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John Schmidth "Factory Manager" Diary-Spring:

Much has been said about the rearmament of Germany in the last few days in the newspapers, most of them applaud the actions of Hitler in the Rhineland, I have noticed some crowds gather in the city celebrating the recovery of the Rhineland and I celebrate with them too, its been almost twenty years since we lost the war and its time for us to recover our lost pride, although, I am somewhat worried by the measures Hitler could take to achieve such an objective.

As I write this, my work at the factory continues. During these last few months, the owner mister Ferdinand Porsche has been rather busy instituting new methods and practices to increase the efficiency of the factory and I have been helping with the implementation, it didn't take us long to finish it and as soon as it was done, we saw an immediate increase in the number of panzerkampfwagen II the factory produced, its relative small size means that we assign fewer workers to each tank and have more workers working in parallel to increase production, at the moment, we are only working one and sometimes two shifts depending on the deadline, but it seems like we are doing well.
how long IC is a turn?

What does the talented engineer do?
I claim Porsche. #RIPTiger1

I heavily recommend you to pick better borders, to be honest, that kind of borders will probably be a pain for you and the GM, as well, besides the fact that it isn't realistic.
Official Country Name: The Republic of Maregia
Capital: Metropolitan District of Trujilla [Province 1]
Preferred Type of Government: Dictatorship
Head of State: General Mistran Alfonsez de Villareal
Nation Points Received: 79

Points Spent: 48
Territories Purchased: 6 --> 7 Total
Points Remaining: 31

Total Population: 35,000,000 (3 Million Free + 14 Million from Territories + 18 Million from Points)
Numbers of Points Spent: 6
Number of Points Remaining: 25

Total GDP per capita. $32,000
Number of points spent. 5
Number of points remaining. 20
Nuclear Weapons: N/A
Army: 9 Points Spent --> 10 Total
Airforce: 9 Points Spent --> 10 Total
Navy: 2 Points Spent --> 3 Total
Points Remaining = 0

Brief History:

The Republic of Maregia remains an autocratic government, ruled by a military junta of generals and admirals who have controlled the country since 1980, after the Maregian Civil War between communists and conservative forces, before that the country was a small kingdom of little note. The country has never had any overseas ambitions, rather hoping to maintain itself as a formidable regional power by investing in both its economy and armed forces and survive in the worsening geopolitical climate, while also keeping the population tolerant enough of the military junta ruling the country, which is achieved through social welfare policies to even out the lack of political freedoms given to the populace. To some extent, militarism and nationalism are main parts of the cultural makeup of the people of Maregia.
I am interested. Roll me a number.
Belgae - October

The cold air of the plains of Belgae was warmed by the heat of the body of around a hundred thousand bodies all moving towards a same common direction, while the sound of a disciplined march reached the entire plains, this was the army of Ubren and lead by one of its finest generals, it was meet and greeted in the sides of the roads by farmers and the rebels of Belgae, who had been fighting the Attolians long before Ubren had even declared war.

In these many thousands of soldiers, many thought that they were fighting for their country, some for their king, the veterans for their general and country, some so they could survive but under all those different reasons, they were all here and ready to fight side by side, and die if need be in the same way that they would arrive.

Between the rebels of Belgae, there was a leader, at least, someone that could be called as such. It was a man called Nils Østergård , who had managed to form the rebellion into something more cohesive, cohesive enough to be helpful to soldiers of Ubren who had come to liberate them from the oppression of the Attolian king and his government.

He made sure to coordinate with Janik, the general of the Ubren 1st Army the principal force of Ubren in this campaign, about the whole Belgaen independence matter, Ubren had in mind to install a noble from Ubren as the ruler of Belgae, at least, to provide with stability to the small new independent nation, while also allowing some kind of people's congress to keep the popular support and self-ruling part of the whole ordeal, after all, that was the reason Ubren was intervening in the first place.

The man in question was Oscar Kjeldsen, a young man recently entering his twenties. He was the heir to the Kjeldsen family, one of the aristocrats who came from the western province of Obertal and had their states near the border of Belgae. Thus he was fluent in the language and knowledgeable enough to satisfy the Belgaens about their ruler.

While he wasn't married yet, he was a young vigorous man so finding a candidate from the many noble families on the continent wouldn't prove to be difficult, but that would be until he was officially installed as the Prince of Belgae, ruler of the Principality of Belgae.

Oscar Kjeldsen could always be found in the rear of Janik, next to his own bodyguard composed of the strongest and best men he had at his disposal, in truth this wasn't originally planned, as it considered by Ubren authorities as too much of a risk to let the incoming ruler of Belgae near the frontlines, however, he volunteered and said that as the next ruler it came well that he got to know his subjects and participate even if afar from actual combat, of the liberation of his future people.

Perhaps this was the thought of a young naive man, but the generals and king of Ubren approved of his bravery and valor, allowing him to accompany Janik in the Belgaen campaign, however, with the condition of always being close to the bodyguard of Janik.

