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The moment Mia spoke, the bird person looked over. Normally her voice wasn't that loud, but apparently the bird could hear her anyway. With his wings cloaked in fire, he approached them. Several other people approached as well, some of which Mia hadn't even seen coming until that moment. Some of these newcomers were more hostile than others, but eventually, everyone had calmed down.

Introductions were soon being thrown around. There was Aerin, a shadowy dragon who was a former 'helper person'. The dragon with avian wings was Trevor. Next was Jason, a fiery bird who could turn his drawings into real objects. Celina, the slime, seemed to be able to do the same. The crazy water lady who threatened them with a muffin had calmed down enough to tell them her name was Shaula. Mia was the last to introduce herself. "I'm Mia Reid. Before all of this happened, I was a med school student." To demonstrate her magic, she used it on the grass around her, causing it to grow several inches. "I can manipulate plants, and most of my magic seems to revolve around healing."

Ignoring Jeri's glare, Lance instead turned his attention towards the stone. Despite the fact that they'd just dug it out of the cave's wall, it looked like it had already been refined. "That's odd. You would think that it would have a rougher appearance if it had just been mined." Then again, this world was awfully strange. Maybe the stone just happened to form underground in that shape.

It supposedly had the ability to bring someone back from the brink of death. "If this 'revive' really does what you say it will, then it will certainly be useful." As useful as it was, though, he hoped they wouldn't be put into a situation where they'd need to use it.

At first, Lance saw the roots as tinder, but as they dried out, they began to look more edible. The bird decided to be the first to have a taste, without even bothering to cook or even wash the dirt off of them first. "If these are edible, then it may be in our best interest to conserve them. We don't know how long we'll be trapped in this world, and we don't know if we'll find another food source."
At the very least, Kamina had the sense to return to the backline. He'd most likely gotten used to being able to tank most attacks. That would explain his recklessness, at least. With everybody back behind the firewall, they were protected from a lot of Kyurem's attacks. That wall wouldn't stay up forever, though. They'd need a way to defeat Kyurem quicker. At their current pace, they'd be there for a while.

Josh began to think. He'd considered using that ability Anthony had, but first he'd have to figure out what triggers it. He'd first used it after taking a kick to the head from that first orb's guardian. Then, it activated during their fight with Reshiram yesterday, when he'd gotten hit by that pillar. In both situations, he'd taken a blow to the head, but was that really the secret to activating his power?

It was a risk, but Josh decided to take it. Using his psychic powers, he picked up one of the chunks of ice that had fallen from the ceiling earlier. "Anthony, I'm going to try something, and I need you to trust me." The chunk of ice floated toward Anthony, hovering over his head for a brief moment. "If this doesn't work, I am SO sorry." With that, using all of the strength he could muster, he slammed the chunk of ice down onto Anthony's head as hard as he possibly could.

The labels on the chemicals were very vague about what was actually in them. Most of them were just labelled with things like 'Experiment 1', not mentioning what the experiment was, or what the chemical would do. "The fuck is this? You'd think they'd at least say what's in the damn things." Assuming they were all the same way, he let out a long sigh. "This was a waste of time."

When Nina mentioned a piece of something, Dexter walked over, peering over her shoulder. "A piece of what, now?" Nina was holding Experiment 4, but unlike the other bottles, this one at least had something else written on it. 'Missingno. piece'... that meant this must be what they came here for. Dexter turned to their client. "Is this what we're looking for? I want to get the fuck out of this place."

At that moment, he got a message on his badge. It was jumbled, and difficult to read, but whoever sent it mentioned the guildmaster. "That's right. If he's here, they're probably pissing themselves right now looking for him."

Just when Donovan thought the cowardly bug had escaped, he heard his voice nearby, taunting him. "Heh. Tough luck, kid." Donovan struggled, trying to flip himself back onto his feet, but it was no use. Unless someone came along and decided to help him, he'd be stuck there. "That was a close one, you know. You might've gotten me if you weren't a complete moron."

"I'M NOT A MORON, I'M A BADASS!" Donovan wildly flailed his limbs, to no avail. The Wurmple was well out of his reach. "Remember my name! Donovan Steele is the champion who will defeat you!"

The Wurmple laughed. "Good luck with that, kid. I can't poison you, so..." Donovan could hear him rummaging around. "I'll be taking this... jar of paint. Is that really all you have on you? Whatever, I can get a decent price for it, anyway."

Just then, Donovan heard a voice coming from the bug's bag, mentioning a 'guildmaster'. He didn't know what a 'guildmaster' was, but this insect had clearly kidnapped someone. He scurried away into the bushes, though that didn't stop Donovan from shouting. "Coward! You dare run away!? I will hunt you down, you honorless insect!" He would not hunt him down. In fact, until someone helped him, he wouldn't be able to move from that spot.

The slime had mostly cushioned Mia's fall, though she still ended up with a facefull of dirt. Thankfully, her scales were tough, so the collision really hadn't injured her much. "I'm sorry about that. I hope you're alright." Thankfully, the wierd slime creature didn't seem to be injured, despite having just been splattered everywhere. It seemed that it could repair itself by absorbing the slime back into its body.

Mia took a look at her tail, only to see that the swelling had gotten worse. She summoned a few vines, hoping to at least stop the bleeding. Much to her surprise, as the vines began stitching the bite wound closed, they began to secrete some kind of chemical. It had a slight sting to it, which made her wince a little, but the numbness from the snake's venom almost immediately began to fade. It seemed that this healing magic of hers acted as a kind of antivenom.

