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Current Looks like we've got another wave of spambots.
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Just a little heads up, exams are coming up soon, so I might not be able to post very often.
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It's October and it's already starting to snow. God damn it.
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Happy birthday to me!
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University classes started a couple days ago. Posting will probably slow down quite a bit.


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I'd post, but I'm waiting for @Lugia right now.
I've decided to start adding backgrounds to these.
Hanna the Phanpy

Medburn Town - Center Plaza
@Lugia@Shiny Keldeo

Once they'd arrived at Eira's house, a Froslass, who Hanna assumed was Eira's foster mother, answered the door.Hanna smiled "Howdy. I'm Hanna, from the guild. I just wanted to make sure these two got home safe." she said. "There was a little bit of a situation earlier today." She just left it at that, since she didn't know a lot of the details. Eira and Ember were actually there, so they could explain it a lot better than she could. She looked back at Ember, who appeared to be staring off into space. Before she could say anything, though, he suddenly snapped out of it. Hanna couldn't help but chuckle a little. "Come on now, Ember. Don't you go fallin' asleep on us." She said, making her way inside with everybody else.
I have exams as well. I'll post as soon as I can, though.
I'm planning on drawing all of the characters eventually. Both here and in Stargate.
<Snipped quote by Ridlins>

Haha, YES! I love it, I wish I could draw like that! You even added him holding the pointy stick!
Would you mind if I put that as his picture in the appearances section of the app?

Sure, go for it. Use it any way you like.
So, @Shiny Keldeo, I think it's your turn now.
While the discussion of underground rivers continued, Josh noticed Anthony eyeing up the apples and berries scattered across the ground. Any food they found down there had probably been lying on the ground for a while, and would be frozen solid by this point. It had been a while since they'd had a full meal, but Anthony wasn't seriously about to eat one of them, right? "We're getting close, Anthony. Just hold out for a little while longer, okay?" He said.

It was pretty odd, though. Why was there so much food this deep in the cave in the first place? At this point, Josh began to remember one of the rooms in Reshiram's tower. "Hold on... Do you guys remember that stash of food we found yesterday, in that tower?" He asked, looking around. He couldn't see anything of interest right now, but there could very well be a similar food storage further ahead. "I think think this might've come from a similar room. The Pokemon living this deep have to get food from somewhere, right?"

The Pokemon in this place were weirdly obsessed with humans, including their still-unnamed client. He was so caught up in his conversation with Spruce that he didn't notice the locked door blocking their path. After Nina cleared her throat to get his attention, he used a card and some kind of strange machine to unlock the door and allow them to continue. According to him, doors like that were used by humans all the time. "I don't get it. Didn't they have keys and shit?" Dexter said. He was struggling to understand why they would use something this complicated when a key and lock would work just fine.
I'm not sure exactly how far in we are, but I don't think we're anywhere near the end.
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