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William Fraser

Location: Port Annan
Skills: Instrument (Violin)

The music flowed through him. It was his lifeblood, and William never felt more alive than when music was pouring freely. He had last played as recently as the night before, but already he had been yearning for it. In truth, even if he had only just finished his tune, he would be itching to play again. It was so ingrained into his very character, that it had become more than just playing an instrument, it had become a pouring out of his soul, the beat of his heart the tempo. He was a performer, born for it, and bred for it. Even as he played, his body moved, a smile across his face as he moved through the crowded space of the tavern. The Stradivarius in his hand, the same instrument that his father cherished, bought by William's mother as a gift for her husband years past, sung like a nightingale.

He barely looked at the group that had invited him to play, the only thing on his mind was the music. He did not know the tune he was playing until it was already bursting forth from his bow, his fingers moving like dancers along the strings. Be built the crescendo to an almost relentless level, the tempo flaring, the song becoming a roar, and then as quickly as it had burst into life, the violin fell silent. His bow fell to his side, William gasping for air, wiping the sweat from his brow with his sleeve. Playing was always an exertion, but he truly felt alive with his instrument in his hand. Suddenly remembering the purpose of his playing, William turned in time to see Lord Rutherford nodding towards him. A slight smile curled his lips, and William bowed slightly towards the man.

Egerton was gone, presumably leaving at some point during the performance. William wasn't surprised that a worm like that wouldn't have a good taste in music. Taking a moment to carefully place his violin and bow back into it's case, wiping the rosin dust from the strings with a cloth he pulled from the case, before closing the case, and carefully shutting both latches. Turning back to where Rutherford and Millicent still sat, William strode back to the table, laying the case down before retrieving his glass and taking along drink. When he had finished, he resolutely placed the empty glass back down, smiling as he glanced between Rutherford and Millicent.

"I'm glad to hear that you approve. I look forward to travelling with you both, and celebrating your marriage as best I can."
Justice Cobalt
Location:Shadowell Manor:Breakfast Room -> Music Room
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 6

Cobalt dusted the crumbs from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand. The food spread out across the table of the Breakfast Room was light, little more than appetizers, but he had had enough to sate his hunger for now. In truth, considering what he had already witnessed, he would be loathe to put poisoning beyond their hosts, but it would also not do to have pangs of hunger ruining his focus. Now he was fed, and the warmth had seeped back into his limbs, he felt more alive, his reflexes sharpened, and he decided that it would be best to explore the house as best he could before the rest of the guests arrived, presumable travelling from all across Rutas Mu.

Perhaps Cobalt would even recognize some of the guests. His travels had taken him far and wide, and it was not unheard of for him to brush shoulders with some high lord, although more often than not it was in fairly unscrupulous situations, walking between various disreputable tavern more often than in some stately ballroom. He thought for a moment about possible guests, and for several, he was all too thankful for the masks that they would presumably all be wearing.

Brushing away the thoughts for now, Cobalt looked around the room. There were only two doors in and out of the room that he could see, one through which he had just entered, and one that a particularly graceful figure had just stepped through. He didn't take long to make his choice. Following the woman, who he recognized as the late-comer, Cobalt stepped into what was clearly a music room. She turned to face the door as he came through it, and he couldn't help but smile. Bowing his head slightly in greeting, Cobalt moved to casually lean on the piano slightly, facing her.

"I don't believe I've had the pleasure. Justice Cobalt, at your service"
Reminder to any lurkers that this is still open and accepting. There are plenty of nations poised to thrive if the right leader comes along!
"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Summer of 1800

3rd of June

Colonists of The Republic of Toubres, by now well used to the rigours and trials of settling new lands, sail north from Toubrian Getares. They form a new colony, Toubrian Cabral. By now, the region is well traveled by the people of Toubres, merchants freely trading with the natives even beyond the borders of their colonies. It is only a matter of time before Toubres spreads further, although it will not be long before they begin to venture into unexplored regions.

