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Justice Cobalt
Location: Shadowell Manor: Gaming Room
Skills: Perception
Hit Points: 6

So Chanteuse Amaranthine was not one to be easily persuaded then. Something to remember undoubtedly. Cobalt noticed her slight shift towards him, and her glance towards the still open door behind him, but she made no further action. Her refusal was clear, and Cobalt found himself instinctively raising an eyebrow beneath his mask again, still leaning on the fireplace mantle. The night had already been filled with surprises, and it appeared that the trend was not ending anytime soon.

From somewhere, a moment of madness seemed to seize Cobalt. Maybe he was standing too close to the fire, maybe there had been something wrong with food he had nibbled on earlier, or maybe the stress of the evening so far had gotten to him far more than he realized. His eyes looked around, wild for an instant. Amaranthine was in danger, these four strange men were here to drag her away to who knows where. Jane's warnings had not fallen on deaf ears, and Cobalt was going to make sure that Amaranthine didn't succumb to whatever horrors stalked this house. The door behind him, they wouldn't have thought of that! An escape, for both of them.

Taking a step forward, Cobalt reached out to grab Amaranthine's hand, intending to pull her back with him towards the opened wall panel. As he did, he spoke, his eyes darting between the four men.

"You heard the lady! Now back off"
"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Autumn of 1801

3rd of August

Undisturbed by the raging dissent still rife just across the water in The Kingdom of Aontas colony of Suveren, the Western Territories of The Republic of Toubres continues to go from strength to strength. A colonist group embarks for the land to the west of the already established colony of Toubrian Budel. Unsurprisingly, due to the close bonds that Toubres already shares with the areas natives, the settling is pain-free, and the colony of Toubrian Lamao is formed. This only serves to further inflame the fires of rebellion in Suveren, as the natives continue to see their cultural brethren flourishing under Toubrian rule, rather than Aontas 'oppression'.

5th of August

The Hastel Dominions clearly does not want to be forgotten. All along the nation's border with The Kingdom of Vendsyssel, the army groups of the Dominions begin military exercises. The military exercises are foreboding, as the soldiers are drilled in invasion tactics, attempting to raise the armies morale, and prepare for apparently inevitable action. News unsurprisingly reaches the Kingdom of Vendsyssel, and it is not received well. Much of the Kingdom's forces are to the east, engaged in the war against The Kingdom of Claidor and The Empire of Rubrus. They are poorly prepared for a war to the west, let alone a war on two fronts. And yet there are murmurings starting to reach across Europe, rumours that what many thought was an illicit agreement between Vendsyssel and The Kingdom of Ilastiri was in fact simply the strengthening of an alliance, and that it was an alliance of three, not simply of two.

9th of August

For now at least, the seemingly relentless march of the combined army of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel and The Kingdom of Ilastiri grinds to a halt. With The Empire of Rubrus finally having roused itself, the overwhelming advantage that the invaders possessed is slipping. Instead of pushing on, they dig in, deploying garrisons in the cities they have captured, and beginning the process of bringing the people into the fold. Both nations have gained a vital province, and the clearly intend to not lose it.

14th of August

Again, The Hastel Dominions seems to prepare itself for war. Increasing their military spending, the army looks to ensure that all of it's forces are well-supplied for what may well be a long and drawn out war. However, as is often the case, the money allocated is never quite enough, and bureaucracy, as always, stands in the way. New ammunition and provisions are created, and some units are equipped, but it is ultimately a drop in the ocean, as the bulk of the army remains not re-supplied.

17th of August

A ship embarks from The Republic of Toubres. A Frigate, built for speed, and a dwarf next to the formidable Ships of the Line that the Toubres fleet commands, it sails south. Cutting through the strait and entering the Mediterranean. From there, the Frigate is lost for some time, but rumours echo back to the European powers. Echoes of a ship sailing into a port of The Republic of Oflua, and of a party setting out with guides hired to lead them to the Holy City of Akteme. Other rumours follow, but they vary drastically between the absurd and mundane. Very few know what truly transpired in the Holy City.

