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Current I might join that RP, @Ampharosboy.
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@Crimson Raven if time is zero in that equasion, I think you'd just get the stasis rune from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
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Welp, I finally replaced my old laptop. I needed an upgrade, and it broke last week, lol.
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I'm back, but I'm VERY tired.
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Going to be gone for a few days, sorry, all!


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@shadow dragon, @Gavin, @Ridlins... all of you can and probably should post. Please do.
@Ridlins, so... how's that going for you? Lol.
Man, I can't wait for @Kamen Evie and @Ridlins's posts.

Rebecca seemed to want to head towards the door, and considering the situation we were in, I simply nodded and followed her as she teleported there, and opened the door, revealing a small room with a somewhat broken glass container that seemed to have some weird... stuff... that looked like it came from the THING we saw, earlier. The container was marked 'MISSINGNO. CHUNK #02' with a yellow label, and despite its surroundings, the label and the text on it looked relatively new. Our client seemed to follow us in and he was stunned, and speechless. "Th-they... have... THAT!?" I blurted out, after which, a familiar group consisting of a mudkip, snivy, and bulbasaur ran into the room, and past us due to some sort of super speed. "So... this is the treasure you were trying to get to, huh?" the snivy asked with his usual smug smile. However, before I could tell them something to the effect of 'wait, no!' or 'don't touch that!', they all went right for it... the weird substance seemed to flow into them as if it were a fluid, and it seemed to... corrupt them, somehow. Chunks of them were colored strangely, pieces of them seemed to blink in and out of existence, and once in a while, they seemed to be replaced with other things... or even pieces of a thing, or worse, pieces of multiple things that don't even physically connect to each other. The snivy, if you can still call it that, seemed to speak to the other two before teleporting away with what used to be a bulbasaur, leaving behind the... 'mudkip'... for lack of a better word to apparently deal with us, as the thing tried to attack me with... something? I had no idea what hit me, but it felt sharp, and it felt icy, somehow.


It seemed like they were on the fence, but before I could tell them anything else, a sunflora named Sally showed up and assumed we were new recruits... much like everyone else seemed to assume. It seemed like everyone else was just about ready to head to the rooms, and that felt like a good place to discuss everything, so, agreeing, I said "Yeah, let's head there, and plan things out... I... really hope you want to join with me. It's not going to be easy doing this on my own," Sally seemed oblivious to us as she talked on and on about 'more newbies' and how 'these ones will stay! I know it!', and oddly enough, she started almost every sentence with the words 'oh my gosh!' or some variant of that. The rooms weren't too far from the guildmaster's room, and they seemed nice. Ours had four beds that looked comfy enough, and four bags that seemed to almost be full, already. Each bag also had a gleaming, white badge on it with the guild's symbol in the middle. I wasn't entirely sure what the badges did, but from what I've seen, these things were absolutely MAGICAL, they sometimes spoke to their owners, and let them teleport both themselves and other pokemon away to who-knows-where. It wasn't easy for me to hide my excitement as I ran up to one of the bags and tried to see what it had... disappointingly, it only had some berries, including a couple that I would probably never have to use, though, there also seemed to be an odd ribbon or bow, and a map that seemed to be mostly fog for some reason. The only places that weren't foggy on the map were Birchwood forest, the town and guild, and the northern volcano... where I previously lived. Thinking that this was some sort of clue that I was a wild pokemon, I stashed the map and tried to make sure that nobody else saw its contents, after which, I asked "So... what did you want to talk about? Erm... any concerns? As I said, I'm going to join, a-and I'd like it if you could, too,"


After our display of strength, most of the ambush seemed to flee, leaving just one guy behind. That one guy decided to use sucker punch on me, dealing a bit of damage, and causing me to just counter with a vine whip, which has since become an oddly powerful move, and which he couldn't exactly take. "So... with that distraction out of the way, where do you think that arcanine might have gone? I'd look for tracks, but the constant snow in this place would probably have covered them by now," I point out to Celes, who was the one who made them flee with her intimidation. The place seemed to have a bunch of ice types running around, but we both knew that there was at least one insane arcanine in this place, still. I tried to look around, but, unfortunately, found no luck. I tried to listen for anything unusual, maybe a random shout of "BARRY!" from him, but again, nothing... where could he be? Why would he want to avoid us? Did he think we were the police? Then again, considering the state of this world, we might as well have been police... so... maybe that's why he was hiding from us.


