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Anxious people should not be given access to their medical lab results before speaking to their doctor. If you email me them, I am going to read them and spiral.
23 days ago
Do you ever just... ugh? You know?
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Ahh new Our Flag Means Death trailer! So excited!!!
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2 mos ago
It sucks when you and your best friend just aren't clicking with each other, when normally you get each other so well.
2 mos ago
Well I have been diagnosed with ADHD. Scared but grateful to have the diagnosis.


Hi, call me Tee. I am a 33 year old neurospicy dork (she/her). I am so old. I've got a hubby and two corgis that get majority of my attention.

RP Status: Open-ish

Check out my various interest checks below. Even if they haven't been bumped in awhile on the thread, I am still interested in them if listed here.

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Bump! I added a couple more pairings.

Hey guys, after a short break from writing, I am back!

Hi, I am Tee! You will have to bear with me as I am coming out of a major writing funk, and I will not lie, I am not truly sure if I am completely out of it. But I miss writing and I miss RPing, so I am hoping to just dive in and get back at it. I would like to say that if I have roleplayed with you within the last six months to a year, I apologize for any dropping or ghosting I may have done. My mental health was not great (still not the best but I am finally back in therapy) and I think I was forcing myself to write even though I had no desire. I hope all of that will change.

Ok boring intro part over, now for the even more boring 'rules'.

+++ 18+ purely for the fact that I am well over 18 and do not feel comfortable RPing with anyone underage.

+++ Even though I am looking for an 18+ partner, I am not necessarily looking for smut. For me, any sexual adult content must make sense to the roleplay and is not just smut for smut sake. Right now, my guess is that the ratio of story to smut will be 90/10 or maybe 80/20. I am also ok with there just being no smut and we always fade to black. And regardless of the level of adult content, all RPs will be in PMs. I usually have two PMs- one for OOC and one for IC.

+++ For other adult content, like violence and gore, I am fairly open to most of it, but again, it has to make sense to the roleplay.

+++ At this time, since I am coming out of a writing funk, I am not going to ask for a certain length for my partner's response. I will say, no one liners, but I at least need something to work with. Quality over quantity. But if I had to guess, I'd say expect around 3-5 detailed paragraphs from me. In terms of how often I'll post, not sure, but I'm hoping at least 1-2 times a week. I'd love to get back to daily posting, but not holding myself to that.

+++ All my roleplays will have romance. It is just what I truly enjoy writing. I do prefer things to move a bit faster, but if you are looking for a slow burn, I can make it work. In terms of my pairings, I play either straight/bi/gay women, or gay men (all my characters are cisgender). I do not play straight men. For my partner, the sexuality and gender of your character does not matter to me.

+++ I am just looking for a partner who will collaborate with me and help come up with ideas together for our RP. I will not deny, I can be a fan of drama, but I try to have it blend well with the plot. I am also a huge fan of fluff. Cheesy, gooey love always gets me in the feels.

+++ I do do character sheets- but very basic ones. And I prefer also having face claims (photo realistic, illustrated or anime) but I understand if it is something you don't enjoy.

+++ If we have ever roleplayed together in the past, I am honestly completely open to trying again (unless there was tension or bitterness between us). I understand sometimes roleplays don't work out, and we have to drop/ghost them, real life happens. But I am willing to give it a second chance if you want. And if it doesn't work out that is ok. That goes for new partners too, if we end up not clicking, no big deal. It happens.

Now for the fun stuff!

I don't have any specific plots in mind, but at this time, I am looking for mainly slice of life roleplays (school age, college, or adult). But that does not mean I'm opposed to other elements involved. There can be supernatural/fantasy elements within a realistic setting (i.e a human character with a vampire). I will say, I only play human characters at this time. Also slice of life does not have to mean current time period- I am open to historical RPs as well. And as of right now, I am going to hold off on any fandom roleplays.

Now here are some pairings that I thoroughly enjoy. I will put a * next to any role that I prefer. And all these pairings are just starting off points, we can combine and alter pairings however we'd like.
  • Nerd x Jock
  • Nerd x Nerd
  • Popular x Outcast/Delinquent
  • Depressed/Mentally struggling/Abused x 'Savior'
  • Closeted x Out
  • Homebody x Adventurous
  • Vampire x Human*
  • Werewolf x Human*
  • Other supernatural x Human*
  • Nurse* x Soldier
  • Solider x Solider
  • Civilian* x Solider
  • POW* x Enemy
  • Older x Younger* (legal, younger will be at least 22)
  • Time traveler x current time person*
  • Best friend x Best friend
  • Famous person x Average/non-famous person*

That is all I have for now, but I will definitely add to it if I think of anything else. If anything interests you, or sparks an idea, or you already have a plot in mind, please send me a PM! Even if you have no ideas, but think we will mesh well, hit me up. We can definitely try to work something out. Hope to get my writing muse back!

Beep boop
Ok so I have been in really bad funk writing wise lately and I am getting very frustrated by it. I want to write, but it is like my brain isn't connecting the dots and I don't know why. So what I want to do is try and start a RP that I know I enjoy: MxM SOL with lots of fluff and lots of drama! I want to go as cliche as you can imagine. Sooooo I am hoping there is someone out there who is into these sort of RPs as well and would like to help get my creative juices flowing again!

Few rules and what not:

1. 18+ (21+ preferred). This is primarily because I am well over 18 and don't feel comfortable RPing with anyone younger than that.

2. Just because it's 18+ does not mean it will be filled with smut. I am not anti-smut, I am more just for smut if it makes sense to the plot. But I will also fade to black.

3. Looking for high casual - advanced writing, though quality is always more important than quantity. But figure somewhere between 3-6 detailed paragraphs.

4. I am not going to require any sort of posting amount because I have been so inconsistent with my own writing. I just want open communication from both of us about when we are likely to post. My hope is I will post 2-3 times a week. The dream would be once daily.

5. If you have to ghost I understand, but I still prefer being told you've lost interest or it's just not working out. And I will return the sentiment. I will be completely honest if I think the RP isn't gonna work out. Please don't take it personal if it doesn't. It just happens.

6. I do do basic character sheets and like having face claims. I am ok with illustrated/anime/photo realistic.

Ok I think that's it for rules.

In terms of pairings, I'm mostly looking for school SoL RPs. I am ok with high school or college. And I am leaning towards a jock x nerd/outcast pairing (and I am ok taking either role). But I'd be open to other pairing ideas and even non-school SoL RPs. Feel free to hit me up with your ideas!

Sorry this is a vague-ish interest check. And I understand if my confession of being in a writing funk turns most of you away. But hopefully someone will be interested and if you are, PM me!!
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