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So I didn't get a chance to say it on here last night, but happy new year everyone!
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I'm seriously addicted to checking for notifications on here.
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I felt like I should post an update status, seeing as my last one was seven months ago. So here it is. Hi status bar.
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Currently reading Explorers of the Void while it's going slow. All of it. All 1260 posts of it.
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I'm back. (Only took 3 years)
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1. Write a bio
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Hey, my name's Gavin. If you've seen the RP(s) I'm in, you'll know that I name most of my characters that, too. I'd like to say I do it to keep track of them easier or something, but it's really because I'm so bad at coming up with names that I just use my own. I tend to RP with a specific group of people, but if I find the time I'm not opposed to joining other RPs.

I got into roleplaying a while back from a stray Google search. It lead me to a website with a fanfiction written by multiple authors. (Don't judge me too harshly; that's really what I thought it was!) Eventually, I figured out what this "roleplay" concept was. It seemed like a fun idea, so I decided to track down the people who wrote what I had just read and join their current RP. Looking back on it, I'm amazed that my app was (eventually) accepted. I'm not exaggerating when I say that my roleplay/writing skills were absolutely horrible - I was lucky to be able to write a couple sentences per post. If any of you are reading this: thanks for putting up with it back then.

After that RP and its prequel ended, the group I was with moved to this website. I joined (or tried to join) a few of their RPs, but I kept losing interest along the way. There were times where I would get an idea and decide to work on an app, but those never lasted long enough for me to get back into RPing. I stopped making apps, and started checking in on people from time to time because I wanted to keep in contact with them. I eventually realized that it was rude and annoying to keep popping in and saying hi on an RP I wasn't in, so I decided not to keep doing that. I checked back here less and less, until I eventually forgot about it.

Until earlier this year. A while ago, I remembered the old RPs I had been in and decided to write one of them into a book for myself. I pulled up the old website and started stitching the posts together in my own words into a continuous story, structured more like a book than an RP. I got about a hundred posts in, and that's when I realized that I wanted to RP again. I could tell it was different now; this time I wouldn't get bored halfway through making an app and give up. So, now I'm back.

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Yeah, I'm a bit busy right now, but I'll try and set aside time to write a post over the next few days.

"Oh, of course Australia's made up," Shaula muttered, when Jason had accused her of thinking Australia wasn't real and the moon landing was faked. Why he put her in the same group as those people, she wasn't about to ask - she had participated in enough online discussions to realize that people don't want to listen to your answers: they just want to be right. And as much as she wanted to explain who had turned them into these creatures, it was clear they weren't ready for the truth just yet. "I have bigger things to deal with right now than arguing with you. Same goes to you two," she added, noticing Celina and Mia's exasperated sighs. Usually, it wasn't until she started explaining about the New World Order that people started thinking she was insane. This might have been a new record.

Aerin suggested staying here in Copper City, where it was safe, but Trevor disagreed; at least he understood that they had to find a way back. Shaula followed as he lead the group in search of the thieves, periodically checking the Orgone emitters in her backpack and keeping an eye on the mole people, who, reassuringly, did not seem to be affected by Orgone. They soon came to a lamppost with two hooded figures standing at its base. Shaula couldn't tell whether they were talking to one another or waiting for something, but whatever they were doing was interrupted when Trevor ran over and pinned one of then against a building. Whatever these thieves took must have meant a lot to him.

However, it was soon revealed that the thieves hadn't stolen from Trevor, but from someone else. They had taken an artifact shaped like a golden dragon, which itself had then been stolen from them near a cliff here by (they claimed) the ghost of a yellow dragon. She didn't see what was so important about this artifact, but then it dawned on her: the thieves must have used it to open the portal. If they wanted to get back to Earth, the artifact was their only option. "Now don't you worry, I have a plan for that," Shaula said to Celina, who was worried about the alleged ghost's mind-control powers. If Orgone could work against a global network of E.L.F. towers, then it should have no trouble protecting them from a single ghost.

