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Atkin Bowman

Location: Wizard Palace 21st Floor->20th Floor

Atkin quickly thought through his teacher's words. He wanted to try picking the thing apart from as many angles as he could, but he didn't really have the time to do so. He could only sift out gut feelings based on what he could recall from yesterday and the information given to him.

"Maybe," he began, still petting the cats around him, "the Queen's death wasn't caused by Magyk. I mean, if there was something non-magykal that could kidnap Luna like that through all the wards and defenses set up, why wouldn't it be able to bypass the ones on the Queen's room?" Arya's insistence that Darke Magyk (whatever the hell that was) was to blame to him seemed like another example of the wizard mindset being too linear. The issue had an unknown answer, so Magyk is either the problem or the solution. That all these issues could be more related than they initially appeared didn't seem to occur to her.

"And it's not at all a silly idea if you think about it. Asha being a holder of... one of those things if you're right about them. Magyk as far as I've seen is green in color. That purple sh- glow she throws off ain't natural. It's not out of the realm of possibility that if she does have one of those things, that she's using it to boost her Magykal abilities." Of course that would make her a fraud and a cheater, but he didn't want to think so lowly of one of the Castle's guests when she seemed fair enough. As for why she was here, the first thought that came to Atkin's mind was that they simply didn't like Meliscente and now that she was dead they'd test the waters with Valda.

Although he knew that this moment would come, it was still heartbreaking. He quite liked the cats, and that they were sent away left a sense of emptiness now that he no longer had any furry friends to pet. But there was business to attend to. The boy stood up and dusted off some of the excess fur on his robes before following Arya down to the second floor. Rowland's suggestion was a fairly good one, but he'd see if he could come up with a better line in between now and when he met this Marcellus who he'd been hearing so much about recently. Maybe Arya would tell him about this man. Then again there was a pretty good chance she'd just leave him in the dark and he'd have to figure shit out for himself.
Mali Anson

Location: Zoie's Farm
Skills: N/A

"I still really like it, even after having worn it for almost an entire day. It does have a habit of getting in the way," Mali admitted, looking down at the now dirtied dress, "but you should be looking out for yourself first. I'm fine." Well, she wasn't fine, but in comparison to either of the siblings, she was in tip top condition. The sudden scream and crash made her instinctively flinch and look towards the source of the noise, but despite Relic's words she had no intention of going up there even before he spoke up.

Instead, she found an empty chair and plopped down, holding her chin on her fist. She was given an offer: get out of town to travel with the two. She didn't know if Zoie would agree, but it would be a pretty safe bet that she wouldn't object. But Mali wasn't sure if she wanted to go. On one hand, going out to who knows where just wasn't all that appealing an idea. Then there was the fact that it'd be tagging along for yet another deeply personal family event that she was an outsider to. She just would be out of place the whole time. Even if she did like them it seemed like something they should deal with on their own.

But on the other hand, it would get her out of Justice for awhile, which would definitely do wonders for all of their survival chances. The last couple of days were especially dangerous, and although she wasn't unprepared to die in the near future, she would very much rather that not be the case. And she did agree to be their partner in crime in all this. Now, more than any other time they could certainly use an emotional foundation of some sort. She had problems of her own, but she wasn't grieving like they were. And on top of this, the fact that he was inviting in the first place meant there was a level of trust that she couldn't disregard.

"...Maybe. I need some time to think it over."

Harry Kingsfield

Red Lake B&B

Harry waved back at her as he stepped out of his car. His first instinct was to go up to her and inquire about their family history, if they had any heirlooms or old journals, but he remembered he had other matters at hand. Far more important ones he'd been putting off: his clothes had gotten torn up and bloodied back at the abandoned house, not to mention they were wet from the rain. He was also dirty and hungry. He hadn't had a bite to eat since breakfast that morning. And to top it all off, all that coffee earlier had made its trip down South, and he could use a bit of relief.

He could take care of his baser needs first, then resume work on the case. As he approached Mrs. Walker, he explained that he needed to wash up quickly before departing. He made his way up to his room and took the chance to relax to a degree as he waited for the shower to warm up. He inspected the stitches on his leg. They seemed fine enough, but he couldn't let them get wet in the shower so soon after getting them.

