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Location: Tower 2F
Interacting with:Satilla technically

There weren't many times Cyne found herself desperately wishing that she was not a bear, but the body she had assumed lacked the ability to properly express any of the emotions that she had to deal with since arriving on this floor. Just when she had started to calm down from the insult delivered to her by the undead lying in the bed, Satilla comes by and drops the bomb that Kyra was dead. Cyne didn't know the ranger very well, but she kind of liked her, and the fact that she was dead because of some summoned beast made her just a smidgen absolutely livid.

Unlike Satilla and Nor before her that were primarily chasing after Sana so she didn't charge into sure death, Cyne dashed ahead for similar reasons as the bard: so she could do horrible things to that damn necromancer who caused all this. What she lacked in a long-standing emotional bond and years of friendship she made up with violent animal instinct and a whole lot more muscle to apply in the service of gratuitous violence. It would be the only way for her to grieve while in this form in this tower. However, before she could get to that, she found herself stuck behind the witch halfway to the third floor. Despite being a smaller species of bear, she was still a bear, and there just wasn't room to try squeezing past anyone. The only way to get ahead of her would be to trample the witch, and even now, Cyne knew that was just bad manners.
Mali Anson

Location: Diamond District (Limo) Skills:N/A

Well, it seemed that nobody picked up on the bit of info she'd purposefully left out of that little tease. and took it literally. But at this point trying to go back and explain that they'd misunderstood her would be a waste of time akin to the cardinal sin of explaining a joke. Relic probably had had enough teasing already, so he really didn't need her brow-beating him over his bad luck at socializing with women.

"Weird place for a party." Why place a last minute venue change for a political evening party to some research complex? Certainly didn't look the part for a place of festivities. What, were the drinks going to be served in laboratory 2-A? Then she remembered the trip to the Justice Archives yesterday, and how Queensguard had had its fingers throughout the city for decades and was almost certainly connected to Juno. She couldn't remember if Zoie or Relic had outright stated it as such, but she didn't really need it.

But this was another thing that didn't seem right to Mali from the position of "If I were in control of this conspiracy, what would I do." She didn't know what this party meant in the larger scheme of things, but she could see why holding an important event within one's own court would be highly advantageous in maintaining the order of things.

However, for something as seemingly innocuous as a dinner party, such precautions wouldn't be necessary unless you were expecting something to go horribly wrong. But then moving it directly into your field carried a lot of unnecessary risk. If something did go wrong tonight, especially after taking a heretofore "unrelated" event to an unfitting location the blame for the even would at least partially be placed on Queensguard for not providing proper security, diminishing the reputation of your own cover company. But then again, the grander maneuverings around this party were irrelevant for what she's supposed to be doing here: acting as a cover. She would just need to make sure that she stayed alert and didn't slip up.


Location: Tower 2F
Interacting with:N/A

Now if there was one person out of this lot that Nor could come close to describing as caring about, it was Sana. And not because he actually held any genuine fondness for the woman (although she seemed quite lovely. Knew how to make good work of that giant boar bastard), but because he wanted the power that came with maintaining a positive network with a member of royalty. He didn't know all the details of her past and how any noble status was more or less bunk these days, but even if he did he's argue that regardless of actual status, even the mere possession of a royal name or bloodline was enough to hold considerable sway.

So when Sana turned around, tears in her eyes and ran alone upstairs where that bloody mage was up to who-knows-what, Nor's first instinct was to not let her run off alone into a trap and get herself killed. Because then he'd be stuck in a necromancer's lair with a bunch of tallfolk with nothing to show for it other than the satisfaction of stabbing a few things. Which while pleasant enough in the moment, wasn't a very profitable use of his time. So the dwarf darted up the stairs after the bard to find the giant clusterfuck that waited for them.

"I knew I shoulda slit yer throat when I had the chance! A mistake I won't be makin' again!"

Harry Kingsfield

Town Center

There were quite a few things here that immediately seemed of use as far as occult, supernatural investigation into the history of the town of Redwood went. Harry had plenty of material to go over quickly if he actually wanted to find Riley Walker. Every minute that passed by increased the difficulty in tracking her down even taking any unknown supernatural factors that would only serve to make things more difficult. If he were to make any headway, he'd have to be as efficient with his time as possible.

