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Just so you guys know, I'm going with the technopath Robin. He is actually going to be a Robin.
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@Crimson Flame Yes, I think he could work. There are some things I would ask you to add to his CS, but I think he is pretty solid.
@Eviledd1984@Crimson Flame@mattmanganon Guys, I'd like to discuss power level's with you. For our game, I'd heroes like Beast Boy - strong and with cool abilities, but nothing too crazy. Imagine fighting bad guys in a back alley, not destroying cities or fighting cosmic entities. Think more fists and gadgets, less world-ending threats. Cool powers, but gotta keep it street level! This considered, do you guys have any ideas for your characters?

I'm flirting with two ideas right now. Thinking either a technopath who can mess with electronics with his mind (think cameras and traffic lights) but fights like Robin, or a something-like-werewolf who can transform whenever, no full moon needed.
If we go Young Justice, would we have to be sidekicks to canon DC superheroes?

Nope, not necessarily.


A Young Justice game would be more fun. And i agree with what you said that it would bring out more opportunities.

@Crimson Flame@mattmanganon@Eviledd1984 Would you guys be more interested in a Young Justice or an X-Men game?

I personally think a Young Justice game brings more possibilities, because we can have powers/abilities come from different sources. Mutation, magic, experiments, aliens, etc.
Hey all!

Ever get the itch to unleash your inner hero? I'm toying with the idea of a slice-of-life superhero roleplay where we create a team of young adults (think early 20s to 30s) kicking butt and facing down threats. Not sure if we'd go the pre-established team route (Young Justice, X-Men ideas are floating around) or build our own crew from the ground up.

This is definitely an interest check more than a set-in-stone concept. Just gauging if there's anyone out there who'd be interested in flexing their creative muscles and weaving a story with a band of young adult superheroes. If that sounds like your jam, let me know!

Instead of saving the world every other Tuesday, imagine our young heroes juggling rent, student loans, and that awkward office crush... all while having superpowers simmering just beneath the surface. I'm thinking definitely a AU to a canon X-Men or Young Justice.

This is definitely an interest check for a superhero game, but I'm picturing a more slice-of-life superhero story. Sure, there'll be bad guys to tangle with, but the real focus would be on navigating the everyday struggles (and triumphs!) of being a young adult with extraordinary abilities. Think balancing a day job with stopping a bank robbery, or using telekinesis to accidentally impress your date (whoops!).
I could have been Warrior Barbie, Thief Barbie, Barbarian Barbie. But honestly, I like magic, sooo Wizard Barbie. :)

Barbie-rian would've been great lol
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