Harry looked over and noted half a peanut butter sandwich he had sitting in a ziploc bag from a couple days back. Inspection of the sandiwch indicated that it was still in good enough condition to eat. Extracting the foodstuff from the bag, he tore the plastic apart and then taped it over the sewn up wound like a makeshift plastic bandage. The sandwich went straight down his gullet.

The shower was a brief affair, mostly to clean himself from the grime sweat and dirt accumulated over the short day. Removing the taped bag from his leg was a much longer, more delicate process, lest he rip out all his leg hair, leaving in their wake painful memories and embarrassing scars. But now clean, dressed and fed, the PI was ready to once again begin work on the case. He made his way back out of his room and down the stairs to see what lay before him.

Atkin Bowman

Location: Wizard Palace 21st Floor

"I'd love to go with you to the Manuscriptorium," Atkin blurted out without really thinking. It really was an obvious choice for him. He could either spend all day sitting around listening to a bunch of fuddy-duddy wizards argued about things he already knew without making any real progress, or he could go out with Arya and maybe do something of worth that won't get forgotten immediately by everyone else. And perhaps while they were out, maybe he could convince her to let him go check on his family and make sure they were all ok.

It would be a shame that the cats wouldn't be able to come with him, but he expected as much. Atkin wanted to get up, but the cat in his lap was very soft and he didn't want to disturb it. He gently tried to encourage it to get up off of him, but it just purred and rolled over a bit. This would be quite the challenge to overcome.

"So you're going to the Manuscriptorium to look up that Mutant stuff that was mentioned yesterday, right," he asked, not looking away from the feline. The cat showed no sign of wanting to move anytime soon, but he knew they were fickle beasts. It'd get bored soon, right? But he had had plenty of time to go over the day's events again and again in his head. Luna was kidnapped through some means other than Magyk. Myrus suddenly creates an explosion in a very non-Magykal way. 'Oh look, a mutant.'

It all seemed to add up. Whatever these mutant things were, he had a hunch that they were going to become more and more common, and it'd be a good idea to learn about them now so you aren't defenseless against them later. There were a couple other things he imagined she'd want to look into at the moment, but as far as he could tell, mutants were the biggest unknown factor, thus the biggest problem to solve at the moment.

Even if it was for some entirely unrelated reason, he was curious as to what was in there. He'd tried to sneak in once or twice, but boy they had that place wrapped up tighter than Matilda's corset. He got as far as the front desk before getting turned away for not having any "real" business there. Attempts to the back didn't even get him through the back door. They probably had all kinds of good shit in there hidden from the rest of the Castle, and they'd probably let Arya see it, which meant he might be able to see by extension, which was a really exciting proposition.
Mali Anson

Location: Zoie's Farm
Skills: N/A

Mali took the card but didn't bother to look at it. She knew that she wasn't going to call it anyways, and the one poking her chest was already enough for her, but she wasn't going to crumple it or trash it while the cops were right there. That'd just be rude. She sighed as she looked from the siblings back to the burned barn. What the hell were they going to do now? Well as far as the big picture went, she didn't really have any clue, but she knew what she needed to do now.

She walked up to Relic and put her good hand on his shoulder. She didn't really know Tinder, so the most she felt from seeing the body bag, at least at the moment was a lump in her chest, an odd relief that at least he wasn't caught up in an even worse situation and the nagging feeling that she should have tried to go into the barn. But even that feeling was shot down by the rest of her saying that if she had, they probably would have had to bring out two body bags, if not three. But the kid needed comforting. Trying to rationalize matters after the point where the conclusion was clear wouldn't help anything.

Atkin Bowman

Location: Wizard Palace 21st Floor

Atkin could see the riots from the top of the Wizard Tower quite easily, the flames were rather difficult to miss as they burned throughout the night. Today really had been an absolutely atrocious day. Probably the worst day in Castle history for at least a few centuries. Certainly ranked up there for worst days of his life. He couldn't even get to sleep, any time he tried he'd think about Bryon or Pa trying to maintain order out there, or Shay getting caught up in the midst of all, or worst of all: his own home being broken into and ransacked. However, as liable as he was to mouth off, disobey orders or just go out the learn something himself, he wasn't so big of a knobhead that he'd go out into the streets during a riot. Only a body with a death wish would do something like that. For the fifth time that day all he could do was stand back and watch as bad shit happened.