Convincing the group to be cautious didn't work. In fact, many of them had trusted the mole people on sight. Jason responded to her warnings with his usual shpiel about conspiracy theories, and while Trevor had made a good point about nobody being human, Shaula wasn't about to admit it to him. She trusted those mole people just about as much as she trusted "the president." "You can't be serious," she said, when Trevor claimed they were on an alien planet. It seemed impossible, yet the city before her looked like nothing she had ever seen before. Standing there felt almost surreal. But, as amazing as it was, she couldn't forget what the New World Order had done to everyone back home.

"So how are we getting back, then? Because unless any of you know how to make a portal, then it doesn't look like we're leaving anytime soon." She looked around at the group for a moment, half hopeful, as though expecting one of them to know how to make one. Normally, she would want to stay and learn about the aliens, but these mole people clearly couldn't be from the New World Order. NWO aliens were known to use flying saucers and colossal, triangular spacecraft with starfield camouflage - giant drills would seem rather primitive to them.
I'm horrible at choosing names, so I don't have any ideas yet. But both of those sound good. With what you mentioned, Lucius, something medieval related might be cool. All I can say at the moment is that Team Crusaders sounds like it'd need Booker on it!

(For those who don't know, Booker is Breen's dad, a hyper-religious, evolution-hating Mudkip who enjoys preaching to the town from on top of his box.)

"Dear lord, there must be something in the water," Shaula muttered, a strange mixture of fear and fascination on her face. They had found their way through the mazelike tunnels and now stood at the entrance of an underground city, inhabited by creatures which Shaula could only describe as mole people. The entire place was oddly well lit, and signs written in an alien language pointed to caves and buildings all around them. Along with everything else she had seen this morning, Shaula was beginning to think that perhaps there had been something in the water.

Shaula noticed a rock on the ground with a bright green symbol glowing on it. Trevor had noticed it, too, and the moment he tried to pick it up, the symbol left the rock and appeared on his forehead, giving him the ability to understand the mole peoples' language. Celina mentioned that it would be useful to have more of these runes, and the same symbol appeared on her forehead, too. Mia suggested asking a mole person where they were. "I want to know where we are, too," Shaula said, "but I don't like this. We don't know anything about this place. I mean, look at them!" She gestured to a mole person jabbering excitedly nearby. "Does that look like a person to you?"

Jason flew into the air to get a better view of the city, and Shaula hissed at him, "Get down! Are you trying to get us seen?"

Once the spider was defeated, Shaula grabbed her flashlight, careful not to let it shock her this time, and picked up the Orgone emitters she had thrown at the spider. They walked through the cave while discussing the coins that had fallen from the spider and where the portal had brought them, and the girl named Celina seemed to suggest they might not be on Earth anymore. "Well - Celina, was it? - you don't have to worry about that. If this was an alien planet, we'd have company other than those spiders. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they covered half the country by now..." Shaula replied as she spotted the same 'II' marking on the wall they had passed earlier. Perhaps Trevor shouldn't be the one leading them. He seemed to be thinking the same thing, because just then he stopped and asked if anyone else was good at mazes. "Here, use this," Shaula said, "but don't lose it. That's my only one."

Jason asked what they were doing in the cave and what happened to the world, and Shaula raised her eyebrows in surprise - for someone who was so closed-minded as to call her a "conspiracy theorist," he actually asked some good questions. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm here to figure out what's really going on and put a stop to it. It wasn't just some freak accident that turned people into these - these things. Something did this to us." Shaula turned to Trevor. "Where'd that portal even come from? You said something about some thieves going through it?"
Gren tried to attack Hudson, but he dodged it at the last moment and backed right into Magma, who blocked his escape. Hudson heaved his oversized bag at me, knocking me over from its weight as a strange badge flew from it and landed on the ground by Magma. "ALRIGHT, THAT'S IT!" Hudson said, "I thought you were an easy mark, but NOOOO! You had to just DOG me for some stupid, random seeds and other garbage! I'm getting out of here!"

"Don't let him get away!" I shouted. Just as Hudson turned to run, Magma picked up the badge, and a blinding white light engulfed us. For a moment I thought someone had used Flash, but as my eyes adjusted I saw the forest had gone. In its place was a room that looked as though a tornado had gone through. Papers were scattered everywhere, and the floor was covered with claw marks and food scraps that looked like they had been ripped apart in a fight. Ladders to other floors stood on the far wall next to a couple bulletin boards; a pair of Magnemite floated in the corner, deep in conversation. I realized we were in the Treasure Town guild - a Bidoof had been thrown at me in here earlier today.

