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Location: Diamond District

Mali turned around and watched Zoie walk away for a good, hard second as that confusing package of emotions that cropped up last night made itself known again. People used the term butterflies in one's stomach to describe infatuation; it would have been much easier to deal with that. She felt something in the pit of her stomach, as if some ghostly hand had reached inside her abdomen and clutched her innards into a tight fist before giving it a twist for good measure. It was going to be really hard to work if this pattern kept up. She was supposed to be dealing with a conspiracy, not wrestling her emotions in check every few hours.

Mali turned back to Wayne and thought over her options, with the distraction that was Zoie only barging in uninvited a few times. There were two immediate options that sprang to the front of the line. A deep tissue massage would probably do her the best, but a thai massage sounded interesting. She had never heard of it, and she was half Thai herself. Sort of. It could be neat getting a bit of experience with a facet of her culture that she was unfamiliar with.

"Eh... I'll go for the deep tissue massage," she said as she stood from the chair and dusted off any bits of hair that weren't caught by the drape from the robe.

Location: Tower
Interacting with:A2

The door had yet to be successfully broken down, and if there were anyone capable and willing to open the door with another method, they were out of luck now. She could probably wait for Keystone to do it, but why bother staying in a beefed up form if you weren't going to use the muscle it gave you?

Well she felt really comfortable, at ease as a bear, but that was beside the point. Making an audible grunt, the bear took a few steps back and aligned with the door. Nor quickly caught on and moved out of the way, lest he get knocked into the room as well. One quick gallop later and the door was no longer a barrier to entrance in the room, but the impact jarred Cyne enough so that she couldn't really get a grip on what was in the dimly lit room for a few seconds, and almost stumbled into a wall.

Once centered, the druid noted that there was a desk to one side, a drawer to the other and front and center was a bed. One person was underneath the covers and a robed individual who knelt there not even looking towards the group. Part of Cyne wanted to try talking to either of the individuals, but she didn't want to drop the Ursa shape while the chance of combat was still quite high.
I was told I had to say hi.

Harry Kingsfield


Harry looked over towards the old man and much younger woman that accompanied him. He had had guns pointed at him before, but never in a situation like this. He turned away from the smoke further into the forest to face the unlikely duo. What were they anyways? Father and daughter seemed the most likely answer. Why were they out here? Probably the same reasons as everyone else. No sufficient cause for suspicion.

"I'd appreciate it if you'd aim your weapon away from me." His cop instincts were ablaze to use a more forceful approach to the situation, but they were all civilians now, and he didn't quite have the force of the law behind him anymore. Brandishing a weapon at an officer wasn't quite so heinous a deed when the officer in question had dropped the job some time ago. Dangerous position he was in aside, he was confronted with a question from the senior citizen, but seeing how he had no authority over Harry nor any incentive to comply, the detective had no reason to answer him. Aside from the gun. But the old man didn't seem inclined to use it, and Harry had a gun as well.

Location: Tower
Interacting with:Door

"Uh. Er. Yer welcome." Nor looked at Keystone like he was nuts as he thanked him for stabbing the now (hopefully) deceased armor. He didn't do anything particularly noteworthy. Nobody was in mortal danger; if worst came to worst, the bear would have just swung its big paw again and killed the damned thing anyways. The tall folk were so weird.

There was a lot more standing around discussing what to do next and not enough doing. Clearly nobody was making any move to get that door open, so he marched ahead to the door.

"If this door be trapped, best if I be the one tae take it." Nor was rather confident in his stamina, and encased in armor as he was, he was the one best equipped to take a hit if there was such a thing rigged to the door. The dwarf planted his stout foot onto the door and shoved his weight into a solid push kick. It didn't quite give, but the door caved inward with a loud cracking noise. By his estimation, another big impact and it would probably be broken enough to stop being an obstacle.
I'm still alive. Was waiting for redbaron to post, but that clearly isn't happening anytime soon. I'll try to get a post up within the next few days.

Location: Diamond District

Early on Mali stopped really listening to anything Wayne was saying. It would be one thing if he were going somewhere with all these stories, but it rapidly became apparent that there was no end goal, just hopping around from one topic to the next. It was like he was trying to avoid any form of silence from existing in his life. Maybe this was some sign of deeper psychological issues, she mused as she idly reacted to Wayne as if she was paying attention to him.

Maybe he has a lot of existentialist fears, and they start to creep into the corners of his mind when he's not occupied with something else. Or perhaps it's not even that well articulated; cosmic dread could just spill from the bottom of his gut without enough ambient noise to drown it out. Or he could just really like the sound of his own voice. Mali stopped her musing to take in the magic he had managed to work in such a short amount of time.

"I'd ask you how you got so good with your hands, but an explanation would just ruin some of the magic. We're doing the actual styling last? Then how about we move on to the massage next, Zoie?" Mali looked away from the mirror back towards her "partner" for an affirmation or rejection to the idea. If she had known that the styling of her hair would be the last thing done at the spa, she probably would have put that at the end rather than the first item on the list. Hindsight is 20/20.

Harry Kingsfield


Harry continued his note taking with a bored vigor. After all, that was the only thing for him to do other than let his mind drift onto completely unrelated topics; the last thing he'd want to do when it came to gathering evidence for his current case.
  • More teenage flirting (be sure to avoid accidentally sitting in on a pre-marital fling)
  • Admittance to heavy cannabis use
  • Uninspired Scooby-Doo references (isn't that too old for them to be using? Then again there were those awful movies a few years ago)
  • Using a dog to try tracking down Riley? (probably not the right kind of dog for that)
  • What's that smell?

Wait. What was that smell? It was as if the entire forest had passed gas without a sound. Harry put away his pen and phone and looked up, deeper into the forest. Smoke. Smoke meant fire. A wildfire? Perhaps. But a wildfire didn't smell of sulfur. The part of his mind in charge of keeping him intact said to not go towards the smoke, but his intuition told him something important was in that direction. The kids weren't really that high on his priority list. He could afford to leave them behind. Notebook still in hand, and set off in the direction of the sulfurous smell.
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