By the time morning came, his eyes were sore, but he didn't feel tired. At least not any more. He didn't really feel hungry either. Or really doing too much of anything other than pacing around the tower, trying to keep himself occupied on anything other than the chaos the Castle had sunk into over the last 24 hours. The Queste and its associated bullshit were chump change. He wasn't too concerned about that. Worst came to worst, only he'd have to bite the bullet. The apparent fragility of the Royal family had far more severe ramifications for the country, and the immediate break in good will between the people and the crown would be difficult to mend, at best.

But then there was a noise at the door. It was rather muffled, so he couldn't quite make it out at first. Meowing? Atkin stopped where he was and turned around to the door. He checked the peephole. He didn't see anyone there, but the sound was still there, and growing louder. So he opened the door a wee bit. And then suddenly it was flung open as he was assaulted with a tidal wave of fur. It took him a few seconds to realize that there were cats all rubbing against him, purring, and trying to muscle their way in to get to him. And they were all so cute. He couldn't stop himself from kneeling down and trying to pet them. He'd get a calico under the chin, follow it up by scratching a black cat on the butt, before diverting his attention to a particularly portly Persian. There were just so many kitties, he couldn't handle them all.

By the time Rowland or Arya went up to check on the apprentice, they'd find the door still wide open and Atkin sitting on his bed surrounded by cats, petting a relatively beefy tabby that sat in his lap. They were everywhere: on the floors, the tables, in the dresser, everywhere. Miraculously, not a single book or pen had been knocked over. He turned to face his teacher and grandmaster, still smiling, although a less so now that his attention had been drawn away from all the cats and back to the present situation.

"I couldn't stop them."

Giosue, Faith & Bart

Location: Ville Au Camp: The Oak Tree->Serengeti, Africa 12,000 B.C.
Skills: The Watch: Act I (Time Portals), Spear