19th of August

Still preparing for a war with The Kingdom of Ubren, in The Empire of Attolia, great strides are taken to prepare the economy for the inevitable drain that war will become. The intent is to motivate those who traditionally don't work to contribute to the war effort, chiefly the elderly, children, and women. This is no insignificant feat, and is met with mixed reactions. Those that have had the fires of patriotism lit by the nationalistic rhetoric being used in the last months are quick to join up and do their part, but the effort is ultimately crippled by the fact that war has not yet broken out. Not only that, but with the summit doing what it can to stave off war, many see that as a waste of time, expecting the soldiers to return to work in the coming months.

23rd of August

Seizing on the opportunity, the colonising thirst of The Echyan Empire seemingly satisfied, The Republic of Toubres sends colonists south from the colony of Toubrian Rintes, settling the land that they dub Toubrian Coviria. Not only does this effectively cur off the Echyan's southern expansion, it also provides Toubres with crucial ports on the eastern coast of the great continent. The colonial holdings of the Republic are vast, stretching to every corner of the explored earth, and almost comically outmatching any other nation. As well as bringing in huge amounts of wealth, the colonies also provide the Republic with a friendly harbour , no matter where they sail. As the most pessimistic Europeans begin to speculate that the next great war will be a global one, Toubres finds itself a global power.

25th of August

The Empire of Attolia fleet, still pursued by a formidable fleet of The Shuren Dynasty, continue their flight to the north, attacking ports and merchant ships as they go, attempting to cripple the naval capabilities of the Dynasty. Yet every-time they hesitate, the hounding fleet of the Dynasty draws closer, and it does not take a brilliant strategist that eventually, the Attolian fleet is going to run out of north to run to.

26th of August

Keen to suppress their own rebellion, before it escalates to the chaos of The Empire of Attolia province of Belgae, The Kingdom of Ubren begins promoting patriotism all across it's territories. While this proves to be unsurprisingly popular across most of the Kingdom, in the province of Obertal, it does not silent the murmuring of dissent. Something is fanning the flames, something that has taken root in the province, and refuses to be flushed out.

28th of August

As Majdi al-Selim continues to silently watch Europe squabble internally, at least one nation seems dedicated to being proactive. Attempting to use their connections with the Hijeen people, through their colonies, The Three City's Republic of Ianian strives to seek an audience with the almost mythical man himself. Dark deals are done in the shadows, but somehow, the message appears to reach al-Selim. The Ianian representatives are told to wait, that their request for audience has been heard, and that it will be answered in time.

30th of August

In their capital province of Altubren, The Kingdom of Ubren begins preparing for a major infrastructure project. The province is in stark contrast with it's neighbour to the west, the province of Belgae. By now, Belgae is effectively under martial law, the Sentinels of The Empire of Attolia forced to fight desperate battles against a rebellious population that is armed and motivated, and showing no signs of backing down.

31st of August

In what may prove to be a decisive move in the Ubren-Attolian conflict, spies seized by the Sentinels of The Empire of Attolia during the early days of dissent in the province of Belgae are transported to The Holy Territories of Edoniras. The journey itself is thankfully uneventful, and the Pope himself takes custody of the prisoners, preparing them for the coming tribunal. It is only The Kingdom of Ubren that voted against the tribunal, and now, many are beginning to whisper the same thing about what the tribunal will prove.

William Fraser

Location: Annan
Skills: Perception

The breath caught in William's throat as they came over the crest. There was certainly the air of adventure in the air, but it was masked with the stench of death and blood. Bodies were littered all across lakeside clearing that they had arrived in, blood already sinking into the mud. The majority of the bodies were dressed in worn out clothing, and William knew that what he was looking at was a Soulless attack. From what he could tell, more than a dozen of the creatures had descended upon a carriage, the same carriage that now stood, harnessed to two dead horses.

Rutherford was out of the door almost before it had rolled to a halt, Millicent following after him despite Egerton's feeble attempts to stop her. William wasn't about to be left behind, even if Egerton seemed content to remain in the carriage, and he hurried to follow after them, stepping down from the carriage as he took in more of the scene. There were two bodies amongst the dead that caught his attention, he assumed two of the carriages former passengers judging by their fresher clothes. One of the bodies was simply dressed, the carriage driver if William had to guess, but the other was dressed like a catholic priest, an over-sized crucifix still gripped in his hand.

