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Current Not just depression ... I have SEVERE DEPRESSION! :D :D :D
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That feel when its ur birthday but u have no friends to do birthday things with and last year ur family forgot it was ur birthday ... wew huuraaayyy
2 yrs ago
Threw my back out today ... and I'm not even old ... wtf
2 yrs ago
Wtf shit phone don't triple post while I'm venting!!! XD I should have studied IT
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I'm not crying. My face normally leaks like this. Seriously, this isn't crying, pfft.


My claim to fame is starting the "dicks in clocks" discussion on the status bar ... and shitposting in general.

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I was out of the country and couldn't get online much ... Shame this isn't going ahead :/
Books were better than the tv show (first season at least, 2nd was significantly better than the original shitshow), but I'm game!!!
Frankenzombiepotato ... I luv it!!!

No probs mah duuude, I'm doing a few odd jobs at the mo, I'll reply in our 1x1 later actually as well, I owe Si a response for something too but if there's interest we'll find a wya to work around this rp too :)

@The Grey Dust@SilentWriter83

Hey guys will we bring this thread back since we're all still alive lol?
@DrewVonAwesome Yo dude did you for get this or whut?
@AbysmalDemon Its cool bro, I'm chill af, you can call me dude, I'm not about to pull a #triggered attack on you ... truth be told I'm incredibly unladylike so I don't blame you. Continue to assume I have HUUUGE muscles and a giant ween- whaaaaaat ... fine I won't say it, but I know you're thinking it anyway >:]
I dunno if I should be flattered or horrified ya'll remember ...
Uh ... not sure how to break it to ya after two years of having no clue but um ... @AbysmalDemon@Tyler Night I'm a girl ... and I was also a girl two years ago! You're welcome for the confusion though.

Oh, I read some of the other posts, so here goes, buckle up bitches, it's time to get sappy!!!

I was here before guildfall, after guildfall I was ... well, kind of sort of devastated to have "lost" all those old characters and stories, so I scurried away for a while, RP'd on other sites like a dirty little mistress ... but ... I crawled back to the RPG phoenix, risen from the ashes, and begged to be taken back ... And it's been great.
The funny thing about Guildfall is, looking back, I was sad but after a "break", I couldn't help but come back and it was cool to have a fresh start. In the brief time away, I decided to up my RP game when I came back. Then lots of IRL shit happened and honestly ... RPG was a great escape, I think it kept me sane in times when life and expectations tried to kill my creativity. Even though I don't RP much these days, the status bar is enough to keep me coming back.

RPG isn't just a home to stories ... it's a home for characters, and I'm not talking about OC's, I'm talking about the people who write them.

I love you bastards. Baguettes ...

Thanks for tolerating my shit.
Karpov toyed with the idea of leaving The Winter Soldier's muzzle off ... With it he was silent, deadly, anonymous. But that anonymity was somewhat lost now. Stephanie Rogers had identified him, now they could take advantage of his loss of anonymity. Ordinarily this would be a problem, but if Stephanie watched her best friends face plastered onto a killers body ... she'd hesitate, she'd slip up.

Karpov wasn't certain Stephanie would be there. They'd kept their plans tightly lipped. SHIELD would need to have vastly upgraded their hacking and intelligence departments to catch a snippet of this plan. But these days you couldn't be too careful. In the end, Karpov left the muzzle off. The Soldier was utterly compliant. Not only had he used the trigger words, but Karpov had thrown in an electroshock session in the conditioning chair, just to be safe.

Whatever parts of Bucky that were left, residues of memories and free thoughts, they'd been thoroughly burned from his brain.
He was bruised, but otherwise combat ready. The bruises didn't matter, the SOldier didn't feel pain, or at least, he didn't register it. He didn't even scream when his bones broke or cracked in the field.

Karpov stayed close to the Red Skull, and The Winter Soldier, like the ever faithful guard dog he'd been programmed to be, lingered in Karpov's shadow.
"The men are ready. Shall we begin?" Kapov asked.
Zing. Posted. I'm not sure what was happening in the Camp again with Leo so sozzles, I'll write for him next time!!