Another morning, another mission for Faith and Bart to complete. This loop saw the Emendator known as Giosue waiting for his trainee(s) as usual, but today he had forgone his suit for something a little more natural. Atop his head was a wide-brimmed felt cap. Around his neck were a pair of binoculars. Over his torso was an olive button-up shirt, with plenty of spacious pockets adorning the front. And on his legs were matching shorts paired with durable brown walking shoes. On his back, he wore a backpack visually encumbered with unknown cargo. At his feet were two more identical backpacks planted firmly on the ground.
Faith woke up the same way, with maybe a bit more pep in her step. Having spent a good portion training with Nancy (which she enjoyed) as well as keeping her knife sharpened and maintained, she was beginning to get used to this life. Or as used to it as she could manage. She also noticed she started disliking people less. She actually nodded at people when they said hello to her. It was kind of moving. So again, she checked the note and got upset she was still not with Evelina or Belladonna. She was beginning to think they did this on purpose. She got dressed and left to meet Gio and, most likely, Bart again. She was not excited by the sight she saw. Not only did Gio look like someone's lame dad, he also looked like they would be going on a hike. "I'm not gonna like this, am I?"
Bart rose from his bed, saw the note, and nodded. It was that time again, this time with Gio, the Emendator he visited Cairo with. He figured they might be going somewhere deep in the past, or at least so he hoped, Given Gio's status as "The Watch". Seeing parts of history would always be something he'd find interesting. He stepped out of his room, and headed out to the Big Oak tree. As soon as he made it there, He saw Faith and Gio, with two bags at his feet. He might assume that whose would be for Faith and Bart to carry, but at the same time, he'd kind of learned that acting without instruction was typically a bad idea, so he just placed himself next to Faith, and gave a careful look at Gio's getup. "So what's the plan for today?" He asked, thinking that they might be doing some kind of hunting.
"Good morning Ms. Masters and Mr. Rosecliff," Gio greeted the two paradoxes. In response to the former's question he merely smiled before continuing his explanation. "Today we shall be going out on an adventure, a safari so to speak. In each of these packs I've included some useful objects for your mission, up to and including a suitable change of clothes. If you wish, you may briefly excuse yourselves to change before returning. Or if you're prefer to remain in your current dress you may. I won't stop you. The one on my right is for Ms. Masters, the other for young Bartholomew. I'll explain the rest once we've traveled to our destination."
Faith fought hard to not let out an audible groan. This meant walking. Probably a long trek. She was not dressed for the part so she walked forward and grabbed the pack Gio referred to as hers. She opened it and peered inside, seeing the change of clothes. "Yeah, I'm gonna go get changed back there." She didn't want to undress in front of Gio, and definitely not in front of Bart. So she walked back to the house and got changed into the clothes. She had a feeling it would be needed on this journey. After she changed, she walked back, pack slung behind her as she waited for them to get started.
"I'll go get changed then." He said, grabbing for his pack, slinging it onto his back, and following Faith's lead back to the house. While Gio had made the option to stay dress as they were available to them, that struck him as a profoundly foolish idea, so he settled on changing. He wasn't looking forward to spending an entire day outside, but things always found a way to be interesting with these people, so he figured he wouldn't hate it. Going to the first available rest room, he changed into his gear for the day, and hurried back to Gio.
"No need to dither. Let us proceed." Gio opened up a time portal unceremoniously and ushered the two paradoxes through. On the other side, they found themselves standing in a hot, arid grassland. The sky was bright but covered in a dense slate of light charcoal and the smell of ash assaulted the nose. Tough, thick yellow grass that rose up to the knee covered the ground for as far as the eye can see, occasionally broken up by the occasional animal silhouette, rock formation or tree cluster. In the horizon loomed a dark mountain with a frail of smoke rising into the sky above; the only significant marker breaking the relative uniformity of the rest of the location. Well aside from one item that immediately broke up the natural setting elsewhere: a jeep with an open top and four seats by the look of it, with signs of more cargo in the back.
"Welcome to the Serengeti, Faith and Bart. Today, you two are going hunting," he proclaimed, climbing in the back of the jeep. He quickly got himself comfortable and motioned for the others to get in the vehicle as well.
"Whichever one of you wishes to drive may do so. I believe you're both familiar enough with the skill. But you'll both need to work together. We want to secure an impressive prize to bring back to camp, and you don't have much time. As for the specific target, I'll let the two of you decide. Back here I have some goods that wouldn't fit in the pack." Gio dug up a few different items from behind him. A hunting rifle. Then a few throwing spears. A blow pipe.
"I think you get the idea. Don't worry about anything like depopulation through overhunting either. This is well before that could become an issue."
Despite her "devil may care" attitude on most subjects, Faith didn't enjoy hunting. She did it in her timeline, of course, because it meant survival. Hunting for sport was another matter. Humans were easier, in a fashion, to put down because they often did bad things, like try to take advantage of her, and it was survival then too. Animals did nothing wrong except what instinct told them to do. So the fact Gio wanted them to hunt, even if it was ok for the population, it still made her uneasy.
