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Websites that auto-play sound/videos are the devil.
2 mos ago
Fucking love when someone doesn't show up for their shift, so now I have to work a double.
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2 mos ago
Crap totally forgot we lose an hour of sleep tonight.
2 mos ago
There are literally so many movies coming out this year, I am going to be broke.
2 mos ago
I got my husband gummy bears for Valentine's day... That is sufficient enough, right?


Hi, call me Tee. I am a 29 year old dork. I have a job, a husband and two corgis.

PM me if you are an advanced writer, will play male in FxM, or ok with doing FxF or MxM and are interested in the following genres:

1. Slice of Life
2. Harry Potter
3. Medieval- knights, princesses, etc (not fantasy)
4. Historical-WWI/WWII era mainly

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Bump-added some pairing ideas!
I have an idea for a FxF military idea. My idea is inspired by the kdrama Descandants of the Sun and Cristina and Owen from Grey's Anatomy.

A female solider and a female doctor. I would like to play the doctor, so I am looking for someone to play the solider. We can discuss what branch of the military and what war (real it fictional) they are fighting.

The solider is home for leave and one way or another ends up at a hospital, where she meets the doctor. We can discuss where and how we want things to go with like PTSD and those sort of things.

This is an 18+ and I don't do smut, but not completely opposed to sexual scenes. I RP in PMs. If you are interested, please PM me!
@SamaraJayne96 I'd be happy to plot together a SOL FxF with you. Message me if you'd like :)
one day my dreams will come true and I will find a partner to do this with me!
dusting this bad boy off- BUMP
Let's give it another go. I'm bored.
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