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I'm potentially interested- are we using DnD 3.5 stuff as you mentioned in the OP? I'm most familiar with 5e but I could take a dive into 5e, especially for a concept like this.
I shall be keeping an eye on this RP for one openings are available, I look forward to it!

I am still wondering about the allowing of more antagonistic characters given it's specified in the OOC all main characters need to be part of the guild. Is this suggesting the antagonists would still be part of the guild or simply not main characters?
I'm interested, working on a CS.

I'm currently thinking of a plague doctor-esque character that has control over disease-both in terms of healing it and using it as a weapon against his enemies. Would this classify him as using a forbidden ability if this was used though, which I assume would mean he isnt allowed as a main character given he'd be unable to be part of the guild?

@The Harbinger of Ferocity I was planning to return after my exams had finished, however now I'm looking at this RP again I can already feel my interest has died. I apologise but I will be stepping out of this RP.
I shall begin to approach the area from which I can hear the sound of water. As I approach I will take care to watch for any potential predatory animals ...or humans.
Oh also, are we going in under the assumption that if you major or minor in a school of magic you have access to most/all of the spells in that school?
Fairly interested in this, thinking of making a vampire necromancer/illusionist. Would necromancy be fine falling under the umbrella of Conjuration? And would you have it work how it does mechanically in Oblivion with literally summoning the dead from thin air or reanimating corpses like in Skyrim?

Also how old is the maximum for a vampire? I'd want to set him up so he was active for a little while before joining the worm cult then leaving and spending a few years independent before joining the mercenary company. Also the whole plot of most the people he knew being old or dead sounds fun to play around with.
Whatever terror sunk my ship could still be near the coast, it is best I take what I can and head further inland.
Sorry about the slow reply, I've been having a busy week.
What more can I do? It is best I rest for a time and then begin to plan my next move.
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