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16 days ago
When you want to start a new RP, but don't know what kind of RP.
29 days ago
New avatar for the first time since joining 6 years ago lol.
30 days ago
Our Flag Means Death got renewed for a season 2!!! Best news ever!!
1 mo ago
I am getting so frustrated with my lack of motivation to RP. It's not a lack of desire, my brain is just refusing to give me the creative flow lately.
1 mo ago
Site just crash for anyone else? Had a moment of panic 😳
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Hi, call me Tee. I am a 32 year old dork (she/her). I am so old. I've got a hubby and two corgis that get majority of my attention.

RP Status: OPEN... but may be picky

Check out my various interest checks below. Even if they haven't been bumped in awhile on the thread, I am still interested in it if it is listed here.

General IC

General IC- LGBTQ+

FxF Smut

Surprise me!

Ever After In Reverse

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bump in hopes of finding a GM! pleaseeeeee anyone i begggg you lol
@Fabricant451 hey id hold off on the CS until we see if there is someone who wants to GM
Please read me first:

I have this group RP idea that I tried to start yearssss ago. But I quickly realized I have no idea how to GM. So I am hoping there is someone out there who would be willing to GM this, hopefully someone with experience. You can literally take this interest check and repost it/tweak it however you want. I'd consider CO-GMing but know that I would be a complete noob. So check it over, if you are interested in GMing either PM me or tag me here.

And if you are interested in just partaking in the RP, post here and if we can make it work, we would let you know!

Here is my OG interest check:
(PS, I'd probably be the "Brain" character)

Our Flag Means Death on HBOMax. I have watched it through 5 times, not exaggeration, in the past month. It only has one season up right now, ten episodes, 30 mins each. but it is soooo good.
Ok I've been in such a funk lately with RPing and can't find the sparks I normally have to try and start something up, so I'm going to give this another try. Again, please don't be upset if it doesn't work out. It is truly a shot in the dark.

Not a full song, but I've had this friggin clip on repeat and I need everyone to see it and swoon with me

@Catena do you do fxf pairings?
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