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That's my stuff done. As you can see I am a roleplaying newbie as of this site. Nice to meet you :3

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Why Must You Torment Me So
Latin District (Arènes de Lutèce) → Accompanying Tenryuu

"I'm finally safe. I'm finally going to a place where I won't be hunted down."

This was too good to be true, Ryte thought. Just laying in the arms of a total stranger that knows what she's doing compared to her. She could feel her eyes getting heavy, her bright yellow eyes dimming as she finally knew that what's waiting ahead is a warm bed and a cozy blanket for her to sleep in without fear of any of the rogue magi currently after her.

She thought her luck had changed.

She thought some semblance of Fate had come to bring her out of this.

Unfortunately for her, it was really too good to be true.

The smell of smoke filled her nostrils, invading it, disturbing the peace she had created in her mind. She woke up, now out of fear instead of her last-minute calm demeanor. She let go of Tenryuu and turned to the old cottage she stood in, only for her to look on in horror. The only things she saw as the cottage collapsed.

Was a very angry Saber and a downed Caster, her Caster, her supposed "powerful" familiar. She wasted her mana for this, she wasn't going to waste something as precious as him especially since she had overused it upon arriving here.

"No. No. Nonononononono. Why? I-I thought-"

She turned to Tenryuu, gripping her shoulders and kneeling down in front of her as she sobbed. "T-tell him to stop! That one was yours right? Tell him to stop!" Exclaiming like a little girl whose toy was being taken away. If Tenryuu wasn't going to agree to it, then she'll have to use a Command Spell on accident... again.

It's bad news if Masters are left with one. She bit her lip, a little too much as blood trickles down the side, slowly shuffling to the burning cottage just murmuring the Saber to stop and for the Caster to stand and come to her side. Her hand clenching into a fist as the heat she's experiencing was incomprehensible, it was hotter than any fire she stood near.

@Cu Chulainn

My Nobu Sense Is Tingling!
Embassy of Japan - (High Rise District ~ Arc De Triomphe) → Nobukara's Location → Hôtel-Dieu de Paris (The Core)

Nobunaga was enjoying herself, taking big spoonfuls of delicious desserts in her mouth. Just as she was about to eat one, she stopped midway, like something just tugged on her head- her soul- her spirit core. Something must have happened.

She placed the spoon down, trying to communicate with her Master as she walked out without paying. It's a good thing that the place was populated otherwise someone would've called her out.

"Nobukara? Descendant? It's been way too long. Report."

Just as high commanding officer would to a low ranking soldier, she'd expect some report by now. Pacing her steps and speeding up just a little as she put on her most serious face, fixing up her stylish Bakufu cap and readied her sword to draw should she encounter any resistance.

"Master. I repeat, report to me what happened."

A click of her tongue, irritation. Something indeed happened. Was she captured? It matters not! For her, anything is possible if it meant destroying their entire base. In a lonely street right near the entrance to a randomly numbered arrondisement did the Demon King start running up a wall and onto the rooftop, leaping from top floor to top floor as nothing but a mysterious blur in the darkness, whenever she obscures the moon, it's more akin to a bat or a raven midflight. Even now she kept contact with her, not wanting to lose hope if the worst case scenario started.

"I'm nearing you right now. Don't worry. I won't let a family member die on my watch!"

She stands across the Penthouse Suite, on top of an empty building just in front of it. She could feel her Master's still presence there and without hesitation, leaped for it... several matchlocks just floating right next to her as she broke into the room of Roland's Master, Charlotte.

"MASTER!" She called out. "WHERE ARE YOU?!" she had to rummage the place, ransack it to the core and if some places were locked. She was going to destroy them with a shot of her matchlock. Sure it made a hell of a lot of noise but it was to get a family member in and out.

Some jewelry, some clothes, strands of blonde hair, strands of black hair.

She checked every nook and cranny of the Thunderthot's workshop until she made her way to Nobukara just sprawled out, unconscious on the floor. With a sigh of relief, she hoisted her up over her shoulder and gave her a pat on the back. "Should've been mroe careful Nobukara... let's get you to the infirmary!"

With a victorious shout, she let her floating matchlocks lay waste to Charlotte's room and anything she may have left behind as a trap. No one was going to harm her ever again. The only way to do this was to let this room be nothing but ash.


Nobunaga kicked open the hospital double doors, nearly knocking someone in the way of the emergency room. "Hello! Yes! My sister is gravely injured and we're foreign dignitaries from Japan!" She said, slapping the necessary credentials needed for them to confirm that they are part of the Japanese Embassy.

"I need her well and you're going to help her right now, do you understand?!" Aggressively slamming the counter, which nearly caused it to crack. Nobunaga demanded that these people help her or else everyone in the hospital had to suffer the same fate as Charlotte's room.

