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40 / Male / Bar Owner
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He was tucked away in his office when he heard a voice from outside.

"Just a moment!" Luke saved the page he was on. The office computer had more issues than he could care to count, but he be damned if he lost his search results. A bit ticked, Luke got up off of his seat and walked towards the main floor, emerging from behind the bar. He saw the young woman who was wanting to have a drink.

"Well, technically we're closed. Not sure if you could tell, but my bar was on the brink of getting burglarized," as he spoke, Luke realized he still hadn't cleaned up his face, though there was nothing he could do about it then. Either she'd be repulsed and leave, or she would stay to have her drink. "Of course. I can always make an exception. Any business is better than no business, am I right?" he smirked, turning around to grab a small towel from one of the racks on the wall and placing one end in his back pocket. "Please, make yourself comfortable on one of the stools. What can I get you? Would you like to take a look at one of our menus or do you already know what you want?" Luke did some minor work as he rambled on, arranging lemon wedges and making sure he was stocked up on some other items. For the moment being, he'd just have to stay at work. His errands would have to wait until later unless he could have someone else come in, though that wasn't looking like a viable option at that point.
40 / Male / Bar Owner
Location: Metal Gear Liquid โ€ข Tags: N/A

Very slick, Mr. Hanson.

Luke smiled, satisfied his small plan had worked. As the officer was jotting down his information for the report, he'd offered not only his business phone number, but his personal one as well. And it was obvious by the text message from her that she'd taken a liking to him as well. Of course, if she didn't then it wouldn't have mattered too much. Luke didn't have much trouble with women, and it was due to a combination of both his looks and his personality. But that's just who he was, he didn't try all that hard and some women in particular were attracted to that.

Please, call me Luke. I don't want to take you away from work so we'll talk later. He put the phone away and resumed his work, finishing up bringing down the chairs on the main floor. Luckily, that idiot hadn't managed to enter the bar and destroy it, or take whatever it is he was after, who knew. The paramedics were taking him to the hospital with the two officers in tow, that much he'd been told. Luke then headed to his office, his mind set on looking at some security equipment online. He'd also call one of his employees to come in a little earlier as Luke was debating running some quick errands.
Got a bar name... :)
40 / Male / Bar Owner
Location: Metal Gear Liquid โ€ข Tags: N/A

A gentle tap with his foot elicited a response from the crook. Another groan, accompanied by a half-assed attempt to shoo Luke away with a wave of his arm. Prior to that point, the man hadn't moved much. Not that Luke had kept tabs on him the entire time. From the corner of his eye, Luke saw a couple of people entering the lot. He turned his head to see the deputies walking up to him.

"Officers, glad to see y'all. This is the idiot that attempted the break in."

"Were you inside when it occurred?" The male asked.

"Yes, I'd just gotten here. Was about to do some work then I heard the back door open. I saw him walking in and that's when I rushed him. Next thing I knew we were both throwing punches." As he was finishing his statement, Luke noticed two paramedics approaching them. He motioned to the man on the floor, and also turned them down when they asked him if he wanted quick treatment for his face. He didn't need a band-aid, and he had plenty of ice inside.

"Thank you guys, I appreciate it either way but I'll be fine."

The paramedics returned a quick nod before gathering around the thief to examine him.

"Sir, do you have your driver license? I'm going to take your information down and also have you fill out a statement form. Oh, and do you have any cameras on the property? We'd like to take a look at the footage if possible."

"Sure, come with me."

The female deputy followed Luke into the bar while her partner remained outside with the paramedics. As the two walked past the entrance, Luke reached in his back pocket for his ID before handing it off to her. He then guided her to his office where he had his computer. It wouldn't take all that long to get the playback given that the incident hadn't occurred that long ago. Luke sat down at his desk and logged into the security system. He then rewinded the footage from the camera overlooking the lot.