An exclamation from Rutherford turned William's attention to the two strangers still standing amongst the carnage. While the men had fallen, it appeared the women had persevered. The first was injured, although it looked to only be minor, at least from where William was standing. She was fairly well clothed, a lady's maid perhaps, but certainly one who could handle herself, considering the bodies littered around her. But it was the other woman that demanded William's attention, not least due to her calling out to them.

It only took a moment for William to recognise her, even without the sigil emblazoned across the stranded carriage. Lady Kirkpatrick. William stayed silent for now, glancing across to Rutherford to judge his reaction, with no doubt that he too would recognise the woman as well.
Justice Cobalt
Location: Shadowell Manor: Gaming Room
Skills: Perception
Hit Points: 6

Cobalt raised an eyebrow as Swamp rose to his feet. Anticipating that there may be about to be some form of entertainment, Cobalt leaned against the fireplace beside him, his elbow on the mantelpiece. Although he looked relaxed, he was far from it, ready to spring into action if something called for it. What he got instead forced him to suppress a laugh. The blue eyes, peering out from the bird-like mask the doctor wore, clearly winked towards Amaranthine. The image, and the gesture, struck Cobalt as so out of place that it almost seemed farcical, but that was not the end of it.

Obviously attempting to impose himself, the tall, slender figure widened his stance as he spoke to the men gathered outside the door. This time, Cobalt couldn't stop the laughter that burst from him, and he was forced to conceal it with a cough as he heard the doctor speak. His intended? Cobalt had only left them alone for a few moments, had he missed some great declaration of love? Cobalt glanced across to Amaranthine herself, attempting to gauge her reaction.

Unfortunately, a face beneath a mask was a difficult one to read, and besides, Cobalt's attention was dragged away as the men standing outside the room moved into it. There was something curious about the men that stepped through the door, three with fair hair, one dark. Cobalt couldn't help but smirk as he heard them speak, each chiming in to continue from the other, so that four men spoke where only one needed to. They were certainly apologetic to the doctor, and if they were threatened by his stance they didn't show it.

Cobalt could feel the cold night's air on his back, and he wasn't surprised when he heard one of the four newcomers remark, although for the life of him he could not tell which one. Cobalt turned to Amaranthine again, waiting to see how the woman would react.
"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Autumn of 1801

2nd of July

Keen to suppress the aggression of The Shuren Dynasty, or to at least challenge it, The Empire of Attolia officially grants Letters of Marquis to any Attolian sailors who wish to take up arms against the Shuren, allowing them to raid and pillage with no reprimand from the Empire. It is the Attolian East India Company that most readily takes to this opportunity, always looking for chances to further expand their power. Preparations are quickly made.

5th of July

For too long have the people of Suveren been forced to sit and watch while their neighbors, the Western Territories of The Republic of Toubres, have grown rich. Feeling that they are being sorely neglected by The Kingdom of Aontas, who seem far more concerned with wars on the continent than sparing any thought for their colonies, protests begin across the small province. Although it is the citizens of Aontas that light the torch, it is the natives, the Suvereni, that fan the flames. While their cultural brothers, just across the sea, have gone from strength to strength, the Suvereni have been given nothing. The meagre garrison of the island are almost obscenely outnumbered, and it is in panic that the first shot is fired. Protests turn to open riots, and rebellion.

9th of July

Wary of the espionage that is quickly becoming rampant across Europe, The Three City's Republic of Ianian creates a new Investigative Bureau, with it's sole purpose being the rooting out of spies attempting to infiltrate the Republic. This is no doubt a reactive move, and it symbolises that the dread of espionage is spreading beyond the borders of those already affected by it. A new age of spying is dawning across the continent.

13th of July

The European Trading League continues to grow in strength. Much like The Holy Territories of Edoniras, the joining of The Redcliff Empire is largely thanks to the Empire's already strong relations with a current member, The Republic of Toubres. Regardless, it is The Three City's Republic of Ianian that extends the invitation, and Redcliff readily accepts. While the Continental Alliance burst into life, the steady growing of strength by the European Trading League now challenges their strength, perhaps even trumping it. As the Ubren-Attolia War Summit continues, many are starting to consider the possible outcomes of a potential war in Europe.

