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Arthur Adkins

Balruban Popular Front

Adkins was a firm believer that the bicameral system wasn't needed by Balruba, he had managed to convince most of the BPF that a unicameral system was needed by Balruba not a disruptive and costly bicameral system.

"The Constitutional Conference speaks of the great achievement of the Balruban people. We have made it this far by virtue of seeking the progress of our nation, thus we must focus on bringing up our country to modernity and bring about laws that will make our nation shine in comparison to the old and convoluted systems of governance that exist in countries such as the United Kingdom. That's why we don't need two cameras constraining the process of the legislature. A single camera is representative enough of the wishes of the People and let's not forget that a single camera will be much less costly to maintain, all that money can be put into the betterment of the government services to its people"
<Snipped quote by Murtox>

Accepted. Choose two of the following, cannot be two that override:
  • Social
    - Liberty: this means that people have the freedom to do what they want to do.
    - Equality: equality means that everyone is treated fairly and has an equal chance.
  • Incentive
    - Competition: means people are encouraged to compete to succeed.
    - Cooperation: means that people are encouraged to work together to get things done.
  • Finances
    - Cost-Saving: means the government is not meant to spend much money.
    - Generosity: means the government desires to provide large benefits or services to it's citizens.

- Cooperation: means that people are encouraged to work together to get things done.
- Liberty: this means that people have the freedom to do what they want to do.

- Generosity
- Equality
Character Name: Arthur Adkins
Character Age: 36 (11 Experience)
Brief History: Born in 1911 in the hospital Saint John on Balruba to a middle-class family. His father had always been a known member of the left-leaning group of Balruban Popular Alliance, and since he was very young he accompanied his father to party meetings and started to get acquainted with the future leaders of the party. At the age of 14, he was already considered to have great skill on oratory when he made a speech in the honor of the patriarch of the organization Gregg Remington, the founder and considered an intellectual by many in Balruba. He was educated in Balruba but later travelled to the United Kingdom to get a degree on history.

When he returned to Balruba and saw the effects of the Great Depression, it helped cement the idea that capitalism was an economic system that would sooner or later be phased out by communism. At the age of 28, he was sent to the United Kingdom as part of the conscription system put in place by colonial authorities. His fight would lead him to the beaches of Dunkirk, where he suffered heavy injuries during a Luftwaffe bombing run. He would then be considered unfit for service due to a bad leg that didn't allow him to perform well. He returned in 1941 to Balruba and proceed to continue his political career in the small island under the BPA (Balruban Popular Alliance). He quickly joined the ranks in the small island who wished for an independent Balruba and when the war began in earnest, he made job by working as a secretary renowned for his capacity of organization, although, his oratory was just as well regarded in the national assembly. Now that the war is over, he hopes to propel his left-leaning ideas into reality.
I will join as part of the State Faction.
John Schmidth "Factory Manager" Diary-Spring:

Much has been said about the rearmament of Germany in the last few days in the newspapers, most of them applaud the actions of Hitler in the Rhineland, I have noticed some crowds gather in the city celebrating the recovery of the Rhineland and I celebrate with them too, its been almost twenty years since we lost the war and its time for us to recover our lost pride, although, I am somewhat worried by the measures Hitler could take to achieve such an objective.

As I write this, my work at the factory continues. During these last few months, the owner mister Ferdinand Porsche has been rather busy instituting new methods and practices to increase the efficiency of the factory and I have been helping with the implementation, it didn't take us long to finish it and as soon as it was done, we saw an immediate increase in the number of panzerkampfwagen II the factory produced, its relative small size means that we assign fewer workers to each tank and have more workers working in parallel to increase production, at the moment, we are only working one and sometimes two shifts depending on the deadline, but it seems like we are doing well.
how long IC is a turn?

What does the talented engineer do?
I claim Porsche. #RIPTiger1

I heavily recommend you to pick better borders, to be honest, that kind of borders will probably be a pain for you and the GM, as well, besides the fact that it isn't realistic.
Official Country Name: The Republic of Maregia
Capital: Metropolitan District of Trujilla [Province 1]
Preferred Type of Government: Dictatorship
Head of State: General Mistran Alfonsez de Villareal
Nation Points Received: 79

Points Spent: 48
Territories Purchased: 6 --> 7 Total
Points Remaining: 31

Total Population: 35,000,000 (3 Million Free + 14 Million from Territories + 18 Million from Points)
Numbers of Points Spent: 6
Number of Points Remaining: 25

Total GDP per capita. $32,000
Number of points spent. 5
Number of points remaining. 20
Nuclear Weapons: N/A
Army: 9 Points Spent --> 10 Total
Airforce: 9 Points Spent --> 10 Total
Navy: 2 Points Spent --> 3 Total
Points Remaining = 0

Brief History:

The Republic of Maregia remains an autocratic government, ruled by a military junta of generals and admirals who have controlled the country since 1980, after the Maregian Civil War between communists and conservative forces, before that the country was a small kingdom of little note. The country has never had any overseas ambitions, rather hoping to maintain itself as a formidable regional power by investing in both its economy and armed forces and survive in the worsening geopolitical climate, while also keeping the population tolerant enough of the military junta ruling the country, which is achieved through social welfare policies to even out the lack of political freedoms given to the populace. To some extent, militarism and nationalism are main parts of the cultural makeup of the people of Maregia.
I am interested. Roll me a number.
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