Hudson seemed to recognize this place, too. He looked terrified, his wide eyes scanning the room like he expected to be attacked at any moment. But before he could run for the ladder, the two Magnemite noticed and flew over to restrain him. "ZZZT! You brought the outlaw Hudson in for arrest! ZZZT!" one of the Magnemite said to me.

"Outlaw?" Hudson said, still looking for an escape. "I'm- I'm no outlaw! Don't know what yer talking about! You've got the wrong Wurmple, that's what!"

"Wait, you're officers?" I said, once I realized what was going on. "Yeah, he's Hudson! He stole my-"

"ZZZT! We are aware! Hudson has been operating in Treasure Town as a pickpocket for some time now! ZZZT!"

"I'm not Hudson! Don't know who yer talking about! Tell 'em, kid!" Hudson said, a pleading look now in his eyes. The Magnemite ignored him.

"ZZZT! Take this money as your reward," the Magnemite said, handing me 600 Poké. "Thank you for your cooperation! ZZZT!" I accepted the money and watched as they brought Hudson up the ladder as he fought to get free, now insisting he was actually a Wurmple named Benson who had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. His oversized bag still sat in front of me. I opened it to find several other bags crammed inside, mine among them. I took it out and brushed it off, checking to see everything was still there before putting it on and placing my stick safely in its side pocket. Magma had gone to flip the other Aron over.

"I guess you're one of our allies, now? Welcome to the um... team?" Magma said. The Aron looked less angry now, despite the red war paint on his face. He asked if Magma was the one who brought him here. Gren asked what happened, apparently worried that we still might be in trouble.

"I don't think we're in trouble," I replied, checking that there weren't any other Pokémon in here. "Looks like the badge teleported us to the guild in Treasure Town. Those were officers, they took Hudson away and gave me some money for catching him. Really, though, you're the ones who did most of the work. I don't know what would've happened if none of you had shown up. So... thanks, I guess." I handed them the 600 Poké to split among themselves. "The Magnemite left Hudson's bag here, I'm gonna go see if there's anyone I can hand it in to downstairs. Would anyone mind coming with me? Just to be safe - it was a bit chaotic here earlier." Hoping at least one of them would agree, I picked up the heavy bag and climbed down the ladder, listening for any signs of fighting and hoping that no Bidoof would be thrown at me this time. The room below was quiet, and for a moment, I thought there might be nobody there. But then, a loud, energetic voice made me jump and almost fall off the ladder. It had come from a nearby room, its door slightly ajar. I glanced at anyone who had followed me, then sneaked over to the door and slowly pushed it open to peer inside.
50 points to Hufflepuff!
(I mean we never get the house cup but we can still try.)

Gryffindor: 50
Ravenclaw: 50
Hufflepuff: 50
Slytherin: 150

Before they could get any attacks in, more spiders came to shield the large one. Trevor advised the group to take them out first, and Jason was able to get through two before he got bit and collapsed on the ground. Trevor shielded Mia from an attack as she rushed over to help, while Celina took care of the last small spider. The large spider's protection vanished and the room went dark again. Shaula fumbled around in her backpack for a flashlight and flicked it on but dropped it in surprise as it shocked her. The flashlight rolled across the floor, briefly illuminating the cave ceiling and a set of large, hairy legs scuttling towards them.

She didn't have much time, and as if that wasn't bad enough, she was out of Orgone emitters. Her only option was to blast it with water like before. Shaula held out her arms toward where the spider had been, and, to her genuine surprise, water shot from her palms and almost knocked her backward before she regained her balance. She kept the stream going for as long as she could, unable to tell whether she was hitting the spider or the cave wall, then stopped, out of breath and feeling completely drained. "Someone said they can shoot lightning, didn't they?" Shaula said in between breaths, "It's soaked! Electrocute it, already!"
I miiiiiight get a post out later tonight, just trying to think of how to progress lmao

Yeah, once Hudson's knocked out (he's pretty weak, looks like Gren's attack should do it) and we figure out what to do with that other insane Aron stuck in the ground, I was thinking we might use that badge in his bag to go back to the guild and turn him in.
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