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That's my stuff done. As you can see I am a roleplaying newbie as of this site. Nice to meet you :3

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Spring Valley Community Park @DarckLeon @Kala @Yukitamas

Lancer couldn't believe the power emanating from Berserker, the moment he clutched that familiar blade. One could completely tell that this person was a Saber. It was only natural right? Not to mention the power that came with his own bare fists. The beautiful Khan could only watch him walk away but not before baiting both him and the Redborn into following him.

" he was just scouting... good thing I didn't take out my actual weapon." Lancer chuckled to himself before turning to Archer, dusting his already stained and muddied tee, he still retained the formal dignity of a gracious and benevolent King. "Well he was holding a sword, so he's a Saber I suppose. Guess he got tired of the man's way to deal with things."

Well power or not, Lancer could tell this was a victory for both of them since he retreated because he "got what he wanted" and Lancer couldn't help that he might've already known his identity simply by the fighting style, he only hoped that wasn't the case.

"Lancer, i think that at this point if you keep at it, this fight would just needlesly escalate, how about we retire from the night? We have a busy day tomorrow after all"

His Master called from across the way and immediately walked by his side. "Sir! Are you alright? Any broken bones?" Pulling out the dense bodyguard act for a moment despite already showing superhuman feats. The Forever 25-man quickly turned towards Esau with a smile. "Well it was a fun bout but I believe Sir needs to get home. You understand, no? After all you have someone to attend to as well. Wouldn't want him to complain about the chilly nights."


Spring Valley Community Park @DarckLeon @Kala @Yukitamas @Breo

Struck by Berserker's limb in an attempt to block the impact, Lancer quickly used that opportunity to leap off that very same limb high into the air, spinning like yo-yo until the heel of his right foot showed itself from above and like a charging meteor colliding with earthen soil, Lancer intends to crush the Berserker's skull underneath his heel, a fitting end for a savage, ravaging beast. Then again, the Archer was also a viable target, no hard feelings, he supposes. Surely even he's smart enough to break away or somehow use Berserker's body as a shield.

Should both of them dodge, a tremor would have followed, cracking the surface of the ground and leaving a crater that is considered inferior to both beasts going at it in their primal state.

"Getting rid of me? I don't think so." Thankfully the cracks in the pavement allowed several bricks to be uplifted easily but he decides to show it off in style. Like a graceful dance, he steps on one part of each brick, sending them into the air for a moment before striking them with his fists almost as if they were arrows notched against a bowstring these very bricks could very well kill someone frail.

So why did he send them flying towards Berserker? A hulking beast only looking to get angry the more he gets annoyed? It is an attempt of a distraction- an opening for Archer to abuse.

An Interesting Proposition

Spring Valley Community Park @DarckLeon @Kala @Yukitamas @Breo

What's left of the bench... well... Lancer put it back in its original place however it simply tilts awkwardly the moment he left it alone, staring at the third man who seemed to be more of a savage compared to the Redborn beside him.

Yes this man, this Berserker exhibits the aura of something dangerous even he could see it from where he was, the part where he just chucked a heavy object with such power and speed could only mean that this guy is bad news. What's worse? He doesn't seem to be inherently Evil as something didn't click with him and his spear, just approaching

m e n a c i n g l y

"Seems this party crasher is exceedingly scary both mentally and physically." Helpful commentary by the ever beautiful Jangar as he turned to his new target, seemingly understanding what Esau here is getting at.

Since they're both equally matched then it's obvious to team up and defeat the stronger target but who's to say that this also wasn't a scheme to gain the upper hand in the middle of the fighting.

As Archer got Berserker's attention, he inhaled they were slight openings from both of them, each attack more ferocious with Berserker's giving off an intent "to brutally murder both of their asses".

The moment a gap opened up between their squabble. Lancer took the opportunity to strike with a running kick aimed towards Berserker, he didn't put all of his strength in it as the possibility of this very angry gorilla-like heathen grabbing Lancer's foot and using his beautiful body as a weapon against Archer could be very likely, he'd try to lock his legs around him and put him into a devastating hold that would hinder him in terms of weight.

