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Oh dear we now number 5 and Thomas just lost his one male friend for awkward bromance. Now it's Keystone and the ladies, a boy and a dwarf.

Sounds like the intro to a joke

Nor offered his hand in friendship and Thomas spat in his mouth. I have no sympathy for him.

Location: Zoie's House

Mali kept up a stone-faced facade as she did some mental math on the situation. If you had asked her that morning where she saw herself being in 12 hours, this wouldn't necessarily be bottom of the list, but it would be pretty far down there. She wasn't all that shocked about the revelation of prostitution, it wasn't really all that far off from some of the stuff she did to make a living, it was the everything else around it that was throwing her for a loop.

"So if I'm getting this straight, you want me to join in Juno undercover and act as your cover story. There's a few problems I see here. From everything I've gathered, members of Juno seem like they would all be pretty well-accomplished women. Sure I've got a University degree, but that's not saying much these days, nor do I have a lot of special skills. Then there would be my role as your 'exclusive.' I'm some kid from the suburbs who's found herself living in the big city. Nobody's going to believe I have the funds to dominate enough of your time to require cutting down on other clients. ...Unless you're just asking me to pose as your girlfriend." Talking through one's thoughts does a great job of showing that one is over-thinking like crazy, and things could be much simpler than they seem.
@CaptainBritton Sure thing. Submit a CS as per the rules and I'll get you in.
@Jasonhero In my experience, the stupidest plans tend to have the best luck. Godspeed.
Cyne & Nor

Location: Graveyard & Crossed Swords Tavern
Interacting with:Ntaj, Satilla & Mostly Thomas

Cyne looked blankly as she was ignored outright by Satilla. Well, if anything important had happened, she figured that she would be able to learn about it later. For the time being, it was time to get a full night's sleep for once. Leaving the conversation scene, she purchased a room and made her way there. It was a humble thing. There was a bed, a table and a couple of chairs, but little else in the way of adornments.

Part of her just wanted to strip nude and flop onto the bed, but gods knew when the last time the beds were cleaned and what people going into them in the meantime. No, she would have to do with removing the heavier outer garments and then flopping onto the predetermined resting place. The bed was by no means "of quality," but for one who was used to tree branches, dirt and stone, it was like sleeping on a cloud.

Try to emotionally manipulate a young lad by giving him proper life advice and what do you get? Fucking nothing. Ungrateful brats. Well not much else was going to get done today, so the proper course of action would be to retire for the night. Nor inhaled a few of the remaining eggs before he got around to actually buying the room. It was a proper dump, but he didn't come into Salarn expecting the royal treatment. He just needed a place to lay his head for the night that wasn't next to a mule for once. It would do.
July 29th, 2371
Royal Family ETA: 35 Hours

@Nallore "I-I already told you that I've never seen her before in my life." In between her unsteady words, her eyes flicked rapidly from the left to the right and back again. From the looks of things, she either didn't believe Anthony, or it would take more than a little bit of cash to get anything out of her. Out of the corner of his eye, Anthony could see some of the people walking in and out of the grocery store looking at him and the lady before they carried on with their current business.

@Lady Amalthea Interestingly enough, the innards of the paper were handwritten, and not by the hand of either of her sisters. Large portions of the note were blurred together, making it difficult to make out exactly what the message was supposed to be in its current state. Water damage? Whatever the source of the damage was, the fact of the matter was that most of it was illegible. However, from what could be read, two phrases stuck out among the the blurred masses and solitary words. Towards the beginning of the note: seems someone sold us out. And around the end of the writing: Once they're dealt with, we can progress with the rest of the plan.
Alright, rule change. Because it's only the three of us and for whatever reason I only post here once a week the timers for everyone will change so that it begins when I post. Still a minimum of one post per seven days, but this way it should be a lot easier on you two.
@The Grey Dust What are you talking about? Nor's intentions are completely wholesome
Cyne & Nor

Location: Graveyard & Crossed Swords Tavern
Interacting with:Ntaj, Satilla & Mostly Thomas

Cyne took a long, hard look at Ntaj before responding to a word he'd said. Her expression could be read as concern, disbelief or even a soft contempt, but in reality she had merely zoned out for a bit. Non-stop travel and constantly fighting/worrying about fighting did a number on one's mental stamina.

