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@Crusader Lord

Fickle Fortune: EX is a bit too strong, taking down others' Luck by two ranks is way too much for a skill that's always active and can't be resisted. Applying a minus modifier is already enough.

The rest is pretty alright, I think.

EDIT 2: I'll be sticking with Fierro in the end, and shelving this character to work on further along the line @Parallel Hearts. Apologies for the inconvenience

No worries. As said before Fierro is alright so you can move him to the CS is you wish.
I'm just login in to say that I'll review these new CSs over the weekend. Apologies for the delay in this reply.

“The passage is open, Assassin, Hanzo. It has been all this time. Like I said before, I’m just a guide, waiting for your decision. Not a gatekeeper, halting your progress,” Scáthach said as she looked towards the uncomfortable Assassin. “However, you should be aware that this is a one-way path only. Once any of you have crossed the gate, you’ll not be able to come back to this theater until the key has been secured and the sector has been freed of any threats as perceived by the Moon Cell.”

“That said,” she said in a serious, commanding tone while looking towards Phaea. Even if the Rider wasn’t looking right at Scáthach she would still be able to feel the pressure of being glared at by the red-haired Caster. “Do not shorten my name or refer to me in any inappropriate form ever again, Rider. This isn’t a liberty you have earned the right to. If my True Name is too hard for you to pronounce correctly, you can refer to myself as Caster, Guide, or any other appropriate title like Queen of the Land of Shadows. I expect you to remember that from this moment onward,” Scáthach finished, speaking in the same way a stern mentor would to a pupil that can’t remember their place.

Scáthach sighed as she sat in front of the podium, barely touching the crushed red clay below with the tips of her bare toes. If the Moon Cell expected her to scold these “legendary heroes” as if she was their tutor, or order them around as a Ruler would, it was very wrong. If these Servants couldn’t even agree on setting their egos aside and to work together, it would be better that they killed one another here and now. At least, like this, they could begin anew with a fresh summoning or continue the quest with only those really willing to participate.

The Queen of the Shadowlands only turned her eyes towards the seats, instead of the dirt below her feet, once Ford made his questions known. “You needn’t worry about resources, Mister Ford. We are being sustained by the Moon Cell itself. We’ll have enough Magical Energy to perform at our best, this I assure you. And, as far as resources are concerned, I believe you shall have plenty in our destination, according to the reports of our scout programs,” she said before tapping the ground with her staff, causing a holographic projection to appear in front of them. It showed what looked like a mix between the Appalachian Mountains in their virginal state and some old Hellenistic ruins, carved off pristine white marble and granite, with the sea extending away from the shore being easily recognizable as the Aegean, to any who ever braved its waters even though an eerie aura hovered over it like a thick, intangible mist.
@Crusader Lord

While most of your character's idea is alright, there are a few important details that need to be addressed.

- While it's not very important (since Arthur had a ton of knights serving "him" on Camelot, anyway), the Original Round Table only had 13 members: King Arthur, Percival, Kay, Gaheris, Palamedes, Tristan, Gawain, Lancelot, Bedivere, Mordred, Galahad, Agravain, Gareth. So, she probably isn't right in considering herself one of them. You can do it, just know that's likely something that would be considered highly dishonored by most knights who know the truth.

Now, for the important bits:

- King of Men is an exaggerated skill if it allows for both instinct and Charisma at the equivalent of a Rank A. If both are at B Rank or lower, then it's acceptable.

- A Shielder shouldn't have a Saber level offensive NP like that Sword. It kinda defeats the point of the class system if you have both. You can either make her a Saber and keep the word, or a Shielder and keep the shield, but the other part that isn't being used will have to be sealed.

Shuten-sized Empress is alright. I hope you don't worry if I imagine her dialogue in Aoi Yuki's voice.

@Player 2
I see. I knew he ate people before because well... there wasn't anything else he could feed on. Anyway, I don't follow Japan's FGO so that's rather new for me, but I suppose it's ok.

The only thing I'll ask for is to change that last NP. The idea behind it isn't bad but being able to ignore both the disadvantages of being a Beast and of being Divine is a bit disappointing from a storytelling PoV. It's not exactly that strong (since there are few things that really target these weak spots) but it's underwhelming narratively speaking. He keeping both advantages is ok, but (just like the Gorgon) he should keep both weak spots as well.
@Player 2

I'm sorry but I'll have to ask you to rewrite that Asterios' CS from the beginning. While I understand that Servants that are featured exclusively on Fate/Grand Order can feel rather incomplete sometimes (lacking some base consistency and trait that Servants from other works in the Franchise would normally have, not to say anything of over-inflated skill ranks just for mechanical gameplay purposes), this CS lacks some basic understanding of how Asterios has been portrayed as a character through the whole of his appearances in the story/events.

I'm just asking that, if you are making him in the same class and all that, you keep him a little closer to his canon portrayal.

I don't think that there's anything wrong with Ford. You can post him on the CS tab.

@Parallel Hearts

This is a note that I'll be switching from Assassin Fierro to a Ruler George Orwell.

Very well then. Just like I said to the others, be sure that you are picking something you really want to, before making your final decision.
This wouldn't happen to still be open would it? I've got some character ideas that would be great for this.

Yes, we are. You'll be the last new player slot I'll be taking for now.
And the IC is up. Anyway that has an approved character is ok to begin posting.

I'll assign the places in the character's list sometime during this week, to see how far we are from maximum capacity.

In a place deep within the Moon Cell, amidst the crashing waves of the digital sea, a lone amphitheater stood amongst what looked to be an immense expense of ruins from many ancient civilizations that once upon a time inhabited, the now semi-dead, Earth. In place of what would normally be the honor tribune of such a building, there was a large, obelisk-like doorway, etched with seven seals radiating energy all over it. This door was nothing other than the accessway to the Moon Cell’s deepest level, its one true core, locked away for a reason that all of the Servants who began to materialize and fill a few of the theather’s seats would know already.

Even though the Moon Cell was bound to grant knowledge of the present circumstances for the Servants it summoned, an imposing red-haired woman, dressed in robes that left no doubts about she being a member of the Caster class, said as she stepped upon a podium at the center of the arena, “It’s an honor to be in the presence of so many legendary heroes that got summoned here for the sake of preserving the integrity of the true last beacon of hope for the Earth’s future. I’m Scáthach, the Queen of the Land of Shadows, chosen by the Moon Cell to be your guide in this conflict which exceeds the scale of even the greatest Holy Grail War ever fought.

I believe all of you are already aware of the circumstances surrounding the presence known as Moon Dominion and the locking down of the Moon Cell’s core, thus I’ll spare you of this repetition and cut straight to your first task.

Beyond each of these gates,” Scáthach said as she pointed to a set of seven gates distributed around the arena floor, one of which shone in an intermittent, dim green glow, “lies a different section of the SERAPH which lays unused in any of the previous Moon Holy Grail Wars. Your task is to retrieve an encryption key hidden somewhere in each of these areas. The first one of which this Great Hyperborean Lunar Sea. Based on our scouts, it’s a section of the SERAPH modeled after both Classical Mythology and American Folklore. We expect a fierce resistance of the both the Moon Dominion’s followers and other abandoned programs who inhabit the closed sectors.

I suppose this is all of the information we are certain of at the moment since Clairvoyance based skills don’t work beyond the boundaries of the SERAPH’s locked sections. Even so, if there’s still any questions you may wish to ask, do not hesitate. Otherwise, I’ll be waiting for your decision regarding when to leave.”
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