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2 days ago
Snowed in + being sick = day full of Disney movies on the couch.
3 days ago
Well probably going to be snowed in the rest of the weekend.
7 days ago
Do you ever just look at your bed and think to yourself this is true love.
16 days ago
Start my new job tomorrow. Ahhhhhh, anxiety through the roof right now!
21 days ago
New year. Birthday 29 for me. Oh man, 30 is knocking at the door. 😭😝
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Hi, call me Tee. I am a 29 year old dork. I have a job, a husband and two corgis.

PM me if you are an advanced writer, will play male in FxM, or ok with doing FxF or MxM and are interested in the following genres:

1. Slice of Life
2. Harry Potter
3. Medieval- knights, princesses, etc (not fantasy)
4. Historical-WWI/WWII era mainly

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Been awhile since I tried this. Curious to see if anything happens
Going to try one more time... Bumpy
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