These thoughts were immediately cut short by very loud declarations of hatred that managed to cut through even his single-minded focus. Part of him wanted to just ignore the emotional outburst and continue on what he was doing, but he was curious. Furthermore, he reasoned, Riley was a teenager, and based on her journal teenage drama was likely a core reason for her disappearance, so he couldn't ignore a major aspect of the town and hope to solve its mystery.

So he followed his ear and made his way to the source of the outburst, which was surprisingly enough the mayor's office. Inside he found the girl he saw earlier at the police station lying on the floor crying, with a small hole in the wall nearby. Not exactly what he expected to find, but not all that surprising either. Perhaps she could tell him things he didn't know about, or if he got lucky, he might be able to help her sort through her emotions. But he had to take this from a professional angle first.

"Harry Kingsfield, Private Investigator. Mind telling me what's going on here?"
By this time, most of Squad Sigma were well aware of Roger and his hyper-industrious work drive. He spent practically every moment working on something, whether that be piloting simulations, practicing martial arts, studying up on the theory and more technical aspects of Framewerks, or just cleaning his quarters (everything in and surrounding there were practically spotless). His mental state seemed to physically degrade if he wasn't preoccupied with something productive, as if the guilt of not contributing was too much for him to handle.

However, for the past several days, there had been no indication that he still existed on the base outside of the mandatory events everyone took part in daily. The pod he usually used for VR training remained empty. Nobody had caught sight of him in the gym or library. Hell, there weren't even any run-ins at the mess hall or during a trip to the men's room. The moment the pilots were given any amount of free time he just seemed to be erased from existence.

The truth of the matter is that he holed himself in solitude as much as possible. The problem is all the new pilots. There were so many girls in the Squad now, and they weren't just kids this time either. Every moment he spent around them his mind went around nit-picking every single thing it could find wrong with him. Even something as minor as a passing glance he caught from one of the new squad mates was interpreted as a judging eye, to which he was always deemed unworthy.

He could just barely hold himself together during the day, but any more was too much. Rooney had to get himself alone just so he could feel like he could breathe again. It really was a miserable experience, ping-ponging from a state of mind-searing self consciousness and terror to guilty self loathing, but he told himself that as soon as they had any real mission together, he would at least be able to exist within the same space as them without being on the verge of an existential breakdown.

The worst part of it all was that he ran out of cigarettes two days ago and kept forgetting to pick up more before he returned to his quarters. In one ear he had a voice continually whispering Hey, know what you really need right now? A smoke. You haven't had any in way too long. It's really not doing us any good man. If you keep up like this you're going to go crazy. In the other What if you run into Valeria or Elizabeth on the way? What are you going to do? Piss your pants and babble like a dumbass before turning and running tail? How would they react to something like that? Would you be able to work with somebody who can't even hold a normal conversation? Better to just stay here where you can't mess up. So he was kept pinned in place, but pulled in opposite directions, all the while his sense of duty barked at him to stop being a dumbass, get back out there and do something.
Mali Anson

Location: Diamond District Skills:N/A

Those were some expensive looking accessories, and the fact that she'd be able to wear them, even on loan was kind of mindblowing. After everything else Mali had been able to do, and buy with other people's money today, one more thing really shouldn't have affected her as much as it had, but it did. Perhaps it was the tangibility of wealth found within jewelry, gems and precious metals that just wasn't present in most forms of clothing or pampering didn't carry. After a few seconds she realized Genny wanted her to take the box and took the goods from the assistant. Gingerly, she shut the case again.

"I'll put it on after I've gotten dressed. Let's get going." It occurred to her that Genny probably didn't expect her to put on all the loaned jewelry, but she had already said it by then. Speaking of changing, Mali was getting tired of walking around clad in nothing but a robe. Even though all of the immodest bits were covered up, there was the passive undercurrent of constantly being exposed. It would be nice to at least have some panties on again.

