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Mia was quickly called upon to check the bird lying on the ground. She placed two fingers on its neck to check for a pulse, and leaned in close to listen for breathing. Both were present, which meant that, without a doubt, this bird was still alive. "I can feel a heartbeat, and they're still breathing, too. As for 'guy or girl', I'm not sure, either. It's not as obvious as it is with humans."

She began looking over his body for injuries, though all she could find was some minor bite wounds and scratches. They were certainly to small to have been left by a dragon. The mole people were the most likely from the mole people they'd seen earlier. "They may have been possessed by the ghost at some point. Look at these bite marks, he seems to have fought the moles." These injuries weren't nearly enough to render him unconscious. It was likely something else, possibly the ghost leaving his body to possess someone else. "I'm going to heal them. I think the ghost left this body to possess someone else, but just in case I'm wrong, we should be ready for a fight." With that, vines sprouted from Mia's wrist, and began covering the phoenix's body. She was ready to jump back at a moment's notice. Even with Jason's chains holding it down, she was still an easy target if it decided to attack.

As the soup was passed around, Lance made sure to express his gratitude. "Thank you for your hospitality." After eating nothing but berries for the past day or so, a warm bowl of soup was a very welcome sight. As he ate, he listened carefully to what Seraph was telling them. Any information could be useful, after all.

It seemed that the storm had taken it's toll on this farm. On top of destroying their crops, it seemed that it had also brought thieves and looters who intended on taking what little they had. What caught Lance's attention, though, was the ghosts. Clearly, these were the same creatures they'd fought off the night before. "I can handle bandits, but if the ghosts are attacking here as well, that will be a problem. I couldn't even leave a scratch on the one we fought."
I will try to get a post up tonight.

The golem's chest had been opened up by Trevor's fire drill, exposing some sort of gem. That, however, was something the others could deal with. Right now, Mia was worried about Trevor's injuries. He was still able to fight and move around, but that hit he took earlier did seem to do some damage. Thankfully, with the golem distracted she could easily get to him. "Trevor, hold still for a minute." She placed her palm on Trevor's shoulder, and vines began growing over Trevor's body, healing his injuries. "I know it feels a little strange. Just bear with me for a moment."

To say the journey to the farm was uncomfortable would be an understatement. They were all packed tightly into Wendy's beak, and as Lance's body was covered in blades, he had to take extra care not to accidentally stab anyone. Luckily, he only had to endure it for a short while. The farmhouse was only a short distance away.

As everyone climbed out of Wendy's beak, they received a somewhat unfriendly greeting from what Lance assumed was the farm's owner. They would likely need to scavenge the surrounding area for food. Nathan suggested planting some of the berries they'd already found, but Lance wasn't fond of that idea. "I don't intend on staying here long enough for those berries to grow. The moment this storm ends, I'll be leaving." He didn't mention why he was so insistent on leaving, for fear that the farmer would overhear them. If there were answers to how they got here and how to get back, he wouldn't find them here. The village that Wendy mentioned would be his best bet.
I haven't been on MCF in ages. Still, it's kinda sad to see it go.

As Mia pulled back the bow's string, she could see what Jason meant when he told her about the draw strength. She couldn't hold it back for long, and when she fired it, she completely missed. The golem was such a large target, as well. She would need some practice if she wanted to use this ability in combat anytime soon. "I'm sorry Jason, but I think I'm done with the bow for now." She placed it on the ground, though she kind of felt bad for having Jason make this weapon only to fire once and miss.

In the short time it took to fire the arrow, Trevor had gotten a serious beating from the golem. Now, it was coming for her. It stood between the two of them, but it was much slower than Mia was. She ran off to the side, kiting around the golem in an attempt to reach her injured teammate.
I can't think of anything for Lance. I'm okay with moving on to the farm.

The drill was able to easily tear through a steel plate not unlike the one blocking the path to the ghost. Stealing it was not only morally questionable, but while the guards were around, it would be very difficult. Still, it seemed like the only option at the time.Mia went over their options in her head. They could lure the guards away and take it, but getting such a large drill to the wall without being noticed would be nearly impossible.

While she was lost in thought, she hadn't noticed that Trevor had already began approaching the wall. It wasn't until Trevor used his newfound power that she happened to turn her head. "Damnit, Trevor..." She muttered under her breath, rushing over to assist him. It seemed that he'd been inspired by the drill, because this attack certainly did look like it. Perhaps it could get through the wall, as well. It seemed to significantly damage the golem as well, and though he seemed a little dazed afterward, Trevor didn't appear to be injured too badly.

Mia hadn't used any offensive spells until this point, so she was unsure if her magic could do anything besides heal. It took a moment, but she was eventually able to form a rod of light with a pointed tip. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be an arrow. She quickly flew to Jason - she'd seen him make weapons before. "Jason, could you make me a bow?" Though she'd never really shot a bow before, if her magic could create arrows, it was in her best interests to learn how.

With his blades now clear of the crow's blood, Lance headed back into the cave. It seemed that Trevor had decided to lie about their origins. It was understandable. If they'd told her the truth, she may have thought they were insane. The story that Trevor made up was much more believable.

One by one, Wendy began answering everyone's questions. It seemed that the enemy that attacked them the night before wasn't a normal occurrence in this world. In addition, there were probably more of them around, though these ones likely wouldn't attack them. As for towns, there was apparently one to the north, and there was also a farm nearby, likely the source of the light that Lance saw earlier. She'd even offered to carry them there. Though Lance wasn't fond of the idea of getting in her mouth, it was better than trudging through the dirt and mud. "I am prepared to leave, if everyone else is."
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