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Location: Tower 3F->almost 1F
Interacting with:N/A

The worst part about being on the third floor of a collapsing tower was that it didn't leave you a lot of time to thing or be cautious, but he had to act as such on these stairs, or else he could easily end up making a bad step, tripping and getting caved in on. To make things worse, this was a shoddily made tower for humans with their long legs, and the stairs reflected that. Each step he had to lower halfway into a squat in order for his leg to reach the next step. And the shape of the tower didn't help either.

Humans took too much construction direction from the elves: because a lot of their constructions tries to emulate trees, there ended up no way to effectively climb it without going in circles. If they had chosen a more sensible natural feature to base their fortresses on, well one, it wouldn't be collapsing in on them. But the stairs would have been a straight shot to each floor rather than this spiraling nonsense. He still wouldn't be able to make the steps easily, but at the very least he could make a big leap for the bottom and tumble down to the foot even if he ended up short.

Speaking of feet, Nor spotted Keystone conveniently in the way on the second floor. Now the polite thing to do would slow down and let him lead the way down to the first floor, but fuck that. Right now it was every man for himself, normal social conventions be damned. Making himself as thin as possible (any difference in width was nearly imperceptible, especially as armored as the dwarf was) and slipped through/pushed through the gap between the cook and the wall, in the process shoving him to the side quite rudely. A few more steps down and Nor recognized that he was almost at the bottom and he could be free of this stairway hell. Something in the very back of his head told him that he was overlooking something. Something that had to do with the events before heading up to the top floor, but it had not the time to recall what exactly.
Mali Anson

Location: Club Afterdark
Skills: N/A

Well that didn't answer her question, but she didn't bother to fight it. Not right now. She could tell that any protesting would at best lead to an argument, at worst complete silence for the foreseeable future. It had been a very long day, and it was starting to hit her hard. All the remaining energy in her body seemed to flee from her out the wall she was leaning against and through the soles of her feet. Not to mention that right then Zoie was very busy emptying her stomach of the day's contents.

Now more or less alone, Mali allowed herself to slide down the surface of the wall until her butt was parked directly onto the floor. Yeah it caused her dress to ride up, and if you were standing at the right place, there was a "window of opportunity," but who gave a shit? The owner wasn't likely to barge in and disturb them, Zoie had already seen way more, and the kid was asleep.

She had no idea how Relic was able to get himself to sleep with all that wretched noise, but she wasn't going to ruin it for him. More power to him, in fact. As exhausted as she felt, Mali didn't feel the least bit sleepy. Insomnia wasn't an issue she had to struggle with historically, but it seemed to be plaguing her more and more these days. Hopefully, it wasn't going to develop into a chronic condition.

When Zoie came out, Mali didn't reply to anything she said. She maintained eye contact, but otherwise kept her head flopped up against the wall. She imagined that she looked like some sort of battery powered doll that hadn't quite used up the last of those precious AA's keeping it going, because that's about the level of activity she was able to maintain. She hoped Zoie didn't interpret her silence as her still being mad about the party. Although she couldn't say she wasn't still somewhat miffed about the situation, fatigue was the primary reason for the unresponsiveness. Had she the energy, right now she'd be offering possible explanations for Zoie's questions, She could certainly think them, but the words refused to come out of her mouth. It would really blow if one bad night was all it took to sour the entire thing they may or may not have going on.

Once the siblings had both passed out, Mali would summon the energy to get back to her feet and walk over to the table. Gingerly, she picked up the little ten-sided doohickey and looked it over. She had no idea what it was for, but one thing was certain in her mind, she was going to be the one to hold onto it. Wrapping the carved bone tightly in her fist, Mali turned off the lights and found a place to curl up and try getting some rest for the night.

Harry Kingsfield

Abandoned House->Clinic

Well Harry couldn't say he didn't expect this outcome. The kind of kids that would roll out to an active crime scene and poke around it in the middle of the day weren't the kind of listen to warnings about safety. And unfortunately he had neither the time, energy or strategy to effectively talk them out of their little plan, especially since he had a new obstacle in getting around in the form of the bleeding gash on his left leg. So with a quick "thank you," he made his way back to his car.

As much as he wanted to go talk with the Halsey woman Mrs. Walker had mentioned earlier, the injury really needed to be looked after first. He had seen serious injuries that had become infected when he was a child. Rotten, frostbitten, discolored flesh. Pustules, crusty casings and amputated stumps where fully functioning limbs once were found. Oil workers they may have been, and the situation far more precarious, the images remained transfixed in the back of his head, and he didn't want to end up like one of them. Once securely in his vehicle, he pulled out his phone and quickly looked up the location of the clinic that one of the girls had mentioned.

