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Things I do as a dog mom: sleep in the bathroom to keep my dog calm during a bad storm.
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Yup social anxiety is hardcore now. Thanks covid ✌️😬✌️
14 days ago
Power went out at work, at least I get to go home an hour early, woo!
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Just got the worst haircut of my life.
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Fully vaccinated! Feel like I was hit by a truck, but worth it!


Hi, call me Tee. I am a 31 year old dork. I have a job, a husband and two corgis.

PM me if you are an advanced writer, will play male in FxM, or ok with doing FxF or MxM and are interested in the following genres:

1. Slice of Life
2. Harry Potter
3. Medieval- knights, princesses, etc (not fantasy)
4. Historical-WWI/WWII era mainly

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Boop. Looking for one more partner.
Oh good lord I have been in such a rut here lately. I just need someone to RP with, please!! I'm looking for a classic slice of life.

I'll do MxM, FxF, or MxF (though I prefer being female in MxF). Also I'll play against nonbinary, pan, trans, or really any character.

Normally I am a very advanced writer (5-7 paragraphs average), but honestly I'm so desperate to start something, I'm ok to do more casual length, like 2-4 paragraphs. Just no one liners please.

18+, 21+ preferred.

Please don't ghost me. It really bums me out, like way more than you just telling me you've lost interest.

Romance is a big must for me. I just love love. And drama. Be ready for soap opera level drama.

I do NOT do smut heavy RPs. I'm ok with a little bit of it. I'd say I'm like 90/10, maybe 80/20, in terms of story to smut ratio. So do expect fade to blacks sometimes. I only RP in PMs on this site.

I do like using face claims- photo realistic or illustrated.

I am not really going to list any plots, but I have done so many SOL RPs in my 15 years of RPing that I can create something off the top of my head fairly easily. You want a jock and nerd pair? I gotchu. Bad boy/girl x good girl/boy, hell ya let's do it. Older adults? Sure why not. Neighbors in an apartment? Sounds good to me. The sky is the limit.

Literally, whatever. I just really want to get something going asap. So please pm me if you love slice of life. 🤗
Last bump then I shall put to rest
One more bump for now
Still looking :)

Ok here is the deal. I just rewatched Infinity War and Endgame, also finished The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and it inspired a RP in my mind. Basically it's a RP that takes place during "the blip", which is the five years between Thanos snapping his fingers and the Avengers bringing everyone back.

That's the when.

The what is basically two people who survived and are alive during the blip have lost everyone. They are completely alone. I am imagining them to be a bit younger, like between 18-22, and basically have to figure out how to live on their own and survive. I am totally open to discussing the characters and their pasts. Also how they end up meeting. Now I plan to have my character just be an average human being from Earth. In my mind, the other character is the same, but I'm open to them being a super and/or alien. My only request is they are OC and can like function normally on earth (you know speak English since in my mind this takes place somewhere in the US since that's where I'm from and what I know lol). But I want to build this together and make decisions together.

Where this goes is totally open. If they choose to find a place to stay and try to make a life that's cool. Or if they live more of wanderers' life that's cool too. We could even play around with what happens when everyone is snapped back and their past comes back. Perhaps pre-blip they would have never gotten together for XYZ reason. It's all open for discussion.

I will say for pairings I'm open to MxM, FxF or MxF (though if we do MxF, I would like to play the female. I can't get into the mindset of a cishet man). You can also have your character be any gender/sex/orientation you want. I will say this though, I 100% want romance involved. It's a big part of all my RPs.

What I'm looking for in a partner is an advanced writer. I average 4-6 detailed paragraphs per post, with intros and transitions being much longer. I'm looking for someone who can closely match, though quality is much more important than quantity. I want someone who writes with me, adds to the story, is descriptive and passionate. I will throw this out there now, I loooooveee drama. The more the merrier lol.

Posting wise, I don't want to guarantee a post a day, so I'm not going to ask for that either. My hope is we each can post at least 1-2 times a week. But I understand real life happens. And if you want out of the RP at any point, please tell me. I'm way less offended when you are honest rather than being ghosted (including ghosting before we even start the RP). Being ghosted really irks me, I can't help it. And I promise to be honest too, sometimes it just doesn't work out. Not every pair is going to click.

I'm looking for 18+, 21+ preferred. I'm 31, so anyone under 18 is just a biggg no-no. I don't do smut. I'm fine with sexual scenes as long they make sense to the plot, but I do fade to black as well. I only RP in PMs and I keep everything on this site.

Ok I think that's it. If you are interested PM me. :)
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