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21 days ago
Current Happy Mcfrickin New Year!!
23 days ago
I just realized that I really should be looking for internships, but like, I cant afford to have an internship. Life is so finnneee
1 mo ago
I will be writing more after the holidays, forgive me I've been working nonstop for days, thank you for being patient with me ♡
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2 mos ago
Why are people actually the worst?
3 mos ago
I missed a casting call for Stranger Things today for a TØP concert, and then proceeded to meet Shannon Purser at the concert! The universe is wild friends!!!


☕About Me☕
Hello to whoever is reading this, this is a bit about me incase you actually wanted to know~
☕I`m a bit of a coffee addict.
♀I`m female and I prefer she/her pronouns. I also prefer to write female characters in a FxM setting.
🌟I`ve been roleplaying for over nine years now (and roleplay at least 2000 characters a post). Would be considered advanced in my abilities.
💀I`m not afraid to kill my characters and I love destroying their lives.
🎶Super obsessed with music, almost every genre. I often take plot and story inspiration from music and listen to it while I write all the time.
⏳ I try to get posts out as fast as I can but I`m always on the move between work and other responsibilities. It makes it hard to respond straight away. Usually you may see a few days between my posts, if longer there usually is an understanding between me and my partner. I do the best I can just as I expect from the people I write with.
❤Romance in roleplays is nice but instant romance is unrealistic and most of the time really boring. I like it when characters gradually fall in love, it makes their relationship stronger, and helps the story have many plot points.
➳Speaking of plot points, I love plot twists! Playing a planned and suspenseful trump card that has been building for months kills! It`s so entertaining to watch something you`ve built for so long be realized in a dramatic event (that may or may not include death)!
👌I'm a very happy-go-lucky kind of person and very uncensored, I will cut through the bullshit, expecially if it's late. I'm also a cluts, I trip over flat ground quite literally. My roleplaying style is much the same way, I write how I perceive situations. Making great literary choices is a top priority, but we're all human, it's not always going to be perfect. My responses will be as interesting and as thought out as I can make them though.
☿ I talk quite formally compared to the average person, sometimes it confuses people. If what I say sounds strange just know that how I type is how I actually talk. In a situation where my speech becomes confusing please tell me and I will explain what I meant, because sometimes I say things in a backwards way.

P.s. I don`t write smut, and yes I`m an adult, it just really doesn`t appeal to me.

I hope to write with you soon, don`t be afraid to send me a message ^^

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Welcome to the site ^^
@Mister Thirteen
I`m certainly interested, something darker seems interesting right now.
Hello there! I`d be interested in Samurai/Nine-Tail Fox pairing or something dealing with angels and demons. I`d be interested in knowing if you have any plots already work out too ^^
Name: Seraphina Kitsuna

Nickname: Sera

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Powers/Skills: Flames, Empath, Levitation in half-form and spirit form

Species: Kitsune

Crush: None

Relationship: None


Personality: Sly and bold, she`ll tell you how it is without so much as blinking. Sera has a quick wit about her that when she feels more akin to her nature makes her rather intimidating. She is an empathetic person behind her rough exterior as she can feel and sense emotions. It is easy to get to know her, but not to truly know her.

History: Sera`s father is a fox demon, her mother is a kitsune. Most would assume these to be the same thing, but one is a spirit with a physical form and the other a demon with fox features. This is why her powers are both physical and mental. It is also why she can choose an inbetween form between a fully spirit fox and being human. As is the nature of a kitsune her mother was absent for most of her childhood from the time she could speak. This left her father as her guidance, as an all powerful demon she gets her hard exterior from how he raised her.

Other: She has a friend named Montly, he is a 20 year old human spirit.
Why hello there! This is an interest check for an idea I`ve been messing with as I`ve been really interested in werewolves as of late.

Let`s start with the plots instead of ending with them for a change.

These are just two plots out of any number we could come up with, so if you`re interested let me know your thoughts on what could change things up more or a completely different idea if you have one. These are just two that have been in my head.

The things I`m looking in a partner is that you have to be okay with playing a male character, be able to come up with ideas for the plot aswell as the story progresses, be honest with me if something`s up, and be alright with have mature themes but fading to black.

I`m good with pms or forums and I`d like to have this be casual to advanced in the amount of writing. A few good paragraphs a post, quality over quantity is more important however.

Hope to write with you soon ^^
I'd be interested in doing something with the vampire ^^
I'd be up for it ^^
I`d be interested in this ^^
This sounds interesting, I'd like to do it ^^
I`m interested, I particularly like the spiritmaster. Seems like they`d be an easily corrupted character ^^
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