However, she didn't trust Bart to handle a hunting rifle or throwing spears well. "I'll take a crack at the guns first. Any target you want specifically?" she asked Bart.
Bart didn't care much about the moral implications of hunting, so long as over hunting didn't occur. Animals were on the planet, but they lacked the intelligence humans did. It wasn't the best thing in the world, but it wasn't reprehensible. "I don't mind taking the wheel. If we want something impressive, maybe a lion?" He suggested. Then furrowed his brow. No, not a big cat, that didn't sit right with him after leaving lucky on his own in the advent of his death. "Scratch that, A Giraffe? That's look cool in the camp I guess." He offered, sliding into the front seat of the jeep, and rested his hands on the wheel.
"You don't need to worry about the target. As much as I'd like to, we don't have the time to plan all the specifics of this trip. We're going to have to improvise through this." Gio handed Faith the hunting rifle. Once in her hands, she'd see that it was bolt-action, which would require her to manually reload the bullet after every shot. He also handed her a small box that when opened would reveal the ammunition for the weapon.
"You only get three shots before you have to change to another weapon. Use them wisely." Bart on the other hand would be able to see that the keys to the jeep were already stuck in the ignition. All he'd have to do was turn it, and it'd roar to life. "You see off in the distance at 2 o' clock? Those barely moving silhouettes. That's your best bet for finding anything within the next half hour. Dallying around here would not be a wise decision."
Faith took the rifle in hand and stepped into the vehicle, waiting for Bart to get it started. She didn't care about the target, so long as they got something. Faith checked the aim on the rifle, preparing herself for using this type of gun. A bolt-action rifle was not ideal in this situation, but it was better than nothing. She was sure she'd have an easier time with it than the spears or the blowgun. The silhouettes were within her sights. "Let's get moving then."
Bart turned the keys, starting up the car. Taking a second to translate Gio's instruction into something he understood, Bartholomew started driving towards the figures in the distance. "I'll see if I can get up close to them quickly." He said, gently pressing his feet down on the accelerator, getting them up to around 50 miles an hour. He figured he could manage the speed for now, but might want to slow down as they got closer, for fear of scaring away whatever these creatures were. "Hey Gio," He said as he drove, "You told of where we are, but when are we?" Still an odd question for Bart to need to get used to asking, but he was genuinely curious about what time period they were in.
A sudden distant rumbling sounded in the distance, cutting off any answer Gio might have given. It very clearly came from the mountain behind them. And the smoke emanating from its peak appeared thicker and darker than it had when they had first arrived.
"Curious thing really. That question is more pertinent than some might think." Gio yelled over the sound of the engine and the wind. As they neared the silhouettes, were were specks became larger, more defined. And it was immediately obvious that there were several beasts that were not of "the usual fare." Faith, armed with the scope on the rifle would be able to pick out things like great pachyderms, larger than the largest elephant she'd ever seen with downward sloping tusks, or giant boars with long, forward jutting tusks of their own.
"We happen to be in, well you probably wouldn't be interested in the exact date. But we're in what you'd call 12,000 BC, well before the earliest known civilizations formed." It was only a few minutes later that they would pull in closer to the point where they'd be able to see any of the animals distinctly with their own eyes. In addition to the animals of old, there were also a smattering of gazelle, zebra, cape buffalo, wildebeest and rhinoceroses. Furthermore, they were all running in the same direction they were.
Faith waited until they were closer as Gio spoke. As it planned perfectly as soon as he told them when they were, the creatures formed. They were unlike any she had ever seen. Even in picture books. She put the rifle down as she gazed in awe. Given the time period, it made sense now. There were animals aplenty before humanity carved out its place on Earth. She was half tempted to put the gun down and just observe these creatures, but she had a task. She pulled the rifle up and aimed at the big beast. Even large animals could be taken down.
And then she heard it break. She put it down again and checked. The rifle had jammed. "Fuck!" She got to work as best she could at fixing it. Managing to get the bullet out and the rifle cleared, she tossed the bullet aside. Now she only had two left.
"12,000 BC?!" Bart asked over the hum of the engine. That was very far back in the past. He couldn't help but wonder about the butterfly effect. He figured Gio well knew what he was doing, so he didn't vocalize anything, but he considered the implications. Maybe they weren't really changing anything here, in a way, they always came to this point in history, so their actions wouldn't change anything. He would consider this more, but he was driving, and that, along with the rest of their current circumstances, merited his full attention. He heard Faith curse and said, "Missed I take it? Want me to take a shot?" He asked her as they sped along the Serengeti.
The jeep drew ever nearer to the herd of animals. On one hand, this meant whoever was shooting had a better shot, but also that the beasts began to take greater notice of them and react accordingly. They'd begin to divert course to flee away from them rather than simply keep going the way they'd been. If Gio had anything he wanted to insert to the situation, he didn't bother to say it, leaving Faith and Bart to sort things out on their own.
