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Current Covid, flu, stomach bug, end of the year work... Been hard to game
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Covid has been defeated!!!
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Crud, I now have covid.
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Well I did not get covid. I got this stupid cold and cough. Running a fever.
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Post will be coming soon. My wife and 3 of my children have COVID for the first time.


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Sounds good to me. I do not mind a group either.

I can make her a bit more of a bad girl. That was part of my idea to have her be a bit techie so she could drive or run drones….
You are right.. I came out the year before I graduated college and I remember reading some of the influencing books!!

I spent 20 minutes making a table mapping terms between the two systems. So, I would still be interested. Going to read a bit more to see what I can learn.
Cyberpunk came after. Was just reading through the glossary of terms. They could not use the Shadowrun terms due to copyright!

I would be interested in writing some cyberpunk. I use to play shadowrun when it first came out.

Here is a rough character idea I have..

Name: Andria “Andy” Greenwell
Alias: Fix
Gender: Female

High Concept: Former Corporate medical researcher
Occupation: MedTech
Problem: Socialite (I was someone..)

Attribute 1: Expert doc
Attribute 2: I have friends that can help…
Attribute 3: Everything costs something…
Attribute 4:

Age: 22

Family: Andy was raised and educated in the corporate world till the bottom fell out. Her parents were mid level managers and a brother that died at a young age. When Edgerunners hit their compound Andy’s world changed. Her family disappeared and Andy found herself on the run and living on the streets.


Basic medical equipment (think poorly stocked clinic)
Dual induction jacks (one decking, one rigging)


Cybertech (or Electronics) contacts
Rapport/etiquette Investigate Rigging
Resources Decking fight Stealth

Personality: Andy is highly educated and careful about what she does. She takes her oath as a doctor seriously. She is not the most street-smart person (though learning). There are runners who watch out for her in exchange for medical services. Andy would rather run than be in a fight. Andy liked living a good life and hopes to open a clinic with a better living area. Andy wants to trust people but has learned to get payment before working on people.

Andy likes a good challenge, new equipment, good books (yes, she is old fashion) and being treated well.
Andy dislikes wetwork with no real reason and synthfood, and soycaf.

Sitting on in the parking lot of an old, abandoned warehouse, Andy cursed. Her dodge bulldog was having troubles again. The internal sensors reported there was an electrical problem in a module. It would be more money than she could scrounge at this time. She needed some work or some luck to go her way.
Leaning against the vehicle she thought about her life growing up. The vehicles did not break down and when they did there was a fleet of mechanics standing by. She sighed.
Her parent’s would be alarmed at how she was living. Sword wounds from street sams, bullet wounds, riggers getting caught in their rigs, and deckers hitting ice. She had seen a lot that they had not prepared her for in medical school.
Her van was a gift from some runners who had used it and gave it to her as payment. It had cost her two months wages to get a decker to clear the title. She had changed the transponders so she did not worry to much about getting pulled over.
She so wanted a break to come her way. She was tired of harvesting cyberware from bodies and selling on the black market or installing them.
Andy had been heading to a nice home in a corporate enclave, working her way up. She cursed her ex-fiancé who had sold out to runners which put her on the run after he was killed.
A mechanic – Everyone needs a mechanic to help them out.
A fence – Someone who moves Blackmarket goods and can sometimes get medical supplies for her.
A decker –
Mr. Johnson -
Someone in politics/higher social standing.
Various runners – can get some things from them, always has a cost.
The port city of Ironmound resided on the coast of the Camerian Sea. It was a trading port for the region. Iron, copper, lumber, and various crops and livestock were traded through the port. There was some nobility in the city, living in a keep that overlooked the entire port. There was a garrison of soldiers that patrolled the area with some knights. Much of the city population was made up of laborers, crafters, and merchants.

Andrew walked out onto a second floor deck of what was a small warehouse and looked out at the busy people. It was not part of a small estate where his older sister had a chandelier and curio shop. There were flower gardens, bee hives, the smell of wax and the sea. There had been a small dock that allowed smaller ships to berth and unload. The sand bottom shifted making the dock unusable but a beautiful sandy beach. Two blocks away were the main warehouses and docks.