Since it seemed like Josh didn't have anything to say, I considered the mission complete, and used the badge's teleport function to FINALLY teleport back to Wally's guild. That was certainly a long mission, and I was looking forward to something a bit more straightforward this time. As I headed back to the rooms, I looked around, having missed the old place in the time I was gone. The warmth, the safety, heck, even the other guildmembers. I slid across the wooden floors, thankful that it wasn't snow, ice, or super-heated metal for once, and went right to my bed, which seemed oddly unchanged during the time my team was gone. "Well... I'm glad we did that, but if you don't mind, I'd REALLY like to be able to come back to the guild tomorrow, too, heh," I said to Josh as he most likely went to sleep, something I would really like to do, myself. Maybe tomorrow, he'll get to talk to his newly-rescued girlfriend some more, and maybe we'll find the location of another orb, too.


Tini finally let go, and started hugging himself, finally letting both Eralion and I breathe. "Whew... er, I mean, thanks, Tini... hey, it's been a long day, maybe we should get some rest for tomorrow. Who knows what that might hold, right?" I then tell Tini and Eralion as I head down to the rooms. I ended up passing by a familiar-looking sligoo, and a new group of pokemon, one that consisted of a female salandit, a male aron, and a male gible... and I shook my head as I heard them talking. That salandit probably just used her allure to force those two poor pokemon to work for her... sure, I occasionally used attract, but only to stop enemies, not force my friends to form a team with me. Using something like that on one's own friends, or even complete strangers to try to get them to do things like that was low, not as low as her father, but still low. Soon enough, I found my room among the others, and somehow, it still had a few bits of shed skin here and there from when William first changed... poor fool hasn't been the same since. That bit of nasty, shed skin also reminded me of another... a treecko who got us into trouble by nearly burning down the plains... and eventually just... wandered off, never to be seen again. I wonder if we'll ever figure out where that treecko went after he left my team... and didn't that sligoo team used to also have a combee in it? Odd... I thought as I tried to get some sleep, though, remembering those few pokemon who I'd likely never see again was kind of keeping me up at night.
Uh... Ridlins said to skip him, but I'm having a bit of writer's block. I should post tomorrow... or, at least, I'll try.
Lol... in any case, I was about to post, but it seems like @Ridlins still hasn't posted. I'll give him the rest of today, and then I'll post on my own. Sorry, but I'd like to get this going, again.
The hammer did more damage than the ghost probably wanted it to, but he seemed more impressed at the flaming swords, even if they seemed... a bit less effective than the hammer. As he blocked the attack with his wrists, he commented "Say... you... do realize what you've done, right? Typically, one would require a rune to do such a thing, but you seemed to do it naturally. You probably would have made a fine squire if I were still alive," the ghost then looked around while he muttered "Now where is my weapon...?" as if he didn't quite realize that I didn't exactly come with one of those. His attention then turned towards Shaula once she shouted about 'emitters', and asked "Ore... what? Emitters? What in the universe are you talking about, madam?" this, on top of the confusion from not having a weapon seemed to make him miss his opportunity to attack, and even caused him to miss the ring of light that was surrounding Mia and some of the allies who were near her. He just kept shaking his head, going from asking where his weapon might be to muttering about how he's never heard of oregone in all of his years. Meanwhile, Trevor was still trying to force the ghost out from the inside, though, something told him that it wasn't going to happen until someone beat him up, unfortunately, since that also meant Trevor would get beat up, as well. Hang in there, team... and I think I'm starting to figure out how everyone actually works as one... Shaula's the distraction, Mia's the healer, Celina's a back-row mage, and both Jason and I are the front-liners... if she just keeps messing with him, he might never even get a turn. Trevor thought as he kept trying to regain his body... to... no obvious effect.
I will post either today, or tomorrow... I'm a little tired, today, though. Didn't get to sleep until 2 AM.
@Gavin, do you still want to post, or should I just continue? Erm... sorry, everyone, I've been a bit busy. College will do that to you.
I know I am. We're waiting on @Gavin, but he's busy with school.
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