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Saitou Izo

Izo looked upon the unfolding scenario with disdain. He could have attempted to help with the gunshot wound but that had already been attended to by those more able and willing. Instead he watched as several members of the group made speeches to try and formulate a plan and raise moral, their voices were weak as was their spirit in his eyes. Already one of the students had left and another pair seemed to be about to break into a fight.

The robed student laughed. Well, it was less of a laugh and more of a single rapid exhalation of breath from his mouth. [color=f7976a]"If it is true that we were all friends at one point, a part of me cannot help but feel sad knowing that within the week one of us will have killed another." he paused for a moment as he considered how to word his reasoning for such a conclusion "Look at us, we are putty in that bear creatures hands. It merely told us it's intentions and we have began to fall into hate and malice ourselves.Not that I am surprised of course,many of you seem to have resolves of glass." the ultimate fanatic finished speaking without any real change in his somewhat disturbed expression but a surge of somewhat strangely familiar dread began to settle in his mind. He would die here. The other fools would play this bear's game and kill each other for the slim chance of survival but he would not. He would stand strong in his resolve against whatever powers had placed him here to break his will and die if he must, he would not give in to this twisted creature's demands nor would he end the life of a being that showed favor with the divine-as all people of their skill did in his eyes.

As he thought on his inevitable fate Izo Saitou began to move backwards,fidgeting with one of his many iron rings as he did, assuming nobody interrupted him after several steps he would turn and return to the spot he had awoken.
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fuck you.

Die in hellfire.
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wait what about this was gushing

This is gushing.

well this is wholesome.
Ah right I see the problem here, I doubt fel and light blessed worgen would woork out well....or it could create and interesting situation where the champion starts losing his mind as he starts wielding fel power and has to seek out a replacement for the light. Hell maybe the Legion promises it to him in return for his continued service.

I'll back off for now and let other people develop their factions though, but if someone decides to play the Legion I think I could potentially make it work, assuming we assume the Light works in that way as opposed to the character instantly going back to his feral state the moment he uses fel.
I mean unless people have an issue with my guy having an arc outside his faction my guy could start off with you guys as a druid or something. Maybe a mage.
Been keeping my eye on this for awhile, wasnt sure if I'm able to commit to a nation but I may be able to play a 'hero'. We okay to make custom heroes? Kinda like the idea of playing some kind of legion or scourge servant would prefer to be a worgen warlock but cant think of any particular reason worgens would even be sentient never mind using fel yet
Y'know I should really add in Vuldur's racial abilities..
@Ciaran Rolled an 18 for initiative.
Saitou Izo

Izo paused in confusion as the strange bear appeared before them, after the brief moment of confusion he listened carefully to the bears words as he tried to understand what his situation was. This was still a kidnapping but the kidnappers were not expecting a ransom, they wanted blood. But why not kill them when they were unconscious? This was madness, Izo stood in a shocked silence for several seconds as he processed and pondered the many questions entering his mind. This was clearly not a ruse at this point, this was real. Why were they still alive at all?

Saitou's questions only increased as he was supplied a device with everything he knew about himself. After examining the device briefly he placed it in the pocket of his habit and strode to the front of the group, disregarding the other 'questions' and standing face to face with the strange bear creature,he glared at the thing. He asked their captor "Why are we here? Why did you not merely slit our throats if you wished us dead, dropping us in this camp-site merely gives us more opportunity to slip from your grasp." Several other questions came to the Fanatics mind but he was fairly certain others would ask them for him once they cleared their heads.Perhaps he should of been more fearful of the bear in this situation but given the bear's attitude it seemed fairly clear it had no intention of killing them itself....for some ungodly reason.
Weird post there because I missed the last round of posting so sorta trying to play catch up without messing things up so I just put a conditional part on the last sentence. Sorry about missing that I was sorting out work and university stuff.
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