Roselynn was heading to the warehouse to get bees wax for todays candle making. His sister did not approve of his sleeping in and late hours. She did not mind the rent he paid her for the upper floor of the warehouse. Beyond the warehouse and up the hill was the keep and the garrison for the city. Andrew tried hard to have as little to do with them as he could. Both were trouble.

From his rooms, the voice of an older man spoke, "Apprentice Andrew. You know you should go do the deliveries for Lady Roselynn this morning. It is going to storm this afternoon and ..."

Andrew turned and went back into his room. Master Thadius, former Archmage of the Chamlen Forest, a tall regal elf with a long beard and eyes that were blue and could penetrate to your very soul. This was an impressive feat since the mage was long dead. Andrew had ended up with the spell book from a game of chance. He did not realize he was getting school master, an oversearer, and a father figure. Andrew had tried to sell the book but word had gotten out. Andrew had come to like the old ghost and their relationship involved a lot of tisk, tisks on Thadius' part. Andrew's part was a lot of you can't tell me what to do. Thadius had little use for thieves, to which Andrew had become fairly skilled being average height and elven thin. He could get himself in and out of places most people could not.

Things got complicated when Andrew was able to make a small stone glow by following Thadius' instructions.
"Remember to pickup the reagents for today's lessons and blank books. They need to stay dry," Thadius said.
Thadius had gotten Andrew into reading, an expensive hobby if one paid for the books.

Down the stairs the young half-elf went with a little grumble.
"Yes, Father," Andrew shot back. The old ghost smiled.

Andrew was dressed a little better than a peasant but not to his sister's level. He had collected clothing so he could pass as a wealthy merchant down to a lowly dockworker.
Andrew had red hair that went down to his shoulders, and a red tightly trimmed beard and mustache. He had blue eyes that always had a sparle to them.
This is a fantasy DND-ish game. I am expecting it to start low powered and build. More to come here as I have time.
Hello, I am looking for a Roleplaying partner too!

I am a semi-literate to literate writer that likes to write fantasy. I am not a fan of writing romance as it makes my wife and children a bit upset with me (They like to read over my shoulder at times). I am working two jobs and this is my escape from the stresses of work. It also means that it may take me a day or two to respond to posts.

I enjoy everything from Tolken to the Dresden Files. I have played most of the Whitewolf games, Ars Magica, and too many versions of D&D. (I started with game was lithographs in a zip lock back and the pink dice).

My gaming style is more about the story than the mechanic. I am also not a power gamer; Heroic does not always mean that you are the "biggest and baddest" thing alive. Sometimes it is the one who shows up.

Writing sample:
Sitting at the counter, Andrew took a sip of his tea. The redhead looked tired and his blue eyes sparkeled with the flicker with the fire light. The day had been long and the sunlight was starting to fade through the window behind him.

"It should have been an easy job," he said to the server as he set the cup down.
"Pick up a package. Study the contents, write a report and deliver to the agent," he said as he ran his hand through his hair.

Andrew had not expected the package to be an eighteen year old girl who could change into a wolf. It was okay till the woman tried to bite his arm.
Andrew listened to Revna and Brother Osric debate the need for healing wounds. Wounds were opening for the demonic influences to get into your blood and to your heart and mind. That was one of the things he had learned in the healing class he attended. Tying knots in bandages was the other thing. He placed bowls near them and tried not to interrupt the casting.

Andrew smiled in appreciation to Sage. She was right. He was tired. He had spent to much time thinking and the demonic influences whispered in the back of his mind. The only defense he knew was to maintain his discipline and perform the rituals that he had come to know.
"There are prayers to be offered, dishes to be washed, and a ward yet to be set for the night, Mother willing," he added as he replied to Sage.

Katrina was still on edge. She did not seem to want to eat. Andrew would eat a second bowl, wasting food out here would be almost criminal. His magic would take some energy to cast.

Alone his ward would keep the food from spoiling and the water from going foul. It should also keep the horses near them.

As he started to cleanup, Andrew watched some ants scurrying to scraps that had fallen to the earth. Ants, spiders, flies, and beetles seemed to thrive in this barren waste.

"At least they were not hornets," Andrew thought as started to wipe the pot and bowls with a cloth. There was a ritual he could have used to clean up. But the ants deserved to eat too.

