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Current Welp, I finally replaced my old laptop. I needed an upgrade, and it broke last week, lol.
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I'm back, but I'm VERY tired.
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Going to be gone for a few days, sorry, all!
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Okay, I've got some time off during the summer. In other words, I'm back, baby!
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Welp, starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be going back to college to finish up what I started. I might end up posting less often as a result.
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I was just thinking that Gren would follow you guys. He’s here for adventure after all and chasing after a bad guy Wurmple sounds like the bee’s knees. You can go ahead and post.

Uh, yeah... one thing. Magma's a salandit... and NOT a slugma.
Just a note, @Shadow Dragon, while we're fighting, at least, it should be one post per person between the GM's posts, okay?
The wind picked up, and thunder boomed as Ravi climbed up the tree. Trevor was just about to ask him to do that, er, again, but it seems like he already got the memo. Ravi was getting close to the nest, and was climbing oddly quickly for someone who was slowed down by the cold. "Come on, you can do it!" Trevor cheered, though, he was almost certain Ravi was too involved with his task to notice... Trevor then kept a lookout for any larger birds that might try to... honestly rightfully... defend their young from the invader. Sure, in the games, all pokemon more or less ate the same stuff, just basic berries that healed status effects, healed health, or did nothing of value in a pokemon battle, but it was much more likely that a snake would eat an egg than a watmel berry, considering the fact that ALL snakes were carnivores in the real world... or, at least, the ones Trevor was familiar with, and, while other options might have been available, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, as the saying goes. Trevor kept his lookout, and assumed that Vi was doing the same, though, he wouldn't be too surprised if she was just goofing off, considering the few things he'd gathered about her, up to this point. Trevor was prepared to shout at Ravi if he saw anything, but, considering the rain, it seemed a bit... unlikely that he'd see anything, even if they were approaching, but at least the thunder finally woke him up, so, there was that, at least.

There are probably some, yes, and those warped, semi-human bodies might give a certain bunch of bad apples some bad ideas.

HOWEVER, there are none of those in the area where Jason and Trevor are at the moment, and the reason why will be revealed later.
Things... seem to have gotten a bit out of hand, though, it seemed like this was going to happen if he kept Jason around the newly introduced conspiracy nut-case named Shaula. Mia introduced herself, and even showed us a bit of what she can do, something involving plants, and apparently healing while Celina did the same as she introduced herself, showing off that she, too, can draw things into existence. It was around that time that Trevor noticed the ghostly, snakelike dragon that floated around, nearby, his eyes a piercing yellow color... though, thankfully, Trevor heeded his words and tried to look away before anything happened to him. Let's see... we've got quite a few people here, but... I need to know how many are going to come with me. It... seems like, like it or not, I'll have to head through that portal. Of course, I could always check with my arm to see if it leads to space, since THAT would just be awful. Trevor thought as he tried to explain a few things. He started off by saying "Yes, as far as I'm aware, we all used to be human. I'm also pretty sure that lizard people weren't ever secretly in control of our government, or something," to Shaula, later pointing out "Yeah, I think magic is most certainly a 'thing', now. It wasn't, before this, but hey, I can shoot lightning, and probably breathe fire now, so... I'm not complaining," to the shadowy dragon. Trevor then took a deep breath to try to calm his nerves, and said "I'm not sure where this goes, but it's where the thieves went, so... I'm heading in. Anyone in this group is free to follow, or stick around, and either way, good luck," after that, he checked the portal with his left hand and arm, and it didn't feel cold enough to be space, so, he jumped through...

On the other side of the portal seemed to be a bunch of underground hallways, and rooms, arranged in a way where most people would get lost, and worse, it was dark. Whatever lurked here either didn't need light, or was hindered by it, but Trevor still needed it to see. In desperation, Trevor tried his best to breathe fire, and somehow, he actually managed to light the place up for a bit as a stream of fire went from his open mouth... only to illuminate a spider that was at LEAST four feet tall, and whose fangs seemed to drip with venom, despite its hulking size, at least, for an arthropod.
Did anyone die when the meteor exploded, or were they all transformed?

Quite a few people died off, either from the chaos, or just from what was intended to be a transformation. Very young, and very old people tended to not survive.
Just after the fight, a group of people, or, rather, creatures just decided to crowd around Trevor... it started with a phoenix, who had a few questions that were easy enough to answer. Trevor answered them in order, and as calmly as possible "Yeah, I guess I DO have magic, but... er... I didn't do that with your wings. That was entirely you... I think," the phoenix then pointed out the raptor-looking blob, and the minty green dragon who stood on all fours. Neither of them looked hostile, as of right now, so when the phoenix approached them, wings and eyes burning, Trevor tried to tell him to keep calm, and he even answered for them "It seems like one of them is some sort of... slime creature, while the other is a dragon, like me, but, er, quadrupedal," soon after that, a shadowy figure joined them... some sort of eastern dragon... ghost... thing who apparently didn't know what he was, at all... Trevor was suspicious of him for a bit, but then someone made completely out of water appeared with... a muffin. They were threatening the group with a half-eaten muffin. She, as it seems like the water creature was female... somehow, called it an 'Oregon emitter', but she pronounced the state's name wrong, and not only that, but she called Trevor a lizard man before throwing a rock at him, and threatening to burn him with... with the muffin... this made Trevor turn around, tilt his head, and approach the clearly insane woman, asking "How is that thing supposed to launch an entire STATE at me? That just doesn't make any sense, not even in THIS new world," Trevor then remembered her calling the guys 'demons'... and assumed she was referring to the hooded people who were here, earlier, and he just LAUGHED at that. "Come on, I was FIGHTING those thieves... and yes, they were thieves, NOT demons. Don't put me in the same group as them... but, I suppose to get rid of some of the confusion that's clouding this group, maybe we should introduce ourselves. My name's Trevor, and um... if you're asking about my job... yeah, I was going to have one, but, er, the meteor said 'no', I guess," he then turned to the phoenix next to him, making a gesture that implied he was the next to introduce himself.
@Lugia I'll admit maybe I'm missing something. But Ravi wasn't flung in the air. But a twig nearby him.

Edited, and you were correct, it was twigs, not Ravi, that was flung into the air.
Trevor stopped in his tracks to watch as, for no adequately explained reason, twigs near Ravi seemed to just jump up into the air. Whether he got an explanation or not, once that was over, he said "So... I just saw something up there. Not sure how you'd feel about eating some random bird eggs, but that might help stave off hunger, and, of course, failing that, the nest itself is made of relatively dry twigs, so we could bring that back for some kindling," after that, he took a look at the group... Hm... Ravi's probably the best choice for this, at the moment... snakes are good at climbing trees, and Vi might get blown away. after that thought, he asked Ravi "Hey, Ravi, mind climbing that tree for us? I'm sure you can pull that off, but uh... if you don't want to, I could try" he then simply waited for Ravi's response as he tried to make sure nothing was going to ambush us... of course, Trevor didn't feel the best about the bird pokemon, let alone what might happen if the egg's parents decide to come back, but... he almost felt like this had to be done... there was almost nothing else in this place, for some reason, save for whatever Lance saw when he ventured out of the cave before us.

I like the idea, but... what other magic does he have? Lol... as a shadow, he can have up to three total.
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