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Current Welp, I finally replaced my old laptop. I needed an upgrade, and it broke last week, lol.
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I'm back, but I'm VERY tired.
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Going to be gone for a few days, sorry, all!
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Okay, I've got some time off during the summer. In other words, I'm back, baby!
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Welp, starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be going back to college to finish up what I started. I might end up posting less often as a result.
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Soon enough, the rest of the runes were snatched up by everyone... but Mia... then again, she didn't have much in the way of offensive magic skills as it was, and not to mention the fact that she already knew how to heal the party... a couple of them tried out their new powers, their attacks splitting off into five or six parts at once, though, Trevor could only assumed these attacks cost a bit more of their magic to use like that. Maria then answered Jason's question with "Well... I got them from the artifacters. They found a bunch of them just... strewn around after that meteor almost hit, and they've been studying how to mass-produce the things for their own people," Trevor seemed to think about that for a moment before finally continuing onward to a seemingly empty room with a sizable chunk of the artifact that was used to somehow stop the meteor... the body and one of the heads was still intact, and just sitting on a rock next to a portal out of here. Surely it won't be this easy... Trevor thought as he headed towards the artifact, only to be stopped by some sort of magical barrier. "Who's there? Who wishes to take the artifact?" A voice called out from elsewhere in the room. Trevor didn't respond, and it kept talking "Whoever you are... you won't JUST be getting it... my magic wall will see to it... no... you'll need to do a test, first," after that, a large ghostly dragon appeared in the center of the room. Trevor tried to attack the thing with both light and fire magic, but that didn't seem to work... he then tried to punch it, and that did about as much as you'd expect punching a ghost to to. "Violent one, aren't we? Well... you'll get nowhere if someone here doesn't lend me a body," the ghost explained, later asking "Would anyone like to volunteer?" to the rest of the room.
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With Devon's help, I eventually made it out of the icy cave, and into the... actually really warm city where Josh was trying his best to hug Keira. I made my way over to him, and said "You know, it's a good thing we got that other team to help us... sheesh, I don't think we'd be able to take on Reshiram or Kyurem on our own, and... hey, one more orb thingy down, two to go, right?" Keira seemed confused at the term 'orb thingy', but I left it up to Josh to explain it. Devon then wandered around town, introducing himself to everyone there while Daniel just sat perched on a street lamp, apparently comfy up on there, and it finally hit me... we can finally take a break, can't we? I smiled at that thought and just headed over to one of the buildings, and simply entered it. Inside that building was an F-shaped unown, and a crystal ball sitting on a table with a purple tablecloth... the unown seemed to be trying to get me to stand on the opposite side of the table, even saying things like "A hero like you... it would be an honor to see into your future..." and "I won't even charge, this time... please... let me see..." and... eventually, I decided to play along with it, standing on the other side of the table, across from the unown, who seemed to focus on something... soon enough, after a bit of mumbling and general psychic phrases, it eventually said "Ah... you should be careful who you trust, young dragon... one of your teammates... someone you don't think would ever betray you... will do exactly that... one among you will betray you in the end... but who? I cannot say, for even I have limits," well, that wasn't a very heartwarming reading, now was it? I didn't want to believe him, and I just headed out while he did his best impression of a smile and said "I wish you the best of luck! See you some other time, I hope!" and I soon rejoined Josh, and once I got there, I just... shook my head.


Thankfully, I managed to take the hit just fine, and Celes even managed to blast the sneasel with moonblast, knocking it out, and scaring the others, a bit. She then suggested we show them who they just decided to mess with, and I simply responded "Right," before I attacked one of them with void whip, knocking that one out, albeit with a critical hit... the others then tried to attack all at once, all of them trying to use beat up to capitalize on their superior numbers, but, given what type Celes was, if I could take that sort of beating, then she was doing just fine with it... given that the move would not be very effective on her... heck, I even managed to leech seed everyone who used beat up on me without them knowing, and the seeds immediately took effect, giving me back some of the health I lost from them just... ganging up on me over and over again. "Oh, well... would you look at that? It seems like it's our turn, again," I said to them, which only served to intimidate them even more. A couple of them even just decided to run away from that, but, of course, there were still plenty more, unfortunately. Between the ambush, and the cold, I honestly wished that this mission could be over much, much sooner, but, of course, that wasn't going to be the case... we had to be here for even longer... of course, the fewer their numbers, the easier it was to get more of them to flee, but even then, we had to work our way to where they'd just all flee from us, first.


It seemed as if Dexter caught yet another dragon by his teeth, but only after the thing nearly one-shot him with its attack. It then tried its best to get rid of Dexter, either via flying around the place, or trying to smash him into one of the metal walls of this place, and, while I wanted to help defeat either the salamence, or the hydreigon, Dexter needed more help... and not necessarily with that. I looked around in my bag, and eventually found a single Oran Berry sitting there among the status healing berries, and after taking it out, I shouted "Dexter! Over here! Catch!" I then tried to toss the berry over to him, but unfortunately, the salamence ALSO heard me, and they seemed to want the berry, too. The hydreigon then tried to use flamethrower on Rebecca, however, I got in the way, since I knew she was more important... but... ow... yup, it really hurt... like... REALLY hurt. In fact, I was probably screaming due to being on fire, but still... at least we still had our room-clearing fairy. After the flames died down, I noticed the salamence get hit with a metal, cube-shaped object that seemed to hit them right between the eyes, dealing a lot of damage, and even confusing them... good... maybe now, Dexter can get that berry... speaking of, I noticed that a LOT of the skin under my fur was charcoal-black after that, which can only mean that I got a residual burn from that flamethrower attack... thankfully, the guild loves providing new recruits with a set of berries to heal anything, so I took the blue, bitter, rawst berry, and eventually managing to get the nasty thing down my throat. Once that was done, the burn seemed to go away. That was when I remembered that Rebecca asked me something, and I responded "Well... not so much an idea, but... um... I saw that the door behind that hydreigon read 'Danger', and it seemed to have a picture of that... THING on it... I... I think they're keeping either it, or a large chunk of it behind there," I answered, though, that probably wasn't what she was hoping to hear.