In the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a slight reflection. Quick then disappearing.

Andrew had sat in the back of the wagon as the group left the village behind. The pull through the veil put Andrew on edge. That magic was a part of him and it pulled at his soul.

The change came quickly. The sun seemed less welcoming. The wind was constant in its howling. The world changed before his eyes. There in the back he fingered the prayer book. It spoke of hope and love, things that seemed to be in shorter and shorter supply. Fear crept into his heart and he started to panic. Was he in over his head? Could he even help the group? Doubt filled his mind like a poison. Hearing Osric's song gave him hope. "It will be find, everything will be fine, we will set things right," he whispered to himself. Those at the monastery sang to fight off the forces of darkness. Even the laments retained the power of hope, because someone was there to sing them. Even Andrew’s soul sang when he chanted the protective magic of veils. Those were the prayers moved in his heart and mind even while he struggled with the routine liturgical prayers.

Throwing a prayer skyward asking the Holy Mother for aid, Andrew made a sign of reverence. Reassured Andrew sat up a little and started to take in the surrounding land. It was not just lifeless but it felt foreboding. He did not have the words for what he felt or saw, but deep inside he knew that this was a dangerous place. Eventually, the group came to rest. Night would be on them soon. He dismouted the wagon and hurried to gather sticks and branches. Placing them next to the fire ring. He was unsure what to do next. Going to the back he took out a small cookpot. Filling it with water from a skin, he placed it next to the soon to be fire. Opening another bag her grabbed a bag of rice, dried beef, onion, carrot and potato. These he diced up with a small knife. Once the fire was up, he placed the pot on the flames. Looking to the group, "I can make a nice stew if anyone is interested." he said. It felt good to help. Taking out five wooden bowls and spoons, he placed them next to the cooking pot. Andrew looked out, the sun was setting fast and shadows seemed to creep forward with each passing minute. Scanning, he saw nothing moving. Though for some reason he felt as if they were being watched. Shaking his head, he turned back to the fire.

The young Novice sat stirring the stew waiting till all was tender. The aroma from the pot was smelled wonderful after the days ride. Seeing that the potatoes had softened, he removed the pot from the fire. Taking a ladle, he filled each bowl with a hearty serving. Still no one had moved to take any food. Everyone seemed lost in their own thoughts. Calling out "Stew is ready when you want it," Andrew placed the pot aside and pulled up a spot near the fire. Spooning a bite to his lips, the warmth spread through him. It tasted as good as it smelled. The vegetables had a slight crunch and the beef was full of flavor. Chewing slowly, the young man closed his eyes. Visions of the day played in his mind. So much was new and unknown to him. Fear continued to creep into the edges of his thoughts. The land's starkness was an outer sign of an inner sickness. Healers say that wounds need to be cleaned before being bandaged. Perhaps their journey was the cleansing of the world's wounds. Once finished, new life would spring forth. Inside the Barrier, the Mother's song was strong. Outside he heard only the faint whispers. Opening his eyes, he stared into the fire. Though flames danced, there was no warmth. Rubbing his hands together, he pulled his cloak tighter. A shudder ran through him as the feeling of being watched returned. Looking around the camp, no one else seemed to notice. Saying a quick prayer, he grabbed his bowl and slowly ate the stew. His eyes darted around the camp, looking for any sign of danger.
The young Novice dutifully followed Orsic and the wagon. Scanning the area for Master Keiler and catching part of the display of power from the women, Andrew sighed a sigh of resignation.

Part of it was for the fact that Sage was a red head and had been nice to him while he was learning his basics. She had shown him mercy when most of the Order had not. She looked more intense and worldly than when she was in the Order.
Katrina was intimidating, which was normal. She had seen many a broken tooth, finger, or rib at her hand. He tried hard to stay wide of the fights she normally ended up in. Though she provided operatunities to get a free meal or drink.
Revna was preparing herself and her horse. She seemed to tease the other women and there was laughter.

As they approached the women, Andrew bowed as the novices are taught to show respect to them. It was a way to hide his nerves and his thoughts. Smiling he rose from his bow was a good cover for the insecurity he felt.

Soon the wagon was loaded with the remaining supplies.
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