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So I didn't get a chance to say it on here last night, but happy new year everyone!
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I'm seriously addicted to checking for notifications on here.
11 mos ago
I felt like I should post an update status, seeing as my last one was seven months ago. So here it is. Hi status bar.
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Currently reading Explorers of the Void while it's going slow. All of it. All 1260 posts of it.
2 yrs ago
I'm back. (Only took 3 years)
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To-do List:
1. Write a bio
2. Celebrate for finally having written a bio

Hey, my name's Gavin. If you've seen the RP(s) I'm in, you'll know that I name most of my characters that, too. I'd like to say I do it to keep track of them easier or something, but it's really because I'm so bad at coming up with names that I just use my own. I tend to RP with a specific group of people, but if I find the time I'm not opposed to joining other RPs.

I got into roleplaying a while back from a stray Google search. It lead me to a website with a fanfiction written by multiple authors. (Don't judge me too harshly; that's really what I thought it was!) Eventually, I figured out what this "roleplay" concept was. It seemed like a fun idea, so I decided to track down the people who wrote what I had just read and join their current RP. Looking back on it, I'm amazed that my app was (eventually) accepted. I'm not exaggerating when I say that my roleplay/writing skills were absolutely horrible - I was lucky to be able to write a couple sentences per post. If any of you are reading this: thanks for putting up with it back then.

After that RP and its prequel ended, the group I was with moved to this website. I joined (or tried to join) a few of their RPs, but I kept losing interest along the way. There were times where I would get an idea and decide to work on an app, but those never lasted long enough for me to get back into RPing. I stopped making apps, and started checking in on people from time to time because I wanted to keep in contact with them. I eventually realized that it was rude and annoying to keep popping in and saying hi on an RP I wasn't in, so I decided not to keep doing that. I checked back here less and less, until I eventually forgot about it.

Until earlier this year. A while ago, I remembered the old RPs I had been in and decided to write one of them into a book for myself. I pulled up the old website and started stitching the posts together in my own words into a continuous story, structured more like a book than an RP. I got about a hundred posts in, and that's when I realized that I wanted to RP again. I could tell it was different now; this time I wouldn't get bored halfway through making an app and give up. So, now I'm back.

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"The end of the world was NOT worth it..."
That was the most important sentence Shaula had heard all day. Trevor may be a complete blockhead for jumping into a portal after a video game, but at least he had done one thing right. His portal had lead them straight to an agent of the New World Order. Even better: the agent might be ready to defect.
"Mind if I tag along for a bit? I just want to go back home, and you guys seem like you know where you're going... here, as a 'sorry for putting you through this' gift, I'll give you these, the phoenix said. It dropped four rocks on the ground, a glowing symbol etched onto each of them. Trevor, Jason, and Celina took the first three, and, almost like Trevor's earlier, the symbols vanished and appeared on their hands. Celina tried out her new power; apparently, these runes multiplied their attacks. "So... This should be useful when I want to attack a group of people all at once," she said with a soft smile. Shaula found that statement slightly unnerving.
"Shaula, you can take the last one," said Mia. "You'll get more use out of it than I will."
"Thank you, Mia." Shaula forced a smile. "I'll make sure I do." Without taking her eyes off the phoenix, she picked up the rock. Immediately, its rune vanished, and there on the back of her hand appeared the same symbol, glowing a bright, ominous orange.
I'm back! I'll post as soon as I can.
Maybe they'll have to go stick up an orphanage or something

This is 100% what Gavin's expecting at this guild lol

Just for the record, he's backing out of the room with Gren.

The phoenix woke with a scream that made Shaula jump; for a moment, she thought it was still possessed. Once it had a moment to calm down, it explained how it had ended up here. After running through the portal, the other thief and it had been attacked by the ghost, which stole the artifact and declared them 'unworthy' of it. Shaula put away her Orgone emitter. "You stole the artifact from Trevor?" she said. She looked at Trevor. "And you don't even know what it does? Here I am thinking they just stole your phone or something."

Meanwhile, Celina and Jason were discussing how to fight off the ghost. Celina seemed ready to let it possess someone, but Jason thought it would just take another body after being defeated. "If we go through with this - which, just so we're clear, I'm still not convinced. Apparently, we don't even know if this artifact can get us back." She shot a look at Trevor. "Why let it use one of us? There's plenty of those mole-alien-things back there. Just let the ghost use one of them, then knock it out. Simple."
The door opened, and a Wigglytuff walked in with a blank grin on his face. He marched straight past us, completely ignoring the guildmaster, and sat down in the guildmaster's chair as though he owned the place. He looked up at us with a wide smile. Magma tried to explain that it was the guildmaster's chair, but it seemed he already knew - according to him, he was the guildmaster. To prove it, he took a giant, shiny apple from a drawer and balanced it on his head (as you do). After that display of complete incompetence, Magma seemed completely clueless as to why I was hesitant about joining. "Wait, why?" he said, "You'd be able to catch even more criminals like that Hudson guy, and stop others from doing what he did to you." Donovan pushed his way in front of us and announced that he wanted to join, too.

