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@Dark Cloud Absolutely. Grey works fine!
@Dark Cloud I think any form of red is going to clash with Moses and Drachen. You could use an orange? Or there are plenty of other colours that are still free
@Dark Cloud Morgan looks good to me, once you fill in that last fear. The only thing stopping me from stamping approval is the colour, as we already have two reds. If you switch to another unclaimed colour, then I'll be happy to accept him.

@sassy1085 I'm a big fan of Rosanna, and hopefully she'll have plenty of oppurtunity to speak the lingo of the 1920's! Consider her accepted. Feel free to move her across to the Characters Tab at your leisure, and I'll get in touch to sort out the rest of the details.

For everyone else, we're filling up nicely, so I'm going to 'soft' close applications for the RP. If you've already started a sheet, then you're still free to apply, but I'm going to turn my attention towards getting this horror show on the road! With that in mind, everyone who has been accepted should either have sorted, or be in the process of sorting four things.

  • Your Character's Secret Agenda
  • The level of stats/rolls that you want to use
  • The possessions that your Character will be bringing to Wilde Hall
  • Your character's mask and name for the evening [Title + Colour aka Cluedo/Clue]

If you haven't sorted those, then please do so at your leisure, and if I've missed any of them for you, then please get in touch to make sure it hasn't slipped my mind! Thank you to everyone that has applied, it already looks like we're going to have a really entertaining group, and I'm excited to go forward with you all.
@Kenshi It's in Advanced because the Advanced Interest Check, I'm fairly easy-going when it comes to posting standards. If you stumble across it again once we've started, and the IC doesn't look too daunting, and you are still interested, then there will be a space for you!
@Kenshi Glad to have your interest! The RP is actually already up here, so feel free to start working on a sheet.
@Dark Cloud Plenty of time, don't worry. I know you've got a sheet in the works, so I'm not going to be slamming the door on you! With the number of players we already have, I'm planning on looking at starting the IC tomorrow, but there's no reason that people can't join later.

@Prosaic Effort is the most important thing. I'll be happy to help however I can, and I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine!
@Prosaic Simon certainly does look alright! Consider him accepted, and I'll be in touch shortly to work out the rest of the details.
@POOHEAD189 Absolutely. There will be other guests at the party, so there's plenty of scope to join in as another guest even after the party is in full slaughter swing. And that of course goes for anyone and everyone who's lurking, and not sure about joining.
@Kazemitsu Fixes look good, so consider Drachen accepted. I'll send a PM your way shortly, but for now feel free to move him over to the Characters Tab.

@Penny Opportunity fits the bill, and while I'm mildly offended by 'British' being a negative trait, Consider her accepted, and I'll send you a PM to hammer out the rest of the details. Not that it's dependent on your acceptance, but I wouldn't be against you choosing a different shade of green? Just so it stands out more from the green I've been using for the OOC.

@psych0pomp Reaves looks primed to be smote! Same as with the others, feel free to move him over to the Characters Tab, and I'll be in touch.

For everyone else, that takes us up to five foolish brave adventurers. I was intending to run this with 'around' six, but I don't have a hard limit. If you're working on a sheet, or thinking of starting one, let me know, just so I can get an idea of numbers.
@Kazemitsu Really interesting character idea, and certainly fits the role of a bruiser for the group. Two quick points before I accept Drachen. Firstly, if you can knock a few inches off his height, it would work better. At 6'6", he's just too tall for any sneaking/snooping/skulking, and that's half the fun! Something like 6'3/4 is a lot easier to work with. And secondly, I think his traits are a little contradictory at the moment? I'm not sure you can be empathetic and protective, while also being anti-social, as they seem to clash? Other than that, I like it so far!

@Dark Cloud Don't feel like you need to rush! Unless I start getting bogged down by applicants, then I've not got any intentions of closing it off, so just take your time. That goes for anyone else who might be reading. The doors are open, and if they're going to close, I'll let everyone know in advance.
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