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I'll write a follow up post tomorrow.

@ItMeGritty, @floodtalon, I assume that Rider and Assassin are probably going to tag along with Archer now, right? Since they are already hanging around (quite literally) at the moment. If one of you wants to move first you can go forward.

This will 3 Servants for the other two locations. Which would most logically be Saber + Caster and Berserker acting alone since it's unsafe to team up with a madman.

That seems about right at this time, I imagine.
I guess that I'll wait to reply after that as well, then.
π™Όπšžπš›πšŠπšœπšŠπš”πš’ π™·πš’πšπšžπš–πš’
"Very convenient. It saves up some effort. That said, you could have made that clear from the very beginning when you were asked," Hifumi said in a nonchalant after Church Ape made his demonstration. She thought that there was supposed to be some effort to be put into this cooperation but it looked like she was the only one thinking of it properly.

"What a waste of time," she thought, sighing. Allowing herself to be affected by those below her station was too unbecoming for her to even consider, after all.

"Well, given this late revelation, I believe that we will have some free time until we are allowed to do what we came here for. If that's the case, what is it that you wished to talk about, Miss Paula?" Hifumi said completely moving away from the previous issue almost as if it didn't exist.
π™Όπšžπš›πšŠπšœπšŠπš”πš’ π™·πš’πšπšžπš–πš’
"If I got a yen every time I was right about something regarding this 'mission'," Hifumi sighed as she heard the Priest's answer to Lancer's question.

Of course she shouldn't expect the Church to know how Magi do battle with one another. Thankfully, she was more than able to remedy it.

"Sure, I believe that we should begin by setting up a workshop, then. Setting up a bounded field to repel unwanted attention and ward off uninvited guests, would be a good beginning, but better a course of action should be considered later. A wall, no matter how thick it's is nothing for a proper Magus' when it comes to scrying methods, after all. We cannot simply assume that we are safe here," Hifumi said, answering Paula's question. Having someone competent with magic similar to hers would expedite the creation of a proper bounded field many times over.

π™°πš›πšŒπš‘πšŽπš› - π™°πšπšŠπš•πšŠπš—πšπšŠ

"This is not a war that we need to keep secrecy about one another. Knowing our allies True Names and skills would greatly benefit everyone, thus you shouldn't rue over thy Master, Rider. There probably was no way she would understand your intentions," Atalanta replied in a nonchalant from her perch.

"No. But that's the unnatural part of it. I cannot see the trees, smell the leaves, or hear the cries of the forest beasts. I want to investigate further into those hills, but our Masters are taking their time with their setup," she replied after being asked if she noticed something.
Well, I'll have a reply out soon-ish. Before that, let me ask:

@vancexentan Did Atalanta notice anything worthy of note from up there?

I'm imagining a city in the middle of the country side in the way you described would have an average height radio mast/tower (something in the ball park of 1000 ft/300 meters), but if the place is very hilly or has many high obstructions nearby, a tower like this can easily reach double this height.

Just to give you some manner of comparison, this should allow Atalanta to sense (not only by sight, but also smell, and hearing, depending on the source of the stimulus) things within a couple dozen kilometers or so (since the horizon at the lowest standard height is more than 50 kilometers away).

This should be at last enough for her to notice the forest, if not the whole territory of the enemy, I think. But ultimately, you say it.

Either way,

I'm actually not finding this too bad. Atalanta and Bellerophon should be bros for life.

That last post makes me want to complicate Bel's life. By placing him at an unwanted love triangle with Hifumi pinning for him (maybe thinking about abusing her CSs to make he love her in return), and Atalanta unaware that this whole debacle is even happening.

That would certainly be interesting.
I see.

Well, I suppose there's only so much that can be done. So let's see what happens.
Well, seems like we lost most of the initial steam, huh?

I wonder if we'll even move forward enough to accomplish anything. But, in case we don't, I do have a suggestion for the next time you try to run anything like this: Not delaying the parts of the game that everyone is truly interested into.

We are at this for about two weeks and haven't seen a sliver of action so, condensing the intro section would probably make the story pick up momentum faster, flow better, and (potentially) truly snag everyone's attention enough that they will want to do their best.

I'm not saying this out of animosity, mind you. But seeing your background with this specific idea, it should be accurate to say that the best show in the world is still nothing if it can't secure an audience to indulge in it.

