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Real Name: Classified

Age: 20

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Movies: Prince of Persia The Sands of Time, Half Past Dead 2, Disaster Movie, National Security, Transformers 2, Battle: Los Angeles, Sucker Punch (hot chicks ;D), Thor, Fast and Furious 5, Spiderman 3, Dragonball Evolution, X-Men Origins, X-Men First Class

Anime: Rave, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Fairy Musketeers, Bleach, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Sonic X, Sonic X 2, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Chrono Crusade, Bakugan: New Vestroia, Inazuma Eleven, Inazuma Eleven Go, Zoids: Genesis, Baka and Test Summon The Beasts

Cartoon: Chowder (xD), Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, Futurama, The Cleveland Show, King of the Hill, Adventure Time, Phineas and Ferb, Jimmy Two-Shoes

Reality Shows: Animal Planet, NBA, WWE, MTV, MYX

Games: AQW, PTRO, HeroSmash, GetAmped 2, Prince of Persia Series, Grand Chase, Elsword, Fists of Fu, Destiny Online, Flyff, Halo 3, Spore series and expansions, Tales of Symphonia, Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2013 Xtreme, Assassin's Creed all series, Far Cry 3, Watch Dogs

That's my stuff done. As you can see I am a roleplaying newbie as of this site. Nice to meet you :3

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The Paladin found herself sitting beside Liliana but facing the two Servants from where she sat. Arms crossed and a brush of her silver hair made her think that war hasn't changed there will always be casualties. That isn't something for her to mope about however, she joined the war of her own volition so she had thought that Waver Velvet had done the same for his own reasons but failed in the process because of a Heroic Spirit, one with a higher rating above others.

"King of Conquerors huh?" She muttered to herself. She, Roland and Turpin were kingslayers... Saracen Kingslayers anyway, twelve of them fall underneath their sanctified blades so what makes this one any different? Of course she won't underestimate anyone, underestimating even the weakest of foes will only open a gate to your defeat.

"Young Rider, I'd rather you do not add the word: Simply we might not be dealing with just any ruler around here. If this person calls themself a King of Conquerors they're not bluffing. They are a Heroic Spirit after all." She turned back to Zhuge, trying not to look at Diarmuid.

"Is there anyway to contain this mud?"

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As expected of the great Zhuge Liang... or any Caster with talents for that matter. Olivier made herself known to greet Raphael in full plated armor. "This is Saber reporting. I regrouped with this young lady and the Egyptian Caster's master, we were pursuing the young knight and if it weren't for Zhuge Liang guiding us here. We would have been stuck for hours in this maze he created. She turned back to the Chinese Strategist with a look of suspicion/

"That reminds me Sir Liang. If you are a Servant, who summoned both of you if not her or my original Master somewhere out in this hellish landscape?" She had every right to stay on guard. Just because someone is nice to you does not mean their intentions truly are.

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Zhuge Liang, A Renowned Strategist that's worthy of Comparison to another, previous Chinese strategist: Sun Tzu. The fact that we've been thinking we were walking around circles... or at this point... blocks makes him a powerful individual even if not through the strength of his magecraft alone.

A Bounded Field? A Noble Phantasm? Who can say. To get lost in something like this is unexpected, at worst: A minotaur might greet us violently.

Olivier didn't loosen the grip on her sapphire grip, eager to stay tightened since he was just a random Servant. Sure he introduced himself, sure he gave his intentions but whether or not they are true is impossible to say. The Paladin wasn't a mind reader so it was natural to be on guard.

"I assume you mean the Rider that chased after your scout? I hope he didn't hurt him too much, it'd be bad if we lost our Rider in case Caster's Master is in a sea of enemies." And by Caster, she referred to the egyptian loli following her. If Zhuge Liang wanted to use the pharaoh's claimed leyline, would she actually be willing to give it? He simply was a man they just met and Olivier believed it'd be best if they held on to it for a bit.

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Seiba (Assuming the Leyline is finally Secured)

"I shall take point." Declared the Saber Class Servant before jogging in the direction of where Gawain went on his horse, he'd been gone for a little while and since they leyline would have been connected to the Caster and her rightful Master by now the three would give pursuit.

Rundown buildings, rubble, hints of blood, smell of smoke, a bit of fire here and there and the only thing that seemed to show a glimmer of hope was the blueish blade of the Holy Paladin. Truly this is an environment someone like Caster's Master shouldn't be in but since she was close by and ahead of them where they can see and the Saber can reach, it should all be fine... right?

"Caster, do you have anything in that little noggin' of yours that can protect against potential ambush?" Saber asked with a slight chuckle, gripping the hilt of her jeweled shining sword in case any stalkers followed them. "Wouldn't want anything to happen to your Master now, right?"

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"Sir". That was an honorific from Medieval times. She found it funny considering she was a lady.

Saber turned to Liliana with a strict gaze before looking back at the path Gawain took pursuing the man on a bright steed. She looked back at Caster who didn't seem physically capable at the moment, of course she doesn't recognize her since almost all Egyptian royalty looks adorned with black and yellow accents.

Nonetheless, she asked for the Master's opinion even though it is not her she formed a contract with. "If Caster can protect herself then we can pursue." She turned to the egyptian loli in question, raising a brow if she can handle herself against potential enemies already scouting their location. "Then again she sees you as her Master so whatever your decision, I will follow for the time being. I'm only here to advise after all."

She took a few steps in Gawain's direction, looking back at Liliana for confirmation on whether or not they'll try and find the young knight in this hellish scenario.

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At first, I died.

And then I arrived.

Aude's eyes are met with fire and ash, the ruins of a concrete building fell around her and her comrades. Her eyes scanned the area, turning to a little egyptian girl who has been dressed awfully boldly (@Love Detective) and a young knight who looked as if he were a knight she would recognize under her banner or perhaps another Paladin's banner? (@ERode) But no. She didn't remember anyone like that.

The Summoning System tends to change the appearance of a Hero drastically for a Grail War but her purpose for summoning wasn't for that. It was something else entirely.

Hatshepsut, the egyptian loli decides to secure the Leyline with her skill as a Caster and the young knight pursued the rather handsome man that struck her heart.

How odd. She had only eyes for Roland and yet a total stranger- a panicked intruder made her feel all gushy inside for a moment's notice. A skill perhaps? A Noble Phantasm? An inherent trait? One can tell.

"Well you could use the protection, your Highness." Aude smiles at the little caster loli with a determined expression as one of the Holy Swords of Charlemagne's Noble Phantasm appeared in her hand as a vibrant royal blue, the mana converging around it in the shape of a sword. "Wherever this place is, none can get past me. The Paladin of the Olive Branch."

Are my characters dead?
Ah right. There's been a little hiccup in my studies lately so I won't take part in the roleplay.

Sorry for not responding either because there's a personal problem in my household that I'd rather not share. It isn't dangerous. I'm sure. But it does relate to me flunking my tests.

I forgot about this place just weeks after I made my character because of that problem.

I could tell you more in detail but that's in PMs only. I'd rather not bum everyone out.


Feel free to bombard me with criticism. :3
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