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My character has the chance to DIE?
*points to the title* Ma'am, this is an Attack on Titan roleplay. All joking aside, yes. Your character has the chance to die.

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Mentions: the homies

Malik was happy to see that his arrival was mostly well received by the other collective gym leaders that preceded and followed after him, returning the gestures like Liam's hug and Nordin's nod. It wasn't long after that there would be another handful of dynamic entrances, finding himself particularly impressed with Moira's Dragon Dance and the exhibition from Fiona's Flying-types and clapping quietly with the performances. A gathering of stars such as theirs only occurred every so often, and while they were each their own rivals in that regard, it was the feeling of unity from the ceremony that he always loved. Nothing could have possibly spoiled the night for him; that is, until his mind drifted to the rather haughty greeting that he'd received from one Hestia Quintell. 'Of course,' he thought to himself, internally rolling his eyes. 'Somethin's always up with her.'

The Espeon that was perched on his shoulder, however, did not seem to share any of his previous compliments, as Lady was also not the greatest admirer of Moira's dragons. His hand rose to stroke the feline's head, a light chuckle passing his lips. "Heheh, don't worry, we'll get 'em this time," he reassured his little friend.

Cereus Rothschild had been hard pressed to quickly usher the gym leaders into their respective preparations, and it was only a matter of time until the ceremony truly began in earnest. Though he would not be taking the pitch as one of the main attractions, Malik didn't have a problem with staying outside of the spotlight in the last few years. He watched on as the familiar stature of the Chairman announced the commencement of the Gym Challenge and began to introduce each gym leader one by one, only counting seven out of the total eight. 'Teach?' It came off as a shock to him that Elijah of all people was absent, but the magnitude of the situation only seemed to worsen when it was apparent to everyone that Victoria was also missing from the ceremony.

It was an awkward predicament for everyone to be in as the stadium was clearing out; he could even hear the theories begin to chatter up among the attendees, and it was an entirely different landscape on social media. Malik was leaning against the wall in the corner of the lobby as he dialed Elijah's phone number, frowning when it took him straight to the voicemail. He was even more disappointed to receive the same outcome when he tried to call Victoria, sighing heavily. "Hey V, what's goin' on? Gimme a call when you can," he was in the process of leaving a voicemail for Victoria when he was cut short by the arrival of a familiar face, cutting the message short and stuffing the phone back into his pocket.

"I knew I'd see you out there, Malicia," Malik smiled towards the person who approached him, crossing his arms together. The purple-haired girl mirrored the same motion, her lilac eyes brimming with confidence. A distinctly patterned Dreepy circled around her average stature before stopping between them, its curious eyes studying him closely. He looked at the Dynamax Band on her wrist that he'd given to her along with his endorsement, nodding towards it. "Hope you're ready to put that to some good use, you're gonna need it. Not many other challengers have one."

"That's because there aren't any other challengers like me," Malicia whipped her hair to the side with a conceited gait forward, calling the Dreepy back to her presence. The small dragon twirled around her hands before climbing onto her shoulder, letting out a small cry. "Make sure the Champion comes back by the cup so I can take the title and make it actually mean something."

Malik simply laughed at the girl's elevated faith in herself. "Get through the eight gyms and I'll consider it."

"Well, I beat you, so I don't see myself having any sorta problem," Malicia never seemed amused with any answer that she received, even if it was in jest. She turned around, looking over her shoulder as she showed off the number '1' on the back of her uniform. "So when I make it to the Cup, I'll just beat you again."

Before he had the chance to respond, the purple-haired girl had already walked off, disappearing beyond the masses. Scoffing, Malik opted to join up with the rest of the gym leaders that were situated at a different part of the lobby, feeling the familiar rumbling at the side of his belt again. 'I don't like her.' "I know, I know," he brushed off the words of concern as he reunited with the others, catching onto their ongoing discussion about finding a place to dine. "Mmm, sushi," Malik added to the rumbling, feeling the pangs of hunger clip at his stomach. "Haven't gotten 'round to tryin' out that place yet. No objections from me."

Tusk had been too fixated on the presence of the legendary Scorch, not paying too much heed to the polarizing opinions and responses from the other Pokemon. Though, as much as the Bagon hoped that their guild leader wouldn't grow upset over the others' mild hostilities, he was quaking in his salute when it looked like Scorch was about to let loose a volley of flame. It was a little strange to see how the subject of his childhood stories was almost eerily similar to how his father carried himself; a bit gloomy, even menacing. He breathed a sigh of relief when Fae interjected before anything could possibly escalated among the recruits, listening as a few of them began to introduce themselves.

"Well, I've already introduced myself, but," Tusk shrugged, tapping the center ridge on his head. "I'm definitely the strongest around town, so you can rely on me to beat up some baddies!"

Malik Harvey was always reminded of the special connection that he had with Motostoke and its people, each time that he stepped foot in its limits. Yet, the burst of emotion that swelled in his chest, how he'd felt the very first time that he'd been to the city as a child, was never fleeting; its former Gym Leader would always have a home here. While he made it a priority to prepare himself accordingly for the orientation ceremony of the year's Gym Challenge, he'd opted to visit the Wyndon Hospital to surprise the children with his vintage Major League Card and a ride over the big city on the back of his Corviknight, provided that it wouldn't hurt them or trigger some sort of condition.

