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The warmth and beat could only last so long between them. As they stood by each other as brothers should, taking shared tentative bites between the two of them. Revelling in the warmth and taste, he let instinct wash over him as did his brother, the same urge shared between them until warmth chilled over and the soft echoing beat died down, their latest fascination having lost it's glamour, he let it fall as did his brother, what remained nothing more than muscle and fat. Leaving it's vestiges staining their lips the color of rubies and roses, like everything else, growing cold, but not cold alone because they had each other and where Sky's instinct faded away, Sleipnir kept his in the gentle touch that he raised to his brother. Pulling him closer into his embrace, to share what warmth that could be generated between the two of them.

"We'll find somewhere, don't worry Sky." He reassured softly, giving him a gentle squeeze around his torso, "Somewhere warm. We'll find someone to take care of us and make sure that we're always warm and some place safe, we'll make our own." He said softly, looking into his brother's eyes. He couldn't convey the same warmth and reassurance that Sky could in the depths of his own gaze. No, he wasn't as good as his brother or his father's, but he tried his best as he hugged his brother tightly, leaving red streaks across his back. He gripped his wrist gently, turning his attention back down the long hallway, there was only one way to go now.

And only so many obstacles that they'd have to overcome. He was determined to find them somewhere, someone and the rest were only brief periods of warmth for the two of them to share.
He rubbed his wrists, chains were not his enjoyment. If anything, the red was restless under the authority of another, restless and reckless. And he had already reached a breaking point being under the rule of a leader that never deserved any of his power or entitlement. He never knew her son well, but he had known, he and no one would ever live up to the life she left behind though even with all that she had left behind, he never understood her decision to place their entire existence onto the shoulders of one so young, so sheltered away from the world. He had, in some sense, expected failure, not for the boy to turn away from them. On everything that their proud species had once stood for. He was no longer one of theirs in his eyes and that meant that holding back was no longer a requirement,

"These humans are weak minded, they rely solely on their leader. The humans left our protection the moment they left the earth. Now, we find the others and we get to their leader." He commanded softly, his voice like a echo in the chamber they stood in.

"Shouldn't we hold back Regnum?" Sanare interrupted as she was freed from her own bonds, "Regroup? We shouldn't be so quick to rush in, he has an army far bigger than us. And shouldn't we address the issue of...the Ygdrassil order? Why have they returned to earth?" She said softly, looking around at all of them in the dim light, matching their gazes until she found one that stared off distantly, but that was to be expected considering who it was.

He felt it. A coldness ebbing in the middle of his chest. The traces of weak bonds that kept him on his feet as he slowly tugged the bonds away.

"We'll never be stronger than we are now. We'll never be closer." A growl rippled the darkness beside him, but the hydra ignored all noise as he stared at the observation deck above them. It's surface gleaming, the glass thinner than the cells that held them. He could find him, if he wanted. He could make him warm, keep him safe. He felt it tug weakly at his heart strings, calling him forth like the current of the ocean. He took a step forward, oblivious to the rants going on behind him. He could find him...
He was in his own nest, well, what the humans called a bed. He awoke in artificial silk and the soft dip of the mattress. He sat up and felt the bed shift to his weight and the blade by his side rattle softly against him, dust swirling gently within it's hilt. He stared down at the orb and found it so stupidly easy if he just smashed it against the side of his head board and watched it's contents leak out like blood from a wound, but instead he even so more stupidly gripped it against his chest. Stroking it gently, he kept it close to him.
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<Snipped quote by tenebrae16>

This is towards Garret, correct?

Causes if so, eh-heh, best of luck, Will.

Aw come on, hes the only guy on board that isnt ripped as hell.
He didn't like being confused or in the dark about these sort of things, about any sort of things actually. And right now Garret was being that confusing thing and it was even more frustrating because he was so absolutely sure he had glanced over his file while going through the system and that he had definitely seen his picture on Tony's computer and this had to be true because he swore he had a photographic memory and just a problem of taking too many photos, making it hard to find the exact photo-er-memory to remember. But he was really sure he had seen him on that monitor screen! And not just because he was a curious kid that wasn't allowed any toys, because he had made a promise not to ever hack into Stark Tech, he probably couldn't anyway. He had gotten a glimpse at that code just once! Once! And he had been confused! Him! Confused! And he hated being confused, but he was sure he had already thought that thought already. Speaking of thoughts, was it weird that just they got a cowboy come on board just as the conversation about whips were being brought up?

Well, cowboys didn't really use whips, but there was like some...weird connection between the two right? It was like trees and green ice cream right? Technically they had no connection unless someone liked trees as much as they liked pistachio, or maybe if you were a deer, technically both would be edible, but in the normal context, one didn't usually see a connection between the two, but there still was to some extent and he was frankly sure that the both of them were somehow connected to Christmas, but getting back to the point. Cowboys. AND whips! And hello cowboy! They had a cowboy now!

