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Current Tene's being productive, happy and cute!
10 mos ago
Needa learn to take my mind off all the bad feelings, all the bad thoughts...Slowly slowly getting better.
10 mos ago
I don't feel so good Mr Stark - Mood
11 mos ago
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -the voices in my head
11 mos ago
Yay, it's birthday!....Now whut?


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Gender: Male
Harem type: Reversed Harem
Harem story line: Case beyond the grave
Story length: Long form

'Shine City Forever' X 2 ;3
Hey I signed up for this in the old interest thread, but then Delta got busy so I've been waiting ever since! ^^
Is it okay to apply for this experience again? :3
Exactly what it says on the tin!

I'm just craving a little bit of fluff and well done smut from a rather weeby sort of concept where I just get to introduce a few kinky lil monster boys to some fun now that my school is winding down. Off course, I hope we can come up with a lil bit of a story line; I have a few ideas floating about, but general fluff is mostly alright as well. If the idea turns out serious, then heh, I don't mind either way.

Mostly writing out switches, so don't worry if you think I only play subs or doms. Open to playing around with most kinks, though I'll tell you if I have to draw the line at anything. I'm generally open, just looking for a stress reliever here. Please have good grammar, punctuation and decent level spelling. No one liners nor just completely throwing out logic in a post.

PM me if you're interested! ;)
Hit me up if you're still looking :)
Well hullo there and pm me, my good fellow. I've got a whole rabbit hole of ideas in the backyard.
Pm me! Let's work something out!
Recyclable trash.
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