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Current It's better to live on your feet than to die on your knees.
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I spent 4 hours on a CS, time well used
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I just spent a small fortune on a cosplay, I have no regets.
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The feeling of tumbleweeds while waiting for responses but knowing that if you join another rp it's going to be a bad idea
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When people think I'm online but in reality I have a nasty habit of checking the guild every day


☕About Me☕
Hello to whoever is reading this, this is a bit about me incase you actually wanted to know~
☕I`m a bit of a coffee addict.
♀I`m female and I prefer she/her pronouns. I also only play female characters in a FxM setting.
🌟Achievement! I`ve been roleplaying for over seven years now (and roleplay at least 2000 characters a post). That`s longer than most higher schooling!!
💀I`m not afraid to kill my characters and I love to destroy their lives~
🎶Super obsessed with music, almost every genre. I often take plot and story inspiration from music and listen to it while I write all the time.
⏳ I try to get posts out as fast as I can but I am always on the move between work and other responsibilities. It makes it hard to respond straight away. Usually you may see a few days between my posts. This being said I`ve also been going through an on going battle the past three years to figure out what`s wrong with my head. The simplest thing to explain out of the things that happen to me is that I have chronic headaches often caused or uncaused by various things and some days looking at a screen literally has me ending up with all the lights off in a silent room. It interrupts with the times I can post sometimes. I do the best I can just as I expect from my partners~
❤Romance in roleplays is nice but instant romance is unrealistic and most of the time really boring. I like it when characters gradually fall in love, it makes their relationship stronger, and helps the story have many plot points.
➳Speaking of plot points, I love plot twists! Playing a planned and suspenseful trump card that has been building for months kills! It`s so entertaining to watch something you`ve built for so long be realized in a dramatic event (that may or may not include death)!
👌I'm a very happy-go-lucky kind of person and very uncensored, I will cut through the bull shit, expecially if it's late. I'm also a cluts, I trip over flat ground quite literally. My roleplaying style is much the same way, I write how I perceive situations. Making great literary choices is a top priority, but we're all human, it's not always going to super perfect. My responses will be as interesting and as thought out as I can make them though!
☿ I talk quite formally compared to the average person, sometimes it confuses people. If what I say sounds strange just know that how I type is how I actually talk. This hobby has played into my dialect. In a situation where my speech becomes confusing please tell me and I will explain what I meant O-O

P.s. I don`t write smut, and yes I`m an adult, we actually exist out there.

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You certainly make a great point there!

I love how diverse these characters are. They all have their own thing going on and I'm living for it!
I can certainly try my best at it, kind of funny to me that she is strong in magic and yet so weak at the same time~
They looked like a diverse group from the get go, if she was going to get on any ship this might be a good one. This being said Sage knew he still didn`t like the thought of it. "What if they try to harm you when you aren`t expecting it?" Dhamir tried to reason knowing it was a weak excuse. He knew all too well the girl could handle herself just fine. That brought up that she wasn`t a child anymore though. She hadn`t been for a long time now. The girl he rescued all that time ago no longer existed, she`d evolved into someone completely different.

"We both know that they could try, but they`d be underestimating me."

Sage commented as she studied the three with her hand on her chin. The sides of her full lips curled up in a smirk. "This is it, I feel it Dhamir. I`m as sure of this as the day I ran away. This time I`m choosing how I will live though. The first step in life." The thought of leaving him made her heart ache, but she couldn`t stay forever if she wanted to obtain her own goals for the future. "Be sure to not be a stranger, I will make sure to do the same. Communication between those of the arcane arts isn`t exactly hard, no matter the distance."

The older man that was practically her father sighed, "be safe, the last thing I need is having you die on me now. That would mean this was all for waste." Sage hugged him before starting to walk away backwards. "Love ya too old man," spinning on her heal so she could walk forward Sage approached the table fairly casually. The pounding of her heart hurt a bit as it stretched in its confines. It was when it hurt that she knew she was doing something exciting, that she was living.

The surgery on the artery connected to her heart had been nearly two decades ago. The scar going down her chest had faded to a silvery tone but had never disappeared. Most would think she`d try to hide it as most would. Very few wanted a damaged good, but this was why the corset like top she was wearing was certainly not trying to hide it. You either took her as she was or you got on the bandwagon of people who were too confused about how she got it, therefore rejected her on the spot. In her eyes her scar was proof she`d come from hell and back. That was something anyone should be proud of. This being said the rest of her clothing consisted of loose fitting healers robes, dyed white with flowing sleeves that came off from under the corset`s sides, and a sandy cloak designed for a traveler. The choice in clothing made her crimson hair stand out exponentially in her overall appearance. Last but certainly most important was the satchel on her side that ran across her chest.

"Ooo, I think you`ll have to buy me a drink there before anything comes to light." Sage said as she looked over the man in front of her. He certainly was handsome, probably knew it too. Interesting trio they were now that she was closer. That dwarf didn`t have a hand. something she really wanted to look at, and the fey like elf certainly seemed to be in a good mood tonight. If they`d take her she knew this was certainly going to be interesting if anything.

