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Current Did you mean to say... Laxatives can get you in real deep $#!T?
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Eventually my Post count will reach 0.01 posts per day.
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Saruman did nothing wrong.
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Yes.... Yes.... Execute those Padawans. I can feel your Anger Rising, Swelling Up, Unleash it, and Release yourself LORD VADER. "Chancellor, that's my lightsaber you're grabbing."
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How can you eat soup with a fork you ask? Well my friend, you need to ask YSGRAMOR.


Name: Grey Dust
Race: Dust Bunny
Gender: Male
Age: 12 Years, 7 Months
Birthday: February 30th.
Birthplace: Underneath the bookshelves.
Resides in: GMT-5 (ESTD)
Occupation: C.R.C.


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Thomas Richard Harrison

Location: The Crossed Swords.
Interacting with: Satilla

"Uh... That's good to hear Satilla. And I guess." Thomas was uncertain if Satilla was just supporting Kyra, or thinking the odds were perpetually against them. That being said Thomas had no will to fight it anymore, it seems like the party would rather just all shut up about the fact that this town might just another night visitor they barely overcame. And that was because the necromancer or whatever it was voluntarily left. What if this time, they had decided not to? They would be ill prepared for a full on invasion, being three people down last Thomas counted. And His friend Ntaj was nowhere to be seen, which was a bit more concerning, as the orcish warrior either left or worse. Well they could always find a resurrection mage and bring back the dead, if the dead was willing to come back. Plus the price of a resurrection these days are a tad much. You never are really the same person either once you've been dead.

"Right. Okay. Uh... Have a good night then." Friendship. Well that was a good start right? At least Thomas knows they are friends now. Or at least Satilla considers the rather inept boy her friend. Waving at the healer as she bade her goodbye with some last tidbit of advice, casting foul suspicion at the poor dwarf who, just wanted to cut some hair. Although a hairdresser would have plenty of sharp objects to stab them all with from behind. Maybe the dwarf was an assassin sent to cut out everyone's tongues. No that's a silly thought, you couldn't possibly imagine a dwarf assassin, a portly stout bearded fellow in a black hooded cloak armed with a dagger? Aren't dwarves a little vertically challenged? Nevermind that Thomas, you should get back to meditation.

So leaving the table as well being the last out, hardly touching the remaining food but scant for a quick snack. Thomas returned to his shared rooms, setting his belongings in the chest and casting off his red robes to air himself out. It wasn't a particular active day, but it was good to get a chance to get to feel the air on bare skin. He could have a bath drawn perhaps, the soap was there, and it had been a few days since they took to water. Perhaps in the morning, a cold dunk to awaken the senses and refresh the mind. For now, it was back into the lull of meditation, meditation which would sooner or later nod off into sleep.

Darkness that binds us,
Ebon Night that entwines thus,
Black fog that blinds trust.
Nor offered his hand in friendship and Thomas spat in his mouth. I have no sympathy for him.

Do you want Kyra to actively Murder Thomas in his meditation/sleep for befriending the dwarf?
Oh dear we now number 5 and Thomas just lost his one male friend for awkward bromance. Now it's Keystone and the ladies, a boy and a dwarf.

Sounds like the intro to a joke
In 朝代循環 25 May 2017 20:43 Forum: Casual Interest Checks
Shuo Cao Cao, Cao Cao Dao.

So yellow turban rebellion, fall of the Han?
The people need a hero, the land falls into Chaos?
Must resist playing a Mystic...
So Sorry! I forgot to Note Satilla in the above header lines.
Thomas Richard Harrison

Location: The Crossed Swords.
Interacting with: Keystone, Nor

The discovery of the Auroplumbic Transformation Sequence is a story told to every young apprentice.
The series of equations which govern the spell itself was useful in providing the recipe for the philosopher's stone.
As well as the lethal spell of Bigby's Midas Touch, which summoned a spectral hand that turned anything it touched into gold.
The tale, though often embellished and certainly the truth lost to time, each story goes something alone the line of this:
Once in the early days of wizardry, a clever, aspiring, apprentice sought to glean the secrets of transmutation from his/her master.
Though told the art of turning flesh to stone, or bark to steel, or whatever other tampering (s)he had in mind was particularly tricky.
His/her master refused to teach such a dangerous art, as back in those times, transmutation required powers beyond most mages.
Playing with the fundamental fabric of the planes after all, was the way it used to be done by rewriting reality directly.
The clever apprentice however wrote upon his/her mentor's writing desk half of an equation (s)he derived in her studies.
Though simple, it was a novel approach that the master mistook for the elder's own and by the time the master finished it.
The apprentice had already turned his/her master to a statue made of gold, inheriting all that the cautious wizard never gave him/her.
Thus, the lesson imparted here is not of the apprentice's treachery, but how to...
Offer Lead to Obtain Gold.