@Crusader Lord

All According to Keikaku
Latin District (Arènes de Lutèce) → Accompanying Tenryuu

In a mess of sobs, tears and snots. The poor girl had heard the words of salvation coming from a complete stranger. The way that she honored the command of her Servant not to kill her Servant was enough to make the homunculus believe that Tenryuu could be trusted. With no hesitation, she grabbed the hand... gripping it tight as if someone had come to rescue her from all this chaos. Still sobbing and holding onto Tenryuu like a loving family member- a sister.

She didn't pay Caster any mind, she was too distraught to even notice him and the angry Saber at this point. She wanted rest, it was night and she didn't know what the hell she got herself into.

Let this little girl sleep tonight.

@Cu Chulainn

Snake! What are you doing?!
Latin District (Arènes de Lutèce)

An offer for peace. Did her pity girl act work? With a sense of relief, she loosened the grip on the watery threads, instead her eyes beginning to water as finally, an honorable magus stands before her, and not the types who are greedily looking for ways to perfect their craft. Slowly standing from the broken wood, she stumbles- slowly apporaching Tenryuu with eyes of hope.

Then the wind shifted. Almost instantly, the Saber had appeared in front of her summoned Caster and his sword raised above his head. With a screech of pure fear, she clenched the fist with the etched Command Spells. The hooded man was her familiar right? After all he did come out of the circle, so obviously commands were in order.

In a panic, the first thing she would yell was:

"PLEASE STOP FIGHTING!" A shout so loud one could swear that her voice cracked just midway and without realizing it. Used a single Command Spell to stop Moses from humiliating the already-furious, raging Saber Servant and escalate it into something worse like the explosion-obsessed magus taking it the wrong way.

She was already crying. Please just... stop fighting! I wanna rest! Sobbing like a little girl in front of parents abusing each other. sorta gay if you compare it

'Course Tenryuu is free to do whatever, she was literally groveling at her feet just whining and sobbing for all of it to end. The question is: Will Tenryuu stop her Servant from counter attacking? She did just waste a Command Spell without realizing it unless it went over her head. The faded red ring on her hand should prove it leaving only two.

@Cu Chulainn

The Shogunate Demands Sweets!
Embassy of Japan - (High Rise District ~ Arc De Triomphe) → Patrolling the entirety of the High Rise District

"Well, well. You're already showing such initiative! You remind me of Monkey when I first met them. Very well, go on, go forth! I will... Nobunaga studied the area around her. It was truly high-class, something was telling her about it, bothering her, screaming at her. And because it was the Nobleman's District in a way, she walked on over to an elegant-looking garden restaurant with what seems to be high-tier French cuisine.

"...act natural and stay right here so as to not attract any attention. Good luck." Nobunaga felt right at home instantly getting used to it as she tried to read what was on the menu and for some reason... could understand it. The Grail probably crammed all this information into her head before being summoned, nonetheless she decided to order some dessert. Not sure why, probably because carbohydrates help with fighting? But then she's a Heroic Spirit and that didn't make too much sense.

Or maybe she wanted to taste something really sweet after being dead for so long?

Presented with Crème brûlée and some wine, she decided to dig in with a simple teaspoon. Waving at her Master before she continued indulging in such delightful dessert.


Demon King Nobunaga Has Invaded Your World
Embassy of Japan - (High Rise District ~ Arc De Triomphe) → Patrolling the entirety of the High Rise District

Leylines, huh?

Nobunaga had missed such a valuable calculation. She didn't know much about the magus community on her side of the World. She was too busy focused on the war that it had completely slipped her mind. Instead of admitting it like a certain King of Knights and accepting any kind of clumsiness, the Big Fool of Owari decided to dismiss her mistake and laughed almost immediately, audibly even which caught the attention of the security guard who was later minding his own business.

"But of course! Are the landmarks here not representative of that? Surely there are leylines under those big structures they made!" Speaking out of a completely random thought, her red eyes scanned the windows of glowing lights before she sat her eyes on an area where the Eiffel Tower was visible...

...well barely visible...

She walked over, opened the window and leaned out of it. Her gloved hand outstretched, fingers pointing toward it. "That looks like it could have a hidden leyline, don't you think? A big tower just showing its lights to the populace below. It's basically screaming: LOOK AT ME! I'M BRIGHT AND NAKED, TOUCH ME, CLIMB ME, LOITER ALL OVER ME!"

Completely out of random thought.

Then again Nobunaga wasn't completely wrong.

The complete fool recomposed herself, clearing her throat and turning to Nobukara with a determined smile. One that's sure to pump up an entire frontline army should she still have one.

She at least remembered leading three thousand of them at once in that one battle...