"Sounds good, though honestly, I would be strutting around in them with nothing else on if I could even for five minutes," Genny said with a laugh before leading Mali out of the little luncheon area and back to the main area of the spa where Wayne was waiting and grinning from ear to ear.

"Well my hair might be getting cut soon, and I wouldn't want to have it get all over the," 'merchandise' passed through Mali's head as she spoke, but she had the proper amount of shame and forethought to not use that specific term, "jewelry. I know I wouldn't want to have to try brushing all those clippings off anything I was planning to wear to an event like this."

"Oh honey child, lets get you finished and out of that robe. Those things are so scratchy," he said as he turned the chair so that Mali could sit down. Genny had to hide the eye roll. She couldn't imagine the robes being uncomfortable in the least, they were like wearing a damn cloud to her but Wayne was weird.

"So Wayne, mind sharing what you had in mind that was important enough to put off until the very end?" She knew that the moment he set off to work that he would start talking and never, ever, ever stop. But maybe she could direct the flow of his conversation the way one could steer a skateboard on the downhill. You were going down, and there way little you could do to stop it, but you could at least determine where at the bottom you would end up.

"Oh that would spoil the surprise now wouldn't it." Wayne was beaming as he looked at Mali and she took a seat. It wasn't like he could turn her chair and block her view from any of the number of mirrors hanging up in the place. Sure, it was a spa and people were getting the hair and make up and everything else done but the number of mirrors around Waynes station were even more than the rest of the establishment. So, he had to stand as much in front of her as he could. "Look forward, hold still, and you will be a star," he said as he got to work and no sooner had he placed a single hand in her hair that he began to ramble again. This time going on and on about his coffee break date and what a catastrophe that was. His date had ordered coffee, black... "Who ever does that?"

Mali did, but she kept that factoid secret so as to avoid making Wayne's raving about how other people take their coffee directed towards her. She wasn't a huge fan of coffee, but she never saw the point in diluting the coffee with so much sugar and cream that the flavor changed to ice cream with a hint of mocha. Difference in opinion over coffee add-ins aside, all Mali could do now was sit still and ride out the storm of words as she tried to figure out what the hell Wayne was doing with her hair. A professional job, no doubt, but she was still curious.

Wayne kept going on about the coffee, his date, and so forth as he worked. Thankfully the man worked as quickly as he spoke and in no time at all he had finished and stepped back so that Mali could view his work. It was a simple and slightly messy updo but it framed Mali's features nicely, showed off her neck line but gave her a softer touch as well. "Perfection," he said proudly as he stood there and admired his work.

"Good work, Wayne. It looks great," Mali replied, looking over Wayne's work. The advantage of all the mirrors being that she didn't even need to turn her head in order to see all the different angles. She could just turn her gaze 5 degrees to the right and bounce her sight across five more reflections to get to the angle she wanted to see. Now all she needed to do was change clothes, get some hot new shoes and she'd be ready for the party tonight. Unless there was something else she was forgetting.

"Well of course it does darling," Wayne said grinning and then gasped as Zoie came out from around the corner. "Gurl!"

Zoie smirked a bit at Wayne but kept her eyes on Mali. "Now, that is a look. I love it. Genny has your dress in the changing room and I had way too many pairs of shoes brought over from L.V. Wasn't sure on the size but Genny is pretty good about that. If nothing works we can keep trying," she said as she came over and smiled brightly at her.

Mali would reply with something, but she couldn't. Her body just wouldn't respond to anything she tried to do. It was reminiscent of a phenomena that would occur occasionally whilst exercising. After finishing a lift and returning to a neutral position, she would try to do another, but the muscles would lack the energy to even try. Her body wasn't screaming to stop or anything like that, but the batteries had been removed and the toy not longer operational.

After five seconds too long, Mali managed to get a thumbs up and a goofy grin before pulling her self respect back together enough to look like the adult she normally was and get into the seclusion of the changing room. Zoie wasn't exactly sure what to think about it but a thumbs up was far better than a thumbs down.