Faith shook her head as she brought the rifle back up and looked through the sights. "No, I got this." She would be damned if she let Bart show her up in any capacity. She set her sights on the big guy again, ignoring any feeling ot concern at shooting a creature she knows did not exist during her timeline. She shot and landed a hit. "That's how it's done!" At first, it seemed like the shot didn't do much and Faith feared her cheering would be her downfall, but soon, the large beast slowed down and stumbled. " we finish it off now?"
Bart lowered his head at the crack of the gunshot," Nice shot." He said, and looked over to Gio, "I assume we still want to bring this back to camp?" He said, trying to focus on following after the wounded animal. He had no idea how they'd ever manage to lug something that big, so he figured The Watch wasn't being completely honest with his expectation of them bringing it back. He was more than fine with that, if that was the route they were going to go.
"It'd be quite the waste to just kill a creature and then leave it here, although it wouldn't exactly be in anything's way. Yes, we are going to transport it back to camp." Gio called over the increasingly loud tremors of the impending eruption. His posture remained relatively lax throughout, as if his only worry would be Bart's driving.
Faith put the rifle down. The car was shaking too much for her to be able to concentrate properly. Instead, she grabbed one of the spears offered and aimed. She wanted to fell the beast, but it was a touch mother, to be sure. Instead, she aimed for one of the calf things next to it. The spear left her grasp and charged forward, but it missed its mark. However, the calf got scared and ran in front of the giant and tripped it. It appeared to be slowing down more, but they would quickly pass it. "We need to slow down some. It's almost done."
As the creature tripped, Bart had a bit of a smile on his face. "Let me show you how it's done." He said, reaching out for a spear, and, with one hand on the wheel, lobbying the weapon at the creeature, striking it dead in the chest. With a grin on his face at his success, he said, "I'm gonna bring us up to it, and we'll figure oiut how to get it up to camp from there." He said, slowing the car down, and driving up to the apparently dead beast.
Faith was mildly pissed Bart managed to stop the thing while he was driving, but she was content in thinking she had a hand in weakening it, at least. As the car came to a stop, she jumped out and walked over to their target. It was bigger in person than she had anticipated. "So, now what? How are we taking this thing back with us?"
"That would be where I come in." Gio hopped out from out the back of the Jeep and rubbed his hands. "I hope neither of your got too attached to the jeep. It's probably not going to survive the day." Gio produced The Watch and created a time portal beneath the beast large enough to completely engulf it. The corpse fell through silently back to Camp.
"I'd not hesitate to jump in. The volcano's going to blow any second now. I'd hate to have to leave one of you back here to the ash." That said, Gio pinched his nose and hopped through the portal, the way one would into the side of a pool.
Faith followed shorty after Gio, not intending to stay here any longer than needed. As much as she would love to see an active volcano erupt, she at least knew that during this time would not be the best if she wished to remain alive. She thought about pushing Bart before she jumped as a "screw you" move, but opted against it. The little twerp stepped his game up and Faith had to give him props. Not to his face, of course, but the fact she didn't insult him was a step up.
Bartholomew was mildly surprised with Faith's lack of a comment on his kill, but he rolled with it. Maybe it was some kind of progress. Very much not wanting to be around lava, for obvious reasons, he quickly followed behind Faith, jumping into the portal., landing safely back in Ville Au Camp. He was happy with his prowess there, feeling a sense of personal growth and achievement in what he'd done.
The three of them landed on top of the slain beast in the middle of Camp, now around 10 am. Gio jumped off the fallen deinotherium with a giggle.
"Good job to the both of you. For a second there I was a bit concerned, but you pulled through." The Emendator took off his cap and turned to face Bart and Faith, a wide smile plastered on his face. "Now the question is what to do with this thing. I was thinking of cooking whatever you killed, but this is more than we'd be able to eat, even if we tried to feed it to tonight's partygoers. Suggestions?"
Faith was concerned with how jovial the man was after witnessing them kill this thing, but what could she do? She was tasked and she passed. 'Didn't Native Americans like...use every part of the animal they killed? We may be able to get some food, but perhaps there's other uses for its bones and skin and such?"
Bart shook his head at Faith, " I'd say this is neccesarily wasteful, given that Gil can pull anything out of his hat." With that said, he looked over the beast. " On the subject of the partygoers though, maybe we could stuff it and use it to scare them. Is anybody good at taxidermy?" He asked. That seemed to be the only real use they could get out of this, and it would be pretty scary for sure.
"The main issue is that there's so much to use, I don't think we'll be able to get through it all with the manpower we have." Gio scratched his chin, staring over the thing. "I'm sure we'll figure out something. At the very least we need to do something before it starts rotting away." Perhaps for once he hadn't thought things through as thoroughly as he tended to. But it was certain that the last thing anyone wanted was to smell that thing as it sat underneath the sun all day.
Mali Anson

