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Just a little heads up, exams are coming up soon, so I might not be able to post very often.
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Mia stood back and strategized for a moment while everyone charged. They were all going for physical attacks. She wasn't sure why. Celina's body was gelatinous, and would easily absorb any physical force. Jason's attack was the one that seemed to have the biggest effect on her. Perhaps it was the fire. Mia observed that, despite being immune to her own flames, Celina was vulnerable to heat. While she couldn't take advantage of this weakness herself, Trevor and Jason could. Her highest priority should be to keep those two standing. As she saw Celina take out the knives and lunge at Trevor, she quickly dashed over to him, her vines at the ready to heal the inevitable stab wounds.
With that discussion out of the way, they all went to bed. Josh was finally able to sleep in a comfortable bed instead of out in the cold, and on top of that, Kiera was safe. Still, he couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy. Ever since he left the reef, he'd been trying as hard as he could to stay as far away from it as possible. There was no doubt in his mind that going after this orb would lead to a confrontation with Zane. He'd certainly grown much stronger, but was he strong enough for this?

The next morning, Josh woke up with these thoughts still plaguing his mind. Not wanting the others to worry, he tried his best to keep a neutral expression on his face as he went down to get breakfast.

If it was up to him, Dexter would keep going. Unfortunately, his team wanted to stop for the night, and he didn't want to just go out there alone. "Fine. I'll stay up for a while. I don't want anything weird to show up and try to off us in our sleep." With that, he began keeping an eye on their surroundings, while the others slept. For the first few hours, nothing happened. Dexter was beginning to get a little tired at that point, though. He walked up to Rebecca, and shook her awake. "Hey. Mind keeping an eye on things for a little bit?" Once he was sure that Rebecca was awake, he went to sleep for the rest of the night.

Thankfully, nothing had happened up until the point that he woke up. Once everyone else was awake, he spoke up. "Alright, you've gotten your beauty sleep. Let's go. I want to get the fuck out of here."

Once the others decided to go to bed, Donovan did the same. Despite how energetic he was just a few minutes ago, he fell asleep almost instantly. By the time his team was called to the guildmaster's office, he was already fast asleep.


The thundering voice woke Donovan from his slumber. So far, this was the only voice Donovan heard that was louder than him. After taking a moment to stretch a little, he was wide awake. "Are we gonna get to kick someone's ass today?" He asked his new teammates. Though this likely came as no surprise to them, he was very eager to get into a fight.

Donovan headed on down to the guildmaster's office, like the announcement told him to. Once there, he saw the same Swampert and Wigglytuff that they saw yesterday, but apparently that Wigglytuff wasn't the guildmaster. The real one was invisible, as most of the people in the crowd had figured out when the Swampert leaned on him. Donovan, however, hadn't quite figured it out. "Right where? I don't see him." He whispered to his teammates."

The miniature dragons surrounding Mia were quickly taken care of. Trevor then healed her with the new spell of his, though she could tell it wasn't quite as potent as her own. Still it did help her recover. Right when she was about to use her own healing on her two injured teammates, Celina began charging at her, engulfed in flame. Mia managed to dodge, but the attack wasn't quite as fast as Mia expected it to be. Was Celina resisting somehow?
I do like the idea. Couldn't hurt to at least give it a try.
Oh, hi! Glad to see you back!
Melina Stone - Viper

Melina stood quietly as the man in the suit explained their goal. Put simply, it was an obstacle course. The city streets ahead of them would be filled with various traps and obstacles. All she had to do was make it to the other side. Right away, she began thinking and strategizing. The loud bellows of the shirtless man standing nearby made it difficult to concentrate, but she was thankfully able to tune him out.

Her venom was her most powerful ability, but obviously that was out of the question. She would have to think of another way that her quirk could give her an advantage. The traps would likely be coming at them from all directions. Some of them could catch her off guard by hitting her from outside her field of vision. While she couldn't see from their perspective, her snakes could still warn her of incoming danger. With them on the lookout, she could focus on whatever was ahead of her.

Some of the others already knew each other. Melina didn't, but that wasn't going to stop her from trying. She'd be on her own at first, but she was fine with that. She was sure she'd find allies during the test if she needed to.
Mostly done! All that's left is an appearance image, which I'll probably add in a day or two.

🐍Melina Stone - Viper🐍

I'll throw in my interest! Present day, modern or future, all races, and yes to Discord.
Anthony explained to Keira what their mission was well enough, but he didn't tell her what exactly the orbs of balance were, or what they did. As they all sat down to eat, Josh took it upon himself to explain. "There are four of them, and my understanding they give life force to four different kinds of Pokemon. If any of the orbs break, all Pokemon of that type will slowly wither away. That's why it's so important that we find them, so we can protect them. There's one for regular Pokemon, like you and I, which we've already found. There's also the Void, Shadow, and Light Orbs, though we haven't found the latter two yet."

Keira looked down, as if lost in thought. "The Shadow Orb, huh?"

"Yes... that's one of them. We haven't found the Light Orb either, though." He found it odd that she would focus only on that one. He then remembered what Static said earlier. Could it have been true? "Keira, if you know even the smallest detail of where it might-"

"Zane knows where the Shadow Orb is."

For a moment, everything went silent. Several seconds passed before Josh finally spoke up. "Are... are you sure about this?"

Keira nodded. "I was hiding from a couple of Zane's lackeys, and overheard them talking about it. It's in a dungeon about a day's swim from the reef, but they never mentioned which direction." She looked up at the others. "I do have some good news, though. Even if he is after it, he's probably far too preoccupied with us to even consider going for it right now. Also, I don't think he knows how important it is. He sees it as just another treasure for him to throw in his vault."

Flame Wheel, for some reason, did a lot more than Dexter was expecting. Whatever this thing was now, it didn't resist his fire anymore. Dexter grinned, but that grin disappeared when that thing began charging something up. It could end badly if this ended up hitting someone. There didn't seem to be anything in the room they could take cover behind, either. Thinking quickly, Dexter took a running start to build up speed before using Flame Wheel. He was going to try to knock this thing off balance and throw off its aim, even if he wasn't entirely sure that it was possible.

Donovan hadn't realized until the Salandit asked for his name, but none of the people in the room had heard of him. That was to be expected. He wasn't a gladiator yet, but one of these days, people around the world would know his name! He stood up on the bed, and spoke loud enough that everyone in the room, and probably neighboring rooms as well, could hear him. "I am Donovan Steele! Remember this day. When I'm a world-renowned gladiator, you'll be telling your kids about the day you met me!"

Just as Mia had finished patching up her wounds, the ghost finally left Trevor's body. For a moment, it seemed like the fight was over. Trevor was pretty banged up, but at least he was still conscious. Mia rushed to his side. "Trevor, you're hurt. Come here, I'll-" Before Mia even had a chance to use her own healing magic, electricity began to arc throughout Trevor's body. Oddly enough, this appeared to heal him.

Before she could say another word, the ghost picked a new target - Celina. This fight was far from over, it seemed. The first thing she did was summon miniature dragons, several of which headed straight for Mia. Despite her attempts to avoid them, they quickly closed in on her. She let out a yelp of pain as the began to claw and bite at her. She tried to bind them and pull them away with vines, to no avail. With no other options, she called out to her teammates. "Guys, I need some help!"
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