4th of June

In truth, the soldiers of The Kingdom of Aontas cannot hope to stand against the overwhelming force of The Kingdom of Ubren. They are outmatched, outnumbered and outgunned. But Aontas possesses two great advantages over their neighbors to the south. The first is their fleet. While it is not as formidable as some of the others that stalk the waters of Europe, it is still an impressive force. But their second advantage is perhaps their greatest of all, and it is provided by nature itself. Between Ubren and Aontas, a deep, cold sea flows. For the Ubren army to reach Aontas unaided, they face a long march.

8th of June

With news of The Empire of Rubrus on the march, The Kingdom of Vendsyssel stops wasting time. With relative ease, they breach the defences of Batko, breaking the spirit of The Kingdom of Claidor garrison and taking the city. More soldiers of Vendsyssel begin to prepare for the coming war, and the conflict continues to escalate.

9th of June

In a move that unsurprisingly raises morale, The Kingdom of Ubren lowers taxes for trade across it's nation, as well as investing more of it's funds into the construction of roads across the nation. The war to the north is going strongly in their favour, and despite the growing threat of a new war on their western border, the people of Ubren are content.

11th of June

It is the army of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar that acts first, quickly marching back to the city of Larymnas. As soon as they arrive, they force The Kingdom of Sescos population to begin rebuilding the defences. In response to this, the combined force of The Kingdom of Ilastiri and The Republic of Oflua prepares to make their own move.

14th of June

It appears that others intend to come to the aid of The Kingdom of Sescos. An army of The Empire of Attolia is raised, nearly fifty thousand men strong. Under the leadership of General Ilppo Rehn, the army is dubbed "The Bastion of the Faithful", and they assemble in the province of Centrix. They request access from The Empire of Redcliff, but the answer they receive is not the one they desire. King Marino apologies, but their people are too bloodied to take a side in the war for now, not least by the loss of their provinces to the west and south. Access is denied, the Attolians must find another way.

15th of June

The fleets of The Empire of Attolia and The Three City's Republic of Ianian easily capture the island just off the coast of The Shuren Dynasty province of Tian with no resistance. At the same time, an ultimatum is delivered to the Dynasty. The Dynasty promptly agrees to the demands, perhaps even almost anticlimactically. For the Attolian diplomats, it quickly becomes clear that the Shuren Dynasty is not a meagre power. The province of Tian is far from the only territory that they possess, but for now, the European powers have won the first round.

17th of June

The people of The Kingdom of Sescos continue to fight their oppressors however they can, and in the northern territories, those that are still in Sescos hands, albeit only defended by a meagre army, a new king is crowned. The newly crowned King Ciro Malas possesses none of the charisma, strength of character or natural leadership of the Mรกtyรกs line, only being a distant cousin of the former King, Pieter. Ciro is hardly more than a boy, untested in battle, and unaccustomed to ruling, but he is all that the Kingdom has for now. Sescos does not possess the strength to free itself, instead forced to watch, and pray, that the European powers will triumph.

18th of June

It becomes apparent that The Holy Territories of Edoniras is not yet ready to sheathe its flaming sword. The ships of the Holy Territories navy docked in the province of Medbia are fitted for the transport of troops, and then sail the short distance to the province of Salid, joining the ships already there and amassing a formidable fleet. It appear's the Pope's gaze has fallen on further afield battlegrounds.

20th of June

Rallying to their ally, the forces of The Kingdom of Claidor march to join up with the army of The Empire of Rubrus. By the time he reaches the province of Lahoya, the Rubrusi General Vadim Rogozin commands a sizable force. How he wishes to use it is still yet to be seen.

21st of June

In a surprising move, The Republic of Toubres offers the province of Resdian back to The Redcliff Empire. There are only two conditions. The first, is that the two nations will look to build greater relations with each other, encouraging trade, and building towards working with each other to ensure 'peace' around the Mediterranean. The second, is that the Republic will retain control of Mussara, one of the port cities of Resdian, so that Toubres can maintain an influence over the region. King Marino readily accepts the agreement, seeing an opportunity to both build bridges with a potentially powerful ally, and regain some of the Empire's lost land.

