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2 days ago
Current Rocks fall everyone dies, reroll new characters and pick a new GM because im done.
3 days ago
My ringtone is the pokemon center theme. My text message alerts is the pokemon center healing machine sound. The younger folks smile when they hear it.
4 days ago
Four types of writers: Those who are miserble unless they are writing, those who write because they are miserable, those who are miserable at writing, and those who are miserable when writing.
8 days ago
No Nut November here. I don't want to deal with anyone who is seeing a psychiatrist, or shadow people.
8 days ago
Take up the mystical arts and learn to invade his dreams, haunt them in it with terror beyond imagine and cackle gleefully in the unending nightmare until they choose to awaken. Works 9/10 times.


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Dark Cloud 10 mos ago
nOw yOu dUnNiT!

You gotta run curse of strahd else Phil Swift is gonna come to your house and Flex Seal you inside!
SilentWriter83 5 yrs ago
hrnnnnn I've been a terrible partner
I'm so sorry T^T
replies will come soon if you're still interested
i'd understand if you aren't T^T
so sorry D:
Laurelin 5 yrs ago
Mistiel 5 yrs ago
NSFW: I'm not usually into the guy who makes these, but your status reminded me of this. youtube.com/watch?v=1yZ88YYnnwo
KawaiiKyouko 5 yrs ago
Why yes, I do enjoy being disappointed! Usually I disappoint others, so mightswell enjoy it when its not me!
shylarah 6 yrs ago
Random: It's not easy raising a family.
Necromancer: It is if they're close enough to each other.
Random: ...What?
Necromancer: What?
Spud 6 yrs ago
Take that back!!! Potatoes are glorious!!! (feel free to rag on kale though, that shits evil!)
Angel Vicky 7 yrs ago
Mr King of Puns! *bows*
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