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@Kho yeah a collab sounds good although I need to do my collab with darkwolf and possibly cyclone first so there's no rush.

Also yeah imps are currently entirely physical until Gremju or someone teaches them how to use their innate chaos magic.
@Kho aye most likely, the imps aren't really warmongers but they won't turn down a chance to cause some mischief. Honestly I could see the imps getting along with the races, the lot of them are mischievous little beasts. When civilizations start popping up Gremju will probably start pushing imps to wander between towns to either annoy or put on a show for the residents, perhaps a few of the sullied would like to join the imp caravans,eh?
I was planning to wait a while before I made my imps but this seemed like a decent enough opportunity. Also I'm giving Gremju the title imp father because it sounds kinda neat. also moar stuff about imps in creations, no OP abilities just an attunement with chaotic magic really
Gremju the Challenger

Gremju had returned to the center of the Plains of Madness to ponder how else to breathe life into his little slice of Galbar before he had sensed the presence of one of the other Gods enter the Plains of Madness,perhaps they were having a look around to see what the others had made? He was afraid he would be a disappointment in that regard, his sastuk dwelled far from his own realm and his crystal root trees were only the beginning of his creations.

He arrived too late. His visitor had already left it had seemed, now he was near their original position he recognized the Deity in question had been Kap Gam. One of his crystal root tress were missing. It did not take long for Gremju to realize that she was not happy with the imp. The fact she had stolen one of his crystal root trees also implied to intended to destroy the rest of them, or change them. Now he couldn't have that just yet. At that moment Gremju burst into a fit of laughter, the challenger had been challenged already; he had not intended this to happen as quickly as it had but oh well he should probably devise some kind of defense for his shiny new creation. Frankly he couldn't think of a better time to introduce his own little race to the world.

Gremju quickly made his way to the largest crystal root tree that currently lived in the Plains of Madness, it was in the north a small distance from the ocean. Gremju began easing chaotic souls from the tree and began grafting bodies from his own power and the blackened soil of the plains. They were small creatures only rarely reaching his form's full height (which is about 5') with leathery skin that varied in color from black,grey,brown,green and even white or purple on rare occasions. The creatures had sharp claws and teeth with small bat-like wings on their backs. They were not useful for flight but could allow the creatures to glide from heights and to blow the dirt of the plains into the eyes of attackers. Gremju also infused his new creations with a basic territorial attachment to the crystal root trees, they would sleep and raise their young in these trees until the Challenger had a further use for them.

After designing his new 'imps' as he had named them, he placed 4 groups of them near the largest crystal root trees in the Plains of Madness where they would ideally spread out as their populations grew and act as primitive defenders for other trees which would serve as a home, a food source and a a birthplace (both of their souls and their physical forms). These creatures would be of no use if Kap Gam personally tried to uproot his creations again but at that point he would intervene directly, even if that sounded incredibly boring to Gremju it would have to be done. With that the imp father took a step back and watched his creations develop and survive in the harsh conditions of the Plains of Madness.

The Challenger too, shall be challenged."

Maniacal laughter
btw people who I've asked for collab or asked me (so darkwolf and cyclone) just PM me on discord or the guild when you're up for it, if I'm online odds are I'll reply pretty soon.

not a@ing anyone because this is hardly an announcement to them I'm just posting something but I don't want to waste my might on stuff before I sort these out
@darkwolf687 sounds good, I could build up a a little swarm of my piranhas to challenge your creations or something...maybe some whirlpools..hmmm
@darkwolf687 Do you want to do a collab with me? I'm thinking Gremju shares the secret of his crystals that I don't think anyone else will know. Also he'd like to make a race with Orfai that has his lust for knowledge and has Gremju's love of having fun/existing.

Also er I have a plan to set a great challenge if Kiko's feast is going to be a thing so I hope Gremju is invited :V. of course Gremju hasn't done any planning for it IC yet as that would be metagaming and metagaming is bad
Okay I made my own weird ass form of Ley that will double as a sort of food source for the ecosystem in the Plain's of Madness Which hopefully I will finish over the next two turns or so and just randomly throw stuff in from there

But yeah basically they're trees that have Ley (that is what we're calling them right?) fungus infused with chaotic energy from the crystals they grow on in the centre. Then these produce spores which float out of openings in the bark and will either get taken by the wind and hopefully land on another deposit of crystals or just fall on the dead soil and wait to be eaten by a creature. Eating the spores can cause madness in mortals that aren't adapted to eating them.
Gremju the Challenger

Gremju was bored,plain and simple. After the other God's had began departing from Lei's fortress he had returned to the plains of madness to relax for a time,a few hours maybe. Those few hours had turned into about a day now. What? Existing heavy work, could you really blame him for taking some time to enjoy his freshly desolated home. Oh. That was the issue. His home was boring.

Gremju stretched on the great mound of crystals found in the centre of the Plains before lazily rolling off the pile, landing in the dark dirt with a thud. He hoped nobody saw that but frankly he wasn't feeling massively energetic at that moment. The very environment he created presented a challenge, the land itself was dead. What nutrients that were in the soil to begin with had been vaporized when Gremju transformed the plains to his liking. He still had his Grem crystals however... After having this thought the imp deity scattered some of his borrowed fungus onto one of the smaller crystal deposits close the impact site of the largest collection of the mineral and began to weave his magic. The spores multiplied rapidly up into a tall and wide figure,growing over the crystals and taking on their glow. Next a great thick bark covered most of it with small gaps allowing for the light and new spores to flow out of and onto the land. These great 'trees' would serve to protect the Grem deposits while they were supplied with energy to function. Any mortal foolish enough to consume any of the tree would be sent into a madness, the shafts in the bark also allowed new spores to flow out and settle across the land and cover the surrounding area in a thin layer of purple fungi. These trees would only take form on Grem crystals of course and any future creatures he created could feast off the excess spores created, of course he'd design his own creations to not be driven mad by the spores or he'd never get things going on these plains.

Smug about his newest creation, Gremju dubbed them Crystal Root trees and spent the next while placing the spores of them on the larger crystal deposits of the Plains of Madness.

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