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Current Hey, I hate to say this, but I am probably leaving this place for the forseeable future. Those who are waiting for me on RPs can just... stop waiting, I guess. Sorry, all.
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9 mos ago
Well, @Truant, I believe what's wrong with you is in the name... your ability is Truant, you only get to act every other turn.
12 mos ago
@Ampharos Boy, I guess that means you're going to get cave adaptation by the time this whole thing is done, and you'll vomit as soon as you leave your house, lol.
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1 yr ago
You ever read one of your RPs from years ago and just laugh at how bad it is?
1 yr ago
Dragons vs unicorns, huh? I'm horribly biased in this case 'cause I HATE horses, so... dragons.


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I was going to wait on @Gavin, but I guess that's just not happening... I'll post on Thursday, whether or not he posts.
Ampere seemed to take notice that Carla was looking around for something. "Did you find anything yet?" He asked her as he decided to try to look for himself, taking the angle at which the harpoons were stuck in the world into account as he also decided to run behind the malformed burger before it was too late. The remaining skysquid was no longer a threat, as it was very clearly running away, but whoever was shooting these exploding harpoons at the party, THAT was the threat, now... even if they provided Ampere with exactly the right kind of ammunition to destroy one of them, earlier, he highly doubted that was intentional. Maybe they wanted to kill the skysquid as well and harvest it for... whatever usable, marketable parts it might have had, or maybe they were always aiming at the party, wanting them dead for having the gall to disturb the original skysquid's slumber. Whatever the case, it was pretty clear that they weren't actually on the party's side, despite accidentally helping said party not too long ago.
That works for me.
It seemed like Nick Nacks, or, rather the Penta Posse had the right idea... hide behind something you don't care to lose as these red hot harpoons seemed to explode one after the other... but, what was unlikely going to be unfortunate for him, Ampere had... a different idea. An idea that could end one of two ways, with him getting exploded, or him throwing something that explodes right in one of the squids' eyes. He ran up to the nearest harpoon, used the extra strength from his gloves to pull it out of the ground, and then tossed it right towards the left skysquid, hoping to hit it, and hoping that he was quick enough that it didn't just explode in his hand. The burger monster that Ampere was standing next to seemed to be pleading for someone to kill it... but unfortunately, Ampere couldn't take that request, since it was being used as cover by one of his allies, and killing it would leave that ally vulnerable. "Kill... m... e..." it tried to plead, but, of course, said plea would fall on deaf ears, this time... maybe once everyone was out of battle, he'd be more willing to listen, but... its continued existence was still necessary... as painful as it clearly was at this point.
I was going to post, but I've got a quick question... are the harpoons too hot for my character to pick them up while wearing technically protective gloves?
Alright, sorry to rush you.
Well, in any case, I'm waiting on said consequences, @Utrax.
Actually, from what I've seen, @Shadow Dragon, you can post, as well...
At first, Ampere thought about just running up to the claw that was made brittle, though, somehow, for some reason, something stopped him. He then took a look at the giant tentacles, and figured that if he were to do that, it would surely snatch him up and try to eat him... he won't make THAT mistake twice, especially not after what happened last time. With that thought in mind, and the mental scarring almost coming to surface, again, Ampere tried to call on the black blood before doing something ELSE reckless, trying to use his thundering rage on the creature, hoping to hit it, and maybe some its claws more than it hits any allies, except for, of course, himself. While he was still charging up his electricity, energy building up inside of him, Ampere decided to inform Carla "Hey... maybe you could use your bone monster to break a claw or two... lightning seems to make those more brittle," before finally unleashing his most powerful spell... on who? Who knows... he could only hope that it calls many lightning bolts, and that most, if not all of them hit the enemy. As scary as this thing is, at least we have a REAL boss, in here! Heh... and here I thought it might just be a rest area before the actual boss. he thought as the thing revealed itself to be more than a few dozen landsharks... and certainly more powerful than all of them combined, as bad as THOSE can be.
I finally managed to wake up, only to notice that both Rebecca and Dexter still looked tired. The client seemed to be going on and on about how many possibilities this place had, and how amazing it would be to research the place, but with every description of it, he just made this place sound more and more like a place we had to leave... NOW. "Yeah, I agree, let's get out of here as soon as we can... sorry that I kind of fell asleep, earlier," I said to the other two members of my party, who seemed to agree that this place was no place for a normal pokemon, and thus, I tried to head forwards... only for my body to move to the left... great, so not only was this place messed up, and probably going to rearrange us into a giant, barely living smiley face, but we couldn't even MOVE correctly in it. This seemed to confuse the client, who tried their best to follow me, but... ended up going backwards, and thus, farther away from me. I passed by several completely random landmarks, including a piece of a hill mixed with a picture of an empoleon, and a 'lake' with some lava parts on it, and the temperature of the place, not to mention the texture of the ground under me seemed to change almost at complete random... worse, still, it wasn't too long before I encountered... something. It looked like another rectangular mess of randomly-colored squares, but it didn't QUITE look like the rectangular monster we knew and hated at this point. The creature then used some weird beam made out of more of those rectangles, hitting me with that, dealing some damage, and... making me feel weaker... and smaller. Wait, did that thing just make LOSE an evolution!? How was THAT even possible?


