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16 hrs ago
Current Day 9 of this weird illness- tested negative for covid and the flu, but I feel like actual garbage.
5 days ago
Who would get sick 4 days into get 12 day vacation? This girl. Still have 3 days left, but not feeling hopeful. 😕
19 days ago
Getting very frustrated that I have no motivation to write. I want to! I want to reply to my RPs, but my brain is just like static. Grrrrrr.
21 days ago
5 more work days (8 days in total) until I am on vacation for 12 days. I need it now. My mental health is literally in the garbage.
22 days ago
Today is not a good day and it's not even noon.
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Hi, call me Tee. I am a 32 year old dork (she/her). I am so old. I've got a hubby and two corgis that get majority of my attention.

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Check out my various interest checks below. Even if they haven't been bumped in awhile on the thread, I am still interested in it if it is listed here.

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General IC- LGBTQ+

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Heyyo, it's me, Tee. Just decided it was time for a new and fresh interest check. I decided to do things a little differently this time. Normally, I just list pairings/genres that I am interested in, but this time I want to share vague plot ideas that I have. Some are going to be plots that I have done in the past, others will be brand new that I've been wanting to try, just haven't had the chance/found the right person to do it with. I will put this out there now: my RPs have romance involved, everytime. I know that isn't everyone's cup of tea, and I understand, but for me romance is a must. And I will say, slow-burning romances are fine, but if they go too slow and the posting speed isn't frequent, I won't lie, I may lose interest. Blame my undiagnosed ADHD, but if I find myself struggling to post, I will immediately lose my muse. But I promise to always be up front and honest if I am struggling. I do not ghost. It is so rare that I do. And I would prefer not to be ghosted, but I understand it is easier for some people to just do it that way. If I don't hear from you within a week in OOC chat, I will check in. And if I get nothing in return, I will assume you want to end things. If you do come back and want to continue, and I can find the spark still, I will gladly start back up!

Ok, rambling done. Just want to go over a few rules/preferences I have.

1. 18+ (21+ preferred). I am 32 and anyone underage is just ick-ville 😬, sorry.

2. To piggyback off that, when it comes to smut, my preferences vary. Sometimes I am all for it, other times I want to fade to black. My RPs will always be plot before smut though, so if we include smut it must make sense to the plot. And this can shift within a single RP. Honestly, it depends on my mood. If we go the smut route, I will want to discuss limits. Also I am fine with most violence/gore.

3. Looking for high casual-advanced posting. This typically means to me ~3-6 detailed paragraphs. But like everyone says, quality is far more important than quantity. Just give me something to work off of and I will return the favor.

4. I do not care what the gender/sexuality of your character is, but I only play heterosexual women, or cis-lesbian/bi/gay men/women. So that means, in a MxF pairing, I do prefer the female role. I just cannot get into the mindset of a cis-het man. Sorry, not sorry.

5. Real life happens, believe me I know. Or sometimes the creative juices aren't flowing, so I do not ask my partners to post daily. It would be great, and I myself try to post at least once a day, if not more, but I know it's not possible for everyone When I am really into the RP, I can easily give multiple posts per day. I am on EST and work 4 days a week, usually in the early afternoon to evening. So I tend to post in the mornings, or later at night.

6. I only RP in PMs here on this site. I do not have discord, and I like to keep things all on this site. And I keep it in the PMs in case things become 18+.

This is a bit of a snooty, obnoxious thing: I have never deleted a single PM on this site. That means I have all the RPs I have started since I joined 6 years ago. That being said, if we have RPed together in the past, I will go back and see why it didn't work out the first time. And depending on the situation, I may be hesitant to start something new. I know that's a bit extreme, but I have been ghosted a lot, and I just would love to try and avoid it if I can. But if we have RPed in the past, and something interests you, please still PM me! 99% of the time, I do give people another chance. Again, real life happens, or maybe we just didn't click with the old RP, but will now. I feel like admitting this may ruin my chances to start a new RP, but I am just trying to be upfront and honest. And if I was the one to drop the RP, I am happy to discuss the reason why if I can remember lol.

Ok enough of the boring stuff, onto why you are here! The plots! I will mark in bold if I have a preference for a specific role. Also I will mark what pairing I'd prefer (fxf, mxm, or mxf). And a lot of these plots are just starting off points- nothing is set in stone unless I state otherwise.

Plots I Have Done Before and Want to Try Again!

Plots I Have Never Done Before!

I think that is it for now. I will definitely add more ideas as I think of them. Send me a PM if any of these interest you! Or if something sparked a different idea for you, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message with your idea. I am always down to try something new. And like I said, these are very basic ideas and I want to work together with a partner to really develop the plot and ideas. I don’t want to overflow my plate, so I am probably only going to start 1-2 new RPs. Hope to hear from somebody!

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