17th of July

The Three City's Republic of Ianian continues it's active month. Now, their attention is turned to the excess spending that is threatening to dig at the Republic's wealth. Sweeping reports are made, reaching every corner of the Three City's, and their overseas colonies, rooting out any opportunity to cut down unnecessary spending, or where spending can be made more efficient. Despite it's sprawling trade routes steadily pouring gold into the Republic's coffers, a string of projects have begun to seep away that money, and the Republic seems determined to not stand for it.

21st of July

Finally, The Empire of Rubrus rouses itself. It's ally, The Kingdom of Claidor has been bloodied while the Empire has sat idle, but no longer. Some force seems to grip them, and they leap into action. They issue a proclamation to The Kingdom of Ilastiri, demanding that the Kingdom retracts it's forces from the conflict, and returns to their own territories. If the proclamation is ignored, they claim, they will call upon the Continental Alliance. For now though, they focus on The Kingdom of Vendsyssel. Soldiers march through the ever snowy reaches of the far north to heavily re-enforce the territories of Claidor's remaining lands, while the army group under General Klavdiy Levin, still encamped in the Claidor province of Lohoya march west, crosses into the Vendsyssel province of Rogosz. The war escalates yet further.

24th of July

Realizing that they are effectively out of options, the massed fleet of The Empire of Attolia launches it's counterattack against the besieging fleet of The Shuren Dynasty. Attempting to wrong-foot the Dynasty, instead of heading towards the relatively safe ports to the South, the Attolian fleet sails north. What follows is a frantic and brutal conflict, cannon-fire merging into a single roar as the two fleets collide. However, the Attolians were right. The Shuren fleet expected them to move south, so the bulk of their fleet is there. Although it is hard-fought, the majority of the Attolia fleet manages to break through the line. Fort Tian falls less than an hour after they depart, the remaining citizens left there slaughtered. For now, the Attolian fleet sails along the coast of the Shuren Dynasty, raiding and pillaging, hounded by the Shuren fleet.

26th of July

Attempting to improve the fracturing relations across the nation, stemming from the catastrophic situation in the province of Belgae, The Empire of Attolia calls upon the ruling councils of the Empire to gather in the capital, Attolia. The intentions of the meeting are simple, to receive the opinions of those on the ground, in order to better understand how the various regions of the Empire can be most helped. The meeting in itself, as is anything in bureaucracy, is clunky and slow, easily side-tracked and highly opinionated. However, slowly, progress is made.

29th of July

The army of The Empire of Rubrus reaches the port city of Norzeg, deep in The Kingdom of Vendsyssel province of Rogosz. The Vendsyssel navy is far from it's greatest strength, but it is substantially more than The Empire of Rubrus or The Kingdom of Claidor can bring to bear, and it begins exacting a bloody toll on the besieging Rubrus army. The Empire is quick to call on it's ally The Kingdom of Aontas, imploring for the Kingdom to send their own fleet to aid them. If their call will be answered, still stands to be seen.

31st of July

Civil unrest continues to become more and more of a common theme. In the province of Suveren, the garrison of The Kingdom of Aontas finds itself severely stretched attempting to contain the increasingly aggressive natives. Firefights break out, and riots spread like wildfire. In Belgae, the same almost open rebellion continues, as the Sentinels of The Empire of Attolia continue to fight their vicious battle against the insurgents that have infested the province. Even in The Kingdom of Ubren, dissent rises. In events eerily similar to the initial events in Belgae and Torrik, the murmurings of rebellion begin to spread. Although they are faint, they are growing louder, something, or someone, is amplifying them.

William Fraser

Location: Annan
Skills: Perception

William allowed himself a smile as Rutherford called for the carriage to change it's course, following the tracks that he had spotted. Both a delay, to allow William to find his footing in the group, and assess his best move, and also the potential for yet more adventure. Rutherford was right, perhaps William was simply growing more cautious, but he would be lying if the Soulless hadn't been the first thing to come to mind when he saw the tracks. He nodded in thanks for the praise from Rutherford, and shifted forwards slightly in his seat in anticipation.

Thankfully, the musician was hardly unarmed. If it was to come to a fight with the Soulless, he was as prepared as he could be. The dirk, sheathed and lying almost across his lap due to the way he was sitting, had been a gift from his father, ad had been well-used. The Solingen steel that it had been forged from had been whetted with Soulless blood so many times that William had started to believe it had developed a taste for it. And if the dirk was not enough, then the solid shape of the kopis, pressing against his back, would rise to the challenge. It was those two blades that William had wielded for years. He had others, but he only tended to use them out of necessity. He was a romantic at heart, in truth how could he not be, and the pair, the ivory and the ebony hilts, were simply too poetic for him to ignore.

