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Bump after a long time away~
Bump, with an update! Haven't been on this site in awhile.
Hello, welcome to my interest check~

I go by Fox, I'm a nonbinary thirty-something and I've been writing for the better part of twenty years. Hoping to find some new writing partners and collaborate on something fun.

Before I get into what I'm currently craving, a few requirements:
Third person format only, please.
21+ preferred, as I'm only seeking darker plots at the moment. MDNI.

I have no preference for playing a specific gender, though I have a tendency to play more submissive characters. As a transgender individual myself, I also have no objections to trans or intersex characters, but can equally play cisgender people as well.

Onto what I'm looking for:
Primarily darker, morally reprehensible stories filled with taboo. If our story has a good end, I want it to be so fraught with nightmares up until the finale you wondered how we got there at all. I want misery and ache and pining and lies. I want manipulation, palpable tension and seduction. Characters that understand the wrong decision will devastate things, and then pulling the trigger with a wide smile knowing it's about to go to shit.

Some prompts I'm interested in:

A morally corrupt doctor finds themself forming inappropriate feelings for their newest patient, both of them married. How far are they willing to go for the object of their desire? (cheating, potential manipulation/drugging, dub-con)
open to either role.

VR gaming has taken over the world, primarily from the masterpiece breakout game, Argent, an immersive fairytale land. When corrupt data overtakes the game, prohibiting people from logging out, a new high stakes quest line begins. However, a small number of characters have had their profiles modified and character classes change, without any indication as to why or who is behind it.
(would love a no good end for this one!)

I also would love a cult-based rp at some point. Maybe a lost lamb returning to the cult after some years away due to a parent dying, or something similar.

Tidbits/tropes/pairings I also like but no plotting has been done;
Accidental demon summoning
Arranged Marriage
Forced proximity
Enemies to Lovers to Enemies
Folie a Deux
Royalty/Non Royal

As for kinks, I have a lot and won't post them here. I have an flist that I have no problem linking to in PMs. Not much is off the table aside from bathroom play and vore.

If any of this interests you, feel free to shoot me a PM! I'm also open to hearing any ideas, so if you think we'd be a good fit for a roleplay and you have your own idea, I'm always down to listen. Let's come up with something fun! Thanks for looking~
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