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Current Well, @Truant, I believe what's wrong with you is in the name... your ability is Truant, you only get to act every other turn.
5 mos ago
@Ampharos Boy, I guess that means you're going to get cave adaptation by the time this whole thing is done, and you'll vomit as soon as you leave your house, lol.
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8 mos ago
You ever read one of your RPs from years ago and just laugh at how bad it is?
9 mos ago
Dragons vs unicorns, huh? I'm horribly biased in this case 'cause I HATE horses, so... dragons.
10 mos ago
I might join that RP, @Ampharosboy.
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He's been gone for a while, but I saw him pop in a few days ago... so... it's possible that he MIGHT post? Maybe?
Alright, so, @Riddles, @Shadow Dragon, and @Gavin still need to post.
"Th-thanks Mia," Trevor managed to say as she started to heal him up, after that, a barrage of weapons seemed to appear, with each of them being on fire, and all of them flying towards a party member. Trevor took the weapon that was supposed to attack him, just fine, and before Mia's could hit her, he got in the way, taking that attack, too. It... still hurt. It wasn't so much the 'fire' part that hurt, but the 'weapon' part, and that's when Trevor noticed that Jason was focused on Shaula... who may or may not be able to take the attacks. Hmm... if he's that distracted... maybe I could use that against him. I'll have to have Shaula healed up, later, but this should work out, well. Trevor thought as he rushed over towards Jason, eventually flying up into the air, just to slam down with his fist, trying to undercut him, as best as he can... he then tried to follow that up with a quick left hook, but... that's when he realized that the knife left his left arm weaker than his right arm, so, it wasn't going to do as much damage as it really should have, unfortunately. "Guys, he's distracted... um... try to beat him down while Shaula takes the attacks... we'll, uh, heal her, later," Trevor explained to his group, hoping that the ghost wouldn't take that into consideration, and hoping that the ghost was too distracted by Shaula to care.
Yours, and Ridlins'.
A shame it had to end, but, if you don't have the motivation for it, why continue, I guess?
Trevor's punch didn't seem to be too effective, and worse, Celina seemed to counter by driving knives in his left arm... strangely, she didn't let go of the knives, and that gave him a bit of an idea as Jason closed in. The knives were metallic, and it's been confirmed that Celina was weak to electricity, so, all Trevor had to do was use his own lightning magic on the knives that were stuck in him. The aftermath of that seemed to keep one of the two knives stuck in his arm and scratching his bone while Celina most likely jumped backwards from the pain and pulled out the other knife. Trevor tried to take out the remaining knife, but it was stuck in there pretty badly, and even once it was out, it would probably have a negative effect on him. "Agh... son of a..." Trevor mumbled as he backed away from Celina and kept trying to pull out the knife, each try only managing to hurt him, his muscles, and his bone even more. Worse still was the fact that he seemed to be using quite a bit of his magic, already, and both he and Jason were probably going to have to rely on physical attacks soon enough... not only that, but the reason that it was hard to pull out was the fact that his own lightning magic closed his wound as it hit him for some reason. Sure, normally that would be helpful, but uh, not when there's still a chef's knife stuck in your arm.
I was going to wait on @Gavin, but I guess that's just not happening... I'll post on Thursday, whether or not he posts.
Ampere seemed to take notice that Carla was looking around for something. "Did you find anything yet?" He asked her as he decided to try to look for himself, taking the angle at which the harpoons were stuck in the world into account as he also decided to run behind the malformed burger before it was too late. The remaining skysquid was no longer a threat, as it was very clearly running away, but whoever was shooting these exploding harpoons at the party, THAT was the threat, now... even if they provided Ampere with exactly the right kind of ammunition to destroy one of them, earlier, he highly doubted that was intentional. Maybe they wanted to kill the skysquid as well and harvest it for... whatever usable, marketable parts it might have had, or maybe they were always aiming at the party, wanting them dead for having the gall to disturb the original skysquid's slumber. Whatever the case, it was pretty clear that they weren't actually on the party's side, despite accidentally helping said party not too long ago.
That works for me.
It seemed like Nick Nacks, or, rather the Penta Posse had the right idea... hide behind something you don't care to lose as these red hot harpoons seemed to explode one after the other... but, what was unlikely going to be unfortunate for him, Ampere had... a different idea. An idea that could end one of two ways, with him getting exploded, or him throwing something that explodes right in one of the squids' eyes. He ran up to the nearest harpoon, used the extra strength from his gloves to pull it out of the ground, and then tossed it right towards the left skysquid, hoping to hit it, and hoping that he was quick enough that it didn't just explode in his hand. The burger monster that Ampere was standing next to seemed to be pleading for someone to kill it... but unfortunately, Ampere couldn't take that request, since it was being used as cover by one of his allies, and killing it would leave that ally vulnerable. "Kill... m... e..." it tried to plead, but, of course, said plea would fall on deaf ears, this time... maybe once everyone was out of battle, he'd be more willing to listen, but... its continued existence was still necessary... as painful as it clearly was at this point.
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