Wow, what a great line that was, Mali. Did you think of it yourself?
Well Mali, I mean I didn't see you come up with anything.
But you didn't have to do it in a way where you look like a total buffoon, Mali!
Well if I didn't do anything at all, Mali it's just get more awkward.
Because coming off as a giant tool definitely isn't going to be awkward when you leave this room.
So was I just supposed to play it off as cool and aloof?
I don't know, probably.
But what if Zoie took it as dismissive? Like she wasn't good enough?
She wouldn't take it like that, would she?
I don't know, would she?

Not wanting to follow that line of thinking any further, Mali put on the dress, being careful to avoid wrinkling any of it as much as possible. Shoe selection was actually fairly easy since she had everything else in place. Black patterned dress, black shoes. Formal event? Get some heels on them, but not too high; Zoie's the prostitute, not you. Summertime, make it sleek, make it stylish. So it wasn't all too long after she was all dressed that she was able to leave the changing room looking far more put together in apparel, expression and body language.

As Mali came out Zoie spun around and gasped. "Now that is how a queen carries herself," Zoie said as she stepped over to Mali and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You look stunning," she added before looking over to Wayne. "Okay, we're out. Thank you and the staff for everything," she said as she held her hand out to the man.

"Oh gurl you know it's what I live for! You better be back soon and with this angel. Mali, keep her honest," Wayne teased before toddling off. Zoie just rolled here eyes a bit and began to head for the door. The doorman held it open for them as she stepped outside and Marc was standing there by the limo waiting for them.

"I feel so under dressed right now," he said with a smile as he adjusted his tux bow tie.

"Will do, Wayne. It was a pleasure meeting you all," Mali said with a wave as she left the spa behind. Maybe if she could keep this up, the party wouldn't end as an abject disaster. At least as far as the Zoie front went, she was pretty sure there would be no more surprises that would catch her off guard. Furthermore, she had wrapped her mental faculties in enough psychological duct tape that she was pretty sure that even if she was caught off-guard again, at least she probably wouldn't make a fool of herself.

"I'm sure that's plenty fine for the party, Marc. You'll only be under dressed if everyone else happens to show up like this. I don't think every politician and businessman is going to put so much effort into his dress." Mali walked over to the limousine and bent forward to look into the car before remembering that the windows were tinted and she could barely make out anything on the other side. "Is Daniel in there? Or is he off somewhere else for the night," she asked, resisting the urge to point into the limo with her thumb. Such a gesture would look very low-class, and now she was really trying to put in the effort to start acting like she really belonged in an upper crust environment.

"Yeah yeah, I'm here," Relic said as he popped open the door and stepped out. Zoie walked over and messed with his hair some. She was trying to tame it but it was no use. "Hands off, geeze. Mom," he said mocking her. Rolling her eyes she climbed into the limo as Marc held the door open for them.

"Well, 'ets get going, before Zoie tries to clean a smudge off his cheek with spit on her thumb," Marc laughed as he held his hand out to help Mali in if she needed it.

"Keep it up, I'm still armed you know," Zoie said under her breath as she slid over and made room for Mali. Once they were all in the car Marc would take the driver seat and they would be on their way.

"Look at you, getting all dressed up. Careful, or you might end up drowning tonight," Mali teased with a wink. The back of her mind flashed to how two of her building mates were found washed up, and that getting drowned tonight wasn't 100% out of the question, but it stayed just there, where it couldn't distract her too much from the business at hand. When confronted with Marc's offer,
her first instinct was to refuse him with a 'no thanks, I'm fine,' but it was more ladylike to accept assistance like that. I really hope this doesn't become a long-term thing, Mali thought as she took Marc's hand and climbed into the back of the limousine.

Giosue Zino

Location: Ville au Camp: Main House: Room 202
Skills: N/A

"Woman or not, I'll see Justice carried out," he responded in kind. It was a good kind of adversary for a character like Ashley to have. Someone firm who acted with the utter belief that the right of Law stood behind him. A good foil for her unbridled belief in freedom. Unfortunately, they likely wouldn't have the time to explore all of the intricacies' of Ashley's former social network during the prank itself, but at the least, he could potentially work the character into another story of his. She was a bit too... melodramatic to actually serve as a protagonist, but he could see her working in a supporting role.