At midday, Malik had found himself trapped at the Wedgehurst Boutique with his mother, who was persistent on having him accept her tailor-made apparel. For many events with significant fan and press presence like the lead-up to the upcoming ceremony, his mother would design and make new clothing for him to wear. "I spent a lot of time and money making this for you, so you will wear it!"

"Hah, you're just usin' me as free advertisement, mum," Malik would say to her, and she was always proud to admit the sentiment. When the time had finally come, he wore a violet silk shirt with an abstract swirl pattern that fit his frame perfectly, complimenting it with dark dress pants. Most of his time was spent on politely refusing to give out his phone number and addressing the numerous fans who approached him from seemingly all angles with all sorts of requests and questions. Autographs, pictures, petting the Espeon that perched on his shoulder; he already felt so exhausted by the time that he and Lady reached the lift.

With the moment to himself, Malik was leaning on the railing as he took the last drag of his cigarette, feeling a distinct rumble from a certain Pokeball at his waist. "Oh, I know, I'll quit someday," he smiled lightly, laughing when he felt Lady also chime in with a nudge at his ankles. He snuffed out the cigarette against the rail, kneeling down to caress the worried Espeon affectionately. "Last one for the week, I promise." The two of them walked off from the lift as he popped a mint into his mouth, tossing the smoke and wrapper into their respective receptacles; fortunately, his cologne was strong enough to ward off the ashy odor.

Malik tried his best to avert the massive crowd that turned towards him in loud cheers upon his approach, bringing Lady back onto his shoulder as he passed by with smiles and waves. He knew that he was in the clear when he could make out a number of recognizable faces, seeing that some of the other Gym Leaders were already around. He was a bit surprised to see just how 'early' he seemed to have arrived, quick to join up with them after making it past the flock. "That's just like 'im, really," Malik added after Ezran upon hearing the press exchange with Isla and Zeke, giving his friend a playful punch against the shoulder before doing the same to Fiona.

His Espeon hissed in the direction of Hestia's Charizard as it wore a hostile expression. "Don't mind Lady, she's been pet a few too many times tonight," Malik chuckled, doing a quick electric guitar impression towards Minuet before folding his arms over his chest and looking over their group. "Hey, Z! Lookin' fly as ever, Fiona. I see Apollo's in the spirit already, Hestia."

Tusk had been too caught up in the moment of devouring the sweetbread that he had failed to notice Scorch's arrival until after the Arcanine's scope of the recruits. The Bagon flinched in awe upon the sound of the guild leader's intimidating tone, fumbling the remaining inch of sweetbread around his small arms before it fell to the ground. Trying to save face in the presence of the legendary figure before them, he quickly swiped the sweetbread from the ground and gulped the rest of it in a single swallow, straightening himself up to stand at attention.

"I-i-it's an honor to meet you, sir!" Tusk did his best to reach up for a respectful gesture in a salute, his words mixed between awe and twitchiness. Scorch really was as eminent and illustrious in person as he was in all of the stories! It was hard to contain his excitement. "I'm Tusk! I'll be the best adventurer you'll ever have, just you see!"

Malik Harvey

Twenty-seven years old.



Minor League Gym Leader (current), Major League Gym Leader (former)
Flying Taxi Cabbie / Postman


Malik has always tried to maintain a lower profile despite what his reputation as a renowned Pokemon Trainer may suggest. He isn't necessarily meek or timid; rather, he exudes a calm and level-headed demeanor. With quiet confidence and swagger, he isn't one to boast his own victories; it's only the thrill of a real challenge that can ignite the true passion that lays dormant from having few worthy adversaries. He likes to mentor Gym Challengers and trainers across all levels of experience, sharing this dedication with his affinity and adoration for nurturing Pokemon.

He is known as a reliable busybody among the higher authorities of the region, often undertaking responsibilities and running important errands for people such as the Pokemon Professor, Gym Leaders, and the Pokemon League, should they call on him. Malik likes to note this as a favor done for the petitioner, and always finishes by saying that he expects repayment of some kind in the future; whether he isn't being serious or always forgets about it is a mystery. But, adding to this, he is notoriously difficult to reach at times, even reported to be absent from his stadium during periods of scheduled challenges.

It's rumored that Malik can communicate with Pokemon telepathically.



It felt surreal that Tusk was standing before Scorch's illustrious Guild Headquarters, his eyes beaming in awe as he gleamed the numerous banners that decorated the building. His cheeks puffed out as he brought his small arms up to press into his face, trying to shake off all of the nerves that he felt. He'd made sure to run and complete all of his daily errands for his family early in the morning, and left his father under the impression that he'd went off for extra training at the Arena. There was no telling how his father would react if he'd been discovered, but it was too late for worrying; becoming an adventurer on a rescue team was the only thing on his mind.

There seemed to be a number of similar-minded, aspiring Pokemon that were interested in the recruitment drive, but nobody that he recognized in particular. His family resided in one of the quieter neighborhoods in Cloudgate, and the nature of their species tended to be more reclusive. Tusk lagged behind the prospective crowd as they individually filtered into the building, jittery with excitement; he was ready to complete whatever assessment that would be asked of him in order to be welcomed into the guild. 'It starts now,' he told himself. 'I'll be a hero like my dad was!'

Though Tusk was having a hard time finding a spot to loiter, the scent of sweetbread wafted into his nose, luring him to the basket that belonged to a Buneary. "U-um," the Bagon's eyes were conflicted, showing resistance as his arm reached out. Eventually, he caved in, accepting a loaf of sweetbread and munching on it gratefully. "Thanks!"
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