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Cyne & Nor

Location: Tower
Interacting with:A4 & A5

Being a bear changed Cyne's perspective on her role in the fight. Before she was an ill-equipped target for armored undead to stab, and now she was a package of raw power that didn't really need equipment.

The bear took a quick step/gallop over to the closest armor and swung its paw at it. Armor was really good at nullifying cutting and stabbing, the two least pleasant forms of physical attack. Can't cut what you can't touch after all. However, it was not so good at dealing with concussive force. The impact from the blow crushed the armor inward, ripping and tearing off into the cadaver, which was knocked into the wall, where it slid and fell into an unmoving clump.

Nor saw the bear completely destroy a man's torso in a single blow and decided that side of the room was sufficiently covered. No need to get close to the dangerous animal that can kill a man with ease. He might be tough and armored, but armor didn't help the poor bastard who now had sand for ribs.

Instead he turned his attention to the right, where the dainty lady and body were effectively unarmed against armored opponents. Neither of them looked like they could take a hit or were any kind of good in a close up scuffle. He had half a mind to let the boy just take a swing or to as retribution for vomiting on his boot, but that went against being a team player, and would set back his plans to where they were before arriving in Salarn and effectively wasting a day of his life.

Time to fucking shine as a designated meat shield. Nor pushed himself to run as fast as his stubby dwarf legs would allow and positioned himself between the two kids and the undead armor, knife at the ready to stab in all of the joints. He just hoped that the boy wouldn't end up roasting him with a fireball from behind or something in a misguided attempt to help.

Location: Diamond District

Mali raised her arms and tried to help the staff with measurements and such. She knew they were supposed to be ignored unless needed for some errand, but she couldn't help but imagine how annoying it would be to try measuring someone as they just went about their business. She had half a mind to just tell them her measurements so they wouldn't have to bother. She took them or had them taken relatively often, about once a month so; they might be a bit off due to changes over time, but it would save a bit of time and trouble. However, it would be kind of awkward to bring up, and they were measuring more than the main eight she kept up with (shoulder, chest, arm, forearm, waist, hips, thigh, calf), so she just let them do their job.

Mali couldn't say that she had the chance for any kind of Girl's Day/Night Out any time recently either. Her "friends" from high school spent a lot of their time getting high and/or drunk, causing destruction whilst drunk and bored, and getting into fights over petty shit. Then when she started trying to turn her life around, she had her hands full trying to catch up on years worth of neglected material. In university, Her time was divided between her first major, her second major, work, and her girlfriend. Sleep worked its way into her schedule when there was a brief opening. Towards the tail end of her campus days she took up bodybuilding, which ate up a lot more time than she had anticipated. And now she was in a strange new city with no real friends except a weird tech geek she'd met two weeks ago. Any chance to have fun being girly was one she'd snap up in an instant.

Speaking of which, Zoie said to not hold back, but Mali was still hesitant to completely cut loose. She was spending someone else's money after all. Still, she needed at least a couple more items, and she couldn't help but grab a couple more she didn't. Same rules as before, but the first piece she'd be wearing for most of the day, so it'd need to not give her a heat stroke as well. And she'd try to avoid another yellow outfit, wouldn't want to give the impression that was the only color she liked.

Ultimately she picked out a few things to finish off the purchases for the store. A bodysuit and jeans for her to wear around the rest of the day. Honestly, she was surprised that the store had jeans, but when she saw how much they cost, everything made sense again. And while she was at it, she picked out another bottom and dress for later use. One quick trip to the dressing room later and She looked a lot closer to presentable on the streets of the Diamond District without being over-dressed.

"Anything else you want to take care of while we're here?"
By the end of this RP I will be a fashion expert.
My reply was one of confusion rather than clarification. I'm sorry, but the more I read your answer, the less I understand what it means. Are you saying that 1 diagonal counts as 2 squares, 1 diagonal counts as 1 normal but only once a turn, or 1 diagonal counts as 1 square regardless?
1 square per square?
Does moving diagonally count as one or two squares?