I eventually woke up to notice some drool on my leafy arm... that's odd, neither Celes nor I drooled in our sleep. I then looked up to see a crazed arcanine staring me down hungrily. I backed away, only for him to shout "HEY! Where are you going, Frank!? I need you for food! Times are desperate, and you look like food to me!" before I could answer back, the arcanine coated himself in flames, and charged towards me, at full speed. I tried to find some way to get out of this, but he was just too fast for me, and I took the hit... as much as the heat SHOULD have felt nice, a super-effective attack was still a super-effective attack, and that didn't feel good, at all. "What's the matter, Frank? Normally, you LIKE it when I run into you while I'm on fire, what's different about this time? Is your 'Flashy Flame' ability not working? OH WELL! THAT MAKES THIS EASIER!" the arcanine shouted in response to my reaction to his attack... I then thought for a moment... campfire, no, that won't do any good... a snowball would just be not very effective, even if it would cool him off, a bit... Celes is bound to do something on her own... I then checked my bag, finding a berry that seems to have gone bad. Thinking quickly, I decide to throw the rot that was once a berry at the arcanine, who caught it in his mouth, and just ate it like it wasn't a pile of poisonous fungus... and poisonous, that fungus was, as he immediately seemed to look around even more confused than he usually was, and even commented with "Frank, did you turn off the sun, again? How many times have I told you to stop doing that!?" seems like the grimy food blinded him... good, we could use that, especially if it's only temporary.


I woke up to the usual shout from Larry, only to end up in some weird speech about how this apparently wasn't 'our' guildmaster... what in the world? This Swampert seems like he's even crazier than Mark... other worlds much like ours, but very different? And what's he even leaning on? I thought as I made my way over to the cafeteria, where Josh was still talking to Kiera about something... I only just barely managed to overhear that Zane was somehow involved in all of this. "Wait... ZANE, as in, that guy who we've been hiding you from? HE knows where one of these orbs are?" I asked, either not hearing, or not remembering her saying that last night. Soon enough, Daniel and Devon seemed to join Josh in talking to her... properly introducing themselves in the process with Daniel starting off with "That sounds awful, oh, and uh... since a certain forgetful slug forgot to tell you, I'm Daniel... I... I'm just an ordinary murkrow... but uh, I've been helping these guys for a little while," and Devon continuing with "I have no idea who this is, but I can tell from reading your mind that this is bad news... oh, sorry for doing that without introducing myself. I'm Devon... apparently I supposedly 'met' Anthony and company around the same time as Daniel did, but I'm actually rather new to the group," with those introductions out of the way, I asked "Josh... do you think we're ready to take on Zane? I know he's scary, but we've gotten a lot stronger since the last time we saw him... maybe he, uh, didn't also get stronger? Let's at least hope he didn't do that,"


I finally woke up with the thoughts of those mysterious, disappeared pokemon allowing me no rest, and I seemed to almost aimlessly bounce towards the bulletin board paying no mind to the morning announcements. Same old chant, same old swampert talking about parallel universes, something about half an a press, I wasn't paying attention. With how we defeated that gallade, it almost seemed like nothing could really stop us, that was, until I saw who was next up on the outlaw board... a strikingly familiar-looking conkeldurr that whose last known location was a familiar mansion. There was no way that my dad would still be there, right? And... even so, we... we won't just faint in one hit like last time, right? We're... stronger, now... we're better, now, and we've even all evolved, since then. It took me some time to gather up my courage to do so, but eventually, I took that job notice off of the outlaw board, and headed over to my team, even announcing with uncharacteristic confidence "Everyone... we're going back to that mansion!" before showing them the job notice. The reward was pretty nice, too, set at thousands of pokedollars, even after the guild takes most of it away, though, the difficulty was listed as a 'star', whatever that meant... it can't be too difficult, right? There's no way he's THAT strong, and even so, we're probably at least a match for him at this point.


The swampert from yesterday seemed to talk about how the guildmaster that returned to us wasn't the same one that left us, and he seemed to demonstrate this by showing off a pear, and then leaning on... nothing. I had MANY questions, so once I got a chance to say something, anything, I asked "Wait... WHAT!? So, that's not our guildmaster, and YOU'RE not our guildmaster, so... where IS the guildmaster, and who are you?" of course, looking back, it seemed like my question had some obvious answers, but even so, this whole situation was a complete puzzle, and one that was out of my league. A lopunny seemed to just skip past the speech, as if she thought she was more important than any of us, and she ran back to one of the rooms... what, was the announcement too unimportant for a superstar like... whoever she was? I then looked around as the guild seemed to shout and jeer at Breen for a moment, some of them apparently calling him out for having a table painted to perfectly blend into a wall just for him to lean on, and I almost agreed with them, at least, that was, until the 'table' seemed to move, probably causing Breen to fall over. The invisible thing then ran past a few guild members, and up to Gavin, who it seemed to try to talk to, first, and then it tried to lift him up... one way or another, SOMETHING weird was going on, and Breen might either know what, or might have something to do with it... considering what little we knew about him, it was likely both. The wigglytuff that was apparently not our guildmaster then span around on one foot like a dancer, something that, according to the surprised faces of everyone else at the guild, the guildmaster wouldn't normally do.
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