22nd of June

The Three City's Republic of Ianian announce the formation of a Stock Exchange in Rodesia. Following in the footsteps of The Empire of Attolia, the Ianian Stock Exchange is successfully born. But they go one step further, granting access to all nations within the European Trading League. Due to the Republic's formidable economy, the Stock Exchange quickly proves popular.

24th of June

Obviously concerned that The Kingdom of Aontas will act against them, The Empire of Rubrus maneuvers it's forces so as to re-enforce the border it shares with Aontas. On the same day, a wide-scale commission of propaganda comes into effect. Works that promote patriotism, and national pride, are welcomed, and rigorously distributed to every corner of the Empire. Their intention is to raise morale in the face of the war that Rubrus has found itself dragged into, and this is largely successful. In truth, the marriage between Prince Pashkov Sadoski and Empress Alina Romanovna was a popular one, and the Rubrus population are only too happy for their armies to march to the defence of The Kingdom of Claidor.

25th of June

The Holy Territories of Edoniras offers the province of Salid the 'possibility' of joining the Holy Territories. In truth, it is hardly a choice. The larger army of Edoniras, still dug in to defend Salid, is showing no intent of leaving, and the population of the province fear that any refusal to join would be simply ignored, so they agree, although thousands flock back to Redcliff-held lands. Those that do remain are offered citizen rights, and they accept, seeing little other choice.

26th of June

In the province of Altubren, The Kingdom of Ubren continues to pour money into the construction of a colossal arsenal. Already months into construction, the project promises to drastically boost the supply for the Kingdom's armies, providing a ready collection of firearms, ammunition and artillery. While this is being built, the Ubren Academy of Ballistic Sciences has it's first major breakthrough, researchers experimenting with iron-cased gunpowder rockets. It will still take some months to perfect the formula, but the Academy is quickly proving its worth.

28th of June

In The Republic of Toubres, the Military Academy of Amzores is founded. The Academy will accommodate the officers and commanders of Toubres' army, both new and old, and push to improve the armies tactics, readiness, and effectiveness on the field of war. This is just another step in the radical and drastic military reforms that Toubres has been undergoing, in response to the wars all across Europe. The old guard of noble sons looking for adventure and being handed high-ranking positions in the army with little to no experience are gone. What is born, is a class of highly-trained, and well-experienced officers, who quickly prove popular with the men under their command, as they tear down the old divides.

29th of June

Desperate to avoid being dragged into a war by their allies, The Akkadian Empire, The Three City's Republic of Ianian hurries to call a conference between Akkadia and The Republic of Oflua, offering them both incentives to attend. Both nations agree to, and the conference is scheduled to begin in the coming month. The Three City's are keen to avoid war, no doubt due to the ever-shifting political powers across Europe, and how Akkadia and Oflua going to war could quickly put Ianian on the wrong side of the line.

30th of June

The combined army of The Republic of Oflua and The Kingdom of Ilastiri makes it's move. They decide to break the army of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar once and for all, and they march for Larymnas. It quickly becomes clear that The Third Siege of Larymnas is imminent, and the streets will no doubt run red with blood once more.

"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Summer of 1800

1st of May

The Kingdom of Sescos is not yet forsaken. The combined army of The Republic of Oflua and The Kingdom of Ilastiri, still enjoying their triumph over The Redcliff Empire, marches once more. For the second time, soldiers of Oflua cross the border into Sescos, but this time it is not as conquerors, but rather as saviors. With the support of ships from the Ofluan navy, General Andrei Obnizov quickly smashes the meager garrison of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar that had been left to hold the city of Edisos. The combined army pauses for a moment, deliberating over it's next move. They may march to liberate Larymnas, pursue the main Dashkatar army, or even march and attempt to free the Province of Osnic. Only General Obnizov truly knows where the army will move to.