There were some people running in the distance, shouting something about a thief. After a brief fight, some kind of wormhole appeared. The thieves immediately went through it, leaving only the dragon and some kind of bird man. "I'm not sure if we should get close right now. We don't know how dangerous those two could be." She took cover behind some bushes, using her magic to clear a small hole to peek through. There was enough room that the slime could hide behind them, as well. "Once they're gone, we can go over and investigate."

There was apparently some kind of god Pokemon that could have brought them there, but Lance was much more interested in these games that Nathan had mentioned. "Are you saying this situation happened in one of these games? If, so then this 'Charmander' could have valuable information." It seemed like Trevor knew much more than the rest of them, so Lance assumed that he was the 'Charmander' that Nathan was referring to. Since he'd gone out into the storm, though, that would have to wait. "Celina, you wouldn't happen to know anything about these games, would you?"

As the fire began to fade, Jeri began using her mouth to dig up roots near the cave's entrance. She looked quite triumphant as she brought them back to the fire. "Those won't last long. We should hope the others had enough sense to bring firewood." He pointed out. Though, even if they did bring wood, he wasn't sure if the fire would even last until they got back.

By now, the initial shock of the transformation had worn off. Mia looked over her new dragon-like body. What stood out the most was her large, bat-like wings. She'd wager that with some practice, she'd be able to fly. She'd already made some modifications to her human clothes. They were quite uncomfortable since they weren't made to fit a quadruped like her, but for now that was all she had. She hoped that later on, she could find or make something that would fit her better.

There were about 20 students gathered in Lucky City University's basement, including Mia herself. A few of them had already tried to leave, only to be attacked by looters roaming the floors above them. The plan now was for all of them to leave in one single large group. That way, they would vastly outnumber anyone they happened to run into. A metallic golem standing near the stairs spoke up. "If everyone's ready, then let's head out. Move slowly, and don't panic if we get attacked. We don't want to end up trampling each other."

The golem began heading up the stairs, and the others followed in a single-file line. Mia was near the back of the group, and just when the last few people were out of the basement and coming up the stairs, water began flowing down the stairwell. It was only a small amount, not nearly enough to do anything besides get their feet wet, but more than likely, it meant that someone with water-based magic had attacked the people further ahead. As the rest of the group gathered on the ground floor, Mia saw the water's source: an aquatic dragon, lying unconscious next to the stairs.

The golem seemed to have become the de-facto leader of the group, as he began directing everyone again. "The main exit's the closest to us. It's right over-"

He didn't even get a chance to finish his sentence. A massive creature crashed right through the ceiling, scattering burning debris in all directions. It looked like a snake and a bull had been crudely stitched together, and oddly enough, it had a turtle shell as well. Most of the students already began running from it, but unfortunately, it stood right in Mia's path, preventing her from following them. "Hey, wait! Don't just go without me!" She called after them. Unfortunately, not only did they ignore her, but it also drew the attention of the beast, who immediately turned both of its heads towards her.

As it got up, she immediately turned and ran. She could hear the chimera's footsteps echoing through the hall behind her. It was fast for a creature its size. She didn't want to look back, but she could hear it getting closer. Up ahead, Mia saw her escape route. A broken window, which would lead her outside. There was the risk of getting cut, but she'd take that over being mauled to death any day.

Just before she made it to the window, she felt a sharp pain in her tail as the snake head sunk its fangs into her. As she threw herself through the window, the beast stooped, though only for a moment. It was far too big to fit through, but that didn't seem to stop it. The bull head began ramming the wall, and judging by the cracks that were forming, it wouldn't be held back for long.

Thankfully, it didn't seem to have wings like she did. Now that she was out in the open, she had a chance to escape. After getting a running start for momentum, she began to spread her wings. Much to her surprise, her feet began to lift from the ground. With a few more flaps of her wings, she was well out of the chimera's reach.

As she flew, she noticed that her tail was beginning to go numb. The cause was obvious. The snake head that bit her earlier must have been venomous. By this point, it was safe to assume that thing was miles away, and continuing to move around would just increase her heart rate and make the venom spread through her body faster. As she angled herself downward to land, she looked back at her tail. The area around the bite had already started to swell, and it was bleeding quite a bit. When she turned to look ahead, she immediately regretted not paying attention to where she was going. She hadn't even noticed the blue slime creature that had wandered out of a nearby house, right at the exact spot that she was about to land. "H-hey! Look out!" Mia shouted, bracing herself for the inevitable impact, whether it be with the slime, or the ground if it managed to dodge.
What's with the sudden dip in activity? This was so active before.

It seemed that the acorn and snake had both calmed down at this point, at least enough to reveal their names. Nathan and Jeri - now, he knew the names of everyone who'd gotten trapped here with him. Lance hoped that it was just the initial shock of waking up in a new body that made them act the way they did earlier, and that it wouldn't be a regular thing.

Now that he had a moment to think, he was finally able to take a good look at his new body. Though he wasn't sure exactly how big he was, he was clearly a lot smaller than a human. If he had to guess, this body was probably still very young. The same seemed to be true for the others, as well. More than likely, they would grow over time, but the real question was how long that would take.

In response to Jeri's question, Lance shook his head. "I've said this before, but I'm clueless when it comes to Pokemon." He then turned to the other two. "I assume you two would know? The way you've been speaking, it's clear you know something. A great deal more than we do, at least."
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