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Current I just spent a small fortune on a cosplay, I have no regets.
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I need to figure out a roleplay that will revive me from writer`s block!
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The feeling of tumbleweeds while waiting for responses but knowing that if you join another rp it's going to be a bad idea
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When people think I'm online but in reality I have a nasty habit of checking the guild every day
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Cancer is the worst thing in the entire world, I wouldn't wish it upon my sworn nemesis.


☕About Me☕
Hello to whoever is reading this, this is a bit about me incase you actually wanted to know~
☕I`m a bit of a coffee addict.
♀I`m female and I prefer she/her pronouns. I also only play female characters in a FxM setting.
🌟Achievement! I`ve been roleplaying for over seven years now (and roleplay at least 2000 characters a post). That`s longer than most higher schooling!!
💀I`m not afraid to kill my characters and I love to destroy their lives~
🎶Super obsessed with music, almost every genre. I often take plot and story inspiration from music and listen to it while I write all the time.
⏳ I try to get posts out as fast as I can but I am always on the move between work and other responsibilities. It makes it hard to respond straight away. Usually you may see a few days between my posts. This being said I`ve also been going through an on going battle the past three years to figure out what`s wrong with my head. The simplest thing to explain out of the things that happen to me is that I have chronic headaches often caused or uncaused by various things and some days looking at a screen literally has me ending up with all the lights off in a silent room. It interrupts with the times I can post sometimes. I do the best I can just as I expect from my partners~
❤Romance in roleplays is nice but instant romance is unrealistic and most of the time really boring. I like it when characters gradually fall in love, it makes their relationship stronger, and helps the story have many plot points.
➳Speaking of plot points, I love plot twists! Playing a planned and suspenseful trump card that has been building for months kills! It`s so entertaining to watch something you`ve built for so long be realized in a dramatic event (that may or may not include death)!
👌I'm a very happy-go-lucky kind of person and very uncensored, I will cut through the bull shit, expecially if it's late. I'm also a cluts, I trip over flat ground quite literally. My roleplaying style is much the same way, I write how I perceive situations. Making great literary choices is a top priority, but we're all human, it's not always going to super perfect. My responses will be as interesting and as thought out as I can make them though!
☿ I talk quite formally compared to the average person, sometimes it confuses people. If what I say sounds strange just know that how I type is how I actually talk. This hobby has played into my dialect. In a situation where my speech becomes confusing please tell me and I will explain what I meant O-O

P.s. I don`t write smut, and yes I`m an adult, we actually exist out there.

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Ei, I don`t have the money for it but it seems super cool!

Do you have any preferred layout for the CS? If not I`ll just use a regular format I have. I probably will make a CS for both characters as well, but just have Sol`s ready to post when the characters finally dive. Gives a bit of mystery to them until then~
I`m down for doing a character sheet, I`ll need a little time to get it done, but yeah.

Also what program is that? It looks really cool! Everything is really neat and tidy.
So I was afk for a very long time, my new job kinda got me entangled. They`re trying to move me up the ladder very quickly (meaning better opportunities for me) and so I`m having to work really hard to establish myself well. I`ll be sure to post more than once every week and a half but there might be a few days in between posts for the time being.

I also am continuing to formulate ideas. I still have the ones for Sol, but I`m slowly getting ones for Sky. The initial interview they both had is going to play a bigger role later on when things get rough. I hadn`t thought about characters in the process till now and so now I`m excited to figure out some key players, as I expect from you as well. (I just now realize I`ll also have to research Abstergo a bit more as well =/)

Anyway! I`m here and alive, and I`m ready to continue. Sorry I was suddenly so gone!
A smirk ghosted her lips, "Tomorrow our lives change forever, whether we like it or not." Her eyes lit up at just the thought as she bite her lip. There was something exhilarating about letting your entire life change. She loved her quiet life, the life that caused time to stop, but it was boring at time. It was the same, she was stuck in time. It was time to break free, grab fate by the reins, and do something with her life before she was married and old awaiting death`s cold embrace.

Sky walked out of the staged house and made her way home. The drive home was uneventful, but her blood was pumping. Hell she was still scared shitless, but this was it. Her life was going to change forever. This was going to be the start of a new metamorphosis. There was one you go through at through high school, college, and into the world. The Animus was going to trigger a different one, she knew it, felt it. They`d never be the same after all of this. "The world might not be the same after all of this."


Where`d that come from!?

