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Real Name: Classified

Age: 20

School: Also classified



Movies: Prince of Persia The Sands of Time, Half Past Dead 2, Disaster Movie, National Security, Transformers 2, Battle: Los Angeles, Sucker Punch (hot chicks ;D), Thor, Fast and Furious 5, Spiderman 3, Dragonball Evolution, X-Men Origins, X-Men First Class

Anime: Rave, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Fairy Musketeers, Bleach, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Sonic X, Sonic X 2, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Chrono Crusade, Bakugan: New Vestroia, Inazuma Eleven, Inazuma Eleven Go, Zoids: Genesis, Baka and Test Summon The Beasts

Cartoon: Chowder (xD), Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, Futurama, The Cleveland Show, King of the Hill, Adventure Time, Phineas and Ferb, Jimmy Two-Shoes

Reality Shows: Animal Planet, NBA, WWE, MTV, MYX

Games: AQW, PTRO, HeroSmash, GetAmped 2, Prince of Persia Series, Grand Chase, Elsword, Fists of Fu, Destiny Online, Flyff, Halo 3, Spore series and expansions, Tales of Symphonia, Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2013 Xtreme, Assassin's Creed all series, Far Cry 3, Watch Dogs

That's my stuff done. As you can see I am a roleplaying newbie as of this site. Nice to meet you :3

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Ah right. There's been a little hiccup in my studies lately so I won't take part in the roleplay.

Sorry for not responding either because there's a personal problem in my household that I'd rather not share. It isn't dangerous. I'm sure. But it does relate to me flunking my tests.

I forgot about this place just weeks after I made my character because of that problem.

I could tell you more in detail but that's in PMs only. I'd rather not bum everyone out.


Feel free to bombard me with criticism. :3

Nah seriously. Expect an Olivier your way sometime tomorrow or later in the evening.
I'd like to throw my whale money pls.

Gib gacha
Yeah I'd like to throw my hat in the ring.

Ryte Vennschneizen
Foreign District, Tour Montparnasse, Top Platform

"Hm. Well I'm not the one looking for a fight but I guess that's honorable people for you." Ryte tried not to make it sound sarcastic or jerkish to the new Lancer Servant she had gotten literally two days ago but this was a War she was in and she may have to let a few morals go even if it means going as far as to scold people that like to do stupid things.

She was speaking something in German, a hand raised above a summoning circle with water as a catalyst, spawning several slime familiars as they made their way down the tall skyscraper in an oozing fashion, upon making their way down. The numerous tiny, transparent slimes spread out in the nooks and crannies of the Foreign Districts, even invading vents and air conditioning units of hotels to find Roland's Master: Charlotte hiding in the midst of the area.

"I've sent my lebenwaffe to go hunting for his Master. Are you ready to hold him off until they do? It'll take a while and I suggest you end it quickly. Even if he's shamefully butt naked, I doubt that doesn't mean he couldn't kill you in a single hit with that brutish strength..." She made sure to try and massage her arm, the burning feeling reminding her once again that she was on death row.

@ItMeGritty @Reflection @Crusader Lord

Who's That Cutie Pie OwO
Foreign District, Tour Montparnasse, Top Platform

A beautiful sight to behold in front of the homunculus's golden eyes. Standing atop the platform of the second most ugliest building in the city. It's no wonder people would rather be up here to take in the brightened city of Paris because it's the only view without this old architecture in the way.

It also makes for a great base. Creating a Bounded Field to cover the whole building was a little difficult for her, the stinging sensation of her magic circuits just burning through her skin only reminds her that death is inevitable and that her expiration date is coming soon. She tried not to think about it, she was just nearly killed by a raging Berserker after all.

In fact, she didn't know what the hell just happened.

When the building started to shake and rumble from the fighting, she was flung out the window and into a bed full of her slime familiars, carrying her off to parts unknown and now she finds herself on top of the near-abandoned building with new clothes to boot.

