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The assassins may be open spots later on, idk. They'll be pretty scary individuals seeing as people who single handedly hold more money than the entire country of cuba can't stop them.

Go absolutely wild. These people are multi billionaires.

Yeah, probably just one of each type of character for now.

I'll probably post a few inspiration pics and let you guys go wild. This school probably has everything.

That sounds great. My dude will be one of the mentioned "straight up assassins", so he'll probably be at odds with the law abiding bodyguards.
Glad to see some interest. Any questions about the plot so far?
Working title for now.

So a bunch of billionaire's children have been targeted for kidnapping and ransom across the world. Rich people are getting a little antsy; even all their money can't protect them from this elusive syndicate. A handful of US billionaires have begun hiring professionals to keep their kid's safe. These "professionals" range anywhere from legal body guards to straight up trained assassins. The kids, who are all college age, must now live every moment of their life with these new bodyguards: home, school, events, anywhere they go.

As players, we will be playing the bodyguards and the collage aged rich kids. Characters will be paired off with each other, and will interact with other pairs at social events and the like.
Please be 18+ to apply.

A world renown scientist have cracked the code of inter-dimensional travel. She plans to share her discovery, along with the machine used to travel between dimensions, at an upcoming science expo. However, while working on some last minute fixes, she accidentally activates it, and lands herself in a strange new dimension with no way home. This new world is full of magic and fantasy. Chaos ensues.
Yeah, I saw that. I was thinking something a little less restrictive. I'm not big into the "fantasy school" genre, unless it's Hogwarts of course.

This RP will have adult characters and will most likely be free range with some over arching plot.
How would you guys feel about a second generation Marvel Rp where you play as the kids of superheroes all grown up? I don't have much worked out in the way of a plot yet. I figured I'd see if anyone would join first.
Interesting. I assume this doesn't take place on Earth?
Try again?
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