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Current I don't want my vacation to be over. Work sucks. Adulting sucks.
2 days ago
Noooo there is a skunk living under our shed.
11 days ago
Fuck United airlines.
12 days ago
The Olympics are in South Korea... It is tomorrow there. I'm watching the future.
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13 days ago
I just realized you can see a list of everything you've ever watched on Netflix. That's terrifying.


Hi, call me Tee. I am a 28 year old dork. I have a job, a husband and two corgis.

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Bump just once more to see what happens
I saw someone on this site do this awhile back, but I can't remember who, so I can't give credit. Basically I am bored and finding a partner has become such a tedious process. So what basically what I want is someone to PM me and your first message should be a starter to a RP. No pre-plotting, discussion, anything. Just literally dive right in. It can be any plot, but I will list my strengths and also rules below.

1. Be 18+ and no smut.
2. Be a high casual-advance writer.
3. I will do MxF, MxM, FxF. (if you want to do mxf and message me as the female that is fine, just know that I may ask to double later so I can play a female as well).

That is it for the rules.

For my genres that I am strongest at they are...

1. Slice of life
2. Historical
3. Harry Potter
4. Fairy tale (knights, princesses, etc.)

I will also say that I know nothing about anime. So sorry if that is what you like.

And that is it. If the RP doesn't go anywhere then oh well, but if it seems to be potentially good, we can start another PM for OOC to just to get to know one another. I don't know if anyone will take this bait, but I am so bored, I had to try. And don't be offended if I don't reply to your post- inspiration is a bitch and if I am not inspired by your post, I don't want to force a response. That does not mean I think you are a bad writer, it just seriously means I couldn't get my mind into it.
One time bump
Ok first off, I want to start by saying, you must be fairly familiar with the movie "Dead Poet's Society" in order to do this RP. I want to do a RP between Neil and Todd- there is no denying the sexual tension between them, so I want to make it into a new story. There will be more details to discuss, but PM me if you are interested.

Just a few things...

1. Please be 18+, I don't want to be old enough to have technically birthed you.
2. No smut.
3. I am a high casual-advanced writer, please be the same.
4. I don't expect a post everyday, but just a heads up of how often you do think you can post.
@EmporerAardvark I'm definitely interested! PM if you are still looking :)
@CheeseOwl I would love to try something out with your Prince character. If you are interested, send me a PM!
Bumper bump bumpity

Dear Lovelies,

I have to apologize, but I think I need to put this RP on hold :( :( :(

I feel like the worst person ever, but my personal life has gotten a tad too hectic to give this RP my full attention. I am hoping by the winter when things suddenly settle down, I will try to start this up again and I will message all of your first to see if you are still interested. But I am so deeply sorry (especially to Fabricant and Flori for doing such a great job on your character sheets) and hope you all find RPs that work for you!
Incomplete because I am awful :(

@MIKEISTKVLT are you still looking for just blade runner Rp? I know nothing about it lol, but if you want to do a medieval RP, send me a PM :)
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