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Current Welp, starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be going back to college to finish up what I started. I might end up posting less often as a result.
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Contrary to my avatar... ... okay, if ANYONE actually thought I was a gryphon, you need to get your head checked, lol.
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Wait a minute... cheese, bread, and wine? Multimind, you might have caught the French Virus!
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Now loading inane comment... 1% complete.
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I'm back, baby.
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I'll post either today, or tomorrow... sorry for making you guys wait.
Well, I'm glad to hear that you're doing okay.
I will post eventually... college and stuff's going on, sorry.
We're waiting on @Lavulman, and @Kabling, right now.
I'm still just waiting for others to post... unless it's my turn to post, again.
Anyways, I posted.
Trevor Smithee

Medburn Guild

Trevor started to leave, but then he heard someone explain to him that they needed to stay together to survive... he turned around to see that togepi, Celina, he recalled, and he smiled for a bit, and asked "'d really let me on your team? I... I'll be honest with you... I... I'm not very brave, or strong... i-in fact, I'm probably the last guy you should send anywhere remotely dangerous, a-and I even h-have a fear of fairies... a-are you really sure you want me weighing you down?" Trevor then felt his left wing get dislocated, again, and this time, he couldn't help but shout "OW!" though, thankfully, he managed to NOT use screech, this time. I'm... still not one hundred percent sure about this whole... adventure thing. I'm probably going to encounter a fairy, and once I do that, it's only a matter of time before run away, or... possibly... die... Trevor shivered at the thought of being killed by a fairy in real life, and he landed... weird, considering how much he enjoyed flying, and how well-adapted his body WAS to continual flight, but it became less weird when you consider the fact that his wing was in serious pain. There was also the fact that, due to not wanting to annoy anyone, it was unlikely that Trevor would actually tell anyone about this.

The guild seemed oddly emptier than it was, at least, until a group of somehow similar, yet certainly distinct pokemon entered and vented some of their frustrations to the guldmaster, all while trying to get him to work with someone else... some wigglytuff off in some place called 'Treasure Town'. Trevor would have flown in a bit closer, but his hurt wing stopped him from doing so for just long enough for their conversation to finish... once he was at the guildmaster, though, he asked, in a very quiet voice "Uuum... m-mister g-guildmaster... c-can I, er, I mean... my friends and I... st-start a uh... team? I... uh... don't have any ideas for the name of it, th-though..." Trevor then mentally prepared himself for the rejection that he was certain would follow... even if, in reality, he would probably get accepted into the guild.


Outside Medburn Guild -> Medburn Hospital

He was ready to fight the horse, and the horse just walked away... Ember was completely flabbergasted by this. A "legendary" pokemon refusing a challenge? From a common pokemon from the outskirts? At first, Ember chalked it up to him being intimidating, and the horse hearing about his exploits at Quake Path, but then the arrogant water type said that Ember was just endangering himself. ME endangering MYself!? I think I know what I'm doing! I'VE COMPLETED QUAKE PATH SO MANY TIMES, THE POKEMON RUN FROM ME! Ember thought he shouted that... but he was just too confused to actually do that, instead, that response ended up just in his own head. Ember then finally snapped back to reality, his opponent was getting away, and he could use quick attack to try to catch up... but, by the time he thought of that, the blue horse had already ran off somewhere. Rage started building up in Ember as he tried to think of more things he could have said, but then he remembered a certain accomplice that he left lying in the hospital, and he looked around for some flowers, and spotted a few yellow, cup-shaped ones growing next to a nearby building. He didn't want to lose his accomplice, and he figured from her voice that she was, well, a she... and females tended to like colorful plants, right?

Ember plucked a few of them from the ground, and carried them over to the hospital in his mouth, their bitter taste getting on his nerves somewhat as he ran there. Once he got to the place, he saw some monkey and a small elephant talking to each other, the nurse, and his accomplice, still lying in bed. Ember placed the flowers where she could see them, and he said "See? I told you I would be quick... er, it didn't turn out like I planned, but I thought about the team thing a bit more, and I think it's a great, no, a GLORIOUS idea! We should do that, so we could have easier access to mystery dungeons, and grow EVER MORE POWERFUL... er, and help others, too, I guess..." Ember then thought of his team's name, though, nothing he thought of really sounded good, unfortunately, but at least once he's joined, he'd be able to figure out where that blue horse is even MORE easily... that's how that worked, right? All guild members were always aware of where the other guild members, and allied legendary pokemon were, right?
Nah, I'll post if I have to.
I think... you should start playing as Abysmal's character, since he's somewhat important to the plot, and all. Just make sure you let him know who his character met, what his character thinks of them, and what his character said and did if he comes back.
Nope. Just keep my OOC post in mind for future posts.
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