"Hrmph." Thomas shook his head, what did information did they know that the enemy didn't already know? Shutting up and not discussing the nature of the beast was a great way to limit one's resources and knowledge pool. Imagine if books were never written, although some technically were in sense black books which were cloistered away for safety or concern. Yet they were vastly ill-informed and lacked any sort of knowledge that could further discern what was happening, so unless someone has had a divine vision or began talking to the dead, there was no harm in letting people know just how little they knew. Conjecture and guesses, nothing shy of speculation, pooling an offered tidbit to see if anyone cared to pick up on the dangle. But some people had their secrets, and preferred to keep them that Thomas guessed, Kyra might be screaming and slamming her fists, but honestly it wasn't like she knew anything more about the situation. Or did she and didn't care to let anyone else know? Where they all supposed to just leave it be? It's not like they discovered any crucial information, and more importantly, if and if someone had been listening, then they'd glean more information about the web of shadows surrounding their mystery in response no? Even if it means another tussle. And then it was better to cloak yourself in knowledge than scraps of armor.

"Didn't you just hear her outburst? I'm not supposed to trust you, or anyone else here who didn't come in with us." Thomas looked at Nor with a questioning glance. Like really? Did you not just hear the murderous arrow-thrusting girl just make quite a commotion? Wasn't he sitting at the table? "Besides, I'm not too keen on Steak, or getting on her bad side, again. So if you'll excuse me sir I'd rather talk with our healer." Thomas tried to be as cordial as possible, brushing aside the dwarf's ill-timed offer and passing up the smorgasbord of meat to sit with Satilla given that Kyra, Sana, and Keystone had gone off. One after the other like a mouse chased by a cat chased by a dog.

"Um... Satilla, are we... Um... Are we okay?" Well this was probably the most awkward bit this evening. And there was a man vomiting up his insides over yon. Thomas slightly at a loss for words, given everything. Satilla was the group healer, and more so the only other person at the table Thomas could talk with evidently approved by Kyra. "I-I mean are we, like, you and I, is our... Relationship, not a relationship relationship but like friendship? Err I mean uh, are we okay? I'd rather not have you mad at me, and if it means anything to you I'm sorry in advance..." A twisted grimace, hoping for Satilla not to bear a grudge against him. How's that for etiquette and propriety? Thomas could talk ad nauseum about magic and magical theory, but feelings, emotions and relationships? Despite his usual charisma the boy was a tad inept at casual social interactions.

Nor to Thomas.
Stranger Danger.
In A New Contest? 20 May 2017 18:27 Forum: Writing Contests
I'm actually in the process of working out another series of TTL-like Contests with Aria.
There's currently the RPGC or something that's on going.
Hopefully with Mahz more active, I may be able to make my TTL stuff an official thing.

Currently on the table is a cycle of themes.

The First cycle being the 7 Sins.
And I'll be working on the prompts as we go along, the first three are ready.
And like TTL every submission which passes will be given honors,
But only one may 'win' it all.

The Next cycle will most likely be the 5 Elements.

If you want creativities in grading,
Consider printing out each submission and tossing them down a stairwell.
The one that landed the farthest wins.
@Lady Amalthea

How I'd imagine Kyra right now.

I still think CHAOS was a rather silly name for an evil organization.
Thomas Richard Harrison

Location: The Crossed Swords.
Interacting with: The Group (Sans Cyne and Ntaj)


You'd be surprised of the many uses wizards had for vomit. There were spells to induce vomiting to magically expel swallowed materials and precious or dangerous ingredients. And of course some potion or ritual reagents included vomit from otherworldly sorts. Ever shifting protoplasm from the foulest cloisters of the undead. There too were hexes and curses that maligned the victim to vomit blood or slugs depending on the severity of the spell. But a good disgusting tale or memory could leave a person in enough disgust to hack up their insides too. Unless Keystone was a mage who had somehow woven a spell into his story, to cause Femnal the great discomfort to start heaving. Spewing forth profane expulsions as if he were a sailor spewing out profanities. Poor chap, the boy cringed to hear the wretched retching.

"Hey um... Sorry again Sana for the whole... Potion thing... Was everything Okay?" Thomas finally mustered up the courage to confront the trio. The tale seemed to be finished, and Thomas approached with some slight hesitation. "I've been thinking about the whole undead problem, and I don't have a foggiest idea of what's behind it. But if I could suggest we start trying to figure out if the sources of the necromancy is arcane or divine, or naturally unnatural. I mean for someone or something that can resurrect a bunch of skeletons, control them, and make them explode, isn't it a bit much to annoy a small town and orc encampment? Unless there's something significant hidden here or some politick to exploit..."

"And the food's pretty darn good here. Maybe it's a secret recipe that they're after" A comment trying to jest and mask his caving spine. He wasn't too ready to face up to Keystone, Kyra and Sana quite that yet, not without Ntaj or Cyne, and Satilla supporting him. He had yet after all to prove his usefulness to the group, well there was that tidbit of recalling what that red smoke was, but he really ought to be more than just a shabby creature compendium.
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