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Current Welp, I finally replaced my old laptop. I needed an upgrade, and it broke last week, lol.
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I'm back, but I'm VERY tired.
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Going to be gone for a few days, sorry, all!
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Okay, I've got some time off during the summer. In other words, I'm back, baby!
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Welp, starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be going back to college to finish up what I started. I might end up posting less often as a result.
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I'm sorry to inform everyone that this problem is persisting. I can't figure out what to make my character do, right now... it may be best to skip me, this round.
Also... @Kamen Evie, when you have time.
So, anyways... @Ridlins, @Gavin, @Kabling, @ZombieMagikarp, @Zaphander, and @Lucius Cypher can all still post.
I've got just a bit of writer's block for this RP, at the moment... sorry.
Thankfully, with everyone else's attacks, the golem broke apart, leaving behind some coins that Trevor couldn't get a good look at at this moment. He was still absurdly dizzy, and he was also still in some serious pain from the golem's attack, however, he soon felt someone, or something healing him. Trevor tried to turn around to see them, but the room was still spinning... soon enough, however, he heard Mia's voice telling him to remain calm as the vines stopped him from moving while they healed him. It... wasn't exactly Trevor's favorite way of healing, since he hated being unable to move, but it was certainly effective, and the pain left him pretty soon after they stopped him, and soon after that, the world stopped spinning, again, and Trevor picked up the silver coin that the golem left behind. "Silver, huh? Do you think it's worth ten of the copper ones, or...?" Trevor wondered out loud as he put the coin away in his pocket. He then remembered "Oh, right, the wall," and he performed his spinning attack, yet again, this time on the giant wall, and... he seemed to break through, since he found himself in a new room where there was actual sunlight! Well, okay, it was shining through some sort of glass roof that revealed that wherever we were, there was nothing but snow for miles around on the surface. Trevor then looked around, and noticed that this place was full of crops, some rotten due to not being picked in time, some wilting due to a lack of attention, but... some of them were still doing well enough. It seems like they made that glass roof so this place could act as their greenhouse... shame that they had to put up that wall thanks to a certain ghostly visitor. Trevor thought as he made his way through the greenhouse, and towards yet another cave entrance... one that had a bunch of signs around it, and a knocked out, robed phoenix nearby... at least, Trevor ASSUMED he was just knocked out, and not dead, but he was the furthest thing from a doctor, so he had no idea.
Yes, I'll post soonish.
Oops, and @Ridlins
@Zaphander, @Gavin, @Lucius Cypher, @Kamen Evie, and @Kabling can all still post.

The ride there could have been better... it might have just been Trevor's slight hatred for being unable to move, but it didn't exactly sit right with him. Fortunately, it was short, and the group quickly found themselves on a farm, with a group of pokemon who didn't seem too welcoming, at first. Trevor tried his best to say something, anything that might help, but he found that his words had escaped him, and on top of that, the others have already said most, if not all of what he was going to say, himself. So... it's been raining for two weeks, huh? That's kind of odd. Not entirely unnatural, but not exactly normal either. Trevor thought as he looked around at the other pokemon, unable to really say anything, unfortunately. It seemed to be much more safe here than in the cave, just so long as they provided for themselves, since the constant rain was having a negative effect on their crops, and thus, their food supply, and they already had quite a number of mouths to feed, as is. Trevor then remembered that he had a bunch of berries that he might be able to plant here, and since these pokemon were farmers, they'd most likely know how to make sure they grow, but, while he was showing them in his hand, he still found himself unable to really say anything to them, for some odd reason.

Kyurem managed to pull off another blizzard while our guard was down, and that did quite a bit of damage to me, however, I wasn't quite done yet, as I used dragonbreath a few times, dealing some more damage as the others kept piling on their damage, as well... soon enough, Kyurem fell, and with a sigh of relief, so did I. After I woke up from my quick nap, I overheard Kyurem and Reshiram talking about something... I decided to just let them talk, and after a short talk, reshiram seemed to vanish, and kyurem seemed to change. "WAIT, WHA-" was all I managed to say before the... er... two(?) of them disappeared... a strange light filled the cave, and it seemed to have defrosted, along with the town. "Huh... hey, Josh... we did it... we saved Keira, not to mention the rest of the village," I said as I headed out of the place... the town seemed lively, and it was somehow oddly warm, despite being this far up north. Various pokemon of various types moved around, some confused, some happy, and Devon seemed to teleport a very specific horsea right in front of Josh... I decided to not listen in on their conversation, and I headed off to talk to the others. For some reason, Reshiram was back, and Kyurem was back in his normal form... did... did they somehow merge, or something? Nah, they couldn't have merged... pokemon can't do that. I thought as I just sort of moved around explaining what was going on to everyone. That was just about when I saw a weird-looking charmeleon talking to Kyurem... said charmeleon then pointed to the cave, which seemed to be getting eaten up by some sort of weird portal... what in the world was going on?