"There might even be one in this very district! I say we patrol the entire area first before we make way to the tall tower in the distance." Such is the great Nobunaga. Already preparing her sword and rifle at the ready, walking toward the elevator- to the exit- and out the nightly streets.


Stop Making Ryte's Situation Worse >=<
Latin District (Arènes de Lutèce)

A thump came from the wooden floorboards of her shabby home. The man that was carried by her Servant has died. Out of relief, she had opened her eyes slowly, only to find that the hero she expected wasn't the one who killed him.

Instead it was something much more fierce, much more dangerous... much more...


No words, no announcements. He just simply took out a "sword" and sliced his head clean off of the grasp of the wrapped man. His body writhed momentarily before it fell lifeless in the grasp of its scales. Was it over? She summoned two people? Two? With her badly decaying Circuits meant to last a month or less, she summoned two?

She opened her mouth to thank both of them only to have been stopped by another newcomer, the girl who seemed hesitant at first but showed resolve when another one arrived.

"I am Tenryuu Gensai! Face me honorably in a duel!"

She couldn't believe her luck. So was this just another test of Fate? Did this person only kill this man to get her hopes up only to shatter them with another invitation to fight?! Heartless! Cruelty! Then again, such is ignorance. She really didn't know what she was here for. With small tears in her eyes she just simply kneeled, clenched fists... as if she's holding thread.


Yes. Thread. Something similar to guerrilla tacticians whenever they wish to set up mundane traps, was it the same with her? In the darkness it was a little hard to see, especially with the moon just glaring from the hills opposite.

"...please leave me alone..." she would warn. Sobbing slightly, her Command Spells were fully exposed to Tenryuu. It was obvious she's a Master but if she had an ounce of humanity in her. She'd see that the girl herself wasn't lying and that the clenched fists could mean a crushing defeat from her. "I'm already tired of running... so please..." she had finally recovered from her speaking. Sure she hacks a rough cough from time to time and her injuries feel like they hurt way more than they look. Her golden eyes just glared straight at Tenryuu's, her balled up fists just trembling for her to at the very least heed her request.

She could only look at the Snake-Man Caster beside her who seemed to be on her side as he didn't know who the mysterious armored intruder was. all she could learn from him was that he doesn't hesitate.

At all.

@Indra @Cu Chulainn @GreenGoat

The Cinnamon Roll Has Been Saved
Latin District (Arènes de Lutèce)

"Is this...?!"

The girl found herself coughing harshly, the man finally letting go of his grip and just stood in shock at a full human being summoned from the circle.

"N-no... that's not possible! You can't summon humans!" He said in disbelief, highly unaware that what he was currently standing on was part of the battlefield of an even larger war. Call him ignorant, call him stupid. I suppose that is all what most rogue magi are capable of.

The man fires Gandr shots in the direction of the mysterious spirit (Caster). All while the homunculus covered her eyes and shut her eyes so tight that all she wanted to be bathed in was the silence and eerie peace of darkness. She didn't want to know what's going on, nor she would know what awaits her.

...she wanted all the bad stuff to end...

...all of it...


Mini Nobus Not Included
Embassy of Japan - (High Rise District ~ Arc De Triomphe)

Nobunaga blinked, the lights ever growing in the city, the last light setting and fading away in the mountains west. Out comes the beauty of night, a necessary shade that covers what's to come. She could feel her blood boiling from the fun that was about to ensue.

Of course, when her Master suggested they patrol the area, she sighed. "A double checking of the area is a sound idea. HOWEVER!" A counter-offer, by the Servant, no less. Slamming down the butt of her rifle on the marble floor to create a slight tremor no one would even bat an eye or talk about. "The thing about war, Nobukara. Is obviously to show who's out there that you're the most threatening thing to fear, to kill on this planet."

She stands up, the coat just billowing in style against her while looking down at the city below. "Did we not already tour in the morning? I have seen no one near this place yet at all and that really gets on my nerves." she looked to the people behind them, the embassy staff and the locals below. Even at night there are still some roaming around and they are still numerous. "Then again, they're not dumb enough to use these people as collateral. Even I'm not dumb enough to use them unless they are completely necessary." Yes. That would tarnish her heroic name, then again what was heroic about her in the first place? All she did was pick a fight, a bloody fight, a chaotic fight back in the Sengoku Period and back then every samurai, ninja, and shinobi wanted her head and those that worked with her. The very feeling of being hunted seemed to affect her greatly, like she had already accepted the fact that no matter what she did. She was going to get killed eventually.

That was the fun in her war after all.

"Mages such as yourself would rather live secluded or being hidden in plain sight when they summon strong Servants correct? Strong heroes?" Nobunaga walked up to her descendant. Despite the gap in age they were the same height funnily enough. "If that is the case, why don't we patrol the ENTIRE DISTRICT instead of this small borough?! No one knows we'll be in here, besides. If my guns hurt a Servant really, really badly then they're probably Greek or Roman or someone's character in fiction which makes them easier to kill! My skill is to count for that so do not worry, yes. Nothing to worry at all!"