It was worth a try.

New Challenger!

Spring Valley Community Park @DarckLeon @Kala @Yukitamas @Breo

Seeing the rubble fall off of the Savage King was comedic in a way, Lancer wasn't gonna let this bench down after all... he was planning to use it as a shield but then he broke the ice as he walked, with a charming smile, he twirls the slightly crooked bench like a polearm before changing posture similar to someone raising a shield in defense.

"Well with that performance I gave you a little earlier, I could very well be a Saber." An obvious lie followed by a chuckle. "Too? Oh, in that case... are you a Saber as well? I can't exactly tell but for someone who's a Knight you don't act the part when we first locked eyes in that beautifully lit plaza." Another haughty laughter but this Redborn would've known he was a Lancer, the expertise in twirling a long weapon in front of him was already a big enough hint.

The moment Esau leaped was the moment Lancer Jangar, reinforced himself to take the very blunt of his high-speed punches, the power of this Red Man was enough to bend the metal upwards and the more he defended, the more he found himself overwhelmed at his sudden burst of strength. So he was holding back, he thought! And the sudden strike to his side was proof of it, grunting as he nearly lost his footing. The Lancer wasn't planning to embarrass himself anytime soon and with his foot dug down, he continued to bear the blunt of fistful assaults from the Redborn King.

Although, as exciting as it would have been, something was heading their way... something fast and something heavy. In a last ditch effort to counter both attacks, he quickly leapt backwards, dropping his stance from defense to offense and just barely putting any amount of effort to try and strike this thousand kilogram hunk of junk into orbit with a homerun.

Welp, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

He hoped that with that with whatever's left of this bench's resistance after being brutally beaten to a pulp by Esau's fists, now it will be tested to see if it can repel the steel ball run heading towards them.

To whoever works at the park, I am sorry.

Spring Valley Community Park @DarckLeon @Kala @Yukitamas

The park wasn't packed at this time, everyone else would have been busy wasting all their money in the big casinos. This was a good opportunity for a battle without needless killing or suspicion, however... it's a shame to let a beautiful park like this be a playground to Kings with the strength of monsters, you can't please everyone.

Brown dirt staining the beautiful green of the park gardens, cracked pavements and paths, cracks in the columns, glass and cement walls. Their fight was showing signs of it everywhere and as Archer quickly retreated behind a swing set, sweeping it off its hinges and sending the metal part over to Lancer's face, he quickly grabbed it... sliding backwards from the immense power poured into it and used it as a shield to protect himself from the Red Savage's powerful elbow strike which was enough to split the rusted metal in half, still... this didn't stop Lancer from improvising.

Using the two halves of the metal swing, he gave them a few swings of his own aimed at the Red Man's arms to keep him from striking the Lancer with a fatal blow especially since his Glam Sight was useful in high-speed fights like this. Once he found an opening, he'd throw one of the halves toward the Archer and throwing another as he leapt backwards. It wasn't a true aim like an Archer but it's enough of a distraction for him to lift the screwed metal bench he just so happened to find beside him and use it as a two-handed weapon, going for a full swing from the left to knock the Redborn toward a building.

Predator v Predator

"Hahaha! Do not worry, sir! I take full responsibility!" Despite the high-speed caliber of battle between two powerful men showing off their prowess in a manner of fists, grapples and throw-downs, he was caught in the Savage King's hold but he stood and refused to go down from the counter-attack he devised. The savage throws a fist forward, traveling toward Lancer's chest and took it like a man with a loud grunt accompanied by the cringing of the growing crowd.

"I refuse to go down like that, I will admit though... you hit like a Great Iron Gray." Whether it was an insult or a compliment depends on the Redborn. Iron Gray horses had powerful kicks in their time and taking them head-on as a child was almost nothing for the Fairy King of Bumba, so Lancer lifts his left knee to strike at his exposed hips wondering if that would be enough to loosen the savage's hold on his arm long enough for him to break free and engage in proper fisticuffs. His eyes glowed bright, utilizing his Glam Sight. After all with speed like that, it's proper that he uses it.