"Everything will be alright, I`ll learn the secrets of the past. I`ll be fine, Luca will be fine, everyone will be okay." This was what she told herself anyway as she made her way back into her apartment and got ready for bed. Tomorrow she`d have to rent a truck to move all of her stuff. Abstergo Industries would terminate her lease, and she`d live on their grounds along with Luca while the project went on. The job she currently had would be told by Abstergo that she was presented with an opportunity so great that they were doing a service to the industry by letting her join them for the time being. In the meantime she would sleep and wake up in her apartment for the last time. Enjoy her full freedom for the last time in awhile.
"No, I`m going to go through with it. There are some things worth taking risks for, this is one of them. Very few people will ever get the chance to do this currently and I want to know my ancestor. Know her time. Who knows, it might give me insight into who I am." She was nervous of course, but this was something she had to do. If she didn`t do it, then she feared she`d regret it her entire life.

The risks of her health were dangerous to say the least. There has always been a guinea pig in history. The first people to go into space were guinea pigs. The first people to discover radio active waste were guinea pigs. They were guinea pigs. There always has to be someone to do it. To take the hit for everyone else. This technology could help the future. Therefore it was important that they did this. People may look at them as engineers of their time centuries from now. Who knows.

"Well I probably should get back to my apartment. I reckon that the first dive will be as soon as we get completely settled, meaning I have a lot of moving to do." Sky said as she turned around to start walking out the door before turning back to him. "Your phone number, is it still the same? You know in case I need to contact you about moving or anything." The more time they spent together the more they`d learn about the last few years. No one ever said it had to be in a day though. The mystery was half the excitement, wasn`t it?
"Well if I`m going to be here as long as I expect us today it shouldn`t be that bad." Sky said as she walked back over to him. "I appreciate that. It shouldn`t be too much stuff honestly. This place is bigger than my current one. Not sure how I actually feel about that honestly." It was a lot of change in an instant. The mental part of this was already setting in. The physical, well she still had a second before she was living here for who knows how long.

"Do you think it will hurt? The animus I mean." Thought whirled in her mind like a tornado on the subject. They were going to be put into a machine and have their thoughts and genetic code read, it didn`t sound painless. "It is rather intimidating. We`ll be reliving a different age. A time we can only imagine will be at our finger tips, it`s such a strange concept." The silver haired woman walked up to the windows. "I can`t help but wonder if it`s going to hurt. They don`t seem completely confident it`s safe, yet here we are."

She`s never even been to Italy and now she`ll relive a life so long ago right in the middle of Sicily. It was strange to think about. How long would they be in these machines? Would a few days in there be minutes in their present world? What of Sol? What kind of person was her ancestor? Was she like her in any way? So many questions, so many answers to find. The pain was certainly a factor in what it might be, but it was exciting. The life of Sol had an importance just as Luca`s ancestor did as well. They probably wouldn`t be able to talk about their ancestors. Everything was to be kept a secret. "It`s the excitement that outweighs the negative I think."

In all honesty she almost couldn`t wait to find all of it out.
He`s been here awhile then, there must be something great about this place if he`s stayed here over three years. It hurt her to know the pain she put him through. No one deserved the pain that he had gotten. The houses they were going to be living in seemed a bit bland. She`d certainly have to spice the hell out of this place. As much as they`d allow her to do she`d customize it to her liking. With a laugh she walked through the living room of the house into the open floor kitchen. "Oh come now, we both know I`ve always been a bit mad."

Sky said as she looked back at him with a playful smirk before opening the cupboards to examine their depth. "This place is going to look completely different when I`m done with it. Too modern for comfort in my opinion. There`s something about modern designs that just feel so cold." She commented before turning from the stove to look at him. "Do you know if we`re allowed to drill into the walls?"

The idea of moving past everything for her was to act as normal as possible. This meant cutting through the bullshit, acting how crazy she actually was, except showing people that the chaos of her mind was organized. The madness brought upon exceptional ideas, stuff that was out of the box. When he had just met her she was quiet and withdrawn, never really using her voice on things she thought about. When they got close he saw how she really was, how loud she could be. That had changed over the years. She found her voice and used it, damn it if people didn`t like what she`d say.

"Have you already started living here or do you still live elsewhere?" He wasn`t the only one who wanted information on the other. It`s been a long time, she truly wanted to know him. This being said rushing anything found just end in failure.

I'll post when I get off work in a few hours~ ^^

Thanks, I appreciate it ^^


I`m a flipping geek in every shape and form and writing is no different. I get really hyped over a good storyline!
As long as you strive to improve I will never be mad and honestly you`re doing pretty damn well.

I`ve found music helps a lot in the process. I listen to it during work or when I`m just hanging out and I think over the story. It brings up ideas through lyrics and feelings the chords bring out. It can start to click things.

That`s awesome to hear! I`m glad you`ve been doing well. That graduation day is going to be one awesome day it sounds like!

I`ve been rough, not gonna lie. Been trying to get caught up on bills, I`m in the middle of a job change, getting college classes straight. Plus the car broke down the other days, but ya know. There`s a roof over my head, I`m fed, and I have wifi. There really isn`t anything to complain about. Just going through a rough patch, gotta hit the bottom sometimes to go back up~
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