"There he is, walking up." Luke pointed to the man on the screen and the deputy got a little closer to him, leaning over his shoulder. He immediately picked up on the fact that she smelled good, but he composed himself. He was, after all, the victim of a crime.
40 / Male / Bar Owner
Location: Bar parking lot โ€ข Tags: N/A

The blow rocked him off his feet. Luke fell on his side, the landing shooting an additional jolt of pain through his body. He'd fallen on a rock, one possibly large enough to leave him with a bruised rib. At least it didn't have a jagged edge to inflict additional damage.

The man pounded the ground once with his fist and gritted his teeth. He was finished with that fight. He didn't want to deal with the asshole anymore and he wasn't going to waste his time nor energy. Luke got to his feet surprisingly quick, spitting out blood. He closed the distance between himself and his opponent before kicking him in the gut. As the other man stumbled and attempted to regain some sort of balance, Luke threw the knockout punch. And that was that, the fight was over. Luke took a moment to catch his breath, looking down at the unconscious man. The idiot had some bulk to him so it came as no surprise that Luke wasn't able to immediately deal with him. But at least he'd gotten the job done. Luke did not tolerate thieves, and if they instigated a fight then it was free game.

Luke walked over to the door leading inside. He raised his shirt to check out the damage. It wasn't anything bad from what he could tell, but then again he wasn't a doctor. He leaned against the wall and pulled out his phone, dialing the cops.

"9-1-1, what's your emergency?"

"Yes, I need you to send a couple of deputies to my bar; some asshole tried to break in."

"Sir is this person armed?"

He smirked at the question. "Nah, we're good. He's knocked out cold a few feet from me. You should probably send the ambulance too."

Luke finished giving out some information before hanging up. He took a look around but there was no one in sight. The lot was empty save for his car, the thief, and that damn rock...

He quickly walked over and picked up the rock, examining it for a moment. He had no idea where it had come from, and he didn't care. Luke went over to the edge of the lot and tossed it on the grass. As he did so, he heard groaning from behind him. He turned around to see the asshole had regained some of his senses. Luke was planning to go back in his bar for a moment, but that idea was out of the question now. The front door was properly locked, so business could wait. For the moment being he'd have to deal with the thief until the cops arrived.

Name: Lucas Hanson

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: Bar owner

Personality: A bit rough around the edges given his background. Lucas doesn't take crap from anyone and will happily knock you out for stepping out of line. With that said, he's tough, but fair. Given his progression, Lucas is quite comfortable interacting with the general crowd, though he has absolutely 0 patience for nonsense. Lucas' mind isn't easily changed, and that's led to failed relationships in the past. But does he care? No, not really.

Appearance: Approximately 6'2 with a strong build. His salt and pepper beard game is strong, every once in a while turning heads whenever he's out and about. Lucas has full sleeves with tattoos that are very symbolic to him, and he's happy to tell the stories if anyone is curious enough to inquire. Lucas' typical, everyday fashion? A t-shirt and jeans.

History: Born and raised into trouble, Lucas practically never caught a break. His parents lived in New York City at the time, raising him in Staten Island. Throughout his time there, he's been robbed, beat, you name it. Lucas had to grow up real quick in order to survive, something he figured out from experience as well as from the many sit-downs he had had with his parents.

The incident that broke the family was the death of Lucas' little sister, Lily. It happened when she was only 7 and Lucas was 13. They were walking down the road one moment and the next, gunfire broke through the air. Unfortunately, Lily caught 2 bullets, which was later discovered were not meant for her but she was a casualty nonetheless. From that point on, Lucas was never the same. His behavior took a turn for the worse, leaving his own parents terrified of him at some point. The kid was out of control, and no matter how many times he was thrown in jail, Lucas simply did not care.

But slowly, things improved a little bit. Lucas realized he couldn't continue heading down that same path. There's that, and the fact that he had to become a softy for his first girlfriend who didn't tolerate any BS from him. While the guy was not academically inclined, he had some wits about him and enjoyed doing manual labor as opposed to sitting in a college classroom.

How did Lucas end up in Vinehurst? Well, his elderly grandfather became sick and Lucas decided to move to town to be with him. He's lived there for 3 years now and is not in a hurry to go back to the city.

I hope it's okay my guy has a troubled past also. He won't be an antagonist like Anthony unless he's pushed to that extreme.
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