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Current Don't worry, you'll get better at TF2 with more practice.
18 days ago
Elvis is flipping burgers at a McDonalds in Des Moines.
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Use Discord on your mobile device by using its browser app in Chrome. Remember to check the box for Desktop Site in the tav's settings, else you won't be able to do much.
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28 days ago
The best 1x1s end with cards haphzardly scattered across the sidewalk as you've sent your partner to the Shadow Realm
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It's the border patrol what keeps me out of the Amazon.
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Hi there. I'm Sylph. Twenty two years old. Pretty friendly, I'd like to think. I don't have much to say most of the time, but I'm always willing to chat.

After some fumbling around I got Discord to work on my cellphone, albeit it remains somewhat inconvenient for me to use. Therefore, I prefer using the site's private messages over it whenever possible.

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Hata no Kokoro
Hata no Kokoro
Expressionless and Emotional Menreiki

It was fair to say that the situation had developed from a mere curious happening to a full-blown incident, but that'd barely be scratching the surface of what was about to transpire. Fueled by the presence of Komeiji Koishi, Hata no Kokoro was very determined to solve this incident before she did it. She'd beat her, and have her eat her humble pie, and have her apologize, and she'd be super magnanimous and forgive her because that's what nice people are supposed to do and hen Koishi would cry because of just how gosh darn NICE Kokoro was unlike her who was mean and evil and stole people's masks.

It was also fair to say that the poker-faced menreiki was positively brimming with competitive energy, judging by the fox mask atop her head, that tacit pressure akin to a coiled spring about to fire off and the glances she sneaked at Koishi's direction. That's why a veritable burst propelled the girl outside of the room once the satori did so as well. Kokoro heard where they were going, so it was now a matter of getting there first and getting the scoop first, even if it meant weaving through and inbetween the other incident solvers.

Somewhere, a tengu sneezed.

Incident Solver Extraordinarie Hata no Kokoro To The Rescue
I'd be down to playing an android hellbent in expanding its hivemind to any other kind of any electronic device around due to lazy coding.
I'm gonna retract fmy wishes to sign up, since the past incident has really soured me over towards Fate roleplays in general. Sorry for the waste in time.
Seeing as extra classes are allowed, I'll work on revamping an old Avenger Taira no Masakado sheet I had lying around.
So, as stated above, this is a Grail War where the aim is actually not necessarily to kill literally every other participant, but rather to get all of the pieces of the Grail in some way or another. All Servants are Japanese, and extra classes are permitted on a case by case basis (Ruler, for instance, is probably out entirely because of its inappropriate role here, Amakusa would have to be something else.)
Gee Emm

You could also try and make a Rider our of Emperor Sutoku and have the trifecta of the three great youkais in Japan squared neatly in the cavalry class.
In WitchBlood 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Gotta say that, as hyped as I was at the start, I can't really find mustering the juices to write up a post, so I'll drop out from it. Sorry.
Well, if that's taken, then I'll take a step back and see what's up for grabs at the end. Even if, well, there might not be anything at the end. The idea was to make Minamoto no Tametomo.
I'd like to go ahead and claim an Archer spot, albeit I've a backup Berserker idea in the backburner should it be needed.
Sure, I guess.
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