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I will also keep a look out and think of a character. ;)
Trust me, do not trust Roma. What she want is... immoral.

Maria: *shivers*
So we will get a traitor Magical Girl in the end it seem. Eh.

Once Niall was done locking the Formorian wrists and ankles away, he took a moment to lay on his Lance and rest. "I'll live." he simply answered to Luna's question, as he also took in the rest of what had happened and came to the same realization that the battle was over for now.

In front of him now stood the monster that created the monstrosities he saw earlier. She also attempted to kill a kinsman, surely something she had done plenty before. Even if said kinsman turned out to be a lot of problem, it didn't change the fact she was out for innocents. Furthermore, her constant yapping mixed with Niall's exhaustion caused him to grow agitated. When she disrespected Fio for the second time that he could tell and spewed her usual nonsense was when Niall lost patience with her.

He suddenly used the butt of his Lance to smack her across the face, probably breaking a tooth or two if the monster had any of those. If she did not already fall on her side, the knight would then stick his Lance in the ground and use his foot to push her to the ground, on her back, before stomping on her chest and leaning in. He bared his clawed gauntlet close to her eye and said;

"I have no qualms with removing your eyes from their sockets, monster. You can start answering questions, or you can keep talking in the dark." The holes of his helmet peering into her own eyes like two jet black emotionless eyes.

As focused to the task as ever - and as silent - Niall ignored the man's taunts as he delivered what would turn out to be his last attack of this fight. Stay out of this? Niall thought, finding it somewhat ironic considering they had been fighting this whole time. Truly, this beast could hardly focus on more than one thing at a time. However, Niall still got grabbed and was about to be thrown to the ground when he felt the hand loosen up. Their plan worked, and as Annagan was distracted the knight's companions delivered the final blow. Niall felt only relief as he fell down to the ground when the massive hand, falling out of it and barreling on the ground for some way.

He allowed himself this moment of 'respite' as he laid on the ground, looking up at the night sky. His body aching all over and stamina nearly depleted - but things were not over yet. The Own Knight stood back up once more, looking over to Luna and seeing she was alright. He then felt something against his foot. Annagan's eye, which turned to stone and rolled out as they fell. Niall took a hold of it, not oen for trophies but...this could be something to show the Queen, at least. It might prove useful - or not.

When he looked over to Fio, Niall saw her on her knees, seemingly just as tired of not more so than him. The knight took his Lance and walked closer to Luna, motioning towards their Witch companion. "Let's regroup before we go into the camp." he simply said, the exhaustion audibles in the voice behind his helmet. Niall would then walk over to Fio or, rather, her caught prey whom he recognized as the Formorian from the room before.

"We meet again." he simply said as he got out of his pouches some chains which sole purpose was this. He would tie her wrists together behind her back as well as her ankles and force her up, walking closer to Fio before throwing her to the ground there, hoping this would allow the Witch to finally catch a breath.

"Good job, Fio. Thanks for the assist with that beast - both of you..." as he spoke, his Owl pet landed on his shoulder, pecking under its wing and staring around.

"Valeria asked that of you? Hmm... I would have thought you would have preffered to be at the school. I trust in Miss Weizenbaum abilities, but this worries me nonetheless."

Maria said just as she was adjusting her gown's sleeves at the wrists, the dusty remains of the Apex pageless still evaporating behind her. "Yell at you? Please, Lady Clementine, I believe I do not strike as the type or at least hope I do not. Although, it is true I find your course of action to have been... rash, perhaps even unprepared? To say the least."

It was not long after they left the ruins of the mall behind them as Maria accepted Ozma's offer to ride with her. The trip was short back to the Academy, although quite uncomfortable for Maria, who was not used to flying on brooms...
Maria witnessed the same sight as Ozma did, internally wishing she could have had been here to help, but also wondering if it truly would have been for the best. Finally spotting Valeria, who carried Roma, Maria took a step towards them but was stopped by the Crimson Comet who, with a serious glance, told the teacher to help the students. Now, Maria truly did wish to see if Valeria was fine and also have a talk with this Tsubasa, but Ozma was right. "Very well."

Maria turned around, fully intending to thoroughly ignore the Grand Minister and leave that business to Ozma and Valeria while helping the students - but she couldn't take a step before young Nessie came almost tackling her into a hug.

"Oh!" A surprised Maria looked down to the red head and gave the feintest smile, both hands lowering on her shoulders. "Miss Burns, how awfully kind of you. I merely remained behind to make sure you all could retreat to safety - there is no need to worry about all of that now. Are your classmates saf--"

As she looked down to Nessie, it suddenly washed on Maria just how much the student was filled with anger and indignation. Most of the students were, she reckoned. There was a small silence before she went on, carefully replacing Nessie's messy hairs with a motherly look;

"Do not fall too quickly into anger and evil thoughts, Nessie. Lest you end up being controlled by your darkest feelings, as Miss Tsubasa is. Energy spent on anger is wasted when so many people need our help, is that not so? Come, let us see to the others."

As she pushed Nessie forward, intending to go assist the help effort and whoever still needed help, despite what she just said Maria still sneaked on glare back at Ozma, Valeria, their prisoner and the Grand Minister - a hint of hellish red in her eyes sparkled for a mere second.

Though the first interaction with Apia had been kind and sweet, Kanbarus's first two sentences hit Yui like a punch in the guts. Yui, taken by surprise by this, just stared at Kanbaru - blank stare - without knowing exactly just how to react.