3rd of May

A diplomatic party of The Holy Territories of Edoniras travels to the capital of The Redcliff Empire. The Pope's representatives are quick to congratulate King Marino, both on his ascension and his actions to attempt to reverse the damage done by his predecessor. The Province of Salid threatens to cast a dark shadow over relations between the two nations, but King Marino is impressively charismatic and welcoming. He agrees to the Holy Territories suggestions of a soft border wholeheartedly. And keen to rebuild international relations, the King agrees to restating the nation's faith in a public ceremony, offering to host the Pope in the Redcliff capital, or to travel to the Holy Territories. The rift is quickly beginning to close.

8th of May

The people of The Kingdom of Sescos begin to have a fresh resolve. With support coming from the East, and the soldiers of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar slowly dwindling away. Across the occupied territories of Sescos, murmurs of rebellion begin to grow in volume. In the name of the two kings who readily gave their lives for their people, the population rises up. What begins small at first, protests and petty crimes, quickly begins to spiral into riots and open attacks on the soldiers and people of Dashkatar. A fire has been lit.

11th of May

Hjorth falls after only a matter of days. The army of The Kingdom of Ubren shatters the cities defences, and the pitiful garrison quickly surrendered. The fleet of The Kingdom of Aontas fades away, called back to friendly harbors as the admirals of the powerful fleet meet to discuss their best tactics. Only one city remains under Aontas control in the province, Fjall. The garrison braces themselves for the coming storm.

13th of May

The army of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar reaches The Kingdom of Sescos city of Hodov and smash through the cities defences with ease. But the province does not fall, thanks wholly to the actions of The Republic of Oflua and The Kingdom of Ilastiri to the east. The Dashkatar force composes itself, carefully watching the combined army that stands against it.

16th of May

A colonial fleet of The Three City's Republic of Ianian sails from the Colony of Resia, travelling south and claiming the new Colony of Venito, expanding their quickly burgeoning colonial empire. By chance, the Ianian fleet that embarked months before also reaches it's destination on this day, although on the other side of the world. With the war against The Shuren Dynasty quickly swinging in the Republic's favour, this new colony of Tilandia could be a crucial friendly harbour to co-ordinate their movements from.

17th of May

The Hastel Dominions, no doubt in response to the war of their closest ally, The Kingdom of Ubren, begins readying it's armies. But perhaps most crucially, they also begin preparing their navy to sail to war. With Ubren lacking any navy of their own, the ships of Hastel may prove vital if they are continue to wage their war against The Kingdom of Aontas.

21st of May

Once more, The Akkadian Empire denounces the people of The Republic of Oflua. War becomes an increasingly likely reality, and some across Europe begin noticing stark contrasts between the allies of the respective nations. With Oflua and The Kingdom of Ilastiri clearly allied, and having waded into the war against The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar, it puts The Three City's Republic of Ianian into a difficult position. Will they stand by Akkadia and acts against Oflua and Ilastiri, and aid Dashkatar, even if only by coincidence? Or will they forsake Akkadia in favor of Europe, and no doubt drive the Empire back into the hands of Dashkatar?

24th of May

In a move that seems peculiar to those not in the appropriate positions of power, The Kingdom of Ubren begins the construction of fortifications all along their border with The Empire of Attolia. Unsurprisingly, tension between the two nations take a sharp climb, although what will come from it is still yet to be seen.

25th of May

The combined fleet of The Empire of Attolia and The Three City's Republic of Ianian begins a ruthless hunting of the remaining ships of The Shuren Dynasty. The junks of the Dynasty are almost comically weaker than the Frigates of the European powers which hound them relentlessly. Before long, almost the entire naval presence of the province of Tian is wiped out. The fleet sits back, waiting for it's next move, as the province finds itself almost defenseless against the ships that have sailed from the West.

28th of May

Engineers of The Empire of Attolia travel to the newly claimed province of Centrix. Once there, they travel the length and breadth of the nation, assessing the industrial capabilities, as well as seeking out any new ideas that they are yet to implement themselves. What they find is that the until-recently Redcliff citizens possess a greater work ethic across their lower and middle class. The experts quickly begin attempting to implement these methods across Attolia as a whole.

