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Just a little heads up, exams are coming up soon, so I might not be able to post very often.
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It's October and it's already starting to snow. God damn it.
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Happy birthday to me!
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University classes started a couple days ago. Posting will probably slow down quite a bit.


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I've been pretty busy lately. Almost done, though.
I don't mind if you start today.
@AbysmalDemon I'm still interested. My character will probably be done by Monday.
I'd be interested in joining.
Three enemies all rounded the corner ahead of them at once, and since Anthony was at the front of the group, he ended up taking all of their attacks. "Are you alright, Anthony?" Josh asked. He was a little concerned, but Anthony wasn't injured too badly, or at least it didn't seem like he was. "You might want to stay near the back for this fight. I don't think-"

He was suddenly cut off when Kamina rushed past them, bashing into the enemies and knocking them all in different directions. Josh's attention turned toward the Arcanine, who had landed next to him. It started to get up, clearly stunned by Kamina's charge. Before it got back on its feet, though, a powerful rush of water from Josh knocked it right back to the ground. He then noticed beams of light shining down from above, and after looking around for the source, saw M, though there was several ice walls between them. "Guys? I think we left M behind." Josh pointed out. He had no idea how none of them noticed that he got separated.

Dexter jumped down the trapdoor, right behind Nina. "Man, this place looks all futuristic and shit." He ran one of his paws along the wall, smearing dirt all over the clean, white panels. It was at this point that Dexter realized that he had no idea what they were supposed to do once they got here. "So, what the hell are we doing, exactly? You'd better have a better plan than just running around and breaking shit." There was another problem on Dexter's mind, too. None of these new people had ever told anyone what their names were. As they began moving through the bright white hallways, he decided to speak up. "So, I'm gonna go ahead and assume you've all got names, right? Let's hear 'em. I'm Dexter."
"I'm glad you see it my way, Robert." Trey said. "Come on. The dragons should be expecting us to return soon."
The princess certainly didn't agree with their decision to leave without a fight. Trey was beginning to grow tired of the sound of her voice, but he had his ways of dealing with that. All he had to do was fly high above the ground, and the sound of the wind rushing past him was enough to completely drown it out. He felt somewhat sorry for the rest of the group. They were stuck on the ground, forced to endure her constant whining.
Their plan had worked, at least somewhat. While Reshiram was freed from the archway, he ended up getting poisoned, despite their efforts to prevent it. They had to get to Kyurem before the poison spread, otherwise they would have no chance of solving this without violence. On top of that, any fight against Kyurem would be a one-sided beatdown if they didn't have Reshiram helping them.

As they made their way through the maze, Josh could hear the footsteps of wild Pokemon all around them. It didn't sound like any of them were close, but then again, it was hard to tell. Anthony had a plan to knock out or severely weaken most of them by having M reflect an electric attack off of the mirrors. "Mirrors reflect light, Anthony. Not electricity." Josh pointed out. Anthony's suggestion did get him thinking, though. Something like that could still work. "Maybe a light-based attack, like Flash Cannon or Mirror Shot. That is, if M knows one of those moves."

After Nina told Dexter about what she heard in the bushes, he went over to investigate. Sure enough, though, they were gone, leaving nothing behind but the faint scent of quick seeds. "Probably the same guys we ran into before, yeah?" Dexter said. "You know, I was gonna find them and kick their asses after this mission was done, but if they're gonna be following us, then fuck it. I might as well do it now." This wasn't a mission that they'd be able to steal. They'd probably find some other way of screwing with them, though, so it would be best to stay alert.
Robert had managed to get in and out with the stone, while avoiding a fight with the zombies, surprisingly enough. With that stone, and the sample for the dragons, they had everything they needed. Even so, Robert felt the need to go back in and finish off the zombies, simply because they could. "And what, exactly, is there to gain?" Trey asked. "Going in for the stone, I can understand, but now we already have everything we could possibly need. There's no point in endangering ourselves any more than we already have."
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