"I'm sorry, I--" by the time she began speaking, after having snapped out if it she was just interrupted by the blue haired girl giving more of her mind to Yui.

For a second after that, Yui's old personality surfaced and she had half a mind to just flee this situation. Remembering the discussion she had with Gattica and Bonesword, she pat the little snake on her arm as if to remember herself why she was here - as well as giver herself a bit of courage.

"I didn't know..." A pause.

"For the longest time, I didn't know I even had a sister. And neither did she. Believe me. I tried..." in Yui's mind, flashes of her last encounter with her long-lost sister flooded her mind. From when Yui tried to stop Touka from leaving. Never one to get angry, Yui instead took an apologetic tone when she answered;

"I know you and Touka were close... I am sorry I couldn't help her, but I tried. Once I learned the truth, I really did. You don't know...do you?" The newly ascended servant of nature seemed to hesitate for a second before resigning herself.

"I was with her before she left... before the magic completely disappeared, we were together. I... I tried to stop her - i-it evolved into a fight I couldn't stop!" more flashes of Yui's bloodied and broken body formed in her mind, the parting gift from her sister. Yet, despite that she only felt remorse and sympathy for the fallen Magical Girl. "In the end, no matter what I said, I couldn't get through to her...I'm sorry." she concluded, wiping away a tear. She really, truly felt sad and there was no mistaking it. There was not an ounce of anger in Yui's words, not towards Kanbaru's harsh stance nor towards the sister who almost took her life. She only had regrets, truly feeling sorry she didn't know any sooner - sorry that she couldn't, as Kanbaru said, be a sister to Touka before it was too late.

A small silence probably fell between them before Yui tried speaking up again but heard a voice and felt a hand grab her. Surprised, she turned to see the newcomer seemingly hostile towards her...asking if she needed to be removed?

"I-I'm sorry? I haven't done anything...wrong?"

Niall went for the eye with blinding speed - but was once more parred by the bandit. OR what remained of him, at least. The Hammer going up to deflect the Lance upwards, sending Niall up with it. Out of energy and stamina for having fought this beast of a man on his own for so long, Niall was, however, not out of wits and managed to see what was happening. As he was now sent upwards, he witnessed Luna and Fio's attacks both aiming to kill and both needing a distraction of some sort.

Acting quickly, Niall once more let go of his lance in order to change his trajectory midflight and not be dragged by the man's superhuman strength. Niall used his magic to boost himself right into Annagan's face - with the monster's hammer hand up, from such a close distance, it should be doable. This wouldn't be deadly, but it would hurt.

Niall was out of weapons, but his gauntlet's ended sharply in order to mimic a bird's claws. On the giant man's face, Niall teamed up with his pet Owl Gwdihw, calling it to him by whistling into the night, and they both went for one eye.

This should prove distracting enough.

The green haired girl was about to say something when Apia turned around very suddenly to speak to someone else they bumped into before. The two began conversing, leaving Yui on the side for now. There was something to say about such an everyday kind of awkward situation happening in such a... not-everyday kind of place.

But wait; Club? Miso City? Kanbaru? If Apia seemed kind of familiar - Kanbaru was well remembered by Yui. Once being in that Club as the...vice president? Something to that effect. More importantly she had been close to Touka. Excited at the possibility of having a first lead, Yui nonetheless remained near motionless politely waiting for them to be done talking before she could prod them again. Though, she wouldn't even have had to do this thanks to a little Bee near Apia.

Yui smiled as Apia spoke to her again and from her forearm to her extended hand, a Flower sprouted in full bloom, offering the bee some pollen as if to thank it for it's attention. "Charlotte seems to be interested in the both of you, I think." she said with a smile, a bit surprised at the snake's interest as she did not know Cherlotte this well yet herself.

"D-don't worry, it's fine! My name is Hum..." she seemed to hesitate for just a moment, both hands joined together as a sign of potential stress as she looked over Apia's shoulder at Kanbaru still there. Yui had no idea what happened to the club members, all she knew is they had fought before so this was a bit awkward.

"My name is Yui Oba. Sorry, but I couldn't help but hear you come from Miso City? I do too. In fact, I came here looking for my sister...Touka. I was told here was a good place to begin my search." she looked above Apia's shoulder at Kanbaru again just to aknowledge her; "Hi Otoko-san...long time no see. Though, from what I hear you may not know much more than I do..." Yui added, seeming a little downed by that realisation.

The owl Knight was on his last rope, having used most of his stamina and magic containing this menace mostly on his own until Luna joined the fray, providing him with much needed relief. However, things were to get worse before they get better as Annagan completed his full transformation into a hideous and horrifically malformed beast. It's bellowing roar alone would push Niall slightly back before it launched itself forward with intent to pulverize the Knight with its Hammer, now part of its arm.

Niall had barely enough time to jump above and evade the hammer swiping at him, landing a little more back, hopefully distracting the beast enough for Luna to get close. Niall had now no other choices but to focus on evasion and defense, so depleted he was, but would be looking for one good opportunity to use the remainder of his magic for one last dash attack...

Leading the beast on around their battlefield and remaining one step away from its hits and claws, Niall managed to get to the location of his spear and, rolling out of the way of another swipe, grabbed the weapon once more.

As soon as the creature would be slightly distracted by either Luna's attacks or anyone else interventions, Niall would dash for it's eyes with his magic abandoning any form of defense in order to pierce the eye with the Lance.
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