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18 days ago
Current Omfg... KSI's new EP "Space" is out. I fucking love it.
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1 mo ago
Fuck school, I'm out bitches.
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1 mo ago
Like Stranded Deep? Like island survival? HATE bitch ass sharks? If you answered YES to anything, wow. You'll love this RP. Yay.…
3 mos ago
@Spud reading over last 100 statuses and Uni reminded me of your RPG Introduction post where we all posted pictures of French fries with something about eating your family under each picture.
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3 mos ago
Sometimes I hate RPing with with people who know stuff about the army or Sci-Fi because you get something wrong and look stupud in front of their post about the correct way to use antimatter.


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What´s the status?

Still going. Finishing CS, but issues going on ATM.
It looks good to me. Unless Keldeo has something to say, feel free to drop Rick off in the CS tab once the OOC drops.
<Snipped quote by AlShayatin>

He? I am a lady! Haha. My character is going to be female though. :)

By the way, apologies for not having a character up yet. At work and won't get off till late.

Haha, no worries. It would be completely unfair to expect you to have one when mine isn't even up yet.
@AbysmalDemon Alright then, hope he´ll gets some kind of psycho as his character. Who will you rock? A typical king pin?

Well my secondary character is going to be Donny when he's needed, and I'm going to be honest. He'll be psycho enough if Whispers decides not to make that type of character.

But for my main character I'm going to do a younger character. He's struggling to keep up and support not only himself but his sick mother. He finds ordinary jobs and even small crime isn't enough to live a stable life, so he turns to Donny to help him out with something on a larger scale.
@AlShayatin It would be @HushedWhispers.

My CS will be out tonight.
@AlShayatin Looks good! Move him over!
Hi! I have an interest check for a Harry Potter RP I'm doing. I saw hippogryph in your name so I already knew we had another HP fan in the guild!
@Polaris North I figured, since you didn't mention it, but just in case you were ^^

@PrincePierce No, not at all, we'll always be accepting... unless it reaches an ungodly amount which seems unlikely but who knows.
If you're all subbed, a PSA. @Polaris North mostly because I didn't include this in the reply.

If you'd like to make a CS for one of the Three "main characters", essentially the humans that come to the Pokémon world, please note that it must be non-legendary/mythical and base (non-evolved) Pokémon.
@Lady Selune Thank you, looks good. Feel free to move adrian over.

(Going to add skills to the CS :P)

EDIT: Could you add "Current Issues/Conflicts:" to your CS. Once you do that move it over, I trust you.
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