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1 day ago
Current I swear every year... Right after Halloween until the New Year, my life becomes a blur.
12 days ago
Why I will only ever be a dog mom: if my kid is bugging me, I can put her in a crate. Pretty sure it's be arrested if it was human.
14 days ago
Three days of rain and a new puppy= have watched five movies while being attacked with puppy kisses.
17 days ago
Picking up my puppy today!!!!
20 days ago
First Halloween in my new house, not sure if I'll get any trick or treaters. I'm ok if I don't.


Hi, call me Tee. I am a 27 year old dork. I have a job, a husband and two corgis.

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@CheeseOwl I would love to try something out with your Prince character. If you are interested, send me a PM!
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Dear Lovelies,

I have to apologize, but I think I need to put this RP on hold :( :( :(

I feel like the worst person ever, but my personal life has gotten a tad too hectic to give this RP my full attention. I am hoping by the winter when things suddenly settle down, I will try to start this up again and I will message all of your first to see if you are still interested. But I am so deeply sorry (especially to Fabricant and Flori for doing such a great job on your character sheets) and hope you all find RPs that work for you!
Incomplete because I am awful :(

@MIKEISTKVLT are you still looking for just blade runner Rp? I know nothing about it lol, but if you want to do a medieval RP, send me a PM :)

These pairings are definitely up my alley.

-Noble x Servant.
-Any teenager based slice of life.
-Gladiator x Princess/Noble.

PM if you would like to discuss further :)

I feel like the worst GM ever- I haven't even gotten my own CS up. I am going to try with all my might to get it up tomorrow, so we can get things going ASAP!

Our wonderful co-gm, @codex is unfortunately having some health issues, but has given us the go ahead to start- their character will join us later (perhaps the athlete couldn't miss practice or something like that lol).

So yes, I apologize for the delay in starting, September has just been so hectic for me, but things should be slowing down now.
@Lovelyleo do you ever do MxM pairings?
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I'd be interested in a prince x thief/assassin plot :)@bleedingwords
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