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Celina saw the attack coming towards the group, but was unable to move much right now cause of the damage she took. It was then that Mia pulled her downwards and helped her dodge and healed her. She looked towards Jason that was taken control by that ghost. She frowned as she tried to see anything she could do, but feeling a bit of pain still after what happened. She looked at Jason. “We need….to possibly have him freeze or washed up and stop that heat... or attack with anything from a distance.” She managed to say before giving off going and using her art magic and making small wing snakes form in the air and send them to Jason, going to make them bite onto him and coil around his arms and legs, aiming not to kill but to damage and try to weaken him a bit for the group. Celina knew she had to be careful on her next move, considering that if she ends up targeted by fire, it could be bad for her.
When she saw what Trevor did, the ghost yelled out in pain, trying to move to get away, feeling the electricity that was happening there. Celina saw what happen with Trevor… and how the knife was stuck on his arm. She seriously had enough of this. Enough of the pain this ghost was causing by using her body. She tried her best to make the ghost have issues keeping control of her body. It was then that Jason hit, using his blazing hands and upper cutting her very hard. She felt a lot of her slime just evaporates from her as she then falls onto the floor. She used a lot of her will to make sure to retake control of her body.. Well.. part of her body. It was then that the ghost left her body, feeling that he could not do much with her anymore. Celina tried to get up, but was extremely wobbly right now as she cough hard, shaking. At least that god dang thing was out of her body now, but who would be the next one to have their body taken. That is what worried her right now. She just hoped that somehow she could help in the next fight possibly.
When Celes finally woke up, she was greeted by a fight against that crazy arcanine that the group was trying to find…. And him going to going and trying to strike Spruce. She looked at the arcanine mad as she then uses her light chains and try to grab the legs of the arcanine and pull as hard as possible to make him fall and try to possibly use force to throw him onto the ground. “Leave him alone you big slobbering baboon!” she then yell out at the arcanine, visibly mad to have been taken up by a jerk like that. She was not letting go of the legs right now, that for sure. They had a job to bring him back… even If they needed to bring him back by force.

Eralion listened to what Bonnie said about the mission and them going back to the mansion… wait… really? Going back to that accursed place again? He looked at Bonnie, hearing her confidence and seeing that it was the conkeldurr that we would need to go and deal with. He stayed calm as he then cracks his knuckles and his neck a bit. “If we are going back... then we should get ready and bring anything we will need for the fight. It might end up being though and there might be traps… so let us be careful here.” He then said calmly to the group. To beat the living hell of that jerk that works for Bonnie’s father… that will be gratifying enough of a reward.

As the ghost saw that Mia dodged the attack, it was annoyed by the resistance that was being given in this body. It could not really attack that well if that resistance kept going. Celina on the other hand, didn’t give up and tried her best to slow down that ghost, trying her best to make sure that the group would not end up hurt… It was then that she saw literally everyone going to dog pile her body… Why the heck use physical attacks when they know she is a slime… That is until Jason and his heat got to her as she was slammed onto the ground. The slam didn’t really hurt… the heat did. The ghost gave a scream at the heat before using the slime and pushing hard Jason back… Then came Shaula’s fist that hit the jaw when the ghost got up. That… didn’t do much.. At all. Celina’s face just had that fist form at her head… before suddenly kicking Shaula back and then using Celina’s magic to make 2 knifes 1 at each hand. While that happen, it felt Trevors punch... Before turning around and with agile movement start trying to slash at Trevor’s arms with the new knives.
Celes had been awake for a while during the night in this cold weather… She didn’t want Spruce to end up having issues… She stayed close to him, before thinking a bit. Some pokemons could end up causing lot of issues to them while they sleep. She looked at the snow… before starting to work, aiming on making a couple of snow mounts around her and Spruce, using her ribbons to do this. She kept working for a while, making sure that they would be safe. She then went and stayed close to Spruce, hugging him with her ribbons after making sure that there was no more snow, making sure to keep him warm during the night…
The next morning she woke up before making sure that Spruce was ok. Sometimes she felt like it would have been more bearable for him probably if she was a flareon instead… but then she remembered how this form could help a lot here.