"My name is Sage Naifeh, I`m a mage specialized in different forms of healing, anything ranging from a gash in your side to curses. The news around here is that you fine gentleman are looking for a crew. I would like to volunteer my expertise if you`ll allow me." While she maintained a light attitude her overall demeanor showed how serious she was on this. It showed through her firm eye contact with the handsome fellow.
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@Lizzie Marie
Welcome to the craziness that is the guild! ^^

I also am a cat enthusiast, I have two cats, and one of them is arguably a dog~
(He's chewed on my flip flops before.)
Have most of it edited and will finish it up after more sleep

In the meantime enjoy this cat with an off button:

Finally done, this took a lot longer than I originally thought!
Take a gander at this mess, hopefully I got most of the errors.
Should have my CS up in the next day or so~
I'm certainly interested.
Skylar Montgomery

Personal Information

Skylar Jane Montgomery


Birth Date:
October 28




In Depth Appearance:
Unlike the slim figures of all the other women in the Montgomery family Sky got more of a curvy figure. Along with being 5"2 and having unusual grey eyes it was safe to say she stuck out a bit compared to her four sisters. Freckles dot her face and body being something she loathed as a child and something she`s come to find as apart of who she is as an adult. The sun is usually an enemy because of her pale skin color. Her hair is naturally brown and is curly and thick, currently dyed silver. She`s learned after cutting it short once that it`s best to leave it long, it`s a untamable beast. When it comes to make up she would rather skip it for a more natural look, though she does like lipstick and being dolled up occasionally.

  • Music
  • Coffee
  • Strawberry pastries
  • Literature
  • Cats
  • Nick Knacks

  • Rap
  • Dishonesty
  • Cherry anything
  • Body shaming
  • Her Family

  • Abandonment
  • Hurting other people
  • Alienation
  • Always being seen as the traitor/trouble maker

  • When she`s nervous she`ll often start spinning her necklace or a piece of jewelry she`s wearing at the time.
  • As she gets excited she goes from speaking normally to loudly.
  • Whenever she`s uncomfortable she puts her hair into a ponytail.
  • Often stays up way too late at night.
  • Has absolutely no filter a majority of the time.

♦ Determined ♦ Energetic ♦ Warm-Hearted ♦ Understanding

Even as a child most people said she was far beyond her years and as she reached her teen years people started to say she was the wise old woman in a teenager`s body. She tries to understand someone before she says anything against them. This leads to her being very trusting and understanding towards others. The advice she gives to problems is usually a lot more than someone her age should be able to give. It`s also one of her biggest downfalls as others can betray her quite easily. In all she`s rather quirky and lightheaded, someone could tell her something and she`d forget it in two seconds. The lightheadedness has always been something she`s hated because while she`s very smart no one can see that with how forgetful and sporadic her nature is. In sad situations she feels rather uncomfortable, because while she tries her best to comfort someone she always feels like she`s doing everything wrong. Even though she looks down on herself a lot she does have confidence in her decisions and she believes that believing in yourself is the best thing you can do. The strength she found on her own is what helped her survive on her own. The determination that she holds inside her heart is what drives many of her actions, whether thought out or not.

In her family there`s five daughters, Sky being the youngest. Meaning her childhood was full of hand-me-downs and often being misplaced. Her oldest sister Delilah is seven years older than her. The second and third daughters, Mary and May, are twins and are six years from Sky. Jamie who`s the closest to Sky at only two years apart. When Sky was born her parents had been hoping to finally have a boy. She`s always felt like her father didn`t approve of her because of this. The Montgomery family is known for being a very rich and successful family in the small town she grew up in. As she grew up she had trouble trying to convince people she wasn`t a snob like they tried to make her believe. Many people bullied her for her intelligence and the difference of her looks compared to her sisters. Even her sisters would laugh and joke about how she was adopted. It really did make her feel like she had no one, her parents were always working, and it was very easy to just isolate herself in their huge house. Due to all of this she fell into depression and at some points self harmed.

In high school she got involved in a lot of bad groups. She often snuck out to get high or drunk with people she thought were her friends. It wasn`t until she was almost 17 that things went completely downhill. At a party she overdosed unintentionally. If the cops hadn`t broken up the party a few minutes later she would have died. In the hospital her family didn`t have anything nice to say to her and only yelled at her for being so irresponsible. They sent her off to a clinic for 6 months and she was released when she turned 18. Instead of going back to her family she broke off all ties to them. She got a job and lived in a small apartment till she finished high school. She saved up money and moved to the city to go to college as soon as she had enough. It was a step by step process.

In college she met Luca and Jacob, they quickly became her family. They were different from the people she`d known in her past. It wasn`t a game to fit in, there wasn`t any bad influences that`d only hurt her in the end, they were simple. She`d needed simple. The age gap between her and them wasn`t a concern at the time and it wasn`t long after meeting Luca that they started dating each other. It seemed like their trio was going to be the thing that concreted her life officially. At least that was what it felt like at the time.

As classes got more difficult and job opportunities started showing for the two boys she started to almost get left behind. Her and Luca argued more and saw each other less as stress took over, and Jacob became her venting buddy. One night after not sleeping for close to a day and a half they kissed. Immediately she regretted it. No matter how much they argued she loved Luca. She never got the chance to explain this to him before everything came crashing down. The trio had died, and split their separate ways.

It took years to reassess herself and get the control she craved in her life. Between traveling the country and finishing college either on campus or online she eventually stabilized herself in the city, as an independent young woman. No ties to her family, nothing holding her down. In this she found that she was content in her simple life.

While she has moved past the horrible things she did in the past, a piece of her died in that apartment back then, and now meeting Luca again. She knows its reviving itself in an uncontrollable way, perhaps something beyond her is what she needs to understand it.
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