Whatever his expectations of war were, they would soon meet the harsh and dark reality of warfare, as Janik received the reports of the thousands of men slaughtered in the first move of Ubren in this war, most of them Attolians, some of them Belgaen civilians and fewer that of the his own army, but soon Oscar came to realize that in war, it didn't matter in what side you were on, death could always find its way to anyone, for not even the mightiest army of the continent could be said to not have any dead within any combat.

Something that is not to be left out of mention is that Oscar had a large parchment of paper containing the declaration of independence of Belgae from the Attolians, written by Nils Ostergard. Signed by the King of Ubren, Himself and Nils, however, it lacked something, the signing of a popular assembly by the people of Belgae, this was something it lacked and would only be able to be if the army of Janik was successful at taking the province of Belgae from the hands of the Attolians.

Oscar Kjeldsen - Portrait 1800

OOC: Two Important Characters are introduced in this post, Oscar Kjeldsen "Future Prince of Belgae" and Nils Ostergard "Leader" of the Belgae Rebellion
Kingdom of Ubren

Province of Altubren
Grand Capital Miersera
Royal Plaza - 1801

The Capital of the kingdom of Ubren was one of the largest and most finest cities in the entire continent, its people were educated and dresed, behaved and lived their lives as proper gentlemen, however, when a gentlement is unfiriated it is to be expected that his ire is to avenge and set right what he considers to be wrong, and in this case, the daring of the Attolian government to treat Ubren citizens as second class just for traveling was outrageous.

Boiling blood and the outcries against Attolia were now stronger than ever before and that only meant that something had to be done about Attolia, they had already refused to deal diplomatically with the demands of Ubren for peace in the continent and had conspired against Ubren in the diplomatic conference, this only left one answer in the mind of people of Ubren. War.

Ulmar I "The Stormborn" called for a the people to meet at the Royal Plaza, it was time to communicate them what he as the leader of Ubren would do about the Attolians and their conspiring allies. This traditon wasn't uncommon in Ubren where kings were seen as paternalistic figures more than anything and an example for most of the nation and this speech would be no different.

The Kingd of Ubren started to talk about the victory against Aontas and the unification wars he oversaw, it had been so many years now but he knew that the time for war had come and it would be Ubren the one to end up victorious and rise to the its place in the sun, or it would be forever put into the shadow of history.

He knew that the war would be painful and long, but he knew that the people of Ubren were stronger than any effeminated Attolian and that their will was more than enough to surpass any challenge that could present itself, he said that he would call upon all the allies of Ubren to help them against the Attolians and if they decided to betray their ally, then Ubren would fight alone if need be, but one thing was more than sure in the mind of the King, Ubren would fight and destroy its enemies.
The Kingdom of Ubren

The diplomatic envoy from Aontas reached the capital of Ubren at the right time in the right season and at the right moment, just as the bells of the grand festival that was the birth of a new son for his majesty, thus his news seemed to energize more the King that finally Aontas would give in to his conquest, however, there was a small affair that had to be still taken care of and that was the emigration. Free emigration was somewhat problematic, as it would hurt the productivity of the province thus he decided to change the conditions a little bit, establishing a period of ten years for the free emigration of those who would be previous citizens of Aontas, but after those ten years emigration would be subject to Ubren's law.

Head News Article for the World Wide Military Reports Forum

The State of Argentina vs the Brazilian Union, which has the best army? (Poll Included)

Holonet Most Viewed Video Last Week of the military category.
"Hello there, today we will be discussing the characteristics of the Maurita 89 and the Iskandar-95, and in the end discuss which one should the State of Argentina adopt for its army."

Call of War X, New Event Announced
Premium Weapon Released on Call of Warfare 10 - Maurita 89 - SIMA's flagship assault rifle. Simple reliable and with many purchasable modules. Get 10,000 kills on the new Prypiat map and get it for free. [Event only available until the end of the weekend]

Canal 9 TV news of the State of Argentina
"Unbelievable, outdated equipment and rusty parts in the armory of the Santa Ana border post. We will speak with an expert to find out more about the state of our military's equipment. This and more at eight PM"

Commercial for SIMA's weapons
Worried about gangs, guerrillas or that sicko neighbour that seems like he will shoot up the neighbour any day now? Don't worry, SIMA offers a wide arrange of weapons and security options for you, your family, your dog and yes, even your puppies. In any SIMA promote gun shop you will be able to find any kind of gun or weapon you need and if you need the extra firepower, want to look cool or even want to scare away the bad guys, then we highly recommend you the Maurita-89, the perfect weapon for your needs.

The world of news and media had become a battleground for new customers, but for the SIMA department of media and public perception, it was a matter of what to do to make the countries and its people want to spend more money on weapons. Publishing articles or even making the tv channels put out some new commercials was all the spark that was needed to create discussion about wether the neighbouring nation was buying more weapons and what weapons should their own army buy to keep themselves on the race.

In the last few years, tactics varied but what never changed was the objective and that was something that would never change.

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