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Current Welp, starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be going back to college to finish up what I started. I might end up posting less often as a result.
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Contrary to my avatar... ... okay, if ANYONE actually thought I was a gryphon, you need to get your head checked, lol.
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Wait a minute... cheese, bread, and wine? Multimind, you might have caught the French Virus!
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Now loading inane comment... 1% complete.
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I'm back, baby.
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Also, Lavul... maybe you could have your character evolve, as well? I think I was trying to imply the fact that both of them evolved with that.
I'm sure we'll be fine waiting for you, lol.
So, I guess that just leaves keldeo, right?
And we're waiting on @Ridlins, or @lavulman
I'm guessing the holidays were a little crazy for you... er... happy holidays, either way.
Just a note, there was no path leading further downwards, and any claims that there were such paths at one point, are false. Please continue on, nothing is wrong.
Hey, @Shiny Keldeo, I think we're all waiting for you, now.

The moment Kamina coiled around me, I warmed up. "Th-thanks... I don't know what I would have done without you on this mission," I replied to the fire-type fish pokemon. After that, a thought occurred Wait... what if Spruce never wanted to help me... we wouldn't have Kamina, and I would have been burned in the bronze tower, and frozen here... and worse, I'd have to fight a legendary while burned, with half of the team that I fought him with here. I was lost in my thoughts as Josh made his way towards me, and I was reminded of Matt for a moment, thinking it odd that he just seemed to disappear, but maybe he just felt like he didn't need to be around since Josh learned to use his psychic powers to move around on land. Josh asked Reshiram if this was Kyurem's doing, and he nodded, adding "It shouldn't be too much farther, now, but... Miles is right, that wasn't his elite guard... far from it, they were just random pokemon lost in the maze," Once I felt warm enough, I asked Kamina "Kamina... do you think you could help out Josh? He seems to be in pretty bad shape, too," I then heard Miles say something about this being an anti-climatic fight, and I nodded before finally moving forwards, again, and as I continued making my way through the maze, I saw another path that led upwards, though, thankfully, this one's entrance was big enough for Reshiram to fit through without him getting poisoned, and I thought about how much that may be hurting him, by now, and I recalled the fact that I couldn't help him, at all, given that I had no items at the moment. "Hang in there, Reshiram," I said to him in an encouraging tone, hoping that might help, somehow.


The fire obviously lit up the entire room, revealing a sneasel, and an umbreon, though at this point, only one of those two were actually hidden, and much to my annoyance, I noticed the umbreon using wish on, I assume, all of his allies. The sneasel, on the other hand, seemed to try its best to get around the ring of flames that surrounded our party at the moment, but couldn't... they then tried to use some sort of ice move, but the fire evaporated the ice before it could do anything to us, or it. "Thanks, Dex!" I heard Nina respond before she just jumped over the flames to attack the sneasel with a double kick, dealing serious damage to the ice type, but not enough to knock it out. I then thought for a moment... and ended up using void whip, but, instead of making it appear from me, I made it appear next to the sneasel, and just finish it off, leaving just the umbreon. "I don't think he's actually going to attack us... something tells me his moveset is geared towards just sitting there, and absorbing damage, let's just go," I pointed out as I overheard the bronzor state "Oh... you don't know how to use them? I assumed everyone did, hold on..." he then put the TM on Rebecca's head, and pressed some sort of button on it with his psychic powers... a bright light surrounded her for a moment, and for some reason, that same light surrounded Nina...? Wait, what? "Huh... usually, it doesn't shine quite so brightly..." the bronzor commented, only further adding to my confusion.


It's... it's going to be okay... you'll find your friends before you even get into a fight. There's no need to worry, it's going to be okay... I kept having to tell myself as I walked through the cold, damp, dark caves that smelled of sweat due to the sheer number of fighting types in the area. The only move I really had that would do anything was Jump Kick, and I can't keep relying on that, since it has a nasty habit of damaging me when I miss, or, rather, WHEN I miss, since it was only a matter of time, at this point. The path forked after a bit, and I couldn't figure out which one might be the correct path, but, after a bit of thinking, I chose the left path. I was wrong, and was immediately greeted by some pokemon throwing a geodude at me. Thinking quickly, I decided to use Jump Kick on the geodude to try to send it flying back, and to my surprise, somehow, I actually hit it, and sent it flying backwards into a nearby throh, who was clearly the one who threw it at me in the first place. If he wasn't mad at me before, he sure was, now. The throh ran to me, rage in his eyes, and he tried to use one of his grappling techniques on me, but I jumped out of the way just in time, and started to run further down the path, hoping to find something to help me out.