Thinking of his companions, William turned to glance at them. He couldn't tell if Egerton was armed, but considering the man's mocking of needing training, he expected the man to be more of a liability than a help in battle. Millicent on the other hand was trained, but William was fairly confident from looking at her that she didn't have a weapon. It was Rutherford that caught his eye the most. Although he couldn't make out the individual weapons, he could tell the man was heavily armed. William allowed himself a slight smile as he stretched his right shoulder, shaking a s light stiffness from it. Now this was an adventure.
Justice Cobalt
Location: Shadowell Manor: Gaming Room
Skills: Perception
Hit Points: 6

Cobalt took a breath to steady himself. Something about the room still intrigued him, and he couldn't help but feel that the small group's relative privacy could only be short-lived. His gaze fell on the wall once again. He smiled politely at Amaranthine's comment about his apparent obsession with it, but something stopped him from tearing his eyes away from it.

And then he saw it. A latch, carefully concealed but just noticeable in the narrow gap between two of the wall joints. The same curiosity that had consumed Cobalt to inspect the wall now led his feet across the room, until he was face to face with the wall, and the latch upon it. The wood paneling of the wall was cut differently around the latch, more noticeable now he was closer. His hand rose, thumbing the latch. There was a barely discernible click, and Cobalt found himself pushing the wall, opening up the side of the room itself as it swung outwards.

The biting cold hit him first, and his eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness outside. A quick glance through the now open wall confirmed what Cobalt had suspected, a small courtyard opened up, various windows, presumably leading into other rooms, spilled light out into the otherwise total darkness. He raised an eyebrow beneath his mask, very curious. A whisper from Amaranthine called Cobalt's attention back to the room, he had no time to even attempt to close the door, cursing his curiosity under his breath as he turned to face the main door.

An easy smile flickered across Cobalt's face again as he turned towards the ajar door, shrugging slightly if either of his two companions happened to be taken aback by the hidden door he kept at his back.

William Fraser

Location: Annan
Skills: Seduction (Court), Perception

William could feel the carriage begin to slow, no doubt due to their progress deeper into the town, and William allowed himself to relax slightly. All in all, the last hour or so had been a rush of activity, and he took a moment to truly take stock for the first time. He couldn't truthfully say what it was that had inspired him to offer to join the party. Practicality of offered transport? Some distant echo of honour? Or was it simply boredom? He was jerked out of this self-reflection by the sound of Egerton pounding on the roof of the carriage, urging the driver to increase their pace. His eyes glanced across to Rutherford, to see that the other man didn't seem phased by the delay. It was William's glance towards Millicent that caught his attention however.

The young woman was clearly tense, her face drawn as she nervously glanced around, reminding William of an animal about to bolt. But it wasn't Millicent that so fully grabbed William's gaze, rather it was what was beyond her. As the carriage turned a bend, he could make out wheel tracks cut into the earth, the sign of a carriage that took the turn far too quickly. He shifted slightly to get a better look, glancing at his new companions before gesturing towards the tracks as he spoke.

"It appears someone is in far more of a rush than we are."

Justice Cobalt
Location: Shadowell Manor: Gaming Room
Skills: Charisma, Perception
Hit Points: 6

Cobalt absentmindedly watched the doctor as he scrawled across the paper he held. Clearly the man had some talent, or at least believed himself to. Stranger and stranger. But Cobalt's attention was drawn back to Amaranthine, as the music drew to an abrupt halt, the last note echoing around the room for an instant. In that same instant, the woman herself changed. The confident, flowing musician faded away, replaced by the nervous, worrying damsel that Cobalt had glimpsed before.

It was the doctor that broke the silence, all slow claps and oozing flattery. Not to be outdone, Cobalt leaned forwards slightly in his seat, applauding himself as he smiled beneath his mask, his gaze not leaving Amaranthine's face.

"I couldn't have put it better myself, doctor. Exquisite music, from an equally exquisite musician."

