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Current Welp, I finally replaced my old laptop. I needed an upgrade, and it broke last week, lol.
11 mos ago
I'm back, but I'm VERY tired.
11 mos ago
Going to be gone for a few days, sorry, all!
11 mos ago
Okay, I've got some time off during the summer. In other words, I'm back, baby!
2 yrs ago
Welp, starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be going back to college to finish up what I started. I might end up posting less often as a result.
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The victim of the bandit attack came to, and asked about their parents and where they came from... the others didn't seem to be coming up with anything, and as much as Trevor hated having to do it, he had to lie. "Hello Wendy, I'm Trevor, and me and my friends here are orphans. We were all abandoned here, and told to wait, but I don't think anyone's coming back," while it was true that they were technically without parents in this world, they did have a bit more knowledge than the average child did. Trevor even answered the other question with some honesty, simply stating "We've been here since yesterday morning," even if he knew that the pelliper wouldn't buy the truth, and would call them crazy, Trevor still felt absolutely HORRIBLE about telling that lie. He then waited to see what Wendy would say in return, and, despite having to lie, Trevor still felt reassured by the fact that they saved the correct pokemon in this situation.
Well, it'll be a bit before they move, so if you want to head in, you could say you'd like to join a team to the swampert who is currently in the guildmaster's room, or something.
Well, there's a relatively new team in the (currently chaotic) Wally's guild. They consist of a Salandit, a Gible, and two Aron.
As long as nobody else has a problem, you're in.

Also, the 'character' tab in this RP is an absolute mess, lol.
I guess I'll let him have ONE TM move, given that his character's backstory has them as a former part of a similar organization to the guilds. I can only assume the character made some money, and for some reason, used it on a safeguard TM.
Hang on... I think I messed up in that case.
Yup, you'd have to start off as a cutiefly.

EDIT: And you'd probably start off with up to Stun Spore on cutiefly's moveset.
EDIT! Sorry, but you gotta start off unevolved.
Yeah, we're kinda waiting on you and a few others to post, lol.

The two murkrow who were awake either got knocked out, or were flying away, giving Trevor some time to notice that the bird they were protecting was ALSO knocked out. Well, he didn't want to use it too quickly, but they DID literally have the medicine for that, a single revive, back in the cave. "Uh... I'll be back, guys!" Trevor said to his friends who were still probably going to fight the sleeping murkrow before heading into the cave to search for the revive Celina found yesterday. It took a bit of searching, but, eventually, he found it. The small, yellow rhombus-shaped medicine, and he kinda knew how it might work. Trevor rushed out of the cave, revive in hand, and he tried his best to use it on the pelliper, who was knocked out, and wasn't going to be much help, otherwise. From what Trevor saw in its beak, specifically the letters, Trevor figured out that he was on a delivery when the group of murkrow bandits tried to ambush and overwhelm him. One could try to argue that the pelliper was the bandit, but... not many people would have a reason to just steal personal letters... that isn't to say there IS no reason, but Trevor could only guess that actual addresses weren't really a thing in this world, thus, not much could be gained from stealing a letter.
Just a note for people in Spruce's group who are currently following Anthony... that crystal Kyurem has is a void crystal, one of the macguffins we're looking for.
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