However, when he tried to drive, he found a sudden pain shoot up his leg. Seemed that it didn't like him pushing his foot forward like that to power the accelerator and pump the break. Well there was no way he was going to do something like call an ambulance, or worse, his clients for a ride. So for the time being, he'd take things slow, try to keep his foot stiff as possible, and just suck it up as best as he could until he managed to get to the clinic. It wasn't all that far away, and he'd been through worse before. If there was a real downside to this whole situation, other than wasting time and money he could be spending working on the case, it was that the blood was ruining the interior of his Riviera. It'd take forever to wash out all the bloodstains.

Giosue Zino

Location: Cairo, Egypt
Skills: N/A

Maybe Bart didn't actually have to act all the naturally, thought Gio as he strolled through the streets, stuffed with panicking people concerned with the far more present danger of the fire just down the street than any oddness that could have come from his time-displaced companion. Well it was kind of down the street. The fire that is. Was. It was a bit further and you hand to take a turn, but it was easily within walking distance. Well, not so easy considering all the people rushing to deal with the fire. But it was also a hassle to walk away from it. You had to slip through and shoulder past a lot of people. Really travel was just kind of a massive hassle either way.

Why couldn't Alicia have just waited a bit and simply asked to help investigate the scene of Peter's death? Sure Eve probably would have said no, but Nancy would have gotten interested and slipped out with her. At least in that instance there would be someone, almost trustworthy accompanying her, rather than only endangering herself by coming out more or less alone. George was also likely with her, but he had other things to do as well. If it were up to her, she probably would do her best to stick around until she had "gotten to the bottom of it."

Every five seconds, Gio would glance over his shoulder to make sure that dear Bart was still following him. It would do him no good if he managed to get lost so quickly. As he walked, he kept his hands stuffed into his pockets, his right hand clutched tightly around his pocketwatch. Should his charge end up not being in sight when he looked, it would be a mere doddle to activate The Watch and turn back time enough so that he could rectify whatever issue decided to crop up.

"I know it might be difficult, given the situation," Gio called out, offering early pointers for how to compose himself during missions, "But just do your best to relax whenever you're out and about. Getting riled up because of an unrelated event you happen to be around is a good way to end up panicking and making mistakes. A cool head is a rational head."

Atkin Bowman

Location: Palace: Lawn

That bit about not having much to add? Scratch that. Suddenly, Atkin had much to say. Part of him (most in fact) really wanted to just immediately tell off half the people standing in the area, but seeing as he'd just made a right ass of himself and recalling the conversation he'd had shortly before with Valda, he knew the direct approach, while personally gratifying wouldn't get him anywhere. So he took a deep breath, cleared his throat, and did his best to act as courteously as he could manage.

"Um, if you don't mind me buttin' in. You're not seriously just going to decide to kill him, are you? He's a man you pulled off the streets on a hunch, and then intruded in on all his thoughts when you didn't like his first answer. If he really did do all that nasty stuff, he should be locked up. Killin' some bloke because he happens to be on 'the wrong team' so you can scare em into submission is what a gang leader does. Do you want that to be the first thing you do as Queen?"

Nothing about this situation sat particularly right with Atkin. On one hand, what he was engaged in at the moment was fighting on behalf of a serial murder (at best), but he didn't like the precedent any of this set. That you could just get pulled away, deemed unacceptable and just killed for what appeared to be purely political reasons. Any guffaw the leader of the Kidnapped Child Army made about him being an atrocious human being was probably just a facade made to make the actual act acceptable in the eyes of others. Valda might be a witch, but surely she'd be able to see how the actions proposed by Puck could lead down a bad path.

"'Sides, even if he ain't the one who up and whisked away Luna, like you said he probably knows who actually did it. Perhaps he should be moved to the Stranger Chamber for the time being so he can't hurt anyone." But Atkin also knew that moral arguments were a hard sell when the man in question was supposedly an abject filth pile, so he also provided more practical reasons not to go ahead and just off the guy they plucked out simply because she overheard a name. On the Palace lawn with no real idea what your idea what you're doing was not the place or context in which to conduct any kind of shakedown interrogation.
Unlike everyone else in Squad Sigma, Roger had not gone to the party, so when he arrived at the briefing, he was doing much better than just about everyone else. He was alert, fresh and free of all the weird relationship entanglements that everyone else had developed in an astonishingly short amount of time. He'd had a cigarette an hour ago and he'd managed to wrangle his personal fears to the point where he was able to function as a human being and not as a curled up wreck. He was rested, properly hydrated and perhaps most surprisingly of all, feeling rather optimistic. Looking back, this was the best he had felt in a long, long time, and certainly the most put together he had been before a mission