"Lancer? Are you there? Any activity down below?" An echo from her voice would resonate in Honda's head while she observed the city from atop. They were supposed to go scouting today and hopefully find Tenryuu, the chaos from last night left them separated and didn't know how all this "Geas" thing worked out. Maybe it'll kick in? Maybe it'll give her a sign? Hopefully she doesn't take it as betrayal of some sort, even worse: an attempt to get out of the contract.


Warui Nobu
Bois de Boulogne

"Yojimbo, huh?" Nobunaga wouldn't fall for that one bit. She's never heard of any samurai named Yojimbo in the Sengoku Period, of course that era was full of people that want to get their hands on the total reform of Japan during that era and a lot of great samurai died in the battlefield. The concept of masterless samurai? Nonsense. Surely this Shrine Maiden didn't summon a Nobody to be asking monetary funds like a mercenary captain. Which lead her to believe that Yojimbo isn't this guy's real name, it's someone else.

But who?

Nobunaga was in deep thought when both Masters were discussing terms for the partnership, she studied the man's pecs, the man's jawline, his sword- wherever it may be and yes, she means the katana, nodachi, or tachi. This guy could probably be an enemy for all she knew. An enemy she slew once before.

Perhaps in the long run when we work together, I could figure it out.

Whoever this guy is, he seems to know her pretty well. She was hailed famously and infamously by various Samurai all across Japan as the Demon King. So she smiled, crossing her arms underneath her bust before looking up at "Yojimbo" with eyes burning with a fighting spirit that's sure to intimidate any shogun just by looking at them.

"Hoho, so you do know me? Which also means that you're not just some nobody samurai. Then again I was always known by that title, it's a given that anyone in Japan might've heard of me otherwise they're nothing more than uncultured swine." Bold claim by Nobunaga. She didn't mind the use of mercenaries, it's a given that they're always hired by warlords in times of war no matter the culture or era of any Hero.

"I'm sure the Embassy can pay you. After all my Master here did all the work when we arrived, my nation wouldn't mind if some funds were taken from the treasury should you help us with our victory. Although if we're the last two standing. Consider the alliance off and I will not hesitate to blow you and that hunky samurai to smithereens. Alright Shrine Maiden, "Yojimbo"?" Threats already combined with that confident smug of hers.

@floodtalon @GreenGoat @Reflection

Nobu Gets Hit On
Bois de Boulogne

What did that girl say earlier? Yojimbo? I don't know anyone like that. It's probably a fake name and this guy doesn't look like anyone I can remember.

Nobunaga responded with a cheeky smile, one so wide that she laughed as soon as she tried to stretch it out, eyes closed and hands on her hips.


A boisterous laugh, something that can be taken as rejection or just a sign of praise for an Unknown to just up and try to invite her to drinks, probably on the house.

She would have accepted had she actually killed a Servant yesterday but all she did was trash a Workshop and turned it into ash, she even turned those ashes to ash, if that's even possible.

"Normally I'd be the one inviting people to a celebration but I must decline. I didn't do anything worthy of victory. Let's hold that off another ti-

Squishy, squishy, squish.

Nobunaga's chest was touched without her permission. She wouldn't dare leave this person alive if it had been a man but since these were the hands of a woman. She found herself at an awkward situation.

Nobunaga, the great Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, was violated by a shrine maiden in semi-public.

Foolish! Anyone who touches the great Nobunaga-sama must be burned! WHO DARES JUST SIMPLY TOUCH HER BOSOM JUST LIKE THA-

"Bold of you Shrine Maiden." Nobunaga said in a compliment before she huffed. When the shrine maiden apologized about touching her B Cups and mistaking her for Nobukara (since they obviously look alike). Nobunaga decided to pass it off, had she not apologized maybe the Conqueror of the Warring States would conquer her in a private room and anyone that disturbs them would be shot painfully by the rotating matchlock rifles that would twist and turn around said private room. "I'll accept your apology for now, however... the next time you do this. There will be no remorse and I will have to do a different kind of conquering.

She leaned in, whispered in her ear in a seductive tone. "If you catch my drift."

Perhaps she'd gone soft or perhaps she wouldn't want to ruin the friendship of her Master's acquaintance.

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