30th of May

While one of it's armies continues to fight shoulder to shoulder with The Kingdom of Ilastiri, The Republic of Oflua sends another of it's armies to the border with The Akkadian Empire. The flames of war continue to be fanned, quickly threatening to consume the two nations in a roaring inferno.

31st of May

Finally, another voice weighs in on the conflict between The Kingdom of Claidor and The Kingdom of Vendsyssel. The Empire of Rubrus refuses to forsake it's ally for any longer, and the armies of the Empress march to war. More than one hundred thousand men mobilize and begin the journey to aid Claidor. Once again Vendsyssel calls out for it's allies, suddenly feeling the balance of the war beginning to slip away from them.
Justice Cobalt
Location:Shadowell Manor: Grand Vestibule (B7) -> Breakfast Room
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 6

It was clear that the Lord of the Manor was not a light-hearted man, or at least certainly not in their current situation. But at least it seemed life for now they wouldn't be thrown out into the cold, rather they would be allowed to stay, if only for the party itself. Cobalt's own concern, as he glanced towards the chill night beyond the windows, was echoed by the butler, and Cobalt was relieved to hear that they would be given accommodation, and in truth, it did not phase him that it would be in the servant's quarters. He was confident that he had spent nights in far more disreputable places than the servants bedrooms of a house as grand as Shadowell Manor.

With one more barely veiled threat, the Lord left the room, leaving the uninvited guests alone with the butler, Jasper as the Lord had called him. Cobalt turned to watch him again as the servant spoke, laying out the rules for them all. By the sound of it at least, they had a fair roam of the house, save from the East Wing. Due to his closeness to the door, Cobalt could clearly make out Jasper waving away a 'Lady Analia', apparently much to the supposed namesakes annoyance. He raised an eyebrow beneath the mask, but his attention was distracted as several of the other member's of the unusual group began to make their way towards the door that would lead through into the West Wing.

Cobalt wasn't one to be left behind and so he went to follow. Turning to Madam Mauve at his side, he bowed slightly, smiling as he spoke. His voice had a playful edge to it, and he had certainly been enjoying the game that he had been playing with the lady.

"If we are to be allowed to attend the ball, then I hope that you will save me a dance, Madam."

Turning away and smirking slightly, Cobalt moved across the Vestibule and stepped through the doorway. The room opened up before him, and as his eye caught on the refreshments spread across the table, he felt a slight pang of hunger and he felt himself gravitating across to the table. If there was to be so much tension, it would only make sense to eat.

William Fraser

Location: Port Annan
Skills: N/A

So it was to be a test then. In truth, William had expected as much. As confident as he was in his own abilities, despite his best efforts his name wasn't as renowned as he might have liked. No matter, he had resolved to keep an eye on this unusual pairing, his decision only further re-enforced as he watched Rutherford hold Millicent possessively against him for a moment.

A snide comment from Egerton, and a smirk, was more than enough to light the fire of competition in William's heart. He had already decided he firmly disliked the man, dismissing him as a sniveling worm, desperately clinging to whatever strange power that Rutherford possessed. He'd play, oh yes, he'd play. He had spent years of his life, poured his very childhood, under the mentorship of his father, into learning to not just play the fiddle, but to live it, to play the tempo of his beating heart. He could craft a tune that would bring a tear to eye of a goddess, he could capture the burning passion of the lovers of myth. Attempting to find the 'fitting notes' to the absurd, and tentative, relationship that he saw before him? It should be child's play in truth, so to be so openly doubted by these two men was like a slap to the face. Did Rutherford think he possessed some great love, some angelic connection that demanded only heavenly choirs to express it? The very thought of it, of the dismissal of music, made William sick. No emotion could allude music, music was emotion. It was the purest, most genuine expression of emotion, it was love and it was heartbreak. It was joy and it was melancholy. It was calm and it was rage. Forcing a smile, William nodded his head slightly.

"It would be my humble pleasure to play for you of course, although I hope I can be more than background music to your dining. Please excuse me for a moment while I fetch my instrument.""