The flames lit up the entire room, and revealed two pokemon, a sneasel, and an umbreon, and I just remembered that I had double kick... sure, it was a weak move, but it was going to be REALLY effective against that ice type, who seemed to be desperately trying to attack us with some move or another, with the flames getting in the way, thankfully. After thanking Dex for the light, and the protective fire wall, I decided to show off a bit, and I jumped over the flames to use double kick on the surprised sneasel, who took a ton of damage from what seemed to me like rather simple kicks to the chest and face... but, unfortunately, it was still conscious. Spruce aimed to fix that by making a weird, grey vine appear from the ground and attack the sneasel, dealing at least enough damage to knock it out after being weakened. I watched as the umbreon used wish on... well, just itself, now, and decided to just jump back to our side of the flames, just to make it harder for the thing to attack me when it finally felt like attacking. Spruce then just said for us to move on, that the umbreon won't attack us, and I was going to point out that he could call for reinforcements, or something if we leave him alone, but a bright light surrounded me, and I found myself unable to speak as my body changed... even if only slightly. Once that was over, I took a look at myself, and seemed pretty confused as it wasn't the body I was used to seeing, at all.
In case anyone's wondering, I will post soon, so don't worry.
Trevor Smithee

Medburn Guild

As soon as Trevor was knocked down, a couple of pokemon helped him up. One was a phanpy, who seemed to speak with some sort of accent, while the other was an unfamiliar pokemon... the phanpy asked Trevor whether or not he was okay, and Trevor responded with a simple "Y-yeah, I'm fine, thanks..." and just after that, the unfamiliar pokemon asked him if his wing was okay, and whether or not her friend did that. Trevor had to assume that the odd vulpix was this pokemon's friend, and he answered honestly with "I think my wing's fine, and no, your friend didn't do that... I kinda did this to myself, er, training," he didn't want to tell the ladies what KIND of training, since apparently only babies ever have to train to use their moves. Celina and Lachlan appeared after that, and they told Trevor what he had missed during that meeting, and that actually made him smile, a bit. "Th-they really DO have faith in us? Truly? I... I guess I'm not a waste of time, space, and effort, after all," Trevor responded, happily to his friends' encouragement.

After that, yet another guest showed up, that vulpix who knocked Trevor down before he could escape, and that vulpix let out a half hearted apology, saying "I'm sorry for knocking you over..." and Trevor chuckled, a little bit saying "Sorry? What, for stopping me from running away from my teammates? I should THANK you... even if it involved you knocking me over," the vulpix then got a smug smile on his face... until he thought of something, and left the building. "That guy... that vulpix... what's wrong with him, anyways?" Trevor decided to ask everyone surrounding him, hoping that at least someone would know the answer to that question.


Medburn Guild -> outside Medburn Guild

Soon after Ember's rant, and frustration, everyone else caught up to him, and that phanpy even saw when he knocked over that noibat... and she soon informed Ember's minion about what happened, and she didn't like that, apparently. Drat! This could get Eira to leave, and then I'd be all alone, again! I can't let that happen... eh? What's this 'apologize'? Is it when I say I'm 'sorry' for something? Ember thought as he was escorted to the noibat, who was talking to a whole group of pokemon. Why are so many pokemon surrounding that bat? Is he famous? He doesn't look famous. Ember thought as the bat finally finished answering everyone else's questions. Ember then let out his greatest "I'm sorry," yet, and the noibat had the nerve to laugh at it, though, the bat avoided earning Ember's ire by adding "Sorry? What, for stopping me from running away from my teammates? I should THANK you... even if it involved you knocking me over," just as he should have, for he should be thankful for ever coming into contact with the great Ember! Ember smiled back at the bat, knowingly, and then it hit him Wait a minute! I never told my parents that I was doing this! They'll have my head if they ever find out! and after that thought, Ember rushed out of the guild, though, he managed to stop himself before using quick attack, and he even managed to wait for his minion.

Once Eira arrived, Ember asked "Erm... I did not see my parents, before that... but you didn't get the time to do that either, did you?" he was completely embarrassed by the fact that he forgot to do something so simple, so easy, and just ask them if he could do something that his parents would probably support, especially given that his mother was once in a guild much like this one, though, in some far-off continent that she lived on before moving here. Ember then wondered if he should follow Eira to her home, as it would probably build his underling's trust if he met her parents, wouldn't it? Was he in too much danger of losing her trust, though, given the bat's response to his apology? Ember weighed his options, and decided to ask her before she left "Do you want me to come with you to your home?" though, his wording could probably use some work, she probably understood what he meant... maybe.
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