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Everyone forgets about Zim and go off to eat cake without him
Oh, did I mention that there are already happenings for this up coming RP occurring in my current Rp's? ~grins~ Welcome to Thunderdome!

Location: Zoie's House

Spread his fingers? What the hell did she mean by that? Was that some weird Southern and/or Californian saying she'd never heard of before? Or maybe she had messed up another figure of speech entirely? Was she wondering how long it would be until Relic ran out of cash after getting cut off, or how long it would take to start stealing cash from others? Or she could even be talking about something that hadn't even occurred to Mali. Of course, she could always just ask what she meant by that peculiar turn of phrase, but it felt like such a question would be out of place.

So for the time being, Mali just sat in silence and waited for Marc to drive them all to the Diamond District. She'd never been there, and really fancy parts of major cities was outside of her experience. Sure she'd visited Boston plenty of times and had been to some of the nicer parts of the city, but nothing upscale or out of her class. While the shopping trip to come was certainly something she was excited for, she couldn't help but feel like she would be extremely out of place. Even more so than usual. Something about class isolationism felt more jarring than simply sticking out because you look like a freak.
<Snipped quote by Mr Rage>

W-What? Did... did you say... I-Interaction?

July 29th, 2371
Royal Family ETA: 24 Hours

Nobody bothered Anthony as he made his way to his apartment. If anybody was looking to cause trouble, he clearly wasn't enough of a target to go after directly. So there Anthony stood in the relative safety of his apartment, phone to his ear. From where he stood, he could see out his window across the street, but not actually was was transpiring below. Leonard wasn't responding immediately to Anthony's call, but given the state the city was in, that was understandable. After about half a minute, someone on the other side finally answered.

"Anthony?" Came Leonard's digitized voice. He sounded out of breath, but he wasn't exactly the most athletic guy out there. For all Anthony knew, he just could have been forced to climb up several flights of stairs. From outside, Anthony heard a loud crash, like somebody dropped (or threw) a glass bottle onto the street and shattered it.

"What's up?" Perhaps a far too informal greeting given the situation outside. Maybe he was oblivious to the fact that a riot could occur any second now. Or he could be making a conscious effort to pretend like that wasn't the case.
Cyne & Nor

Location: Tower
Interacting with:The group

When the violent upheavals came from Thomas' direction, the group's non-humans were none too keen to be around it. Cyne had the senses and dexterity to make sure she had a wide berth before any of his intestinal fillings could get anywhere close to her. Nor on the other hand didn't actually notice the up-chucking until Thomas had been at it for a few seconds, and by then it'd gotten all over his right shoe. Fucking hells. Yeah he was in full armor and the worst that would happen is that maybe it would discolor a bit, but it was still nasty for a combination of eggs, stomach acid and who knows what else got all over your shoe.

Nor walked away from the rest of the group and did his best to shake off the filth where it wouldn't touch anyone else. Gods below, that kid would have to do something dramatic to get off the dwarf's shit list now.

"If we weren't just going to break in before, we're doing it now." In a similar situation, Cyne might have tried comforting Thomas or try to help him feel better physically, but right now against her better judgement her base feelings were informing her opinions. That primal sense of disgust that says "ew, don't go near him, he's gross." There were many reasons not to dally, but the spellcaster just gave the most pressing one for the moment.

Harry Kingsfield

Red Lake Police Department

"I was notified by the Sheriff that you were given the police file on Riley Walker's case, and I was hoping that you would be willing to disclose its contents to me." Harry didn't know what to make of Jeanna's smile. She could just be putting on a friendly face for the sake of professionalism. She could be one of those people that seemed happy to meet anyone. Or she might just be doing that thing where she smiles on reflex without really knowing why anymore. Whatever the case, she seemed to be more cooperative than he was expecting. It would be seen if that continued to be the case.

Subconsciously, his brain started to make a mental file for the FBI Agent. He would be seeing a lot of her, so it would do well to have as much information as he could on hand. He didn't have much at the moment, but that was to be expected. Follows dress code, coffee drinker, stress wrinkles, has the information he needs. None of these things were particularly unusual and probably not worth even keeping track of, but you had to start somewhere.

Location: Zoie's House

Mali carried the back of the group, shutting the door to the front of the farm behind her. She almost stopped when her brain realized that I'm about to step into a limo. This wasn't right. Her life wasn't this. What the fuck was she doing? She wasn't rich, or some kid whose parents gave them enough money to make a flashy entrance to prom night. But she didn't let herself get caught up in the existential crisis her brain had thrown her into and managed to get all buckled up without issue. (Well it wasn't an existential crisis given that she wasn't questioning the purpose of life and despairing at the inherent futility of a transient existence in an infinite universe without some greater structure of morality with which to govern everything, but it was still something of a crisis.)

"If anyone doesn't need more ass-kickings, it's him. But if you're going to be spoiling me, does this make you my Sugar Mama?" Mali managed to shake off the feeling of utter wrongness in her gut just in time to catch onto the conversation. "Kind of odd for a whore to buy a service she provides on a regular basis," she teased. Idly, she noticed that Zoie's jacket was unbuttoned, which kind of irked her. Why button up the jacket if you're going to undo it as soon as you leave the house?
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