It seemed like the more... vicious of the two aron was willing to join, but neither the gible, nor the other aron seemed to want to, unfortunately, and I could see why. Once they headed out, I headed out with them, and I tried to convince them with "Look... I know everything kind of got off on the wrong foot, back there, but can't we give it a chance, at least? If they don't improve, and if we don't like it, then the three of us can just leave, okay?" while I was asking them to join, I was apparently 'using' my pheromones without even knowing it. Had I known, though, I certainly would have tried to stop myself from doing that, since I didn't want to use them to force pokemon to do things that they didn't want to. Of course, just from heading out, I noticed just how much calmer the guild seemed to be... everyone was apologizing to the bidoof who they were throwing around, earlier, they were also cleaning up, and a few of them were taking their usual spots in the place while others headed towards the mission board, passing us as they did so. Soon enough, it was as if the chaos had never happened, but... how did they undo all of that so quickly? Heck, they were even telling everyone which pokemon was coming in, and occasionally arresting criminals who were stupid enough to try to enter the guild, that way... two minutes after the real guildmaster arrived, and they're already back to arresting criminals, somehow...


Tini IMMEDIATELY went for the hugs as SOON as he figured out that he had arms to officially hug things with, that is, after a short stint of holding two objects at once, and Eralion mentioned that we should probably buy some supplies for a long journey, and that seemed to make the most practical sense, but it seemed to be a waste to do that with a newly-gained fortune... and then I got a funny idea, what if we tried to start a guild of our own? Meh... it probably wouldn't work out, too well, anyways, and for all we knew, we'd need more money, and the other guildmasters were probably tougher than us, anyways. "Sp-speaking of long journeys... ow... maybe we SHOULD go on one... there's... ack... apparently a weavile who was working for my dad from all the way near Kyurem's cave... maybe he... ouch... has information, or something..." I said that while being more or less forced to stare at the criminal board thanks to Tini's death hug. I then tried to say something to the effect of 'I'd like to be able to move,' or 'Could you please not crush me?' but, unfortunately, Tini tightened his grip, which... made it hard for me to speak after I told them about the criminal.

Trevor nodded and sort of followed along with what was being said for a while... after absolutely guzzling his share of the water, probably to the surprise of everyone else, given his type, and given his kind's reputation with water. Jerri then tried to tell everyone where to go, which got Trevor to think for a moment... eventually having him come up with "Well... let's see... considering what I know about our stats... Jerri, you should be leading the charge, since you have the most HP and at least good defensive stats for where we're at, right now... Lance, you should be with her, as you have defense against physical moves... but uh... not quite as much HP, and the front should be topped off with either Celina, who's got decent defenses in general, or Vi, whose ghost type makes her immune to many of the attacks that will be usable at this point. Nathan and I will be behind you guys, because we don't have... er... very good defenses, though, we might be able to get a few attacks in... and uh, at this stage, I don't think we have too many ranged attacks, outside of Vi, who would be better off in the front, as of now," Trevor then took his place near Nathan, and remembered something... in the more recent mystery dungeon games, the moves Ember, Vine Whip, and Water Gun all had a range of two, and didn't collide with teammates, which might mean that if he's either lucky or skilled, he might be able to lob an ember over an ally's head to hit an enemy... he then remembered Vi's question, and he answered with "Well, the normal pokemon games just had berries, but the mystery dungeon games had a couple types of normal Earth fruit, specifically, apples and bananas... though, uh, I'd sooner place my bet on apples than bananas in this kind of place,"
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Shaula seemed to be a little confused, and while the others continued talking to the phoenix who revealed her name was 'Maria', Trevor answered Shaula's questions. "I uh... apparently chased the wrong thieves... the thieves I was supposed to chase stole my laptop, my TV, my phone, and at least one of my game consoles... but we're kinda in too deep at this point, and need a portal to get out," Trevor then answered the whole 'and you don't know what it does?' thing with "Again, it's not mine, and while I saw it used in battle, surely it does more than form a temporary shield around the user," Maria then nodded and walked towards Jason, mumbling "That stupid artifact, and the end of the world was NOT worth it... I am SO quitting the artifacters, after this..." which Trevor heard, and almost wanted to bring attention to... end of the world? Artifacters? Who the heck? Why the heck? Of course, she didn't say anything that would answer any of those questions, and simply said "Mind if I tag along for a bit? I just want to go back home, and you guys seem like you know where you're going... here, as a 'sorry for putting you through this' gift, I'll give you these," Maria then seemed to drop a few runes on the ground... one of them had a cross shape etched into it, and was glowing green, while the others seemed to have three arrows pointing outward in a few different directions, and were glowing orange. Curious, Trevor picked up the one with the cross shape in it, and used it on himself... he then felt like he knew how to heal someone using lightning magic... and while it only healed one teammate for some HP, it also seemed to give them back some of their lost magic, too... interesting. "Uh... once we get these runes sorted out, let's... get this ghost thing over with, alright?" Trevor said as he waited for the rest of his team to take their runes.
I remember this one... seems like you have a few interested players, this time, though.
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