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Current Looks like we've got another wave of spambots.
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Just a little heads up, exams are coming up soon, so I might not be able to post very often.
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It's October and it's already starting to snow. God damn it.
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Happy birthday to me!
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University classes started a couple days ago. Posting will probably slow down quite a bit.


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I don't think it works when you edit it in, Gavin.
So, any updates on when Kabling can post? He hasn't been on here in a while.
Mia Reid

Not a moment after she'd found where the ring of fire landed, Mia heard something shuffling through the woods. The sound slowly grew louder. Without a doubt, it was headed towards her. She reached for her bow, ready to pull it out at a moment's notice. She was expecting some kind of beast, but much to her surprise, a pink unicorn emerged. Mia was at a loss for words as it began to speak, and seemed to recognize her from somewhere.

As the pony explained himself, everything became clear... almost. Normally, Mia would be doubtful, but what he said seemed to be the truth. The story he told did sound like something Trevor would do. She let out a long sigh. "Please tell me I won't have to babysit you." There was probably a lot more to this story. Before she could press him for more details, though, there were more important things to deal with. The fiery equine was using extremely powerful magic that should leave anyone completely incapacitated, and now there were raptors coming from the spaceship. There was only one question on her mind. "Trevor, where exactly are we?"
@Evanist@Kabling Do you two have time to post? We're still waiting on you.
Mia Reid

It took a moment for Mia to take in her surroundings. The artifact had warped her to an unfamiliar forest, next to the ruins of some kind of castle. Clearly, she was nowhere near Lucky City. She briefly considered exploring the ruins, since they were really the only landmark in sight. If there was something dangerous inside, then she could use the artifact to warp out. She'd just need to figure out how to use it first.

It was then that Mia noticed that the artifact was gone. Just a second ago, it was in her hand, and now it was nowhere to be found. She began searching the area around her, becoming more desperate as time went on. Of course, she found nothing. She knew that she didn't just lose track of it, so where could it have possibly gone?

A flash of light from the sky interrupted her thoughts. Until now, she hadn't noticed the Eclipse in the sky, but she most certainly noticed the ring of fire that it shot towards the ground. After taking note of where it landed, Mia decided that she should probably investigate. She dashed off towards the impact site, weaving her way through the thick vegetation. She was careful to stay low in order to avoid detection. Even if it was just a meteor or something, she likely wasn't the only one who decided to get a closer look.
Josh couldn't help but smile at Anthony's words of encouragement. "We've already done this once. And this time we've got a legendary on our side." He said, starting to think about their battle with Reshiram. It was won because of that one move. He'd seen Anthony use it before then as well, when they were fighting the first orb's guardian. As far as he knew, it wasn't something that Anthony had control over, but it didn't seem random, either. There had to be some way of triggering it, but how?

Though the guildmaster did fly into the bookcase, it wasn't enough to knock it on top of him. Still, Dexter was determined. He waited for a chance to knock him into the bookshelf again, but then the Bronzor decided to try tipping it over while the guildmaster was nowhere near it. He had a feeling that Rebecca's protests wouldn't do much to stop him, so he took things into his own hands... or paws, in this case. Rushing forwards, he sunk his teeth into the guildmaster's arm, trying to pull him towards the bookcase. Seeing the pink one with the ribbons nearby, he looked at her, then looked at the bookcase. Since his mouth was full, though, he couldn't really say anything, but he hoped that she would understand what he was trying to tell her.

The wooden stick didn't do much to Donovan's tough metal skin, though it did draw his attention away from the Salandit. As he turned to face the stick-wielding Gible and leapt forward, flailing his limbs wildly and trying to hit him with Metal Claw. As he landed, he felt the heat of flames on his backside, and though he hadn't been burned, it clearly did a fair bit of damage. "Fire only makes my rage burn even hotter!" He shouted, charging towards the source of the fiery attack.

Here she is!

Also, can I get an invite link to the Discord? That last one seems to have expired.

Edit: She has an appearance image now.
Hi. I know the thing says 'full', but I heard from Lugia that you have a spot open. Is it alright if I throw in a character?
I thought this was dead.

I'm still interested, though.
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