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As the ghost possessed Trevor, lightning coursed across the battlefield. It did manage to hit Mia, though some of her allies seemed to have worse injuries than she did. She though back to the healing spell she used earlier. It was perfect for this situation, and since Aerin seemed to have stayed behind, she didn't have to worry about hurting him. "Everyone, get close!" She began to concentrate the same way she did before, and sure enough, the same ring of light appeared, healing the wounds of anyone nearby.
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The time came to scavenge the forest for food. They had Celina searching the treetops and Jeri searching underground, but everyone else would need to search for food on the surface. As the rabbit explained what foods they could and couldn't eat, Lance made sure to commit it to memory. "I'll keep an eye out" He told the others, and keep an eye out he certainly did. He knew it was important to be vigilant of his surroundings, not just to find food, but also to ensure that nothing would sneak up on them.

It didn't seem like attacking the ghostly dragon would do them any good. Trevor had already tried and failed. Until the ghost possessed someone, they couldn't do anything, or so it seemed. He most likely wouldn't get rid of the barrier until they passed this 'test' of his, either. No matter what, they'd have to fight one of their allies. Mia couldn't think of any other way around it. "I guess we don't have any other options. My healing magic worked on that phoenix back there, so even if he does possess one of us, I should be able to heal them once the fight is over."

While Lance didn't know what this 'Hidden Power' would be useful against, that was something he could figure out over time. After everyone had this new technique figured out, Honey came around with fresh, clean water. It was rather refreshing, especially after that long training session. Next, they would be going out to forage for food and other supplies, it seemed. With their newfound abilities, they were better protected in case of an attack.

They began discussing how they would orient themselves as they moved through the woods. Lance's role was obvious. Sharp blades instead of hands and a body covered in armour meant that he'd be most suited to being in the frontline. Despite how obvious it was, some of the others felt the need to point it out to him, much to his annoyance. "I do not need you to tell me my role like I'm some kind of child. Did you think I hadn't noticed my armour?"
I'm thinking we should move on without them, it doesn't seem like they'll be posting again.

These runes seemed to enhance the abilities of whoever used them. As the rest of the group began trying them out, they found that their attacks split into multiple parts. As useful as this could be, Mia really had no way of taking advantage of it. She hadn't figured out how to properly use the light arrows yet, and she already had an ability than let her heal more than one person at a time. Eventually, there was only one left. "Shaula, you can take the last one. You'll get more use out of it than I will" She hoped that more of these runes would appear in the future, possibly ones that would be more useful to her.

Lance awoke to the sound of wood being dropped into the fire. It took him a moment to remember where he was, but the brief moment of confusion quickly subsided. The others seemed to have woken up at this time, as well. As their breakfast was handed out, Lance noticed that it was significantly less than they'd received last night. Of course, it was understandable. They'd already said they were short on food.

They had all headed outside soon enough, to a clearing with several targets set up around them. This new technique they were about to learn seemed simple enough. All they had to do was completely empty their mind, and she seemed to pull it off fairly easily. It quickly became apparent, though, that this was much more difficult than she made it look. Lance found that clearing his mind was much more difficult than it seemed. The more he failed, the more frustrated he'd become, which only made it more difficult. He had to take several breaks to calm himself, but eventually, he did manage something. A glowing green sphere appeared between his blades, and it made some kind of hum, almost like the buzzing of an insect. Lance was somewhat surprised at its sudden appearance, which, of course, caused it to disappear instantly.

The second attempt was much easier, now that Lance had some idea of how to pull it off. He knew what to expect this time, so it didn't immediately dissipate, either. He took aim at one of the targets, though he wasn't entirely sure how to aim it. The orb flew, headed to a spot nowhere near where he was trying to aim. Though it just barely hit the outer ring of one of the targets, it wasn't the one Lance was aiming for. It was only through luck alone that he'd managed to hit the target at all. "It may be a while before I can effectively use this in combat. Still, thank you for teaching this to us. You said it would help with the ghosts, yes?" It was clear that he would need to practice more, though at least now he had some way of harming the ghosts.

The phoenix let out a terrified shriek as they woke up. It was somewhat startling. Mia was expecting them to wake up slowly, especially after seemingly being knocked unconscious. As she withdrew her vines, the phoenix - who, based on the voice, she assumed was female - explained to them what happened when she encountered this ghost that they were after. Apparently, it was just up ahead.

The others immediately began strategizing, talking about how they would take down the ghost. Mia decided to chip in as well. "Keeping our distance might work. That is, if he needs to get close in order to possess someone. The truth is, until we know exactly how this ability works, there's not much we can do to prepare." Shaula seemed to have a plan as well, but Mia was quick to shoot it down. "Shaula, the ghost can just leave the mole and possess someone else. Even if he couldn't, I doubt he'd be stupid enough to fall for a trick like that."
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