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Current It's May and my cosplay has a lot of layers 🙃
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Convention starts now! Ready for a long weekend!
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I prefer 1x1s or very small groups when it comes to roleplay, it's just easier to keep things going when you aren't waiting on a lot of people to respond.
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I can't wait to one day have a job that I can't wait to go to work for.
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Infinity War killed my heart and the soul I already didn't have with Thanos' gauntlet.


☕About Me☕
Hello to whoever is reading this, this is a bit about me incase you actually wanted to know~
☕I`m a bit of a coffee addict.
♀I`m female and I prefer she/her pronouns. I also only play female characters in a FxM setting.
🌟Achievement! I`ve been roleplaying for over eight years now (and roleplay at least 2000 characters a post). That`s longer than most higher schooling!!
💀I`m not afraid to kill my characters and I love to destroy their lives~
🎶Super obsessed with music, almost every genre. I often take plot and story inspiration from music and listen to it while I write all the time.
⏳ I try to get posts out as fast as I can but I am always on the move between work and other responsibilities. It makes it hard to respond straight away. Usually you may see a few days between my posts. This being said I`ve also been going through an on going battle the past three years to figure out what`s wrong with my head. The simplest thing to explain out of the things that happen to me is that I have chronic headaches often caused or uncaused by various things and some days looking at a screen literally has me ending up with all the lights off in a silent room. It interrupts with the times I can post sometimes. I do the best I can just as I expect from my partners~
❤Romance in roleplays is nice but instant romance is unrealistic and most of the time really boring. I like it when characters gradually fall in love, it makes their relationship stronger, and helps the story have many plot points.
➳Speaking of plot points, I love plot twists! Playing a planned and suspenseful trump card that has been building for months kills! It`s so entertaining to watch something you`ve built for so long be realized in a dramatic event (that may or may not include death)!
👌I'm a very happy-go-lucky kind of person and very uncensored, I will cut through the bull shit, expecially if it's late. I'm also a cluts, I trip over flat ground quite literally. My roleplaying style is much the same way, I write how I perceive situations. Making great literary choices is a top priority, but we're all human, it's not always going to super perfect. My responses will be as interesting and as thought out as I can make them though!
☿ I talk quite formally compared to the average person, sometimes it confuses people. If what I say sounds strange just know that how I type is how I actually talk. This hobby has played into my dialect. In a situation where my speech becomes confusing please tell me and I will explain what I meant O-O

P.s. I don`t write smut, and yes I`m an adult, we actually exist out there.

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I'd be interested in doing something with the vampire ^^
I'd be up for it ^^
I`d be interested in this ^^
This sounds interesting, I'd like to do it ^^
I`m interested, I particularly like the spiritmaster. Seems like they`d be an easily corrupted character ^^
Will be getting a post out today or tomorrow (my new pc has arrived~)
My laptop decided to die the other day, so I may be a bit silent if I can't get it fixed tomorrow, planning on getting a new one possibly next Friday ^^'
Due to her abilities in magic she might be able to play double huh? Not that she minded the idea of being both healer and maybe holding position as head mage, it just left her feeling a bit strange. It is to be pointed out after all that her magical abilities have baggage. At the current moment she could feel the magic rotating through her veins, keeping her alive. When she had first learned how to do it pain had overwhelmed her, her untrained body burning up from magical usage in such a bizarre way. The magic kept her alive but she was constantly using it every second of her life. The thirst of magic that left a person with is exponentially high.

It made her pretty useless as a mage in most battles. If she cast a large spell all at once in hopes of ending something soon, she`d be as good as a cat in water if she didn`t know how to fight with a knife. Nonetheless Sage nodded to Galen as he addressed her. She`d try her best to be what everyone expected of her. There was no doubt every one of them would have to prove themselves. Being stuck together on the wide open sea will certainly make them have to find some way to get along, lest they kill each other on this voyage.

This was exciting, not to mention the fact that these people were all so unique. They probably had fascinating stories from all walks of life. It was possible some of them could have been upper class and fell through the ranks. Some that were at the bottom and worked their way out, traveling for a better life. Did some of them have families waiting for them, children? There were definitely travelers who had complete lives back home but couldn`t stop their yearning for adventure. It also didn`t go past her that Vaia was an interesting one to choose as the cook, she didn`t seem to really like the position either. Sage selfishly wanted to get to know all of them to find why choices like those are made, what made them different uniquely.

The quartermaster, their conversation back when they allowed her to come on to this ship, she hoped he didn`t forget that they still needed to have a drink. He was possibly one of the more intriguing ones out of the bunch. It wasn`t only for his looks, no, he seemed to be the kind of person most likely to be able to fade into the background, to watch like a cat waiting to pounce. It made her curious about him. They all had their own stories and he certainly had some himself. The scars seeming to cover his body were evidence of that.

The young woman looked out to the small town and then to the sea. A life on water, what would it be like? There was only one way to find out. A playful smile graced her features as she looked back to the rest of her future companions. This was going to be a long journey and she could already tell.
Mfw you re-read your post before you posted it, then read it again the next day to find some typos.

I feel that on an high level.
You certainly make a great point there!

I love how diverse these characters are. They all have their own thing going on and I'm living for it!
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