And, in case we do move forward enough to reach any significant conclusion, disregard what I just mentioned above.
π™Όπšžπš›πšŠπšœπšŠπš”πš’ π™·πš’πšπšžπš–πš’
The travel up to the Holy Grail War grounds was a good opportunity to lay down some cooperation plans. Especially those based around their Servants' respective skills. On her side, Hifumi would be willing to lend any information needed, as long as Rider didn't feel about being secretiveβ€”which didn't seem to be the case given his introduction. She could only hope that the others wouldn't try to be as misanthropic as Assassin's Master. That would be truly boring.

"Thank you for your kindness, Priest-sama," Hifumi bowed after their host made his rulings known. There was a slight hint of sarcasm in her mannerism but it would probably fly right over the head of anyone not acquainted with the Japanese culture. Nevertheless, these people didn't deserve any better for being so openly moronic about their bigotry.

She was here for one reason, and one reason only. In the grand scheme of things, their opinions didn't matter. At all.

"You are free to do as you wish from now onward, Rider. Just be sure to not cause too much of a ruckus and, avoid contact with these priests. They are too boorish to appreciate beauty such as yours," Hifumi saidβ€”with the last two sentences being spoken through their spiritual linkβ€”reaching forth to her Servant's hands.

"I'll be downstairs if anyone needs me. I have to begin preparations as soon as possible. The faster we do this, the faster we can go back to our normal lives."

π™°πš›πšŒπš‘πšŽπš› - π™°πšπšŠπš•πšŠπš—πšπšŠ
"Can I of thee to accompany me in scouting for the duration of this war, Rider?" Atalanta said not very long after they were in flight, after introducing herself by her True Name.

"The Slayer of the Chimera would be as good companion as I can ever ask for," she added in an overly formal way, typical of high esteem that the Heroic Spirits of the Greek Age of the Gods usually held for one another.

When they arrived at their destination, Archer didn't even bothered with getting inside the church. Instead, she stepped away from her Master as soon as the resident priest himself known. "That kind of man is only good for causing trouble," she said in a voice loaded with animosity as she disappeared, vanishing back into her Spirit Form.

"I'll be out scouting. Don't worry about it, I won't be very far away, Master," Archer added through their Master-Servant connection.

Needless to say, Atalanta's notion of "not very far away," was a little skewed, since she roamed the city in her Spirit Form until finding a lone radio tower a couple kilometers away from the church. There, she perched herself atop one of the tallest antennas, turning back into her physical body so that she could properly scout the countryside area.

Finding her location wouldn't be very complicated for any of the allied Servants since she wasn't trying to hide from them. But, for the time being, the Chaste Huntress stood lonely at the tower reading the winds as she looked for any suspicious movements in the distance.
I imagine that now that everyone is accounted for we can move forward to the main stage, right? Any conversation about plans that needs to/may be done, can be done either on the way to the War Grounds or after we arrive there, it would be much more practical this way, I believe so.
π™Όπšžπš›πšŠπšœπšŠπš”πš’ π™·πš’πšπšžπš–πš’

Hifumi eyed the Servant that appeared before her with a combination of curiosity and doubt. His appearance was different from what she imagine, but not as wild as some of the other Heroic Spirits that her "allies" called upon. Perhaps, he had been called forth in a form that represented the days of his youth? Well, Servants are supposed to come in the form that's their "prime", so it's only natural for them to look young no matter what.

Even so.

"Your name, huh? If you are sure of that, then I have no problem doing it," Hifumi answered first, cocking her head to the side. Was that supposed to be a test? As far as she knew not any other hero was supposed to own that Noble Phantasm, even if others could indeed summon and control the same Phantasmal Beast it was associated with.

"There's only one Legendary Soul that has been given this bridle by none other than the Goddess Athena, one of the oldest monster slayers of the Greek Age of the Gods. Of course, you can't be anyone else other than the Rider of the Pegasus, Bellerophon," Hifumi finally said. There was no way her answer could be wrong, despite her Master's intuition telling her the contrary when she looked at himβ€”perhaps thanks to the effect of a skillβ€”there was no way that this would be no one other than him.
π™°πš›πšŒπš‘πšŽπš› - π™°πšπšŠπš•πšŠπš—πšπšŠ

"Very well then, my arrows shall be thine from this time forward," Archer said as she looked at her Master. However, her attention was immediately swayed by the mention of a certain Heroic Spirit's name. She didn't speak anything yet but certainly that bridle could only belong to one man, if the stories Atalanta heard were right.

"If thou wishes to plot with thy allies, I'm willing to listen. However, we should get going to the grounds of the Holy Grail War as fast as possible. There's no point in discussing anything here if we have a whole travel ahead of us to do so," she said, looking towards her Master before staring at the Rider once again.
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