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2 mos ago
Current My deepest pologies to all of my roleplaying partners, but I've been through a work-related accident. I will have to take a break until my right hand is actually usable again.
2 mos ago
@Project Become a pie addict, claim cake people are scum
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2 mos ago
Coming from a Black Metal head, satan music is bleh. Uninspired, boring lyrics that's done thousands time before.
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2 mos ago
So, my three year old is in the shower and keeps licking the showerdoor. I ask her why, and she soundly replies "I'm trying to lick you!" Cute, little devil.
2 mos ago
Classroom of the Elite sounds like a fun idea to RP. Bsically a collection of the worst people imaginable trying to pretend to be normal
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Move that fuckin' plank over there, it's in my way! Bloody hell ya coconut, get yer'- Oh. Hi. I didn't see you there.

Now, you might be wondering what I am doing? Right now I'm building the foundations to my bio. Indeed I am. Now, with that cleared up, I am KawaiiKyouko, though just call me KK or Kyou, everyone does. Quite simple, really. Anyways, anyways. I'm a Fire Emblem junkie, I sniff that sweet Support every day, and inject my veins with Ayra's Astra as often as twice a day. It is needed for me to survive. Aside from that, I also do cocaine. By that I mean I watch a lot of anime, read books, watch some tv shows and play some games here and there. Not that much else to say really.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get up the framework, the cladding, the pipework and the electric paths prepared for the bio. See you next time.

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It is, but atleast I get to train m left hand I guess
<Snipped quote by KawaiiKyouko>
Man, your hand healed fast. Give me some of your secrets.

Healed? Oh nonono. I'm stuck with one hand still. I just am finished with the worst surgeries and can now actually be home while it heals.
Woi, I can start thinking about returning now o:
<Snipped quote by KawaiiKyouko>

Oh my god. Seriously? I... my sincerest condolences. This RP seems like it's becoming a bad luck charm for a lot of us. Charak's had a death in the family, I need thoracic surgery and now your hand is crippled(?). I'm so sorry.

Hilariously tragically enough. The RP that brings doon and gloom. Like some kind of anime. Heh.

My hand was almost parted from my arm, there's a slim chance I might have to amuptate it. A large chance I'll never have any feeling left in it. So ye.

Pretty bad. My right hand will never be the same.
<Snipped quote by KawaiiKyouko>

What happened?! That sounds very, very, very bad!

The blade of a grinder broke and dug its way through most of my wrist >.>
Alright, so I've been through a work accident. Can anyone take control of Genghis for now, as I'll be inelignible to post for a while.
I'll have to be MiA for a while, sorry. Work related accident has left my right hand hanging by a thin thread of skin.
I've been theough a work-related accident, so I will have issues with updating the RP. As of now, you're free to do some SoL lingering until I can return.

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