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What Is a Purple Sheep!?

Ahoy! Firstly I appreciate you showing interest in my post, know that I am serious about finding a partner to Roleplay with. As of now I'm only looking for one or two roleplays at the moment! By trade and by name I am simply a lilac sceap, they/them and roughly between two and three decades old. But none of that matters yet. As a roleplay partner I swear I have plenty of sick ideas and will love to hear your ideas as well. I love investing in my partner's plots and helping challenge their character to grow as they should for mine, helping us establish these characters. Beautiful.

For my partner, I seek one willing to play multiple characters and build a world / plot with me. 18+ as I would like to engage in acts of violence and scenes that would be too graphic for anyone under that age, preferably my partner is someone 21+ like myself. Smut is something I do enjoy, please inquire in a PM about it and we will discuss further. I understand people's lives are being lived in real time and understand ghosting is just a nature in our community. Never hard feelings, I have utmost love for all of us! The only thing I ask is for legible replies that apply development to the world, plot or character.

How Are Ideas Made?!

All things listed below are definitely stuff I would be open to utilizing for RPs. 90% of Fandoms I'd rather do OCxOC but I'm open to AU alternatives of canon characters.
* Preference.
? Interested.

Fandoms to Crave

- Naruto *
- Pokemon **
- Soul Eater
- Forgotten Realms** (D&D Setting)
- Star Wars
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Hunger Games

Genres to Inspire.

- Fantasy (D&D, Game of Thrones, Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings, etc)
- Sci-Fi (Outer Worlds, Book of the New Sun, Stranger Things, etc)
- Isekai (trapped in a video game)

I have no actual plot ideas, figure we can work one out of something?

Why Are You Yelling!?

If you even clicked this post just to check, message me. Maybe you have an idea I'd love to do. And I'm a socialist so don't message me if you're a fascist or a staunch capitalist, cause what's the difference eh?
Gonna be honest I am struggling on a character idea. If one doesn't come I'll let you know but I enjoy the premise of this RP a lot.
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