Cobalt allowed himself a sly smile. The charm in his voice certainly seemed to ring true, although he was careful not to congratulate himself too much. However, despite the finely shaped woman standing before him, he felt his attention inadvertently drawn back to the wall that had caught his eye before. He frowned slightly, perplexed about just what it was that was demanding his attention. Rising to his feet slowly, he took a step closer to the wall in question, examining it again.

But his attention failed him, and he found his gaze wandering back to the two others in the room. Frowning slightly beneath his mask, and aware that his movement might have attracted curious looks, he smiled, leaning slightly against the table beside him as his gaze flicked between the two, the musician and the doctor.

"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud. Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, my friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori." -Wilfred Owen

Summer of 1801

1st of June

The Hastel Dominions makes a clear display of power. Assembling it's entire army in the central province of Bruchval, a colossal military parade is held. This is a sign of intent, the Hastel Dominions no doubt keen to show that it has the power to stand by it's long-time allies The Kingdom of Ubren. Once the parade is complete, and the people of the nation suitably whipped into a patriotic fervour, the soldiers of the Dominions are deployed to their posts once more.

4th of June

Perhaps looking to further strengthen their foothold in the region, or perhaps simply gripped for a longing to explore the unknown, colonists from The Three City's Republic of Ianian sail into uncharted waters. Embarking from South Tilandia, and clinging to the coast of the colossal island to the south, the colonists eventually find a suitable landing point, and claim the land as the colony of Lombast. They encounter the locals before long, and they begin a tentative trade, exchanging trinkets for food, and rudimentary guidance. The land is inhospitable, but they persevere.

8th of June

The king of The Kingdom of Aontas himself calls upon the Kingdom's greatest composers to compose a suitably patriotic piece, intended to spread all across the nation, and to inspire belief. War may yet be averted, but the Kingdom of Aontas is still a nation trying to find it's place on the international stage, and for the nation to prevail, it's people must believe that it can.

13th of June

In another show of strength, The Hastel Dominions orders the construction of three new Second-Rate Ships of the Line. It is clear that the Dominions will not be bowed by the strength of it's northern neighbour's fleets, and the dockyards of the province of Weidingen are quickly put to work. The nation's finest shipwrights are gathered, and they estimate that they will have the ships ready to sail within seven years.

17th of June

The Three City's Republic of Ianian continues to look to spread it's influence over the other nations of Europe. Aware of The Redcliff Empire yearning to industrialize, still struggling to grow it's struggling economy, the Republic offers to sell it's once enemies excess industrial equipment, for a reduced fee of course. The Redcliff Empire takes to this offer with vigour, and once again, Ianian improves it's influence through trade.

23rd of June

The walls of the city of Holbeck are shattered. The garrison of The Kingdom of Claidor fights bravely, almost to the end, but they are outnumbered, and their morale is in tatters. They surrender in their droves, and the entire province of Holbeck is now out of Claidor's control. In what is no doubt a clause from the agreement between the two nations, The Kingdom of Vendsyssel cedes it's claim to the land, allowing The Kingdom of Ilastiri to claim it. Now, the combined army waits, the Kingdom of Claidor still reeling from the rapid string of defeats it has suffered. If The Empire of Rubrus continues to sit by idly as it's ally is divided up by it's enemies, Claidor is surely lost.

26th of June

Severely bloodied by it's failed attempts, the soldiers of The Kingdom of Claidor are forced to abandon the Siege of Ziva. Their own capital is at risk, and they have been beating themselves against the immovable anvil of The Kingdom of Vendsyssel defenders for too long, thousands of men lying dead at the cities walls. Claidor is digging in, calling all the soldiers they can to man the defences.

30th of June

Buoyed with confidence by the lack of response from The Empire of Attolia, The Shuren Dynasty grow more bold. Ships of the line, clearly influenced by those from Europe, but still bearing the distinct style of the Oriental warships, descend upon Fort Tian. The assembled Attolian fleet, the entirety of the nations Ships of the Line, is a formidable challenge, but the Shuren ships are not daunted. Making use of a string of reefs and swells that surround the island, the Dynasty's fleets appear from seemingly nowhere, and then are gone before their bombardment has even struck. The Attolian fleet is powerful, but they are cut off, and the island boasts little in the way of natural provisions. Unless they can punch their way free, or help arrives, it will be thirst and hunger that kills the sailors.

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