Harry Kingsfield

Red Lake B&B

"Thank you for understanding, Mrs. Walker." As much as Harry wanted to finish his cup of coffee, it would be a bad idea to bring it into Riley's room. He didn't want to chance accidentally spilling it on something important (either to Riley, the Walkers, or the investigation itself). And even if it didn't spill somewhere important, it would be a mess that would have to be cleaned up by either himself or the Walkers. Even if he didn't spill it on anything, it would still be one hand occupied, which wasn't very conducive to looking through all of a teenage girl's belongings. So out in the lobby the coffee would remain to get cold. What a shame.

Harry gave the room a quick scan. Pink, pink, pink. He couldn't say he was expecting this level of cheeriness from the girl's room. He'd thought of the current generation as being a lot moodier, growing up on pop-punk, nu-metal and rap; it carried with it the expectation that they'd have a broader choice of color. Decorative choices aside, his eye was almost immediately drawn to the diary, left locked up to keep its contents private. A daunting obstacle for someone who was trying to view its contents without the owner being able to learn of the breach in privacy.

Harry however, had no such hang-ups. He busted out his pocket knife and slid it in between the space between the book's pages and the leather strap keeping the tome sealed. He was going to cut it open, the only issue being how long it would take. These straps tended to be decently durable, and he was sawing away with a pocket knife. He kept his pretty sharp, but it was by no means a powerhouse of laceration.

Location: Diamond District

Well looked like if all went well, she had her dress for the evening. The biggest hurdle in this instance would be if the dress would actually fit her. All she had gone by when filtering through the very expensive eveningwear was mostly estimates for what would probably fit based on her height and measurements, but that was no guarantee that the dressing room wouldn't bring with it disappointment and mission failure.

Still, she wasn't shopping on her own dime, and this was supposed to be fun. So even if this dress ended up being an abject failure, Mali could just view it as another opportunity to discover something beautiful for her to wear rather than another crushing remind how few clothes actually fit her these days.

Mali took the dress to the back and sealed herself into that small room where dreams came true or hopes were dashed upon the jagged stones of Reality. Still, if anything, at least she'd be out of those hand-me-downs for a bit. One which change of clothes later, she was relieved to find that she could in fact wear the dress. It was a bit tight around the midsection, but if she sucked her stomach in it wasn't too uncomfortable. Had they more than an afternoon to get everything ready, it'd be easily tailored to fit like a glove.

Mali resisted the urge to keep checking herself out in the room's mirror and strode out of the room, head held high and intact hand on her hip. There was quite a contrast between the luxury of the dress, the dullness of the cast on her left hand, the messiness of her hair and the grunge of her well-used sneakers and socks, but ignoring issues and projecting confidence was part of bodybuilding. When she reached Zoie, Mali almost spun in place as a final flourish, but the more rational part of her self-conscious kept her from doing something so childish.

"So, pretty good if I say so myself." For emphasis Mali went through a couple of poses to show off the dress from a few different angles. It was almost something of a reflex, to pose for an audience and/or judge. It felt good to be looked at while she was prettier than not-at-all. Actually being in some of the fancy clothes made her more excited to do the other legs of the shopping trip. Some new shoes, get her nails and hair done, maybe some make-up; those politicians won't know what him them.

Location: Outside the Tower
Interacting with:?

Nor had just managed to get the last of the half digested food and stomach acid off of his foot when his ears caught a bunch of yelling and growling coming from within the Tower everyone had entered. By the time he'd turned around to face the source of all the noise, there was some horrendous cacophony, the likes he'd never encountered before. An ill-fated dance between the disfigurement of metal and the destruction of flesh, a sound that made the faint of heart sick to their stomach.

If there was one thing Nor didn't have, it was a weak stomach. It'd take more than nightmarish noises to send him running. Drawing his blade, Nor ran into the tower proper to see what in the 9 Hells was going on. Internally he mused that there was about a 50% chance of the noise coming from one of the party members, which would cut their numbers down even further, but if he came in to find most everyone dead, that would be plenty of grounds to cut ties and make a break for it. (Un)Fortunately, that wasn't the case, it was just a suit of armor with a corpse in it mangled and broken, presumably because of the boy's actions. Bloody mages.
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