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I'm seriously addicted to checking for notifications on here.
2 mos ago
I felt like I should post an update status, seeing as my last one was seven months ago. So here it is. Hi status bar.
9 mos ago
Currently reading Explorers of the Void while it's going slow. All of it. All 1260 posts of it.
10 mos ago
I'm back. (Only took 3 years)
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To-do List:
1. Write a bio
2. Celebrate for finally having written a bio

Hey, my name's Gavin. If you've seen the RP(s) I'm in, you'll know that I name most of my characters that, too. I'd like to say I do it to keep track of them easier or something, but it's really because I'm so bad at coming up with names that I just use my own. I tend to RP with a specific group of people, but if I find the time I'm not opposed to joining other RPs.

I got into roleplaying a while back from a stray Google search. It lead me to a website with a fanfiction written by multiple authors. (Don't judge me too harshly; that's really what I thought it was!) Eventually, I figured out what this "roleplay" concept was. It seemed like a fun idea, so I decided to track down the people who wrote what I had just read and join their current RP. Looking back on it, I'm amazed that my app was (eventually) accepted. I'm not exaggerating when I say that my roleplay/writing skills were absolutely horrible - I was lucky to be able to write a couple sentences per post. If any of you are reading this: thanks for putting up with it back then.

After that RP and its prequel ended, the group I was with moved to this website. I joined (or tried to join) a few of their RPs, but I kept losing interest along the way. There were times where I would get an idea and decide to work on an app, but those never lasted long enough for me to get back into RPing. I stopped making apps, and started checking in on people from time to time because I wanted to keep in contact with them. I was eventually made to realize that it was rude and annoying to keep popping in and saying hi on an RP I wasn't in, so I decided not to keep doing that. I checked back here less and less, until I stopped altogether and forgot. So, that was the end of RPing for me. It had been fun, but those times were over, I made good memories, and it was time to move on.

Until earlier this year. Seven months ago, I remembered the old RPs I had been in and decided to write one of them into a book for myself. I pulled up the old website and started stitching the posts together in my own words into a continuous story, structured more like a book than an RP. I got about a hundred posts in, and that's when I realized that I wanted to RP again. I could tell it was different now; this time I wouldn't get bored halfway through making an app and give up. Leaving four years ago hadn't been the end of RPing for me, it had just been a break. So, for the first time in ages, I logged on and joined an RP.

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Oh boy, exams were over two days ago. Then I went on a cleaning spree.

Yeah I'll probably begin to try posting again by tomorrow, but I'm gonna need to warm up to using my PC again (literally have not touched it in over 8 weeks).

8 weeks!? That's a long time without a computer, but that's great that exams are over! It sounds like you had a more productive couple months than I have, I think a cleaning spree would be great right about now.
"Yeah, you think?" I replied to Magma, trying to block the Aron’s flailing attacks with my arms. I pulled my stick away as Magma's Ember came dangerously close to catching it on fire, then the Aron changed course to target him while screaming something about their rage. They were probably working as Hudson's backup. Battling was out of the question; their armor was too tough for my stick to scratch, and they came at us with such ferocity that I'd be worried making Magma fight alone. Even with Ember it would be difficult for him to get enough hits in before getting mauled, assuming Magma wasn’t working for Hudson, too...
Come to think of it, it seemed suspicious for Magma to have come just as Hudson teleported away. Getting away now might be my best option, but if I was wrong I’d hate to think what would happen with him going up against the Aron all by himself.
"Hey!" I yelled, hoping the maniac wouldn't leap at me again, "He's gone! Hudson's gone - he's probably leaving the forest right now with your money! You’re not gonna get paid if you don't go after him for it!"
I technically wasn’t lying, because Hudson would probably try and scam his hired help anyway. With luck, the Aron might hesitate long enough for Magma and I to get away. I glanced at Magma then at the dense plants nearby, hoping he'd get the message.
Yeah, I sort of got the impression that Lavul meant you to control Rebecca until life slowed down some. If Lavul will have time to post in a bit, though, then I'm okay with waiting; I'd just assumed it was a "until I say otherwise" type of thing.
Just as Hudson was about to eat something, an oddly colored Salandit jumped through the bushes, shooting embers at him. It had a pink head and a lavender body, unlike the dull gray of most Salandit. Hudson lost a few coins in the confusion before vanishing as he ate a seed. I raised my stick in self-defense, expecting the Salandit to turn on me.
“Agh... We can’t let this stand!” The Salandit said, to my surprise, “Mister Gible, we have to find him, and fight him! That guy has all your stuff!”

A stunned expression had painted itself onto my face. I didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, there was a Salandit standing where Hudson had been only a moment ago, offering to help get my items back exactly as he had done. Apparently, the Salandit noticed they hadn’t introduced themselves yet.
“Uh... My name’s Magma... I’m from the Ashen Volcano, a fire-type mystery dungeon.”
He didn’t say if he was from a guild. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? Hudson had claimed to be from Allure Town’s guild, but at least this Pokémon wasn’t trying to convince me one way or another.
“I’m Gavin. I’m from... up north.” I replied, cautiously shaking his hand. He seemed a bit robotic about it, almost like it was foreign to him. “Are you offering to help me go after Hudson? Er - that Wurmple from a moment ago?”

