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A sigh escaped her lips. Amira did not appreciate being stood up last minute, not when she had to leave the comfort of her home. Well, it wasn't so much leaving her house as it was having to get cleaned up and dressed to head out to meet someone in the first place. She reread the message again. Sorry can't make it mom is having car trouble. The girl bit her bottom lip, a tinge of guilt suddenly creeping up on her. Damien didn't exactly live in the wealthiest of families. In fact, him and his single mom were barely keeping their heads above water, so to speak. Amira had noticed that the senior boy had attempted to conceal just how poor he was a few times. But in a town such as Everbrook, that small detail wasn't easily overlooked.

It's okay, some other time! she wrote back before putting her phone away in her bag. She'd already made the drive, and Amira figured she might as well stay in the library for a bit. She could check out a few books, maybe scan through some magazines to catch the latest gossip based on the rich and the famous. Not that the tabloids reported factually accurate information, but nonetheless they made for a fun read. It was one of those guilty pleasures of hers, because every now and then, she needed a break and peel her eyes away from something other than the textbooks required by her classes.

Amira entered the library, noticing that quite a number of kids were already inside. She recognized the majority from school, and she knew the names of only a few of them. Either they were feeling studious to start off the summer break, or they didn't have any alternative plans. She figured it was the latter, not seeing any good reason to be there. Hell, she herself didn't have to be there at the moment, but that didn't stop her from staying. Amira eyed the No Food or Drink Beyond This Point sign, and she hurriedly placed her bottle in her bag. As she did so, she noticed an e-mail notification from her phone. She was curious, and reached for the device to read the message.

To say she was disappointed was an understatement. As she read through the e-mail, Amira tensed up; her grip on the phone tightening. The airlines had postponed her flight until further notice. The reasoning was extremely vague, something about traveling restrictions, and the girl was definitely not happy. She had been looking to visit her family for some time now, to go back to the city and see old friends she hadn't seen in a while. It was her time to get away, and the airlines were now telling her she wouldn't get to do that any time soon. Amira placed the phone back in her bag and decided to use a computer to log into her parents account for the airline. Maybe she'd get a better explanation, or at least be able to rebook for a later date. Not that she wanted to do that, but at that point she had no other choice.

The girl signed her name in the computer log before making her way to one of the stations. She didn't need to contact her parents as she was the one who had initially set up the account. Her parents were smart people, but never really bothered to become tech savvy. They had her to handle any technical matters that may arise. Amira placed her bag on the desk adjacent to the desktop and made herself comfortable on the seat. She was about to click open the browser when she was startled by a door shutting close very loudly from the other side of the library. Then, and just as loudly, another door or possibly the same one creaked open. Instinctively, Amira grabbed her bag and pushed back on the chair, trying to see what had created such noise.

"What the hell was that?" She stood up and took a few steps away from the desk.
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The vehicle was placed in park, and Amira messed around with the screen momentarily. She had time before Damien showed up; his text message from a couple of minutes earlier let her know he would be around 15 minutes late. In the background, In the Air Tonight played from the speakers as covered by Kelly Sweet. Once her hands were free, she reached for the stainless steel bottle on the cup holder filled to the brim with orange and pineapple juice. She'd already had her bagel back home before she left, but now she was thirsty.

Tap tap tap

The sound from the window directly next to her startled the young girl. She quickly looked to the side, noticing a police uniform before recognizing the man in it.

"Carl! You scared me half to death!" she greeted him after lowering the window.

He laughed in response, leaning his arm on the doorframe. "Well, your car ain't hard to miss around here. You tutoring again?"

"Yeah. Trust me, I'd be at home otherwise."

"Speaking of, tell your parents they still owe Linda and I that dinner."

"Glad she's recovering quickly. Little Robert must be anxious for her to get home."

"Oh, you've no idea."

The man went on, telling her about his temporary arrangements at home while his wife was in the hospital recovering from an accident. From the sounds of it, he was having some difficulties raising their son on his own. Amira noticed the tiredness in his eyes, and she couldn't help but feel bad for the man. No one deserved to have their partner be on the brink of death over some carelessness driving, but unfortunately that's what had happened to Carl and his wife. Though on a positive note, she was recovering quite nicely.

"Sorry, I tend to ramble on these days to anyone that'll listen. I'll let you get to your studies." He slapped the roof of her car twice before walking off to his patrol vehicle which she saw parked some distance away.

"See you later."

Amira finally took a sip of juice before turning off her car and gathering her belongings to go into the library.

Amira Kothari aka "Amy" or "The Brit"


Place of Residence
242 Everbrook Circle

Personality Traits
One has to spend just half an hour with Amy to see that she is the typical "good girl" type. Amazing grades, respectful, and always does her best to avoid any sort of confrontation. Growing up, Amy was disciplined as a young child, and thus she's knowledgeable enough to know when there's trouble and more importantly, how to avoid it. As an only child, her parents made sure she wasn't the least bit spoiled unless she deserved to be.

Amy loves to have a good time around her close group of friends. They will sometimes encourage her to drink or do whatever any teenager in a small town usually does to occupy time, but she always turns them down. They don't treat her any differently nor does the relationship with one another changes. Around strangers, however, Amy usually listens more so than she speaks. She's a bit shy around people she doesn't know very well and it takes some time for her to open up to them.

With that said, the girl does have her flaws. She naturally sees the good in people which leads her to misjudge their true intentions. She's gotten in trouble a few times as she's been suckered into being part of minor illegal activities due to her naivety, and that's something she knows she has to work on.

Family History/Backstory
Amy and her parents moved to town from London a few years ago to care for her grandmother's health. She has a couple of family members from her mother's side living in Everbrook. Her father, on the other hand, was raised in England and has most of his family there or back in India. Due to her loved ones being spread out throughout the globe, Amy has had a chance to travel quite a bit despite her young age. Money isn't an issue as Amy's father is a surgeon and her mother's an attorney.

Despite being able to buy practically anything she wants, Amy much prefers to spend money on activities as well as her hobbies. She loves music and has a grand piano in one of the rooms in her house which she uses nearly every week both during her private lessons and on her free time. Aside from being able to play the keyboard, Amy also loves to swim. Her home has an indoor pool, and albeit not all that big, she uses it to stay somewhat in shape. She's been told she could try out for the high school team, but she's turned down the offer as she'd much rather focus on her academics.

All in all, Amy doesn't mind the small-town life, but she certainly misses her life in London. She wants to spend the summer there with her aunt, uncle, and cousins. She's definitely excited as they're going to travel to Australia as well for a couple of weeks, the one place she's been wanting to visit but has never had the chance to go to.

Other Info
Some days, Amy tutors after school. She's flexible and she makes home visits, so she has a good clientele. Her Tesla Model 3 is not at all extravagant compared to what some of the kids on her block drive if they're licensed, but her friends who aren't exactly wealthy always love asking her for a ride.
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