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@Regitnui My plan was to make boredom the initial trigger, and then have the trigger change over the course of the RP once Terell finally realizes that why he changes has more to do with his desire to be a hero than just boredom. He will, in effect, get over his feelings of being perpetually average.

Also, a worse trigger would be hulking out when hungry. Hangry Hulk is certainly less pleasurable than bored Hulk.

@Regitnui We were both in that Resistance RP ran by Timemaster some months ago.
Y'all accepting new peoples?
@Lyla I was still in the process of editing as you posted this (currently re-writing and adding things to his backstory as I write this as well). Glad you added them to the lore so I have a little more to work with and can properly edit him to fit your setting. When I'm finished fleshing out his backstory, I'll make a point to tone him down more. Magical weaponry does harm him, though I suppose I should add more of a description than 'they cause him noticeable pain.' Noted.

Hellfire was a thing I was not sure existed in this realm or not, just something I threw in to see if it would fit. Hellfire is the mystical fire of 'hell' in the underworld (and it seemed like there were some darker spirits present here, so I thought there may be something similar). Hellfire isn't something that exists in all mythologies though, so I'll remove it.

Since I want him to be more of a hunter/tracker/ranger type, I'll trade his strength for speed. The whole 'half-vampire' idea is that of a Dhampir, a person who has parentage of both human and vampire descent, but I was trying to work it a different way and took some creative license since at the time, there wasn't anything in the lore delineating it wasn't acceptable. I wasn't trying to follow the Balkan lore; like I said on Discord, I drew inspiration from Blade and he was a human who was 'turned' but maintained human qualities while gaining the abilities of the vamp'. Given the limitations you've added, I can now properly incorporate him into the RP. Thanks.
@FiroIV Sounds good to me.

Just here to say I appreciate the Shakespeare quote.
@Lyla Also interested.
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