So needless to say, everyone else there looked like a wreck of some shape or another. Mostly sleep deprivation as far as he could tell but a couple others stood out to him in particular. Elise was still injured, and if she ended up becoming an active participant could very well end up being more of a liability than an asset. It wouldn't be difficult for her status to worsen in the midst of battle, either from pushing herself too hard, or her Werk taking too strong a hit. On top of that, there was no way that she'd be able to pilot in top condition even if she avoiding taking any further damage. Her injuries would negatively impact either her physical ability to maneuver or her Synch rate, likely both. However, if the higher ups reviewed her and deemed her in acceptable enough condition to join, he didn't have the rank to adequately dispute that.

However, the worst of the lot by far was Zim. He had heard about his homeworld being taken over by the Cruxi, and it'd hit anyone hard, but it was kind of astonishing that he had been able to even get himself to the briefing. The way that he was carrying himself, he really doubted that the pilot was fit to even take part in the mission. That look in his eyes was dangerous. It was the kind of look that said 'I'll do anything to get my revenge, even if it means I'm taken out too.' Rooney couldn't help but think further along that line to 'even if it means everyone one else around me goes down as well.'

"If I may, too." Roger said, raising his hand after Jake's own interjection. "I'd also like to motion to have Pilot Hero moved to a reserve unit as well. He's too close to the matter at hand, and I believe his ability to act rationally and follow orders has been compromised." The last thing the Squad needed were butting egos in what could be their most difficult mission yet. He wanted the Cruxi dead as much, if not more than the next guy, but there was a limit, and past that point, things got self destructive real fast. Even if Irina deployed with the rest of the team, he had a feeling in the pit of his stomach that she'd shoot off first chance she got. And even on his calmest days, his Black Star's fighting style was rather reckless. Having one desperado on board was enough.

At the same time, Roger started thinking about his role in particular in the upcoming battle. Fortress was one of the most well-fortified planets out there, full stop. And now it was being held by the enemy. Unlike some of the heavier units, he wouldn't be able to punch a hole through any defenses set up since the place had been taken over; however, there were likely to be a buttfuckton of units trying to get at them from all sides. In that sense, his innate speed advantage would come in handy. He had enough power at his disposal to be able to act as a support unit, protecting others from infantry and the like before moving to other weak spots to cover there.

Until more was made known about their mission and its goals, (and he was sure that there would indeed be far more to the briefing. It would catch him entirely off-guard if they tried to just throw them into a mission with only those few scraps of information) he couldn't really come up with more. Retaking a planet was a far different beast from fighting in a city or assaulting a base. He could afford to stray from the others if he could help it.

Location: Tower 3F
Interacting with:N/A

Well it seemed like everyone was starting to make their way out of the tower in some fashion or another (aside from Sana, but she didn't have the time or means to help her), so she needed to start getting out herself. As much as being in the spirit of cohesive teamwork it would to start running for the exit, she wasn't very sure if she'd be able to make it out before the floor collapsed or something. Where she was now, she was closer to the wall than the stairs.

Luckily for her, she still had 2/3 of her wildshape uses for that day, so she wasn't nearly as limited ad her companions as far as mobility options went. There were plenty of holes to choose from in the tower walls, but to stay on the safe side, her brain immediately jumped to something small, maneuverable and surprisingly powerful: the European Swallow. The bird frantically flapped its wings to take to the air as quickly as it could, aiming straight for a hole roughly the size of a coconut. As the swallow flew, the ceiling decided that now was the time to strike, lobbing an entire ceiling brick at her from above. However she was able to pitch out of the way and dart through to safety, outside of the blasted Necromancer's tower. Cyne could only hope her friends would be able to make it out safely as well.
Mali Anson

Location: Queensguard->Club Afterdark
Skills: N/A

Mali quirked a brow as soon as the pressure sensitive wall was revealed. Convenient. She had expected that they'd need to relocate a bit before taking any kind of escape, but she wasn't going to complain. As soon as the stairs came into view, she removed her shoes, holding one in each hand. They were way too expensive for her to want to ruin them in any sewage water, and if they needed to run, they'd only be a liability. And in her hands, if worst came to worst, they made for some surprisingly effective improvised weapons. What they lacked in bulk and durability, they made up for in eye gouging potential.

