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So I didn't get a chance to say it on here last night, but happy new year everyone!
3 yrs ago
I'm seriously addicted to checking for notifications on here.
3 yrs ago
I felt like I should post an update status, seeing as my last one was seven months ago. So here it is. Hi status bar.
3 yrs ago
Currently reading Explorers of the Void while it's going slow. All of it. All 1260 posts of it.
3 yrs ago
I'm back. (Only took 3 years)
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To-do List:
1. Write a bio
2. Celebrate for finally having written a bio

Hey, my name's Gavin. If you've seen the RP(s) I'm in, you'll know that I name most of my characters that, too. I'd like to say I do it to keep track of them easier or something, but it's really because I'm so bad at coming up with names that I just use my own. I tend to RP with a specific group of people, but if I find the time I'm not opposed to joining other RPs.

I got into roleplaying a while back from a stray Google search. It lead me to a website with a fanfiction written by multiple authors. (Don't judge me too harshly; that's really what I thought it was.) Eventually, I figured out what this "roleplay" concept was. It seemed like a fun idea, so I decided to track down the people who wrote what I had just read and join their current RP. Looking back on it, I'm amazed that my app was (eventually) accepted. I'm not exaggerating when I say that my roleplay/writing skills were absolutely horrible - I was lucky to be able to write a couple sentences per post. If any of you are reading this: thanks for putting up with it back then.

After that RP and its prequel ended, the group I was with moved to this website. I joined (or tried to join) a few of their RPs, but I kept losing interest along the way. There were times where I would get an idea and decide to work on an app, but those never lasted long enough for me to get back into RPing. I stopped making apps, and started checking in on people from time to time because I wanted to keep in contact with them. I eventually realized that it was kind of rude to keep posting on an RP I wasn't in, so I decided not to keep doing that. I checked back here less and less, until I eventually forgot about it.

Until earlier this year last year. A while ago, I remembered the old RPs I had been in and decided to write one of them into a book for myself. I pulled up the old website and started stitching the posts together in my own words into a continuous story, structured more like a book than an RP. I got about a hundred posts in, and that's when I realized that I wanted to RP again. I could tell it was different now; this time I wouldn't get bored halfway through making an app and give up. So, now I'm back. And I don't plan on leaving anytime soon, so you're all stuck with me.

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Me yesterday:
"It's sad that the mystery dungeon series ended, but Super was a good finale."
"There's no way they'd remake a mystery dungeon game, it's a spinoff series."
I just fell upon a small fortune of free time, so I'm gonna be working on a post this week.
Hang in there, Ridlins, you can do it!

(I'm assuming it meaning school)

"Don't you dare point that thing at me," Shaula hissed as Jason pointed his sword at her. "I don't know what your problem is, but Trevor's going to die if we don't save him. If you really want to talk about this, it can wait."

She stepped back from Jason's sword and ran to her backpack, using his and Celina's attacks as cover. It was blackened and charred on the outside, but miraculously, the emitters had survived. She grabbed one and ran low back to the group.

The emitters were only for short range. To force the ghost out, it would have to be sitting practically underneath Trevor - easier said than done. Shaula knew the stakes. If the ghost found out she had Orgone energy, it wouldn't give her another chance to attack. She had one shot at this.

Shaula tightened her grip on the emitter. The others would never help her, least of all Jason, so distracting the ghost herself was the only option. She lowered her stance and aimed her hand at Trevor. The rune on her hand glowed a bright, ominous orange as water shot from her arm and split into multiple streams, each flying toward Trevor's face. Without giving the ghost a moment to regain its composure, Shaula took the emitter and threw it across the ground toward his feet. It tumbled across the rock, and for a moment, she thought she might have missed. Then, it came to a stop, and Shaula's body went cold. It stopped short. The Orgone emitter sat five feet in front of Trevor - the ghost would see it.
O_O I just realized, Donovan is locked in the guildmaster's room listening to Charlie screeching at Wally. Who knows whether Charlie's even noticed him yet. Yikes.

We'll never forget you, Donovan!
I consider it a win if I can get to sleep by midnight.
I'd say I'm a bit busy, too, but that'd be an understatement. I might not always have time for enough sleep, but you know what I do have? A post.

Fair warning though, it doesn't look like I'll have time to start thinking about writing another for a couple weeks.

"-and if you were to just bring in a poor civilian, I probably wouldn't want to possess them, as that might traumatize them," the ghost said.
"Oh, I never realized it might traumatize the poor thing," Shaula muttered. "Coming from the one who's scaring them away from their crops, that's something."
When no one else was willing to lend the ghost their body, Trevor stepped forward. Shaula opened her mouth to object, but the ghost was already flying towards him. It hit him then was gone.
"Ah... always feels good to have flesh," Trevor said, "even if it does make me vulnerable to attacks... So... is everyone ready, then? I hope so." An unnerving grin spread across his face.
There was a flash of light and a scream; Shaula's entire body felt like it was on fire. She found herself on her hands and knees, her arms struggling to hold herself up as electricity arced around Trevor. She forced herself to her feet and stumbled backwards away from him. Celina stood next to her, and a screech from Jason came from somewhere up above.
The ground lit up beneath her as a ring of Mia's healing light passed below them. "We need to get the ghost out of Trevor as soon as possible," Shaula said to Mia and Celina, reaching for her backpack. "If we don't-" She stopped. Her backpack wasn't there. It was lying on the ground where she had fallen, twenty feet away, blackened and smouldering. "No," she said. If the Orgone emitters were destroyed, Trevor was lost.
"The Orgone emitters, we need them - it's the only way to force the ghost out of him," she said, trying to explain it to them in as simplest terms as possible.
Yeah, sorry about the wait, I'm trying to have it done as soon as I can.

In other news, I'm also realizing how terrible I am at judging how long it takes me to write stuff.
"Got off on the wrong foot?" I whispered, "you didn't see this place earlier - they were this far from killing each other!" I held out my hand, my fingers barely an inch apart.
"Golly guys, no need to get all worked up over me," A Bidoof said by the ladders. Standing next to him were the Sunflora and Louded that had thrown him at me earlier; they were actually apologizing to him. All around, people were suddenly working together to clean up the guild and restore order. It was strangely calm. However, it was soon broken by a Chatot, who flew straight through the room and almost knocked the Bidoof over.
"He's back! Thank heavens, he's back!" The Chatot screeched, flying into the Guildmaster's office and slamming the door behind him.
"Loudred, sentry duty," a Diglett said. "I don't want to be here when he gets back out." The Loudred gave the Guildmaster's door a nervous glance and followed. The Bidoof waddled off down a hall, and the Sunflora looked ready to leave as well before she spotted us.
"Oh my gosh, new recruits!" She ran over, almost tripping over her own feet. "I'm Sally! Nice to meet you!"
"Oh, actually we're not, uhh..." I trailed off. She wasn't listening to a word I was saying.
"Oh, you guys'll love it here! I know it!" She said. An angry squawk came from the Guildmaster's office, causing her to jump. "Eek! Ohhhh, now's not a good time to join. Charlie isn't going to be very happy with us, with what happened today. Here, follow me! I'll show you where the rooms are!"
I couldn't really see any way out of this; she wasn't going to take no for an answer. "C'mon then," I said to everyone else, "let's not get separated in here."
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