"And my next line is..."

There's no doubt about this. This red-haired reject was no idiot, he could see the immortal man that was Lancer as clear as day. If this guy wanted to pick a fight with literally everyone on the Strip, there would have been some sort of commotion by now. He was like an untamed beast... a beast that needs- no, that must know his place.

But first off-

"Sir- it seems you're quite the jinx. These "shady people" that you speak of just minutes ago appeared right in front of us and are looking to make our high life here more difficult. Wouldn't it be better if I dealt with the uncouth savage while you sit back and enjoy yourself? Wouldn't want your children to worry about you, right?" Of course if his Master were to continue playing the idiot, he'd obviously continue playing the caretaker who knows how to deal with thugs.

This big chiseled man didn't look or act particularly Evil, it was more like an animal looking for some fun and fun it shall have... how to lure this "thing" out of possible casualties? Quite difficult in a city like this. Guess it can't be helped. Lancer took off his dapper coat and left it on a convenient pole as he cracked his knuckles and fists.

"I must warn you, I have been wrestling with animals larger than me. If it's a battle between Men you want then it's a battle you shall have."

Honoring this duel, he sprints forward with an inhuman burst as slight shockwaves vibrated the area around where he stood. He quickly reappeared in front of the Red Predator with a launching fist headed straight for his own gut in an effort to quickly grapple him and throw him against the ground.
@Yukitamas @Kala

Here we are, Mr. Joestar

"Even down here, the brightness of this city is unbelievable." Having to take an uber on the way out here. Lancer had been dressed in a sleek blue suit that glitters when flashed with lights. Some female pedestrians turning heads to see his immortal beauty and gossip among themselves... not like he cares for none could be as beautiful as his advisor, Minian or perhaps there could be? He has yet to see and this City has lots to offer.

Of course he had to play the caretaker of the old man, walking beside him and making sure he doesn't fall. "Sir." A little deviation since he felt something off as both of them stopped in front of the leaning tower of Eiffel. There were already some people gathered around taking photos of the embarrassing tilt at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Normally, one would think it was odd or that the material in this fake tower was wearing off due to lazy maintenance but in this case, it was the work of inhuman strength much like his own.

"What a peculiar tilt. You'd think if some of those people were to attract visitors, they might want to go and fix that up." He points upwards at the unusual tilt and looked around to see if they were any odd reactions and so far, there are none. Well maybe a couple of birds flew by but... they were awfully unusual too.

"I'm sure you'd want to get out of here as soon as possible sir in case that part starts breaking off. I hear you like drinks, perhaps there's a nearby bar around here." Lancer continued to play the part of the formal caretaker, giving the old man a pat on the shoulder.

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Wynn Resort, Paradise @DarckLeon

Bright lights, loud music, the sounds of happy gambles and desperate losses. Lancer could hear them all, see them from above the penthouse suite of a room and stare down the ever-so clean glass window pane before him.

If he had a name for any of the brightest cities... this would have definitely been Bumba's kingdom moving forward into the era of Man but fate had other plans and like many beautiful cities of myth, are hidden underneath a sheet. However, Lancer could not smile, he can't smile. This place, despite its bright outlook, has a shadow of corruption within these buildings but that is to be expected. This isn't Bumba after all and Bumba was a kingdom of perfection.

"Are you sure we should enjoy the life and times of gamblers coming in and out of flashy buildings, Master? What if your son worries about the money you might spend." A joke, a joke that made him chuckle although it might not stifle a giggle from his master, nonetheless... the answer was obvious.

"I suppose we could do both. Blending in is a perfect way so as to not stand out awkwardly in a crowd. After all, who would believe an old man, excited at the prospect of getting sent here because his son won some big money or something along those lines, no?Perhaps they too, could be enjoying the high life here. We may never know. Of course that's my suggestion.

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