Location: Zoie's Farm
Skills: N/A

There was a growing sense of impending doom that was coming over Mali. It started in the bottom of her stomach and ended somewhere in the depths of Hell. Not only was there the obvious bummers of the barn burning down and the increasing certainty of Marc's disappearance, but now she had to deal with the police for an event that she had no hand in with whatsoever. Again. But this time she had a healthy scoop of paranoia about any and all authority figures, not just from the fact that they had fled a crime scene just the night before, but also that she was still certain that any of them could be linked to Juno. But with this line of questioning she had an advantage.

"I think this farm is owned by Zoie, but I can't be sure. I've only known the other two here for a bit. Few weeks at most. No idea when the fire started. I was driving over here and saw the smoke in the distance. I don't know if anyone was home, but their friend Marc might have been around when it happened. I don't know who owns the limo. For all I know it's a rental." Being the relative stranger she was, she could just answer all the questions honestly. She really didn't know the answers to all the questions. At least not definitively. In the back of her mind she couldn't help but worry that Relic and Zoie might be in some degree of danger, what with everyone being separated. She knew that they did this so that none of them could influence the others' answers, but she didn't have the most rational mindset at the moment.

Harry Kingsfield

Halsey's shop

Harry stashed away the bauble into his front coat pocket. It'd be relatively safe there from prying eyes and the elements, and the but of extra weight there would give him the presence of mind to remember that it was there in the first place/not accidentally stick it in the wash. He could have just stuck it around his neck and tucked it under his shirt, but part of him didn't want to bother with that (that thing would probably be really cold against his chest), and another part told him it would be a bad idea to actually be wearing the thing. It was a hunch, but hunches seemed to have been paying off so far.

"No, that should be all for now. Thanks for the coffee, it was delicious." Harry politely excused himself from the woman's shop/home and returned to his car. So he had two direct leads as of right now: the Walkers and the Johnsons. He decided that he'd go to the former first since he already had a direct line to them. Perhaps they too would have some old family relics or old journals or something that would tie into the case further. So back to the Bed and Breakfast he went.

Atkin Bowman

Location: Palace Landing

If nothing else, it was an absolute relief that there was something that managed to work out today. He had his doubts, but the Young Army managed to pull through and actually do something good for once. Even if they seemed to have lost half the members they had sent on the mission. But that was understandable considering the witches had been pulling each other's hair out at the same time. They probably got caught in the crossfire.

At the same time, he couldn't help but notice Arya show up with Cuyler. And he was being real comfortable with her. In a different time and a different place, he might have just went and socked the guy in his mouth right there. He was really lucky that there were more pressing matters at the moment and that he'd fucked up enough today that he wasn't going to do anything further. So the wizard apprentice settled for shooting the guy a look before stepping aboard the barge.

"You don't look to be in good shape, princess. Do ya need help?" He offered his hand to help her get up. The lady that was holding on to her gently removed herself and stepped away from everyone else. He had no idea who she or that other lass that was talking to the Hunter were, but they weren't making any trouble, so that was none of his business.

"Your brother's in bad shape. Somebody f- messed him up really badly. Went through his mind and did stuff to him. Had him knocked out for a good while. And when he came to he... exploded. Like made a magykal burst from his hands. But it wasn't Magyk. And then the cold hit him real bad." He decided to leave out the bits about the dragon, mutants and apparently some crazy bitch trying to kill everyone notable in the Castle. At least for now. She had already had a bad enough day as it was, and all of that was nonessential information to the topic of "what's wrong with Myrus."

"I'll help you get to Becky if you want it," he offered. Truth be told, she could probably use the aid of a Physician as well and it didn't seem like anyone else was jumping to voluteer for that specific job. Even that woman who'd been holding her just a couple of minutes ago. When he looked back to where she was, he couldn't see one sign of her. She must have slipped away while his attention was on the princess.
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