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6 mos ago
Current Hey, I hate to say this, but I am probably leaving this place for the forseeable future. Those who are waiting for me on RPs can just... stop waiting, I guess. Sorry, all.
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9 mos ago
Well, @Truant, I believe what's wrong with you is in the name... your ability is Truant, you only get to act every other turn.
12 mos ago
@Ampharos Boy, I guess that means you're going to get cave adaptation by the time this whole thing is done, and you'll vomit as soon as you leave your house, lol.
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1 yr ago
You ever read one of your RPs from years ago and just laugh at how bad it is?
1 yr ago
Dragons vs unicorns, huh? I'm horribly biased in this case 'cause I HATE horses, so... dragons.


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