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Just a little heads up, exams are coming up soon, so I might not be able to post very often.
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Josh knew nothing of this 'crystal' that Kyurem mentioned, and it seemed that none of the others did, either. More than likely, it was a delusion of the legendary's warped and twisted mind. For now, that didn't matter. The only important thing was that Kyurem had clearly taken a lot of damage by this point. "Let's keep this up! He's almost down." Josh shouted to his teammates. He let loose several more Dragon Pulses, determined to end the fight quickly.

Dexter continued to keep his grip on the Dragonite's tail. The Salamence tried to get him off, but all of these attempts were in vain. If anything, all they'd managed to do was make Dexter bite down even harder. Up until now, Dexter's teeth hadn't entirely gotten through the dragon's thick scales, but as they started to sink deeper, he began to taste blood. It was clear now that Dexter was starting to do some damage. On top of that, Nina had rushed over at bit down into the dragon's tail as well. If that, combined with the poison, didn't take down the Dragonite quickly, then Dexter wasn't sure what would.

The guildmaster seemed to think Donovan was 'edgy'. "I'm not edgy! Look at my armour plates, they're perfectly round and smooth!" Donovan shouted, in a voice that would likely carry across the guild. He recoiled slightly as the guildmaster reached out to touch his face. He did so to sample some of his war paint, and immediately implied that it was made from Red Gummi. That was something Donovan wouldn't stand for.

"That's not Red Gummi, it's the blood of my enemies! I paint my face with the essence of my fallen foes as a sign that I will show NO MERCY!" He began rearing up and stomping his front legs into the ground. Of course, this didn't change the fact that the guildmaster was right about the pain't ingredients. In fact, it contained no blood, and all of Donovan's enemies were still very much alive.
IIRC you can only have moves learned at or before level 10, so you'd have Telekinesis, plus your choice of Absorb, Fairy Wind, Stun Spore and Struggle Bug.
Aren't we supposed to start out unevolved?
I'll try to post as soon as I can. Should be done by tonight.

The injured bird had berries stashed in its beak, but what interested Lance more was the envelopes. It was likely some kind of courier, which meant that not all of the Pokemon in this world were feral beasts. This only pushed Lance's desire to investigate the light even further. At this point, he was almost certain that they'd find civilization there.

For now, there were much bigger problems at hand. The sleeping crows could wake up at any moment, and on top of that it seemed that Vi couldn't harm them. The others began suggesting that they should finish them off before they woke up, and it didn't seem as though anyone disagreed with them. "It seems that this is the best option." Standing over one of the comatose birds, he readied his blade. "If nobody else will land the first blow, I will." With that, he thrust his blade towards the bird lying in front of him.

It seemed that the thieves would be easier to catch up to than Mia initially thought, though only one of them was there. It seemed the other one had been possessed by some kind of ghost. Normally, she would think he was either insane or on drugs, but considering what had happened so far, it wasn't too unbelievable.

The others began talking about how they would counter this possession ability, and though Shaula appeared to have a plan, Mia wasn't so sure that anything she thought of would work. "We really have no way of knowing how to avoid being possessed, at least until we find out more about how that ability works." She looked towards the thief. Since he wasn't possessed, then there was a good chance that the ghost could only possess one person at a time. Still, they may need more information before they fought him. "Maybe we should ask some of the villagers if they know anything. This might not be the first time something like this has happened, and if we're lucky, they could have a way to counter it."

While all of this was going on, Jason had begun doodling on a nearby wall. Mia hadn't even noticed, until he called her name. "Is that me?" She asked, moving closer to get a better look. "Impressive. You're a pretty talented artist, Jason."

As Lance crept closer to the cave, the others had already launched their attacks. They appeared to be hitting their targets, at least. This time, their enemies were more than likely not ghosts. Lance had tried to stay hidden up until this point, but now he was close enough to attack, and a few of the birds were likely distracted by the others. He quickly lunged out of hiding and swiped his blade at the bird nearest to him. He hoped that he'd managed to catch it off guard.

Mia let out a loud sigh as Jason and Shaula continued to bicker. She knew that arguing with people like Shaula was pointless, but it seemed that Jason hadn't realized that yet. "Seriously, Jason, why put in the effort?" It was rather annoying, having to listen to them argue nonstop from the moment they first met each other.

The subject of the thieves came up. They were the reason they came here, after all. "It looked like they were the ones that made the portal in the first place. If that's the case, then finding them should be our ticket out of here." While it was likely that they'd passed through this town, they could also still be lost in the maze, or they could have ended up at a completely different exit. "We should ask some of the mole people if they've seen them. Then we'll at least know we're going in the right direction."

Though Lance had no intention of rushing into this conflict, it seemed that Celina did. To her credit, though, she did manage to incapacitate all but three. The pelican, along with two of its pursuers, landed near the entrance to the cave. Lance let out a sigh. At this point, there was no avoiding a fight. "Let's get back to the cave, Trevor. Try not to let them see you." With that, he began making his way back, ducking behind rocks and trying to stay hidden. As the birds were close to the ground, it should be easy enough to hit them before they flew out of his reach, as long as they weren't ghosts like that beaver from before. All he had to do was catch them off guard.

It seemed this world had already started getting to Trevor's head. At first, Lance thought that he'd gone over to the campfire to salvage what little warmth the dying embers could give him. Needless to say, he was quite surprised when the lizard scooped up a handful of burning coals and shoved them into his mouth. This wasn't the first time he'd done something like this, either. Lance recalled him sticking his tail into the fire last night. There were many questions running through Lance's head, but the conversation he overheard between Trevor and Jeri answered most of them. The creature Trevor had turned into apparently had the ability to breathe fire, something Trevor had yet to accomplish.

As his reptilian friend headed outside, Lance decided to accompany him. As Celina scouted from above, the two of them walked along the edge of the newly-formed lake, in the hopes that there was a way to get around. They didn't get far, though, before something above them caught Lance's eye. It was a flock of birds, similar to crows, chasing what appeared to be a chubby pelican. "What on earth?" He turned to Trevor. "You must know what those are. Are they ghosts, like that beaver?" Regardless of Trevor's answer, Lance wasn't willing to fight them. Even if he could hit them, it would be extremely difficult to hit a flying opponent.
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