Eralion woke up the next morning, yawning a bit and stretching his arms. He looked around at the group, smiling a bit, remembering yesterday. That was one dang criminal taken cared of at least. Now there was Bonnie’s father that the group would need to go and deal with. This… will probably not be that easy. But there was one thing that came to mind… if he was a dark type also now cause of his actions… then god knows how much pain he was going to end up with if Eralion could get a good hit on him. Especially if he kept his normal type also... but that was another thing.
Celina saw what was happening… seeing that everyone was having difficulty with the small dragon swarm... She hated it... She could not help the group right now… seeing just the damage that was happening. It was then that the ghost saw that the entire group was focus on healing more than anything. He then gave a smile before seeing what Jason was doing. Celina knew where that was going… Suddenly the ghost started to form the fireball and engulf her own body in fire and then jumping quickly straight towards Mia at full speed... well... it would have been full speed… but Celina herself tried her best to take a bit of control back, having her body ending up going slower as if her body was being stretch and taking some air, hoping that this would end up giving enough time for Mia to escape that attack. The ghost was a bit annoyed that Celina slowed the body down a bit there. She knew she would need to try and keep going with this… to try to make her own attacks weaker here in any way possible.
Celes frowned as she heard Spruce getting cold. Being a grass type, he probably was getting lot of issues with the cold here. She just moved forwards and just stayed near him, trying to go and warm him up, trying to make sure he would be ok. “I guess we could get some sleep, but please do stay very close to me. “ she said before going and helping him to make the fire, using some sticks and trying to rub them quickly to start the fire. It was then that she heard something coming towards then. She raised her ears, on her guard. “We are not alone.. something coming… I am not sure what it is.” She then said before looking towards the direction where the sound was coming from, making sure to stay close to Spruce as she look forwards. She was getting worried here. What was coming near them... This could be very bad considering how Spruce was feeling right now. She just hoped that she could go and deal with the thing and help Spruce here.
When Celina saw that the ghost was finally beaten, she let out a sigh of relief… before seeing the ghost going straight at her! She did not expect it at the moment and she suddenly was losing possession of her body! She tried to fight it, trying to figure out anything. The ghost then feels the body. “Strange… and what type of magic… uhm. Art… let’s see…” the ghost then says before then starting to draw some small dragons, trying to be quick and making a lot of them to then send them straight towards the group right now to try to damage them as best as he could, having them go and bite them and trying to bite hard to do a lot of damage. Celina just saw this and was very worried right now about all this. She wished she could go and take back control of her body right now… wishing that she could do something to help the group.
Celina though about all this. “We need to knock him out!” she says before thinking, remembering the move that Trevor did before on the door and what she copied. Considering all this, she probably would need to try something different then that, but maybe similar. She breathe deeply before forcing her arms onto the ground and moving back, taking her distance before then sending herself flying like a slingshot into the air and spin quickly forwards, letting her slime move very rapidly as she rolls like a ball. She wanted to cannonball that ghost right now, hoping that this would work, hoping to really do a lot of damage and get him to leave Trevor’s body. She didn’t want this to continue. Never know... Maybe this would surprise the ghost, make him lose focus or something and get hit really hard. She just really hoped this would work, cause god knows that it was not going to be easy at all to deal with Trevor’s lightning right now.
Celes give a soft sighed as she then perk her ears up, trying to hear where Barry might be. She moved forwards, listening. "For a guy that kept screaming about Barry before... he sure is silent now." she then said to Spruce, moving forwards, staying close to Spruce as she kept searching. She though about it a bit more. "Once we find him though.. he might end up trying to fight up considering how crazy he is so... we best be ready for him." she then adds as she looks at the ice type around here. At least they weren't all trying to attack, cause that would be bad and it would also waste some time on finding that guy. So the goal right now... find orange with black stripes in a place of snow. Should be easy, right? Well with the area they neeeded to search.. not really.

Eralion breath deeply once Tini let go. He shiver a bit. "Just... be careful... alright? You got much stronger now." he then says to him as he then gives a yawn. "Well.. you heard Bonnie.. sleep time." he says before giving a large yawn. "And we will really need to get some rest. Never know what mission we will get next." he then says calmly before going to head to sleep, tired right now, looking at the group of pokemon, seeing the saladite, aron and the gible. He just kept going, just staying calm. He didn't want to end up having any pheromones affect him right now, that is for sure. He just went to his bed and started drifting off to sleep a bit, before noticing that Bonnie was having issues sleeping. He raised his head a bit. "What wrong Bonnie? Something bothering you?" he then said
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