"Yeah, but I'm not good at that stuff," I said. "I can't catch outlaws. I just like exploring and finding cool places, you know?" Then I leaned closer to them and whispered, "I think we need to leave. I don't like this - I think something shady is going on here. It was chaos earlier. Stuff like that doesn't happen in real guilds." On top of that, I had also just met them. Magma and Gren were okay enough, but Donovan looked like he wanted blood. Magma introduced himself to the Cutiefly that was waiting at the door, and I gave her a nervous smile.

Magma had accepted the Wigglytuff's authority just like that, and he was already talking like he was a guild member. Meanwhile, I hadn't been here for a day, and already I'd run into a pickpocket, an out-of-control guild, and a fake guildmaster. Even the ocean looked like it wanted to kill us. Compared to this place, Scale City's crime rate was a joke.
I'd just like to point out that Explorers of the Void reached its 5th anniversary back in march and that's wonderful.
Here's a celebratory song for the occasion. (Also because that's the song I'm currently listening to while writing my post.)

Trevor broke through the wall. On the other side was a greenhouse filled with wilted crops, its roof made of glass to let sunlight from the surface in. Above them, it seemed the planet was covered in snow just as Trevor had said. It would be blinding in the sunlight. Celina was more concerned with the mole-aliens' farm. Shaula replied, "Well they probably have more hidden around those caves of theirs. They didn't seem too keen on getting back in here when they built that wall."
When they saw the phoenix on the ground, Jason was the first to walk over. Shaula almost yelled at him to be more careful, but stopped herself short when she saw what he was doing. He had drawn a chain and manacle to keep it down as Mia ran over to check its pulse. Shaula hadn't realized she was holding her breath until Mia announced there was a heartbeat. And then Mia dropped a bombshell and said the phoenix had been possessed by the ghost.
"Hold up, you think it left to possess someone else?" Shaula gripped her backpack closer and glanced over her shoulder. "That thing could still be in here with us!" She fumbled with her backpack and took an Orgone emitter out, not taking her eyes off the room around them. Occasionally, she glanced at the phoenix as Mia's vines healed it. "I don't suppose anyone actually knows what a ghost looks like, do they?"
Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I'm just about to post now.

Jason blasted fire at the golem to destroy its crystal but wasn't getting anywhere fast. Its rocks were completely blocking his attack, only melting under the fire very slowly. Nearby, Trevor and Celina were still recovering from their attack on it as Mia ran over to help them, leaving Jason on his own to kill the golem before it regenerated. Rocks around its feet had already begun to roll towards it.
None of the others were free, so it seemed that she, Shaula, was going to have to help Jason. She shot water at the golem to make it turn, but it wouldn't budge. In fact, the water only solidified rocks even more. She cut the water off and made a wide arc around the golem to come at its side, inching closer as the fire kept it down. Most of the rock had already begun to melt again. She put her hands on the golem and pushed nearly as hard as she could, her hands beginning to boil against the rock. With one final push, the golem was turned enough to give Jason a clear shot at the crystal, and Shaula backed away, shaking her hands to stop them evaporating any further.
"If this portal thing doesn't work," she said, looking directly at Trevor, "just remember that it's your fault we're stuck here. Those thieves had better be telling the truth."

Shaula spun around at the sound of gunshots to see Jason shooting a pistol at the golem's face. "Jason! You brought a gun with you and didn't tell us!? There was a giant spider, we could have used it!" she hissed. It would have gone to better use against the spider, because the golem seemed to be able to regenerate any damage done to it. They needed a new plan. Getting it away from rocks was out of the question; they were in a cave. Really, though, they didn't need to kill it. They just needed to get through the wall.

"Celina, Trevor!" Shaula said, "We'll distract the rock alien! You try and get through the wall! Do that drill thing again!" She ran around the golem (picking up her Orgone emitter along the way) and shot water at the golem to keep it away from everyone else. "Jason, keep shooting! Get it angry at you!" If Jason could get it distracted, then all they had to do was break through the wall, and it would be easy to outrun it. And then all they had to worry about was that dragon...
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