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In ESCAPE ! 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
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And if you know anyone that is into dark grimy horror, tell em bout this. 😎

Awesome, thanks!
In ESCAPE ! 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In ESCAPE ! 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In ESCAPE ! 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In ESCAPE ! 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Having just had a refreshing shower, Anna wrapped a towel around her torso and stood in front of the mirror. She stared at herself momentarily before reaching for the comb to untangle her hair in case she had any knots. It had been a hell of a day, but at least it was coming to an end. At that point, the young woman heard her phone go off. The device was downstairs, and she was slightly annoyed at the fact that she had to make her way down to it. “Yeah yeah, I’m coming, just give me a minute will ya.” With just a towel and her slippers on, Anna began her descend down the stairs.

Unfortunately, on the way there, Anna slipped on one of the steps. Her first instinct was to reach for something to grab on to, but it all happened too quickly for her to be successful. Anna cried out in surprise a split second before her body toppled down the stairs, hitting the various steps and also the wall as she went down. Once it was all said and done, she lay at the base of the stairs with a broken arm and a few tender spots which would eventually turn into bruises. Predictably, she was knocked unconscious as a result of the fall.

The original caller was Anna’s father. He’d reached out to check up on her, and on his end, he figured she was busy at the time. For the next hour and a half or so, Mr. Donovan would attempt to reach her a few more times, but during each instance, the call would end up being sent to voicemail. That’s when he began to get a little more concerned as it wasn’t like her not to pick up the phone, or at least, return his calls at some point. But it wasn’t long before Mr. Donovan arrived home and found his daughter sprawled out at the base of the stairs. Right away, the police as well as the paramedics were called and Anna was rushed to the hospital. The police stayed behind with Mr. Donovan to ask him a few questions, meanwhile the status of the young woman remained undetermined.

“Oh yeah, no, my phone is fine.” The girl gave it another glance, not noticing any additional scratches aside from the ones already on it. She then put the device away before addressing him once more. “Sorry again, I’m so clumsy I managed to hurt my wrist all on my own...go figure.” Anna shrugged her shoulders with a half smile, picking up on the fact that the man appeared to be somewhat confused for whatever reason. She, on the other hand, had simply gotten distracted. Not that one was to blame over the other.

“Alright, well, have a good day!”

Have a good day!

That was the message that her mother had sent her in response to Anna’s text explaining how she had to get started on her math assignment. Technically Anna wasn’t lying when she had mentioned that, but she was in a hurry because her homework was due immediately after lunch and she hadn’t even began working on it. Immediately after the fact, Anna rounded the corner and that’s when she had come across Charlie, without a doubt the scariest moment of her short life.

But that was then. A few moments later, Anna snapped out of it. She realized she hadn’t moved from her spot, and she was pretty embarrassed with herself as she had said her goodbyes without going anywhere. But then she realized she wasn’t hungry any more, and going back to the store would be a waste of time. Instead, Anna figured she’d go back home, pick up a bit around the house, and maybe read some of those letters. Her mood and appetite had already been ruined by that god awful memory, so she might as well get it over with before the stack of letters grew even more.

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She’d had her snack, and Anna was on her way to the restroom to wash her face when father dearest called. They both talked for a moment, primarily about Clarice’s condition. She still remained stable, so that was a good sign. David advised Anna she could go home to get some actual rest since he was on his way to the hospital. Anna was relieved, and thankful. She could change out of her clothes and take a much-needed shower, though the raccoon eyes would remain until she had her proper sleep.

On her way home, Anna had stopped by the store when she ran into none other than Nikolai. She saw him standing at the check-out, paying for a few items, and she immediately did a 180 and started to walk the opposite way. Unbeknownst to her, however, Nikolai had spotted her through the convex mirror positioned over and behind the cashier.

“Well, look who it is. Are you avoiding me now?” he remarked with a smirk, looking over his shoulder at her. Anna stopped, closing her eyes for a moment and sighing before facing him. This on-and-off thing they had had taken its toll on her, and if she was being quite frank with herself, she wished it wouldn’t repeat again. Of course she had feelings for Nikolai, but he was a little too carefree when it came to their relationship in the past, and so Anna felt like she was the one putting in all the effort and doing all the work.

“Please Nik, not now. My mom’s in the hospital.”

