. As a result, her Lightning and Thunder spells tend to be extremely powerful, but in a situation where it would be useless, she is left defenseless. A double-edged sword.

Focus: Thunder/Lightning

Lightning Call: The simplest of spell, left simple for the benefit of remaining malleable. Due to this she can cast it in two different ways;
- Focus: The lightning is called in one full blast towards one target.
- Chain: The lightning will hit a target at reduced power and bounce to other nearby targets.

Lightning Arc: A spell that summons forth lightning in a 180-degree arc in front of Asterope at about 5 to 10 feet of distance, meant for close quarter defense. The spell is quick and potent, for close range.

Thunder Call: A fairly powerful spell which makes Asterope focus the sky's Thunder and make it fall on a target or location of her choosing. If inside, she can instead channel it through her body, if stored within her artifact, and redirect it by aiming with her fingers.

Storm Bomb: A sphere of raging electricity will form in Asterope's palm which she can throw once it's fully stabilized. One of her two signature moves. On contact, it explodes in an impressive display of Lightning.

Storm Arrow: Her second signature move, and a spell designed by the Thunder Witch herself. She will focus Thunder magic into the form of an arrow about the length of her forearm and mimic using a bow and aim. This is her most long-range spell and has immense piercing potential but is hard to control due to the focused Lightning energy in such a small projectile.

Focus: Transmutation

Fabric Shift: The only spell Asterope mastered from another of the principles is a simple Alchemy spell to modify the composition of her own clothing and be able to changer her wardrobe to the day to day.


Amulet of Storms: An amulet enchanted specially for Asterope to be able to charge it with natural storms. Considering some of her spells require access to the open skies, this allows her to bring a bit of that energy with her if she was to go inside, where the sky doesn't reach. She has to manually charge it using natural storms.

Asterope's Tome: A magical Tome that Asterope uses to focus her magic through and cast her spells. It was created to specifically enhance lightning magic, being the only type of spells she uses. It also serves as a diary and spell book.


Asterope was born in Morgenröte to parents that were decent magus themselves and fervent members of the Magus Association in the city. As such, her magical potential was spotted early on and her fate was pretty much sealed at a young age. Growing up and among other learners, Asterope often came out first of her 'class' with the only thing holding her back being being unable or unwilling to use other magic than Elementalism and, even then, only using Lightning magic.

She spotted early enough her own affinity for it and decided to dedicate her whole magical prowess to it and become the best Lightning user there ever was. This little dream of hers is the closest thing to control of her own fate Asterope ever had growing up.

Tired of following into her parents' footsteps, Asterope emancipated herself by joining the Reavers of the Eon Tower to pursue another type of life than just the political ongoings of the city and the Association. Due to her obstinacy of using only Lightning magic, she quickly inherited the annoying title of "Thunder Witch" from her peers. Despite everything, she did manage to make a name for herself as a very powerful magus and Reaver.

@Polaris North
Hey! Figured I'd ask. I wanted to make a character based on only Elementalist magic focused on Thunder and Lightning. Do you mind if I go with it still? Yours is close quarter, mine is like a more typical mage. Figured I'd ask before starting to work on something new since she's almost all done. :P
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