Looks like a little bit of her disappointing nature just slipped out there. Then again, it did seem like she knows what she's doing. "If your complaint to my suggestion is sound, then it cannot be helped."


Mademoiselle In Distress
Random Paris Street → Latin District (Arènes de Lutèce)

"Ahh... where did I go wrong?"

Raspy breathing, the click and clacking of shoes against the cobblestone street. The voice of a girl being chased, her arms and legs moving all they can to evade their pursuer.

Evil chuckles, taunts. These are things that are following her. Of course it had to be at sunset in a darkened street. A perfect place to dispose of a body.

An inhuman body.

"Why is no one helping me?"

These thoughts resounded in her head, clumsily turning a corner and lost a little bit of momentum before she nearly slid. Even though the pain in her soles became apparent with that sloppy turn, she kept running... running for dear life.

"You're not escaping me that easily, you broken doll!" The man's voice grew louder, which encouraged her to run randomly, erratically. She was scared. Passing through a still-lit lamp post, it was revealed that her arms had become steel before a dark cloak shadowed it to cover distance.

"Am I going to die here?"

Her cottage was in sight, an old... abandoned... rickety cottage where a few slimes stood guard. In her native tongue, she commanded them to attack, one charge and nothing else while she entered the door in a hurry.

Slimes surround the cloaked man, spitting sprays of acid which burned his cloak. Forced to remove it, he proceeded to dispatch them one by one. The sound of being squashed rattled her so much more.

The interior of the cottage had a single summoning circle, thinking it best to try and summon a soul into one of her slimes so it could last a few minutes with the rogue magus chasing her. She unconsciously held her hand toward it, the hand with the Command Spells.

Before she could chant however...

...the door slams open.

With an "Eek!" the girl stumbles on her words and lies on the cold hard floor.

"It's over, girl. Might as well accept your fate." The man held his hand toward her, a finger gun. She didn't know what he planned with that but since he was a magus, she was sure it was probably a magic spell ready to execute her in one shot.

"I... don't want to die..."

"Huh?" The man threatened, moving closer to her before he pinned her down by the neck. The finger gun he had placed was now replaced with his hand gripping on her throat. "Speak up, lady. I want you to yell it!" The man had every right to be angry. Her sister should have just killed the wife. In her rage, she killed the husband and child who were supposedly his friend.

She choked, incoherent words from her lips as she struggled but the man showed no respite. "I... don't... want... to die... please...!"

"Yeah? That's probably what he said before your own comrade decided to burn the house down! Suffer!"

Slowly, the silver on her skin turned to flesh. The light in her eyes suddenly blurring as she gripped his arm, trying to pull it away. If it meant anything, she was pinned on the summoning circle, bruised... bleeding... something that shouldn't happen to a pretty face.

"I don't want to see darkness. I've survived this long. There's no way I want to die here... if there's anyone. Anyone at all, please. Hero or villain, it doesn't matter to me anymore!"

" hel...p m...e."


Mini Nobus Not Included
Embassy of Japan - (High Rise District ~ Arc De Triomphe)

"Yes! Truly something befitting a shogun! You've outdone yourself well for a descendant who looks almost identical to me! Follow my values and you too, will become named as a Hero of Japan like myself!" Nobunaga sounded pleased, very pleased in fact. Trudging around one more lap around the embassy's yard and halls. In fact, she's kinda jealous that something this aesthetically pleasing to the eyes didn't exist in her time. Well, no time like the present! She would say.

Of course, they're under the guise of twin sisters visiting France for eight days as Foreign Dignitaries. Whatever her Shinobi of a Master did to the man in charge, it worked under their favor.

Now she sits comfortably in the soft, plushy arm-chairs of the only known place that's still Japanese in the all-Western area that is Paris, France.

"Still, it's nice to visit one of the many Western worlds. I've adapted some of their techniques and strategies but I've never really experienced or indulged in their culture before. In fact, all of them speak a language I'm not supposed to know- yet! I suddenly know it! How convenient! Convenient indeed." Nodding in her chair, probably talking to herself. Some other dignitaries might think her passionate but a little bit crazy. "Maybe tomorrow I'd like a tour of this place. One day does not satisfy me! It doesn't at all!" Of course it doesn't... but that's just one of the things that excite her.

The real excitement is after hours, looking out the window as the lights in every French abode lights up. She smiles, almost wickedly. She knows that it's during this time... the fun starts.

"Hm. It's almost time. Nobukara, I'll allow you to choose our hunting grounds this evening."


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