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7 mos ago
Current Welp, starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be going back to college to finish up what I started. I might end up posting less often as a result.
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10 mos ago
Contrary to my avatar... ... okay, if ANYONE actually thought I was a gryphon, you need to get your head checked, lol.
10 mos ago
Wait a minute... cheese, bread, and wine? Multimind, you might have caught the French Virus!
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10 mos ago
Now loading inane comment... 1% complete.
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1 yr ago
I'm back, baby.
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Hm? Oh, shoot... I've been waiting on someone else, though.
That's pretty good, keep it up, Ridlins.
The void is certainly still there.
It should be, at this point... but... you shouldn't know who took them, or why.
1. Anarchy... most of the guild is throwing around bidoof, while the others are eating through the guild's food storage... Charlie's locked in the guildmaster's office, and won't come out until he's back safe and sound.

2. It might be visible from there.

3. Yup, he's still doing fine.

4. I don't think so.
There's that... and the fact that the guildmaster is currently missing.
I was going to post, but Kabling has to post, first.
So, uh... how's that going for you, Lavul?
Just so you know, I actually flipped a coin to see whether or not Ember found that frosslass pretty. It landed on heads, so yeah, lol.
Trevor Smithee

Medburn Guild - Training room

It seemed like everyone was doing a good job of using their moves, even Lachlan, who was having trouble with doing that, earlier, at least, until everyone started worrying about Trevor, and just stopped. They all wanted him to get himself healed up, and he wanted to tell them no, but... they were right. If anything, getting out of here, and healing that wing would get them to stop worrying about Trevor, if only for a bit. "Y-yeah... anyone know where the hospital is? They DO have hospitals in this world, right?" Trevor asked his teammates, as if they'd actually know. He then awkwardly walked away from the room, and tried asking the other guildmembers, hoping someone would know where that place is. Trevor's wing stopped hurting, and started just feeling completely numb, which wasn't really a good sign, but he tried to keep a smile on his face whenever he spoke to someone else, for reasons that only he could figure out. Once he was pointed in what he assumed was the right direction, Trecor ran out of the guild, and towards the place... only to find that his new body wasn't exactly built for running, and end up falling on his face. Once he got up from that, he sighed, and just walked there... slowly. Whether or not they were telling the truth, Trevor had no idea, he was just following whatever directions he was given, at this point.


Medburn Plaza

Ember simply nodded in response to Eira's, well, response that 'at least he has parents', even though he wanted to go on another rant about how strict his mother was, he decided against it, at least, for now. In the meantime, he continued following her and the small elephant to her home, and it was apparent that staying behind other pokemon was something that Ember wasn't used to, not even in the slightest. Soon enough, Eira knocked on the door, and her mother, a frosslass answered. Ember was completely stunned She's... GORGEOUS! Why didn't Eira ever tell me!? Ember thought as he just stood there, at the entrance to her house. He... didn't even listen to anything that was being said at the time, and was just focused on pretty much everything else. To the outside viewer, it would look as if he was just spacing out, or was asleep with his eyes open, but that wasn't entirely the case. Eventually, Ember managed to finally say something "YES! Company! I'm the company in this case, miss, um..." Ember then started stumbling over his words, and took a few steps inside of Eira's house... finally.
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