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20 hrs ago
Current AnnaLee - Yep, I got one! So they are going out.
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12 days ago
Unless you have a way cooler neck tattoo.
1 mo ago
Hit the monster until it dies, and don't get hit.
1 mo ago
I mean... I do lol.
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2 mos ago
Let's write tonight ✌️


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Hello! I'm Yankee. I like to think I'm a friendly person with almost no limits when it comes to writing fiction.
I'm usually down for pretty much anything: action, adventure, romance, horror, taboo, comedy, smut, SOL, etc.
I like comic books, cartoons, and videogames. I'm also very into cosplay and art.

I work a lot, so my preferred posting pace is at most once per week or less.
I like to have fun while writing, so I prefer relaxed partners who don't take things too seriously.
Feel free to PM me to chat!

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Crimson Flame 18 days ago
What does Vespiquen have to do with a gourmet themed team?
Chuuya 6 mos ago
Ngl, your icon is very aesthetically pleasing.
Potemking 8 mos ago
Just thought I'd say that I hope you feel better soon!

Bouncing back from being sick can be rough. :p
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