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Anxiety and excitement are two feelings that lead to much exhaustion. I have anxcitement....?
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Please someone make me feel better and tell me they sweat an insane amount when you cry... Cause I sure as hell do.
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I broke the lawn mower.
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I love that my husband is s web developer and can explain to me why the site is failing... If only he could fix it.


Hi, call me Tee. I am a 28 year old dork. I have a job, a husband and two corgis.

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If you were not a teenager in the early 00s, this will not be appreciated by you.
@Jaredthefox92 send me a PM!
So my life lately has been a mess, meaning that posting is a bit sporadic. However, because everything is so crazy I need some distractions, and RPing is a good one. So if you are looking for a partner who will post everyday, I may not be that person. But there is also a good chance that you will get posts from me everyday, maybe even a few times a day. It honestly depends on my personal life.

So if you are still on board, I'll continue.

I'm looking for an 18+ partner. I do not do smut, but I'm ok with mature scenes if the RP calls for it. I do MxF, FxF and MxM. In MxF, I do prefer to be a female, but I am ok doubling so we both get a chance.

The roleplay must have romance and drama... It is my forte. I like to consider my RPs sorta like soap operas. But I never do anything that isn't logical to the RP and I don't drag things out longer than necessary.

Writing style, I consider myself advanced, but because of personal life, I'm ok with high casual. Quality is definitely more important that quality, but I don't do one liners... Or even one paragraph. Average length is a good detailed 3-5 paragraphs... With the occasional 7-8 paragraphs thrown in. All I'm asking is someone who can keep up with that.

So to summarize...

1. 18+, no smut
2. Any pairing, romance a must
3. High casual- advanced writing
4. Understanding of each other's personal lives.

If you are all with me, I will now list what I'm interested in. I don't have any specific plots at the moment, so if you have an idea you think I'll like, send it my way! So for now, I'll list pairings and genres I enjoy.

1. Slice of life (probably my favorite)
-I tend to stick to school RPs, high school or college. But open to other ideas

2. Harry Potter
-I'll do any era: Marauders, Golden Trio or post final battle.
- I'll do Canon or OCs

3. Historical
- WWI/WWII eras are my personal favorite

4. Fairy tale (Not fantasy)
-You know, knights, princesses, castles, etc.

So that's basically it. There are others, but this is my main core. If you think we could get along and RP well together, send me a PM or mention me here!
@Tranquility that would be fine with me, PM if you'd like :)
@TheEldest I won't lie, ive never done a vampire RP, but I'm definitely interested. And if I'm playing a human, I think I could keep up!
Do you do MxM pairings? Cause I'd love to do. Harry/Draco plot @Tranquility

I have a FxF craving...

I am a little new/rusty to FxF relationships, and I will say that I do like having romance involved in my RPs (I don't do smut, but I'm ok with an occasional mature scene, so please be 18+). I've had this plot start up twice and both times I loved it, but the partners I had had to drop out for personal reasons.

The plot is basically a princess has to flee the castle/kingdom she is from because she has a vicious step mother who has a son that she wants to be king. But the princess is the heir to the throne by blood, so they plot to kill the king and princess, but the princess is able to escape and flee into the forest. That is where she would run into your character, a very butch/masculine female mercenary who has a group of men and women who follow her through the woods. She runs into the princess and basically takes her under her wing and protects her. And then more well bloom from there.

Both times I've done it were a bit different. One time the mercenary was a complete stranger, the other time she was an ex-Knight of the castle from when the princess was a child. I'm definitely open to ideas and suggestions, but I will say that I definitely want to be the princess. And the mercenary had to be very masculine. I don't want to like dictate how you make the character, it is just what I really enjoyed.

For the nitty gritty stuff... I normally consider myself an advanced writer, like 6-8 paragraphs. I'm still going to saya advanced, but personal life is a bit hectic right now, so I'd be ok with a more casual approach. Like 3ish paragraphs. Honestly, it is quality I'm looking for, not quantity. If you help me move the plot along that's all I care about. And again, romance is key. And drama. I love drama. Like sword fights, attacks, all that stuff.

PM if interested :)
I have an idea that I really want to do. It is a bit dark. And I will say this now, I'm going to be selfish. This will be a MxF and I want to be the female. It is what it is. Sorry for my bluntness.

Ok so the idea is a sappy story filled with abuse. I am looking for a partner who comes from a horrible family life. He is beaten, tortured, mocked, etc by his father/mother/brother whatever. I will let you decide what exactly he has to go through.

My character will be a new girl in school. This will be high school age kids. She will meet your character and instantly try to befriend him. But because of your character's home life, he is very socially awkward.

This will be cheesy, but I'm craving some stinky cheese lol.

Few rules:

1. 18+ mostly because I am 28 and it would be weird.
2. No smut. Sorry.
3. Please be fairly active. I'm not asking for posts everyday, but a few times a week.
4. This will be high casual-advanced. I'm talking between 3-5 detailed paragraphs, if not more.

Ok well that is all. Hope one of you is interested :)
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