Just as I had thought, Celes was always there to point me in the right direction. I chuckled at this, and just started heading back to that cold, dark forest... somehow, we were able to just go there, this time, and I looked around for any sort of clues that an arcanine was here recently. While I was looking, I noticed some scratch marks in the trees, a few sets of glowing, red eyes in the darkness, and a few black hairs lying around. "OH SHOOT! CELES! WATCH OUT! IT'S AN AMBUSH!" I shouted as the five or so sneasel jumped from their trees to try to attack her... thankfully, I managed to get her out of the way with my vines, but even so... that was close. The five enemy pokemon then turned to look at us, and they all glared, angrily. A few of them used ice shard, two aiming for me, and one aiming for Celes, and while I took SOME damage, it wasn't too bad. I then attacked one of them with a simple, but perfected vine whip, almost knocking it out right then and there. The other two seemed to be too busy trying to prepare their attacks to actually attack, yet, giving Celes the perfect opportunity to just knock one of them out.


I tried my best to say something in response to what Rebecca said, but I was still busy biting the dragonite, at least, until it just sort of... flopped over from the poison. I then turned my attention towards the hydreigon, who managed to use another 'Calm Mind' while the salamence decided to use 'Dragon Dance'... did these two REALLY have to increase their stats to fight us? Honestly, at this point, it seemed like a waste of a turn, or two. Rebecca's move hit the two of them, and somehow, the hydreigon was still conscious. I ran over to it and used Flash Tackle, lighting up the room, again, and revealing a sign on the next door that reads 'DANGER' as well as some other words that I couldn't really read in the short time the move lit up the area. The hydreigon tried to attack, but, it seems like my move somehow made him flinch, leaving just the salamence to try to use dragon claw on Dexter, of course, I figured that wasn't going to go over very well with Rebecca around. I then tried to think about what they could be hiding behind that door that might be dangerous, even to them... and then it hit me... those potions that had a 'piece of Missingno.'... that could hold the source of that... if not the beast, itself, then a large, duplicating fragment of it... and if it can just duplicate... we can't very well just leave it to infest our world, can we?


While Eralion was too slow to save Tini, his attack proved to be more than enough to finish off the gallade... thank goodness... and, oddly enough, it seemed like Tini was about ready to evolve, too. I ignored the shining light that was Tini, and used my badge to teleport us all back to the guild, along with the knocked out gallade. The officers took him away, and handed us a hefty reward for his capture, stating that he was in league with a ring of killers, and was among the most wanted pokemon in the world, right now. I just smiled at this reward, since it was enough to buy almost any TM from the shop, whether or not the shopkeeper actually liked us, and I asked "So... does anyone have any ideas on what we should spend all of this money on?" I didn't have too many ideas, and Tini might have still been evolving, so I was mainly asking Eralion, though, I was still smiling ear to ear about all of this. Maybe we could just make a living doing this, I mean, we knew of at least one more criminal just like him, so this was likely going to double, maybe even triple if I could get strong enough to bring my father in.


The swampert continued to go on and on about things when, out of nowhere, a wigglytuff showed up, and sat on the guildmaster's chair... odd. "Uh... sir... that chair is for the guildmaster, only," I said to the wigglytuff, who responded with "Yup, that's why I'm sitting here! It's my special chair!" I seemed confused for a moment, and the wigglytuff looked around in his chair... "See? I even know where the special Perfect Apple pocket is, it HAS to be my chair," he said as he pulled out a shiny, giant-sized apple, which he proceeded to balance on his head. I was about to ask a few more questions when one of the other guildmembers barged in, and started talking to the wigglytuff as if HE were the guildmaster. Were we just... wrong? I looked over to the team, a cutiefly, two aron, and a gible who said something about not joining, which had me ask "Wait, why? You'd be able to catch even more criminals like that Hudson guy, and stop others from doing what he did to you," the cutiefly then introduced herself, and I tried my best to imitate a bow while I said "I'm Magma, one of the new recruits into this guild... so new that I might have gotten tricked by a fake guildmaster... er... nice to meet you, ma'am," I then noticed everyone else talking to the wigglytuff, and after a few orders from said wigglytuff, it seemed like order was restored in the guild... so... THEY were the guildmaster... er.... welp.
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