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"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Spring of 1799

3rd of January

The state funeral of the recently deceased King of Ubren is a lavish and grand affair. The respected rulers coffin is paraded through the streets of the Kingdom's capital, Wolund, and is attended by King Lucious of The Redcliff Empire, and Emperor Erhard Hastel, of the Hastel Dominions. The old king's son, the newly crowned King Otto Fichte, watches the procession with little interest. He never cared deeply for his father, cursing his isolationist and bitter ways, but now that the crown of Ubren rests on his young head, and he finds himself with wolves at the gate to the North and West, he is ready to take the reins of the Kingdom, and lead it into a new age.

5th of January

The border skirmishes along the border between the Echyan Empire and the Kingdom of Sescos continue, as they have for months. The two nations continue to clash, their radically different cultures and stubborn leaders dragging the skirmish ever closer to outright wars. Armies have been raised, and moved into position, and fleets have been spotted prowling along the coastline, ready to descend upon their foes.

8th of January

In a shock move, the Senate of Oflua votes almost unanimously to publically condemn the Kingdom of Sescos, damning their neighbours as warmongers, and moving their own forces to the border. The Kingdom of Sescos suddenly finds itself assailed by rivals on two fronts, rapidly scrambling their forces to defend their borders as war seems to become a near certainty.

The most updated maps, for you to peruse.

I'll be PM'ing you all your diplomatic chart, for you to decide how to affect your relationships. But first, here's a little more information on how the Diplomatic system will work.

The system has 11 levels, ranging from -5, to +5. This represents the level of relationship between the two nations. The following chart is a very rough representation, just to give the player an idea.


So now to finish off the FAQ's, in preparation for this kicking off!


"So you told us about 'Professions', but what about the other numbers on the sheet?"


"What do the different Infantry types mean?"

"And the Cavalry?"

"And finally, the Artillery?"

"So those are the types, but what do the other columns mean?"

"So what are the three types of Ships then?"

"So we've seen Morale, Supply and Location before. What about the new columns?"

So what role do Cruisers play?

"So who are Leaders, and what do they do?"


"How are taxes calculated?"

"And the spendings?"

"If I'm working with a surplus, what should I do?"

"And what if I'm looking at a deficit?"

@DeadDrop Rule 9. Although I shouldn't have to explain why. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, but you just blew it.
@The Wyrm Unfortunately, due to the scale and principles of this RP, I'm not sure how I could implement it. If you're paticularly keen to write, then I could potentially allow some traveller, who has no say or impact on world events, but comments on what he witnesses? But it's obviously not what is intended, so would take some work.

So for all of you who have applied, received your overview, and are a little baffled by what you're looking at, this should help clear things up! It might also prove useful for any lurkers that are weighing up jumping on board, so read on.


"Who are the 'Natives'? What do they do?"

"And what about the Farmers?"

"Labourers? I assume they labour?"

"What about the Middle Industry?"

"So the High Industry? Just Aristocrats?"

For Military, Economy and Diplomacy, come back soon!

@Sirkaithethird Sorry to hear
Anyone who is still thinking of joining, or already working on a sheet, just let me know. Otherwise this will be starting on Monday.
@Heyitsjiwon You are correct. Once I've cleared the queue, and everyone who wants to has applied, then I'll fill the rest of Europe with NPC's, as well as some of the remaining colonies. At this point looks like I'll be filling most of Eastern Europe.
@Heyitsjiwon Looks like it all adds up! Consider yourself added to the queue.

@Ratattack Unfortunately you've just helped my decision. I'll refer you to rule 9. I hope we can RP together in the future, but not now.

And to the rest of you, the majority have their Nation Overviews. Once I've reached the end of the queue, then I'll post an FAQ to help explain what you're looking at, and then we can look at getting this show on the road! And I'll have a discord for you all in the next hour or so.

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