Turning, William strode across the tavern, fighting to contain his annoyance,. Stepping back through the door which he had entered through, William allowed himself to take a long, deep breath, calming himself down. He looked about him, his eyes scanning for his horse, and the priceless fiddle carefully strapped across it's back.
"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Summer of 1800

2nd of April

It's people angry, and rightly so, The Redcliff Empire, under the personal request of King Marino, slashes the nation's tax rate's back down to their original rates. While some view this as attempting to paper over cracks already too wide, for the majority, it is a very welcome change. For now, the riots that had been consuming Redcliff like a wildfire draw to a cautious pause, the population watching King Marino's actions carefully. What they have seen so far, they begrudgingly approve of.

6th of April

After it's peace with The Echyan Empire, the war surrounding The Redcliff Empire draws to a close. The Conference, albeit of course absent of a Redcliff representative, convenes once more, and the concerned nations agree to withdraw their forces. Around the provinces of Centrix, Salid and Resdian, there is still some doubt, but for now, the war is over. The fleet of The Three City's Republic of Ianian makes it's return journey, the soldiers of The Akkadian Empire willingly following their allies and abandoning their siege of Avedua.

5th of April

The amassed fleet of The Empire of Attolia and The Three City's Republic of Ianian, under the de facto leadership of the Attolian Admiral Topi Valtonen, reach the waters in which the original expedition first encountered The Shuren Dynasty. Admiral Valtonen has a burning vengeance in his heart, remembering all too well the men that died under his watch, but the Shuren forces have had months to prepare, and they have not been idle. A huge fleet of 'war-junks', the ships of the Dynasty, sails out to meet their European counterparts. But the lightly armed and sluggish junks are poorly matched, and the superior strength and firepower of the Ships of War, and of the Frigates, tears apart the more rudimentary ships. The ships of the Shuren Dynasty hastily retreat, and the Attolia-Ianian fleet returns to the friendly harbors of The Jinje Kingdom, in high spirits after their easy victory, and awaiting further orders.

10th of April

With it's full military might returned home, The Redcliff Empire begins a long, and laborious re-modelling of it's armies. With the threat of war temporarily alleviated, it has become all too apparent that the Redcliff army, while an immensely powerful weapon, is cumbersome and, more importantly, almost unbearably expensive. What follows is a rigorous 'cutting of the fat'. Huge swathes of the army are released, allowed to return home and live out the rest of their days on pensions provided to them. Only a hardened, and formidable core of regulars remain, with thousands more placed in 'reserve', in case war should trouble Redcliff again. For now though, the budget required for the Empire's armies plummets.

13th of April

Although slightly bloodied, the soldiers of The Akkadian Empire are in fine spirits as they return home. Perhaps growing over-confident due to their own new alliance, old tensions flare up along the Akkadian border with The Republic of Oflua and, in turn, The Kingdom of Ilastiri. Armies begin the well-used pattern of increasingly scaled patrols along the border, and as has already happened several times across Europe, war becomes an increasing possibility.

17th of April

The force of The Kingdom of Ubren, fresh from conquering Inversen, and enjoying the current respite from the naval cannons of The Kingdom of Aontas, does not waste time. They begin the march north, their sights clearly set of the city of Hjorth. Unsurprisingly, the fleet of Aontas follows them, sailing north to defend their city.

18th of April

The Attolian East Asia Trading Company is born in the colonies of The Empire of Attolia. Unlike anything that had been seen before, the Company takes its Imperial Charter and quickly puts it to full use. The powerful, and wealthy, shareholders of the company, are wary of the unrest in the region, and dockyards, purchased by the Company, begin the construction of a private navy.

21st of April

The army of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar pushes onwards, ever onwards. The city of Hodov is garrisoned by a tiny fraction of the forces that Dashkatar possesses, and their morale is badly broken by the death of their king, and the falling of their capital. None expect Hodov to hold, and if the capital province falls, then The Kingdom of Sescos will be forced to surrender. And so, Dashkatar continues it's march.

