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@Sosuke Alright, but be aware, that depending on his strength, we may request that he be treated as a superior servant, and as such you'd only be able to pair with a Master who picked the Superior servant buff.

He's merely the king, not the demon that people believed him as. He's not Aži Dahāka in this form, maybe as Berserker.
Then I suppose I'll reserve the Assassin of Black for now... I intend on Apping Zahhak, the Evil Persian King.
Am I allowed to take over the Red Caster or Black Assassin? Or are those strangely set in place?
Bumping since we still have open slots.
There is still one slot left in the genuine RP, barring a withdrawing from one of the players. For those of you lurking on this thread feel free to put your name forward in the RP thread.
For those of you interested but haven't put your foot forward, there is One slot left barring someone withdrawing.
A rough outline of what I currently have, I should be done by tomorrow. Really debating on a different master, however, so *shrug*. Some sections may have joke answers for the moment so ignore them if they seem off

Please let me know when you've settled on a final sheet. I'm not going to grade/review something that's not complete since I'd just have to do it again later~
How are everyone else's sheets coming along?
These look good so far. I'm going to try and get synopsis for the NPCs up soon.
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