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@Jasper19 People still okay to jump in?
In Hivemind 3 yrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay
An underground strike is an excellent strategy however I believe to maximize its effectiveness we should have a 'dummy' army approach the wasp nest from the surface to draw the wasps attention before the true attack beings.

Also, we should send scouts to the area to the north of the wasp hive to see if there are any areas of strategic importance.
In Hivemind 3 yrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Our priority should be to prevent the current beetle population from learning how they were brought into the colony. Ideally, any remnants of the previous colony should be eradicated, however, if we are unable to successfully track and destroy them we should ensure our own population will not question us. If any beetle begins questioning how it was that their species entered the colony they should be told a tale of how their old colony struggled to survive and was starving before us who mercifully supplied them with vast amounts of berries. Emphasis should then be placed on the greedy few who took some of our generous aid and fled to try and create a second doomed colony. Ensuring the subjected beetle population views the rogue population as an enemy will greatly reduce the odds of them rising up in rebellion against us.

Strategy concept for dealing with tree bound hives- an even larger drone equipped with huge sharp mandibles that can work in groups to gnaw away at the base of trees.
In Hivemind 3 yrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Perhaps the wood of the trees could serve as a useful material to fill the bottom of the pools? It could also be used as part of the previously mentioned 'gate' once the materials are coated. Order a contingent of workers to begin collecting branches and bark for this task and have them transported to the river-side hive.
In Hivemind 3 yrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay
The development of a worker strain more adept at surviving in the conditions of the marsh, perhaps a form with longer legs and wider feet that will allow it to 'skid' across the water for easier access to resources and escape from predators.
In Hivemind 3 yrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Perhaps it is time to begin diverging Princes into different categories. At present they seem to serve as breeders, scientists, generals,and in the future spies.
In Hivemind 3 yrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay
We now have a perfect slave race tasked to suit a variety of purposes, whether that be testing, research or a new caste of warriors. It should be our duty to unite all under the Hive.

Now we have control of their females we have control of the race, we should capture as many of the females as possible and raise the young as part of the colony. Better for beetles to die than our own warriors.
In Hivemind 3 yrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Captive beetles may be useful for future testing. Their language must be deciphered so we may be prepared for their fall and assimilation. Such a feat will also allow for a better understanding of their tactics.

Drones supporting groups of warriors to subdue beetles may be effective.
In Hivemind 3 yrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Perhaps for future protection, the colony can be expanded into the trees themselves? They offer greater protection from the elements and often bear fruit that may be used to feed the colony.
In Hivemind 3 yrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Increased mental faculties of Princes should be a priority, perhaps an even greater boost in their lifespan would also be beneficial? More experienced Princes will be more competent.

Perhaps the negotiation of resources with the bees could be offered? Access to protected berry bushes in exchange for honey and wax?
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