I scarcely had time to finish my question before a war cry rang out through the trees. “Nyaaaaaaaagh!” An Aron ran towards us, throwing a handful of mud. It wore red war paint on its face an had a violent look in its eyes. I stumbled out of the way as it focused its attacks on the Salandit, giving me a chance to sneak around and steal a pecha berry from the bush. Instantly, warmth filled my body as my head stopped spinning. I felt as though I could take on the world, though that idea quickly dissipated when I looked back at the Aron. As intimidating as it was, I should still help the Salandit; it did seem like he tried to save me from Hudson. I ran towards the Aron and jabbed at it with my stick, hoping to give Magma an opening to attack.
Well, uh... we can still TRY, right?

You're right. I should probably stop planning stuff out like that now that there's more characters involved, lol.

He's gonna be an Aron.

My old character knew an Aron once!
Actually, I was just going to have Hudson get away. Gavin's got way too much of a happy-go-lucky attitude towards "adventuring", so this was to make him realize that there's actually a danger associated with it, and that exploring isn't just going around doing whatever you want with no repercussions. It's also because that gives him a good reason to join the guild. He's forced to find somewhere to stay in Treasure/Allure Town because it's so late in the day and he doesn't have enough supplies to get back.
I like it! I was going to make it clearer in my next post, but the seed Hudson ate was a warp seed, so he's long gone by now. Unless you mean she's jumping in before he ate it or as he's eating it.

Edit: Accepted!
(Shhhh, of course I'm allowed to accept or deny the GM's own app.)
What time of day is it in the RP?
I wanted to know because it might affect his decisions about joining guilds, and which guild to join. Even though I'm not against him joining Denise's guild instead of one in Treasure/Allure Town, that would probably isolate them from the rest of the characters.
I was just having him do stuff and getting the character "set up" while waiting for other teams to eventually return to the towns, but that sounds like a good idea too. Although, I don't want you to feel overwhelmed or anything, having to keep track of and write for five different characters at once. If you're okay with doing that, then I'd be fine with it.

I spun around to see a branch falling from a tree. Hudson was nowhere to be seen, but in my mind every tiny rustle or crack was him coming to finish me off. The poison wasn’t helping matters either; my head felt like it was in a blender, and I had only just managed to shake off the double vision.

“Okay... Just calm down...” I told myself, closing my eyes to take a deep breath in... and slowly letting it out. I checked my surroundings again. “Why would he do that to me?” As much as I wanted to find out the answer, I knew I had to focus on surviving first. If he really did this, then I needed to get out of here. Fighting to keep my balance, I stumbled over to the plants and entered the path towards the town. Getting back in this state would be a challenge, but I didn’t have a choice.

The river came into view sooner than I expected; had he been leading me in circles the whole time? The log, however, was nowhere to be seen. I began walking alongside the river, hoping I was heading in the right direction. If not, I’d still be getting farther from Hudson. Before long, something in a bush up ahead caught my eye. It was pink, and didn’t look unlike a Pecha Berry...

“Ohhh, no! Ya just hold up a sec!” Hudson dove through a bush between me and the Pecha Berries, stumbling and landing on his face. “I didn’t drag ya out here just so ya could scamper off back to town!” He yelled as though he was reprimanding a child. I instinctively stepped back. It took all my willpower to keep from running away.

“I thought we were friends; you poisoned me, didn’t you!?” I knew the answer but wanted to hear it from his own mouth to be sure.

“And it looks like it’s comin’ along darn well, too.” He replied proudly, noting how pale I had become. His eyes moved down to the money I was keeping safe.

“Is that what this is about? My money?”

“I’ve gotta make a livin’ somehow. Course, I wasn’t planning on draggin’ ya out here, but, ya know, one thing lead to another. Yer bag was useless, but the Poké yer carryin’ was just too good to pass up. Speakin’ of which...” He held out his arm for the money.

“So, it was you? You have my bag?” I asked, trying to stall while I thought of a plan. “Where is it?

He patted the oversized explorer’s bag sitting at his side. I knew I was at a disadvantage; the poison put battling out of the question. However, I still had some leverage over him. If I was careful, I might be able to get my items back.

“A stick was in my bag. Do you still have it?”

There was a confused grumble from Hudson as he undid the buckle on his bag and pulled out the sharp stick without taking his eyes off me. “I haven’t got around to throwin’ it away yet,” he taunted, holding it as though it were a piece of rubbish.

“I’ll make a deal with you. Hand over the stick, and I’ll give you the money.”

“Ha! Yer really not in any position to-“

He halted mid-sentence as I held the money over the river, ready to drop it at a moment’s notice. Scowling, he tossed the stick at my feet.

“And my bag,” I added hastily.

“The money first. Yer already pushin’ yer luck, kid.”

Even with my stick as a weapon, I was still too weak from the poison to attack him. Seeing no other option, I tossed Hudson the money.

“And I was beginnin’ to think ya were smart.” He greedily scooped it into his bag, still watching me.

“My stuff, then?”

“Now I know I said yer bag was useless, but there’s always someone out there willin’ to buy,” Hudson explained, taking a seed out of his bag then buckling it closed. By the time I realized what he was doing it was already too late. The moment Hudson bit the seed, he vanished.
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