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8 mos ago
It's so fun to make random OCs for an RP I will probably never run
10 mos ago
"As usual, I've been doing online roleplay, and having a blast with women in their 30's exhausted from working too much."
10 mos ago
Went to an fan convention yesterday after a three year break from them. I forgot how much I love seeing people's creativity, and how fun making even a simple costume is!
11 mos ago
Worse: partner into a mahjong gacha game
11 mos ago
Being bullied into learning how to play mahjong
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Hello! I'm Yankee.
I'm usually down for pretty much anything: action, adventure, romance, horror, taboo, comedy, smut, gore, slice-of-life, etc.
I like cute, fun stories just as much as dark, gross, traumatic (for character) stories. I enjoy creating original characters for RP,
but I get as much enjoyment writing as canon characters in fandom-based games!
On that note I like comic books, cartoons, and videogames. I'm also very into cosplay and art!

I am a very slow writer, so my preferred posting pace is once per week or less. I usually post on weekends.
I like to have fun while writing, so I prefer relaxed partners who don't take things too seriously.
Remember: fiction =/= reality.

Feel free to PM me to chat!
However I do not check PMs immediately. Might take me a day or two to get back to you.

Forward all complaints to @stone

and remember,

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