26th of April

The fleet of The Echyan Empire continues to hound and harass the fleet of The Eternal Hadeen of Dashkatar, trapping them in the Nalci Strait. Under the cover of darkness, or seizing the slightest opportunity, the Echyan ships carry out daring raids against Dashkatar, both her ships, and her ports. As the Dashkatar army continues to rampage almost unimpeded, these are the closest actions to victory in the ongoing Dashkatar war. Even with them, the balance is quickly swinging in Dashkatar's favor.

29th of April

The siege of Batko continues to drag on, both nations tentative to act as they await the actions of their allies. They also delay the movements of their other forces, aside from The Kingdom of Claidor moving forces to sit in reserve, ready to come to support the garrison of Batko if the siege escalates. For The Kingdom of Vendsyssel, they call out for the aid of The Kingdom of Aontas, all too aware that their only allies are fighting a war of their own.

30th of April

The army of The Kingdom of Ubren reaches the walls of Hjorth. Again, the force of Ubren hugely outnumbers The Kingdom of Aontas garrison, but also again, the fleet of Aontas arrives with it's cannons, and begins to bombard the besieging army. The Ubren army engages the same tactics, digging trenches and tunneling beneath the cities defences, but the cannons of the Aontas ships still take a bloody toll.
Justice Cobalt
Location:Grand Vestibule (B7)
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 6

Cobalt's eyes followed the, he assumed, butler as he turned to the grand doors at his back. He heard the heavy click of a lock falling into place as the front doors were thrown closed, but he didn't look away from the doors that led further into the house. The tension he could feel in the air was almost electric, as if everyone was holding their breath, for all he knew they were. The man that finally stepped through the door was impeccably dressed, almost surreally so, as Cobalt had never seen fabric so little-worn other than clothing freshly-made. Cobalt almost found himself distracted by the clothing, the richness of the black and the sharpness of the crimson, as the man leafed through the invitations, but his voice rung like a bell across the room, shattering Cobalt's focus.

The man continued to speak, but the words were like a blur, as Cobalt felt every muscle in his body tense. He had foolishly thought that an escape from the guns and the dogs and the cold would offer some respite, but he was wrong. He was reminded of a fairly charming saying he had heard once that seemed perfect for their current situation. Out of the frying pan, and into the fire.

With the situation made crystal clear, and the threat all too real considering their experiences of the evening already, Cobalt's body was rigid. For not at least, the inviting form of Mauve at his shoulder was largely forgotten, his eyes leveled at the Lord of the Manor. The night had taken a turn, and the majestic walls and furniture of the house suddenly had taken on a sour note, the warm air a bitter taste. A cold sweat clung to his skin beneath his shirt, but he ignored it. He could hear several of the other guests quickly affirming their agreement, and Cobalt was not about to be the one who didn't. Speaking as clearly as he could, Cobalt spoke.

"Of course, my Lord. Perfectly understood"

Phoenix Rising Entertainment
"Don't Settle for One Reality"

The System 1 had flown from the virtual shelves, grabbed by the consumers across East Asia like the hungry would snatch at a morsel of bread. But that hardly came as a surprise to Sakuma Katsumoto. This first wave had only been a glimpse, a taster to stir demand into a frenzy. He knew all too well that demand bred demand, and those who had missed the first wave of the System 1 were only more desperate for it now. And Sakuma would be all too happy to provide, already millions of them were being shipped, far and wide. It would offer a faint glimmer of hope, of joy, against the suffocating smog that filled the air and leaked into the lungs, the shadows that never left the streets, and the blaring of engines that drowned out even the memory of birdsong.

A perfectly white, crisp, paper envelope, resting on his desk caught Sakuma's and he reached for it, wincing slightly as he leaned forward. His hands closed around it, shaking slightly, and he opened it, pulling the small, plain note-card from within. His eyes took a moment to focus, and he read the short paragraph scrawled across the paper. A smile crept across his face as he read. Undoubtedly an asset, but not for now. Placing the note-card back into the envelope, he placed it in a drawer of his desk, before reaching for the headset again, already yearning for the escape.
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