He wondered if making cowboy themed gear was beneath him, then decided that it wasn't because he could probably make something really really hilarious out of it or he could just get on someone's nerves. Cowboys and blue birds, they really had a lot of characters already, they weren't as colourful on their files as they were on their files, most of them had been really dull sounding. S.H.I.E.L.D probably didn't have any creative writing classes, which was a good thing, because he was sure that was his only real weakness. It was lucky that that wasn't one of the essentials of being integrated into the learning world, though it was probably all the parental unions that pushed for 'real' academic subjects to be integrated into the school. He just hoped they didn't start putting in actual 'curfews'. Oh, he shuddered to think about that, though he was pretty sure he could get around the security system at least after a couple of days or so.

He shouldn't be thinking so much about it, they weren't even there yet! And he was partaking in a conversation wasn't he? Speaking of which,

"Like your face is that memorable." He retorted, rolling his eyes as he grinned at the guy. If this was going to be a competition of wit, than it was actually going be fun because winning was fun no matter what anyone said. The newer people that had climbed on board had caught his attention for the time being though and he took his time glancing from Mr Cowboy over to bluebird over there. He supposed there were a lot students spanning across this region, for what ever quota the academy had to fill. He was frankly sure at least one of them would end up being his bunk mate, best to start getting on their good sides. It was exciting to have so meet so many new people, but it was going to be a little bit of a hassle keeping track of everyone and he was frankly sure tracking devices were readily becoming banned in an increasing number of countries. Sure the Hellicarrier technically wasn't over any country, but he was still frankly sure that Fury as a dictator wouldn't condone that sort of act unless he had thought of it first. Oh, he just got a little chill from that. Note to self; check for bugs in his room.

Speaking of bugs, which had absolutely no relation to the current situation he couldn't think of a seamless transition for his thoughts because they were all sort of jilted when the Quinjet's door started to lower again, having docked once again without anyone having really noticed of felt it and-hello Adonis. Was there some kind of gene really being passed around? Because he was frankly sure by now that hotness was a gene and for some reason it was in abundance for all the testosterone that was occupying this space a hundred miles above the land by now probably. Off course it wasn't a hundred, Will knew the exact number, but really he was more preoccupied wondering if there was some relationship between being a hero and being a 10 on the hotness meter. Even the girls were pretty hot after all, he couldn't rely deny that looking at all of them, but the guys were really built like gods, most of them and that just wasn't fair. Even Damon had his wings to admire when he chose to hide himself behind them, speaking of which, he hadn't forgotten about him either because one way or another he was gonna get permission to study those things of beauty.

"Now that we have a cowboy and spy, you gotta be a pirate or ninja right? One of you?" He called out as their newest arrival greeted the lot of them, eyes darting from Magnus to Jen, before the automated voice of the Quinjet filled the chamber again.

"Target destination changed, on route to; Avengers Academy"

"Finally!" He piped up, turning to stare at the small overhead set above them, the geo map on the screen flashing as the Quinjet started on route towards the academy. Typical that the dotted lines that indicated it's path was non existent on the screen as the map flashed out of view, seems like it was supposed to be a secret from the students themselves, though the Helicarrier did constantly move around, there was no tracking it's exact location if one could even get past it's cloaking cover, speaking of which;

"Entering Stealth Mode"

He could feel the tingle of the electric signals coursing through the jet's body, behind the smooth wall that he pressed his back against, pinging softly. It probably looked cooler on the outside, where one could actually see the full form of the jet start to melt away into the background of the sky. He swore he could feel the arching branches of electricity spreading across the curves of the Quinjet, routing around wires, following the laid out paths of circuits and sensors, creating crystalline patterns that hummed softly to him before it screeched violently and started to scream in his ear.


The sound broke through the metal walls and Will winced as the jet lurched violently, throwing him off of his seat and many others off their own feet as the lights momentarily flickered and he knew the power was being directed somewhere else before the jet righted itself and the screen flashed a solid red before the calm automated voice started to fill the cabin again whilst he picked himself up,

"Please remain calm, the Quinjet is currently experiencing 'mild turbulence'. Please remain calm and seated, a new route has been selected to avoid turbulence."

"That's bull." He muttered as he picked himself up from the floor, before another screech bombarded his ears and the jet lurched again, albeit less violently this time and the screen flashed once more, this time giving way to the man himself, Nick Fury glaring up at the screen like it had wronged him somehow, then again, had anything not wronged him in some possible way?

"Recruits, we are experiencing a mild problem with the Quinjet, you are to remain in your seats until you reach the academy and not to act on your jurisdiction. I repeat; do not act on your own jurisdiction."

And with that his image flickered and flashed out as the jet finally seemed to settle for a few seconds anyway, another jerk rocking the them. It had dwindled down into something akin to actual turbulence on a plane flying through a storm, but anything able to rock the Quinjet just the slightest was worrying to him, probably the same to his rattled classmates around him, but they had all heard Fury and he was frankly sure that the doors had gone on lock down if any of them decided to go against his word.

Right now, he was just glad that no one had fallen on top of him because all that muscle probably weighed a ton and he didn't want to suffocate before he even got to lay eyes on the academy, though it wouldn't be the 'worst' way to die.

" think this some weird hazing ritual?" He piped up, sitting up straight on the floor whilst he nursed his sore head.
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