"It would be annoying having to have you go back just to pull you back out," Gio conceded as he scratched his chin. The "convincing Eve and Gil to let him whisk off the Paradoxes on a fieldtrip" was the biggest unknown of the whole plan, but he had complete confidence that he'd be able to pull it off. When requested, he carefully unfolded the clothes enough to get at the pocket and fish out a plastic wrapped caramel candy.

"Open up," he called, as he unwrapped the candy, performing the ritual warm-up, warning throwing motions that indicated that one was going to lob something someone's way. Any failure to notice after three such motions were not the fault of the thrower by unspoken law. And when the candy finally left his hand, it arced through the room, tumbling through the air and bounced off of Nancy's nose, falling onto the floor.


Location: Tower 2F
Interacting with:N/A

Nor extracted his knife from the body of what was to be dinner and looked over it. To nobody's surprise, it was covered in blood and little bits of flesh that got stuck to it. With a disgusted grimace, he wiped it off on the beast's hide until it had reached something close enough to presentable. The dwarf then hopped off of the head of the boar and landed with a heavy metallic clunk. Current threat neutralized, he looked over the room to asses the current state of battle. Deeming it clear of any further threats to stab, the next course of action was to head downstairs and save the sorry arses of those that got dumped down there.

Evidently, everyone else had that exact same idea, and having the shortest legs and most armor on meant that he was shuttled off to the back of the line. Still, he was close enough to see Sat come running up the stairs. Not surprising really. Frail girl like that fighting off a summoned animal like one of those big-ass boars? Not happening. Slightly more distressing was the news that the silver-haired ranger lady, Kyra had croaked. He couldn't get misty-eyed over someone he had known for all of a morning, but the fact of the matter was that she did get him into this club. and things hadn't flown completely South yet. So for the time being, he would repay that little debt by helping kill the big bug that got her. Or rather he would had the stairway not been blocked by a bunch o' tall folk.

Harry Kingsfield


The lack of a library proper, even a small one was annoying, but not an altogether unexpected obstacle for him to run into. The fact that the town hall was just another twist that made things somewhat more difficult to work with on his end. He'd have to maneuver around it every time he wanted to go to or leave the library or risk getting in the way/disrupting the force's work, but that was just how the cards were dealt. At least if something new was uncovered here, he'd be close enough to the scene to learn of it pretty quickly.

As he stepped into the library, he took a quick stroll around it and tried to get a good idea of what they had available. He paid special attention to anything having to deal with the occult, or potentially relating to Red Lake's history. Chances were that a town chronicle, if there was one, would be stored somewhere else, but since he was already there for one thing, it wouldn't hurt to at least check. It would be infuriating to lose time going around to different places only to be directed back to his starting place.

Giosue Zino

Location: Ville au Camp: Main House: Room 202
Skills: N/A

If a well put together clock was anything, it was efficient, and Giosue was no exception. There was no way he'd let even a single sentence of effort be thrown out if he could help it. If he wasn't so orderly, there would be very little left to ground his flightier tendencies and it would more or less be up to Eve to keep the whole show running on time, and she was overworked enough as it was.

It never even came to mind that Nancy had been talking about an outing into town rather than a trip through time and space. He was so used to most of his time being spent elsewhere and elsewhen that the idea of just going outside the camp to the surrounding are flew right over him. Not that it mattered, because his plan had Nancy's full approval which was big green light for him.

"Before you go on ahead to your mission, Ashley we still need to do a couple last bits of preparation." Gio put down his pen and paper and picked up the previously unattended handcuffs. Since they would be going out into the "wild" he didn't want to take the chance that the ankle weight would prove itself to be a major hindrance to her in case something serious did come up whilst they were out. From his breast pocket he also produced one of two keys that opened up the restraints he'd prepared.

"Present to me your wrists, inmate," he demanded in his most official sounding voice. When she complied, he'd first hand her the key so she could put it somewhere safe in case she needed to free herself right now. Then he'd loosely put on the handcuffs and allow his companion to adjust them to a level that looked like they were actually effective, but she could be potentially comfortable wearing for an extended period of time.
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