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Apologies for briefly disappearing, I was caught up in some stressful life stuff along with a merry helping of college work. It may return but hopefully I'll have time to make some brief posts here on occasion from now on.
Perhaps this chest contains something of use? I will attempt to remove with the aid of any sufficiently large metal fragments from the ship assuming it is still keeping the chest closed, if not I shall proceed to eagerly open the chest.
I'll jump in soon, but I'm gonna get wait until y'all get going again to see where everything is before I drop in.
There we go I've made my contribution, I trust nobody has an issue with us playing a sailor or a drowned man. If so I apologise
I embrace the endless waves of lies and truth in my mind and then push them away, I push them to the outside with the icy thoughts of my old memories, whatever they may have been, to merge with the black inky abyss. I am a man of the sea now, it is right I am surrounded by the shadowy abyss and the endless torrents of the unknown.
I see theres something of a hold on the main plot so I think I'll take this opportunity to state my intent to jump in soon. Just wondering what the thoughts are on me making a cult leader who has basically made a religion based around the fire fens, If y'all dont mind I'd like to figure out where my cult leader and his minions fit in before I start posting, although some kind of deal because making deals with cults that worship fires they think are produced by demons and shit is an evil thing to do with the BBEG is what I'm thinking rn if there are no issues with that.

Also I'm aware low fantasy so no cult magic, especially this early in. I thought instead I'd have my guy and his minions just basically be drugged up, use poisons/acids and sneaky tactics to make up for the fact their equipment is trash compared to the others.
Alright I've been busy dealing with some stuff involving my phone dying and college but I'm here now, seems like we're going to have to try and manifest ourself before anything else.
Still interested although I'm curious as to what the exact setting of the RP will be? And the way this has been described makes it seem as though all the players are in control of the same character, which is completely fine by me I just want to make sure My sleep deprived mind isn't reading it wrong.

Part of me is liking the potential of this turning into a kind of weird meta horror where the character becomes aware they're being dragged around on different directions by different individual forces but I'm not sure that's exactly the desired theme here.
The Lycan Covenant

Vlath paused for the moment as his lycan warriors stood, ready for war. Despite his militias new weaponry and the aid of the void champions, he was uncertain a direct conflict was the wisest way to victory, yet the voidcaller had a plan. Vlad turned to one of the warriors to his left and quickly said "You there, to Seagard quickly! Instruct the bloodfang warriors to fortify the walls and to be ready for an assault! Tell them if they themselves are not attacked and these heathens begin to cross the bridge they must strike them in the rear! Move quickly now, with the speed of the gods in your step!" before quickly making a short blessing for the warriors quick travel and turning his attention to the rest of the warriors.

"Brothers and Sisters, our foe has revealed themselves! They wish to purge us and our gods from this new world! They do not understand our Gods are all the holds back a tide of destruction from the deep! We must destroy them for the sake of not only our Gods but for our new home! If the heathens begin to assault Seagard then we shall rush them from behind and obliterate their ranks! If they are so foolish as to cross the bridge the champions of the Gods shall tear them apart and we shall claim those that manage to cross themselves! Come, prepare yourselves at the river crossing and prepare for slaughter!" as he finished his speech Vlath hobbled his way to the water, he was unsure how the Champions of the Void would respond to conditional commands so instead he opted to wait before he requested for them to rise.

If the Rhinomen began to assault Seagard he would order them to rise up and join his forces on the flank from the rear. If the Rhinos attempted to cut the bridge connecting them to the other side he would request they rise up and destroy whatever was attempting to cut them off while he and his forces swarmed across the bridge.

All while this happened Vlath prayed for the speed of the lycan soldier so that his plan would work, these creatures were clearly more powerful physically than lycans but whether they possessed their cunning was yet to be seen.

Potentially interested, I'd like to make my character more based in the Vale Underworld as opposed to a huntsman if that's alright?
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