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Current Yay, it's birthday!....Now whut?
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Don't wake me up in the early morning and scold me for not doing you a favor quick enough >w< I will cry.
14 days ago
It's like 30 Degrees Celsius and I'm still cold.
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Ouchie, my weak stomach finds perfect times to make celebrations nothing but acheyness!
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Sometimes, it's incredibly lonely.


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It's alright! Thanks for being so attentive towards your customers ^^
Good things are worth waiting for!
Hellow I'm still interested in the New Dojo and the case beyond the grave, male with reverse harem.

'Shine City Forever'
Hellow, I'm looking to play a male with a reverse harem in long form?
Are there any available slots?
The new Dojo looks like the most interesting ^^
But so does the Urban Racing Legend Scenario.

'Shine City Forever'
Exactly what it says on the tin!

I'm just craving a little bit of fluff and well done smut from a rather weeby sort of concept where I just get to introduce a few kinky lil monster boys to some fun now that my school is winding down. Off course, I hope we can come up with a lil bit of a story line; I have a few ideas floating about, but general fluff is mostly alright as well. If the idea turns out serious, then heh, I don't mind either way.

Mostly writing out switches, so don't worry if you think I only play subs or doms. Open to playing around with most kinks, though I'll tell you if I have to draw the line at anything. I'm generally open, just looking for a stress reliever here. Please have good grammar, punctuation and decent level spelling. No one liners nor just completely throwing out logic in a post.

PM me if you're interested! ;)
Hit me up if you're still looking :)
Well hullo there and pm me, my good fellow. I've got a whole rabbit hole of ideas in the backyard.
Pm me! Let's work something out!
Recyclable trash.
The warmth and beat could only last so long between them. As they stood by each other as brothers should, taking shared tentative bites between the two of them. Revelling in the warmth and taste, he let instinct wash over him as did his brother, the same urge shared between them until warmth chilled over and the soft echoing beat died down, their latest fascination having lost it's glamour, he let it fall as did his brother, what remained nothing more than muscle and fat. Leaving it's vestiges staining their lips the color of rubies and roses, like everything else, growing cold, but not cold alone because they had each other and where Sky's instinct faded away, Sleipnir kept his in the gentle touch that he raised to his brother. Pulling him closer into his embrace, to share what warmth that could be generated between the two of them.

"We'll find somewhere, don't worry Sky." He reassured softly, giving him a gentle squeeze around his torso, "Somewhere warm. We'll find someone to take care of us and make sure that we're always warm and some place safe, we'll make our own." He said softly, looking into his brother's eyes. He couldn't convey the same warmth and reassurance that Sky could in the depths of his own gaze. No, he wasn't as good as his brother or his father's, but he tried his best as he hugged his brother tightly, leaving red streaks across his back. He gripped his wrist gently, turning his attention back down the long hallway, there was only one way to go now.

And only so many obstacles that they'd have to overcome. He was determined to find them somewhere, someone and the rest were only brief periods of warmth for the two of them to share.
He rubbed his wrists, chains were not his enjoyment. If anything, the red was restless under the authority of another, restless and reckless. And he had already reached a breaking point being under the rule of a leader that never deserved any of his power or entitlement. He never knew her son well, but he had known, he and no one would ever live up to the life she left behind though even with all that she had left behind, he never understood her decision to place their entire existence onto the shoulders of one so young, so sheltered away from the world. He had, in some sense, expected failure, not for the boy to turn away from them. On everything that their proud species had once stood for. He was no longer one of theirs in his eyes and that meant that holding back was no longer a requirement,

"These humans are weak minded, they rely solely on their leader. The humans left our protection the moment they left the earth. Now, we find the others and we get to their leader." He commanded softly, his voice like a echo in the chamber they stood in.

"Shouldn't we hold back Regnum?" Sanare interrupted as she was freed from her own bonds, "Regroup? We shouldn't be so quick to rush in, he has an army far bigger than us. And shouldn't we address the issue of...the Ygdrassil order? Why have they returned to earth?" She said softly, looking around at all of them in the dim light, matching their gazes until she found one that stared off distantly, but that was to be expected considering who it was.

He felt it. A coldness ebbing in the middle of his chest. The traces of weak bonds that kept him on his feet as he slowly tugged the bonds away.

"We'll never be stronger than we are now. We'll never be closer." A growl rippled the darkness beside him, but the hydra ignored all noise as he stared at the observation deck above them. It's surface gleaming, the glass thinner than the cells that held them. He could find him, if he wanted. He could make him warm, keep him safe. He felt it tug weakly at his heart strings, calling him forth like the current of the ocean. He took a step forward, oblivious to the rants going on behind him. He could find him...
He was in his own nest, well, what the humans called a bed. He awoke in artificial silk and the soft dip of the mattress. He sat up and felt the bed shift to his weight and the blade by his side rattle softly against him, dust swirling gently within it's hilt. He stared down at the orb and found it so stupidly easy if he just smashed it against the side of his head board and watched it's contents leak out like blood from a wound, but instead he even so more stupidly gripped it against his chest. Stroking it gently, he kept it close to him.
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