"Beats me" Letty shrugged. They were situated near the outskirts of one of the major trading routes so lots of things came and went from lots of different shelters. A crossroads of sorts. There were a couple of shelters that could be raided, Raleigh was the biggest but the supply drops usually came from a third route that was just a little farther out so Letty never worried about hitting up a convoy heading toward her brother.

Of course no one knew about that issue ... it was a closely guarded secret. No one knew anything about Letty's past life, they just knew she was the "bad-ass bitch with a robot arm". Where the arm came from and how she landed in this camp was anyones guess and she liked to keep it that way.

She kept her head down ... sort of. She kept up banter with the blokes, taking pot-shots at lurkers and seeing who ranked the most kills. She boasted when she got the most kills, got a teasing when she had an off day or someone stole her kill. When she wasn't competing in dick measuring contests with the blokes, she had her head in an engine and grease covering her overalls and elbows where the sleeves had been rolled back. There was no time to talk about home, the past, family or any of that shit. No one knew she was more than just a gun-toting, engine-fixing bitch though. No one knew she secretly studied the trade routes and supply runs. No one knew she constantly paid attention to the news from the camps, most of all Camp Raleigh in particular.

Leo's name never came up of course. Reports rarely went into detail on individuals, most certainly not a grunt like Leo. Until he found the formula for a cure, he'd remain a nobody ... but the second he figures this shit out ... ... everyone will admire him. Letty couldn't help but feel a pang in her chest when she thought about it. Leo was quiet and inauspicious. People noticed her not him, even before the arm-thing happened. She liked that no one else ever paid him attention, he was hers and she was his ... though she got more attention and had more friends as kids, he never seemed to grow jealous or mind. She was different in that sense. She didn't want the whole world to want her brother, she liked it when the whole world was just her and him but that world had disappeared too long ago ... The only consolation was that when he found a cure perhaps they'd reunite. They wouldn't be separated Greaser or Govvy, people could live together again and old wounds could be mended.

That was the funny thing about being a twin. Letty knew she'd forgive him for not running, and she knew he'd forgive her for leaving. It didn't make being apart any easier though, but no one would suspect a thing from how Letty behaved. Arrogant and sassy, she didn't show her loneliness or vulnerability. And it was hard to cover it up this time ...

The meeting continued as Antonio slipped in beside her.
"So, what'cha think s'on the truck?" he wondered, eyes sliding over to the female next to him.
Letty shrugged, "Drugs ... food maybe? Hopefully we can siphon some decent gas and salvage something useful from whatever shit-mobile they're driving". She, like the others, waited for further instruction and information.

"The convoy is coming up from the south to Raleigh..."
"Raleigh?" Letty piped up ... surprised. "We usually hit up that other bases supplies ... whats a Raleigh drop doing out here?" she asked.
"A new commander or some shit ... they'll be distracted and they'll be sloppy on a new route, it's an easy steal, too good to miss."


This was bad news. Letty couldn't sit by and let Leo's camp run out of supplies ... They had enough to get by themselves, and there would be other convoys to plunder ... they could let this one go, but how would she convince them of that?

"They'll be sloppy or twice as cautious since its a new route for them. Unless we know they'll be lapse are we really gonna risk getting shot up out there?" Letty countered.
They had routines, they knew the other routes and what to expect but this was a risk ... potentially huge payout but ... a risk was still a risk.
"Is it worth taking that chance? What exactly are they carrying?" she asked.
Perhaps she was asking too many questions this time, she was usualyl the type to sit back and make a sarcastic comment, "Shut you big-ass mouth and lets go steal some stuff already", but this time she was asking questions, planning, thinking ... It was slightly out of character for her but she was scared for Leo and let slip ... hopefully not enough to draw undue attention to the fact, but a slip was still a slip.
"Raleigh is one of the larger camps right? How d'we know they aren't gonna be packing some serious heat?"

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