The reveal that the sewer tunnels didn't actually involve walking through sewage was a great relief for Mali's sense of cleanliness, but she didn't bother trying to put her heels back on. She didn't want to chance having to run around in them, and although the cement was rough on her feet, they'd been starting to ache from the shoes. She wore high heels so infrequently that it was something of a relief that she could remove them in the first place.

"Not at all," Mali said in response to Zoie's first date quip giving a few seconds' pause before continuing with a markedly more passive aggressive tone. "Wentworth and I had a pleasant chat, but there wasn't anything that really wowed me. He'll have to step up his game next time if he wants a third though." Was she still sore that she got ditched for for the majority of the party without being told why until she had to sit them down and demand they do so? Yes. Was she going to continue to hold this against Zoie? Probably. And likely longer than the slight warranted.

The reveal that they were now at Club Afterdark didn't do anything to lift her spirits. The last time she and Relic had been here, like 20 people died. Hanging around here didn't seem like a good way of staying alive, but since she had to choose between here, or going off into the Justice night alone with no real weapons and dressed to the nines, she decided to stay in the realm of likely danger rather than the guaranteed mugging (at best) she'd get trying to go somewhere else.

"So what now," Mali asked, setting her shoes down before leaning against the wall, arms crossed. Thinking back, they had just put themselves in a whole world of trouble for relatively little benefit. Well at least Zoie did. She wasn't sure exactly how much would transfer to Relic and herself by proxy, but she doubted that she'd be able to avoid the fallout. What she wanted to know was where they planned to go from hiding out in a bar attic.
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Atkin Bowman

Location: Palace: Lawn

Atkin breathed a sigh of relief when nobody explicitly took offense to his little slip up there. The relief was rather short-lived; however as he remembered the real matter at hand: the fact of Luna's disappearance. As he stood straight and palmed the Two-Faced Ring, he listened and watched everyone else to try to get some stable mental ground. If Arya and Rowland's reactions were anything to go by, one thing solidified in his mind. An immutable fact that he'd brought into the Wizard Tower when he began his apprenticeship, but never really knew that he knew until just now: Magyk was not the solution to every answer.

There were things it couldn't do and couldn't stop. It was very powerful and extremely convenient, but he couldn't rely on it to fix all his problems. Arya and Rowland, who both grew up and lived in a Magykal world their entire life didn't seem to quite grasp this. But with the Queste, whatever that other thing was and all this other bullshit that decided to crop up today, if he were to overcome this, he'd have to be able to consider all the potential solutions, not just the ones his training would initially suggest. It was this reason that more than anything made him certain that not wearing the SafeCharm was the right thing to do. Such an item brought with it the idea that you were completely protected, but the feeling of security made one blind to their surroundings. Overconfident. And that's when you really end up fucking up.

Atkin grimaced when the Young Army rolled in, already acting like they owned the place. As much as he disliked their presence, he had cooled off enough to realize that the extra manpower would probably be extremely helpful and that at the moment there would be nothing he could say that would get them to go away. He really hoped that Valda's reign wouldn't end up with Witches and the Young Army doing as they pleased all over the Castle. However, for the time being, there wasn't all that much that he could add, so he would just stand back and roll around the ring in his palm.

Harry Kingsfield

Abandoned House

Harry stepped away from the window and started to make his way back to the entrance. Well, he wasn't sure exactly what to do from here. As far as Harry could tell, they probably weren't here as part of any criminal activity from what he could gather. And judging from the week prior by the lake, they were here for a similar reason: trying to investigate something or other. Was every teenager in this town part of Mystery Inc. and he was just never told of this?

It would be a major problem if their bungling around happened to destroy an important piece of evidence, but he didn't exactly have the authority to drive them away. Nor did he really have much of a leg to stand on, since he just fell through the floor as well. Wait, that gave him an idea. The PI kept moving, being careful to stick to the spots he knew from experience were stable enough until he was at the entrance proper, face to face with Finley.

"I wouldn't go in that house," he cautioned her. His tone wasn't authoritarian, he wasn't trying to command her or intimidate her into compliance, but actually help her out here. Harry could only hope that she'd listen to reason, but then again, these kinds of kids rarely paid heed to their elders.

"It's really unsafe in there right now. The floors are unstable and rotting, and the rain is only going to make it a lot worse. If you really have to go check it out, I'd wait until it had the time to dry out. I'd hate for you to end up hurt or worse just over some curiosity." To demonstrate his point, Harry lifted his right pant leg just enough to make the tied up gash on his leg visible, and the blood that trailed down to the bottom of his leg. If everyone decided to leave for the time being, great. If not, he did what he could. But he'd see how this would play out before leaving and getting some better medical treatment.
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