"I've got some things I'd like to pick up, but I'd rather eat and sleep somewhere not soaked through. Shopping can happen tomorrow." Sure she was perfectly comfortable sleeping out in the wilderness, but nobody shy of an amphibian wanted to make their bed in the wet muck. And normally she foraged for supplies she needed, which is what a druid was "supposed" to do, but turning down a chance to use what was available to her would be needlessly adherent to the ideal to the point of foolishness.

When she arrived back at the tavern she found a lot fewer people than she'd expected. She approached Satilla and asked her where everyone else was.

Nor for one watched all the drama unfold passively. He wanted to get more information about Cremwise, but he didn't really have the opportunity to continue investigating the subject. Furthermore, he wasn't part of the group, and as far as he was concerned, the moon-haired lass was completely in the right. He had gotten to learn a significant amount of information both about the group and the situation they'd found themselves in within the span of what? A couple hours at most? He was a humble tradesman looking to turn a profit, but if he were some malignant entity who sought to do these people, he had little doubt that he would have been able to get even more pertinent information had he so desired. But without everyone else there, all the remaining food was left to him. And the mage-types too, he guessed.

Speaking of which, the boy from earlier seemed like he could use a sage bit of advice. He was the type of fool who'd step on a bear trap and not know why he couldn't move. If Nor was to get any closer to the group, he'd have to earn their trust and the lad would probably be a good place to start. Furthermore, reducing the chances of them all dying due to carelessness was an additional benefit.

"C'mere lad. Take a seat and grab some steak. I think I've got some advice that could help ye out." The dwarf patted the empty seat to his right. Hopefully the kid would take the offer.

Location: Zoie's House

Mali took a seat and crossed her arms over her chest. Whatever Zoie was about to say would probably be worth keeping note of in her head. Well, that along with most everything she had learned today. Mali made a mental note to write down everything later so that she'd be less likely to forget/confuse any important details she might have picked up within the last 24 hours. Maybe it would pay to invest in a diary, make it a bit more difficult to suppress any information she happened to gather in the likely case that she got the Tony Soprano treatment.

Assuming Zoie wasn't lying (a completely plausible possibility), Mali took away a few things of note from the following conversation:
  • Zoie's actions are motivated by guilt. Any actions she takes will likely serve towards clearing such feelings.
  • The conspiracy was named Juno, at least informally. A name, official or not turned an unknowable threat to a known one. It brought it one step closer towards something that could be tackled.
  • Everyone who had died over the past week had some connection to Juno.
  • Juno had multiple special hitmen operating within the city
  • More importantly, Juno wasn't an enemy that could be easily pinned down even from a perceived inside.
  • Zoie was either bisexual, or really dedicated to her undercover agent status. Not actually important for the greater issue, but it was something she couldn't stop her brain from filing away for later.

When Zoie looked at Mali after that last bit about the grand canyon, she couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. What are you looking at me like that for? Sure Mali might have stolen a glance or two at Zoie's keister when she was leading the way into the house, but as far as she knew, she hadn't done anything that would explicitly state her sexuality. Well unless she was just being stereotyped based on her choice of dress and masculine mannerisms, which would be fair enough. Then again, she may have been overthinking things anyways. Mali pushed aside those thoughts to focus on the topic at hand.

"So your plan to fracture Juno from within failed. I assume you want help with a new plan from here on out? Or maybe you're still going to go ahead with this current path you've set up with that FBI agent." Mali uncrossed her arms and leaned forward, rested her elbows on her knees, laced her fingers together and rested her head on her hands.
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