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Just a little heads up, exams are coming up soon, so I might not be able to post very often.
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It's October and it's already starting to snow. God damn it.
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Happy birthday to me!
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University classes started a couple days ago. Posting will probably slow down quite a bit.


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A loud crashing sound came from the other room, followed by the sound of rushing water. Moments later, Anthony emerged, Pecha Berry in hand. "Ah! Thank you, Anthony." Josh said. By now, Reshiram had pulled himself free. Josh was keeping an eye on him, but couldn't quite tell whether or not he'd been poisoned.

With Reshiram on the field, the Ice-types guarding Kyurem's domain were toast. All that stood in their way now was Kyurem himself. Despite the brave face he was putting on, Josh was terrified. They won the battle against Reshiram through luck alone, and though they had a Legendary of their own this time, he had a feeling that this would be just as difficult.

Despite all of their efforts, the Guildmaster simply healed up, and they were back to square one. With a string of profanity that put Dexter to shame, Nina lunged forwards. In a rage, she began stabbing the Guildmaster over and over again with her poison barbs. "For fuck's sake Nina, calm your ass down!" Dexter called out, but she wouldn't listen. The Guildmaster used Hyper Voice again, hitting Nina the hardest because of how close she was.

Trying to ignore the ringing in his ears, Dexter rushed back towards his fallen comrade. She'd been completely knocked out, but luckily, she was still breathing. "Oh, you're gonna regret that one, motherfucker!" He growled, turning back towards the Guildmaster. Curling up for another Flame Wheel, Dexter sped across the room towards him, trying to hit him with enough force to knock him back into the bookshelf. Maybe if they were lucky, it would fall on top of him.

"Ahaha... You can't be serious, right? You, taking on my champions? Not a chance, small fry. I can't let some kid into the arena. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen!"

Even days later, the Lurantis' words still echoed though Donovan's head. Those words that filled him with unending rage. He charged through the forest, leaving a path of trampled shrubs and snapped branches in his wake. Once he saw something moving out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly stopped. It was a Weedle, one of the wild inhabitants of the forest. Before the poor thing could react, Donovan ran forward, slamming into it with his head. Startled, the Weedle tried to use Poison Sting, only for it to bounce harmlessly off of the Aron's armour. "Nyaaaaaaaagh!" Letting out a war cry, Donovan charged at the Weedle again, this time pinning it to a tree and knocking it out.

He wasn't done yet. No, not until every single Pokemon in this forest felt his wrath. Hearing something nearby, he quickly charged towards the source; A flock of Fletchlings that flew out of Donovan's reach before he could get to them. As he looked up at them, he remembered something he'd seen in the arena. One of his favorite fighters, Juggernaut the Conkeldurr, knocked a Flygon from the sky with his signature move, the Titanic Lunge. It was just what Donovan needed! "If you won't come down and fight, then I'll just use my TITANIC LUNGE!" He was expecting to launch himself into the air and slam each and every Fletchling into the ground, but unfortunately for him, that didn't happen. Instead, he made it about a foot off the ground, before dropping right back down, landing on his face. "Ow..." He stumbled back onto his feet, still a little bit shaken.

The flock of bird Pokemon had lost interest at this point and started to fly away, but Donovan chased after them. "Get back here! Fight with honour!" He shouted, but they were long gone by then. Searching for a new Pokemon to challenge he saw two off in the distance near a river. It looked like a Salandit and a Gible. While any normal Pokemon would immediately be able to tell that these two weren't wild, Donovan hadn't realized this quite yet. "Nyaaaaaaaagh!" Letting out his signature war cry yet again, he charged towards the duo. Going for the Salandit first, he dug some dirt out of the ground, and used Mud Slap.
While we're waiting, I've finished Donovan's appearance image. It's been added to his app.

He's gonna be an Aron.
I'll try to get my character done either tonight or tomorrow.
I could make another character.
While they were all focused on the fight, Reshiram had been left behind, stuck in yet another doorway. Josh hadn't even noticed until Anthony pointed this out to him. Their only option, like last time, was to use his poison. "I think there were Pecha berries in that other room. Could you go and fetch one, Anthony? We may need it."

While he was preparing to free the legendary, Kamina had charged back to help them. "Go help the others with the fight, Kamina. I can handle this." Aiming just above the door, Josh began to fire Slude Bombs, letting the poison leak down.

"Heh. You're a tough motherfucker, aren't you?" Dexter growled. Tilting his head upward, he let out a Howl that echoed through the room. The guildmaster was running around after being doused in all of those chemicals. Dexter chased after him with Flame Wheel, this time with a lot more power behind it.
Hanna the Phanpy

Medburn Town - Outskirts
@Lugia@Shiny Keldeo

Ember slowly made his way to the door, and it almost seemed like he was trying to go as slowly as he could. Once he opened the door, his mother came out to greet them. Since Ember tended to get himself into trouble, she immediately assumed that he'd done something wrong."No need to worry about that. He ain't in any kind o' trouble." Hanna reassured her. "I only came along to make sure he got home safe, after everything that's happened in town today."
I'd post, but there's not a whole lot I can do until @Lugia posts for Ember.
Right when it looked like Anthony was about to take several Ice Beams at once, a newcomer jumped in to save him. Josh had seen the Kadabra before. They had a scuffle with him on the peak of Mt. Dragoncoil, though he denied that this ever happened. As much as Josh wanted to question him, they didn't have time for that. They were in the middle of a fight, after all. They could find out who he was after they were done with Kyurem. For now, he continued to do what he'd been doing all along: lobbing Sludge Bombs into the crowd of Pokemon and staying back so he wouldn't get hit.

"The fuck happened to 'don't use fire'?" Dexter growled. Unfortunately, trying to talk caused his grip on the Guildmaster to loosen, and he escaped from Dexter's jaws. As annoyed as he was, it did seem like burning the Guildmaster would be the best option. Leech Seed appeared to be doing a lot more than their regular attacks were, after all. Instead of using Ember, though, he tried something else. He charged forwards, forming a ring of fire around himself as he went. This attack seemed to have more power behind it than Ember, and it was much more satisfying to physically hit his target instead of just blowing flames at them. He slammed into the Guildmaster, hoping that his newly-aquired Flame Wheel would cause a burn.
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