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snow... earthquake... solar eclipse. what's next mother nature?
2 mos ago
Funny how quickly shit can turn on a dime and you are right back where you were a year ago mentally... And it's not a good thing.
4 mos ago
Happy New Year to you all and happy birthday to me, woo.
4 mos ago
Ok not to be a Scrooge, but did anyone else's Christmas just not Christmas the same way this year? It wasn't like bad, it just felt... not like Christmas.
5 mos ago
We are now entering the "do not look at your bank account" era


Hi, call me Tee. I am a 34 year old neurospicy dork (she/her). I am so old. I've got a hubby and two corgis that get majority of my attention.

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new year, new bump
Hey all! Coming back with another new interest check, this one with some specific pairings/loose plots. I have been watching a lot of kdramas/thai BL shows, so they are heavily inspiring my desires for roleplays right now lol.

Before I get into the plots, here are my rules/guidelines/stuff:

+++ 18+ purely for the fact that I am well over 18 and do not feel comfortable RPing with anyone underage.

+++ Even though I am looking for an 18+ partner, I am not necessarily looking for smut. For me, any sexual adult content must make sense to the roleplay and is not just smut for smut sake. Right now, my guess is that the ratio of story to smut will be 80/20, maybe 70/30. I am also ok with there just being no smut and we always fade to black. And regardless of the level of adult content, all RPs will be in PMs. I usually have two PMs- one for OOC and one for IC.

+++ For other adult content, like violence and gore, I am fairly open to most of it, but again, it has to make sense to the roleplay.

+++ I am not going to ask for a certain length for my partner's response. I will say though, no one liners, but I at least need something to work with. Quality over quantity. But if I had to guess, I'd say expect around 3-5 detailed paragraphs from me. In terms of how often I'll post, not sure, but I'm hoping at least 1-2 times a week. I'd love to get back to daily posting, but not holding myself to that.

+++ All my roleplays will have romance. It is just what I truly enjoy writing. I do prefer things to move a bit faster, but if you are looking for a slow burn, I can make it work. In terms of my pairings, I play either straight/bi/gay women, or gay men (all my characters are cisgender). I do not play straight men. For my partner, the sexuality and gender of your character does not matter to me, though most my plots will have a gender pairing associated with it.

+++ I am just looking for a partner who will collaborate with me and help come up with ideas together for our RP. I will not deny, I can be a fan of drama and crazy plot twists, but I try to have it blend well with the story. I am also a huge fan of fluff. Cheesy, gooey love always gets me in the feels.

+++ I do do character sheets- but very basic ones. And I prefer also having face claims (photo realistic, illustrated or anime) but I understand if it is something you don't enjoy.

+++ If we have ever roleplayed together in the past, I am honestly completely open to trying again (unless there was tension or bitterness between us). I understand sometimes roleplays don't work out, and we have to drop/ghost them, real life happens. But I am willing to give it a second chance if you want. And if it doesn't work out that is ok. That goes for new partners too, if we end up not clicking, no big deal. It happens.

Now the fun stuff! For each plot idea, if I have a specific role I would prefer playing, I will mark it with an asterisk. If there is none, I am open to either role. Also most of these plots are just jumping off points and I would absolutely love to collab and come up with ideas together on how to move the story along!

I am also going to include a list of random pairings I enjoy. I may or may not have a plot for a pairing but if you have an idea for any, send them my way!

I will put a * next to any role that I prefer. And all these pairings are just starting off points, we can combine and alter pairings however we'd like.

Ok that is all I have for now, but check back as I will keep adding plots as I think of them. Send me a PM if you are interested in any! And please, if you have any ideas and you think my vibe fits the idea, please send it my way! I am always open to at least discussing ideas, if they don't work out that's totally fine, and sometimes the discussion can lead to a whole different plot anyways!
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