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Current Tene's being productive, happy and cute!
1 yr ago
Needa learn to take my mind off all the bad feelings, all the bad thoughts...Slowly slowly getting better.
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I don't feel so good Mr Stark - Mood
1 yr ago
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -the voices in my head
2 yrs ago
Yay, it's birthday!....Now whut?


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Gender: Male
Harem type: Reversed Harem
Harem story line: Case beyond the grave
Story length: Long form

'Shine City Forever' X 2 ;3
Hey I signed up for this in the old interest thread, but then Delta got busy so I've been waiting ever since! ^^
Is it okay to apply for this experience again? :3
Exactly what it says on the tin!

I'm just craving a little bit of fluff and well done smut from a rather weeby sort of concept where I just get to introduce a few kinky lil monster boys to some fun now that my school is winding down. Off course, I hope we can come up with a lil bit of a story line; I have a few ideas floating about, but general fluff is mostly alright as well. If the idea turns out serious, then heh, I don't mind either way.

Mostly writing out switches, so don't worry if you think I only play subs or doms. Open to playing around with most kinks, though I'll tell you if I have to draw the line at anything. I'm generally open, just looking for a stress reliever here. Please have good grammar, punctuation and decent level spelling. No one liners nor just completely throwing out logic in a post.

PM me if you're interested! ;)
Hit me up if you're still looking :)
Well hullo there and pm me, my good fellow. I've got a whole rabbit hole of ideas in the backyard.
Pm me! Let's work something out!
Recyclable trash.
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