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Don't leave me, baby! Middle of winter, I'm freezin' baby! - It's cold, and Gucci Mane lyrics work for most any context when slightly edited.


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Kamasi Adwoa

Location: Formal Sitting Room → Ground Floor
Skills: N/A

Mmm, mm, mm! It was getting good. Kamasi lifted an eyebrow as after tensions cooled between the blonde haired girl and the… red haired? Chestnut? Hard to say, but after they had their argument then a man with a musical southern drawl and a man with silver hair began fighting. In all his years here, he hadn’t seen this much drama in one room and in one day. Kamasi had a feeling this would be a good couple of months.

”Sleeping with the Stark girl?” he admonished. So deliciously scandalous. He finished the orange juice but swirled the ice cubes around as he slithered about the crowd and got closer. And then Shelly started punching herself? By Bast!

Kamasi scanned the room, looking to meet eyes with anyone who found all of this as juicy as he did.
Kamasi Adwoa

Location: Kitchen → Formal Sitting Room → Ground Floor
Skills: N/A

Kitchen detour first, actually. He could hear the patter of voices gathered around and the tension in the air with words to match, though Kamasi couldn’t make out what was being said with any sort of clarity. He took to pouring himself some mid-day orange juice instead. Then, only when his glass was almost filled to the brim, two ice cubes--no more and no less, one with a little crack in it for aesthetic purposes--he took to the formal sitting room with the rest of the gathered bodies.

It was there he saw: Richard, Dean, Ayita, Mirembe, Neil, Allison, Mary, and others. Of the group, he hadn’t had the chance to get to know them all that well, though Mirembe had an ethereal familiarity about her, Kamasi just couldn’t figure what. He had stood far back as possible as he watched the argument go on.

He sipped some of hs orange juice and said, more to himself than anyone else but still audible enough,

”Looks like I missed the invitation.” Kamasi lifted an eyebrow, then sipped some more orange juice and gave the impression that he was minding his business.
Kamasi Adwoa

Location: First Sub-Basement, Gymnasium
Skills: N/A

He wore a white towel over his shoulder and a tanktop to accompany his nylon basketball shorts. Suicide sprints from one end of the gym to the other; sweat hit the ground and dripped in trails as he accelerated forward. He was nearing the end of his proverbial rope and sat down with his back propped against a wall. He swigged from a bottle of water and wiped sweat from his forehead. After catching his breath, he rose to his feet and curled the towel around his neck and walked to the men’s dorms where he picked out a fresh pair of clothes: a black turtleneck, a gold herringbone, a brown blazer and slacks and regular black dress shoes.

He layed it all out meticulous across the bed and then went to the showers. In a few minutes and now plenty clean, Kamasi went to his room and got dressed. Socks, undergarments, slacks, dress shoes, turtle neck, chain, blazer--in that order. He sat on his bed and buttoned his cufflinks while never breaking visage of the vanity mirror which sat at the foot of his bed. He was ready for the day. Inhale, exhale.

He exited his dorm and went up the stairs to meet the rest of the group, first to the formal sitting room.
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