His face immediately dropped, and he turned around as well. Nikolai forgot about his surroundings for a moment as he provided his undivided attention to Anna. Deep down, he truly was a caring person, despite oftentimes playing the opposite role. The drinks behind him on the counter were going to be purchased with his fake ID as he was still a few months shy of being 21, but that didn’t mean he was a hardened criminal. Absentmindedly, Nikolai took a few steps forward to embrace Anna in a hug. “I’m sorry to hear that, what happened? What’s wrong?”

Anna nodded in response to his words. “She had a heart attack, but she’s okay for now.” She couldn’t lie to herself, in those brief few seconds he was holding her she felt safe. The warmth radiated off of his body and that was one of the things she missed, but she had to be strong and not allow herself to be drawn in again. At least that’s what she told herself because in the past she had been quite careless. Though the more she thought about it in that moment, the more indecisive she grew as to whether this brief embrace was something she longed for in general or she truly did miss him. “Thank you for asking,” she went on, pulling away from him. “I’m on my way home now to rest so I’ll see you around.”

“Sure thing, it was nice seeing you. Give me a call sometime to let me know how she's doing.”

With a half smile and a wave, Anna made her way towards the door, completely forgetting about the fact that she was there to buy some stuff.


After Anna had had some sleep, she was on her feet again. Failing to notice earlier that day when she got home, this time she glanced over at the counter to see another unopened letter. Great. She grabbed it and took it to her room, tossing it on the dresser. The girl wasn’t sure when she would get around to reading it, but she was having a few busy days.

With her stomach growling, Anna tidied up a bit around the house before stepping out. Despite the fact that she was waking up at odd hours throughout the day, her appetite didn’t seem to suffer one bit. In fact, she believed she was stress eating from everything going on in her life at the moment. Her plan was to stop to grab a bite, because obviously she didn’t feel like waiting any longer to have something to eat, then she would go back to the store to get what she needed.

In the midst of her being completely distracted by a recipe video she had found online, Anna didn’t notice the person in front of her and accidentally ran into him, dropping her phone and cursing as a result.

“Shit! Sorry, didn’t see you there...”

The girl bent down to reach for her phone and winced in pain. The last thing she needed then was a sprained wrist.

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She was drowsy, but that was nothing new to her. Anna rubbed both of her eyes, sitting up on the recliner. It was finally daylight out, though she hadn’t had much sleep. Yes, Anna had a blanket draped over her as well as a pair of comfortable sweats on, but nonetheless, one of the lights in the room as well as the constant beeping of the machines hooked up to her mother kept her on edge throughout most of the night. Her father was called into work and he even had suggested she go home, but she didn’t do no such thing. Despite her mother being in a stable condition, as reassured by her doctor, Anna would make sure one of them stayed there with her until she was discharged. When she was the one lying in a hospital bed after being shot, her parents were there for her throughout her entire stay, and she be damned if she wasn’t there for her mother, especially if something were to happen to her.

A few moments later, Anna got up, and she was quiet as to not awake her mother. Yes, when she was a patient herself, she too went through a lot of restless nights. Anna slowly opened the door just the slightest to take a peek outside. The brightness alone caused her to squint her eyes, and it took her a moment to focus her vision, however, she was met with the usual sight: nurses, maybe a doctor here and there all walking up and down the hall. Some work stations placed adjacent to the entrance of almost every room occupied by staff logging in God knows what. Anna looked back at her mother as if silently asking for permission before stepping out into the hall. One of the nurses recognized her from her stay there and waved at her, and Anna waved back. The girl hugged herself as she walked down the hall, pulling her jacket tighter around her torso. Regardless of the fact that she was anemic and got cold easily, Anna was aware of the fact that hospitals were insanely cold and everyone felt the same way. That was one of the reasons she was heading down to the lobby, to get a hot beverage from the hospital cafeteria.

Once she was there after the quick trip through the seemingly endless maze of hospital hallways, Anna greeted the cashier whom she personally knew for quite a while. She then ordered her usual drink with a croissant as she figured she should have somewhat of a filling breakfast. From the brief conversation she had had with her father the night before, she was expecting him any time now at the hospital. Of course, Anna wouldn't hold it against him if he were to be late; that just meant she had more time to doze off on that ungodly recliner until her mother woke up or she was relieved of her duties.

Anna paid her bill after a quick chat then headed towards the nearest empty table to have her breakfast. She had her cell phone on her just in case she was summoned upstairs. But if nothing alarming was going to happen, once her father finally showed up, she'd stop by the corner store to get some quick shopping done before heading home to get her much needed rest.
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