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So I have some bad news guys. I've been procrastinating posting for a while now, because I just don't feel up to writing anymore. I started on some new medication recently, and I had no idea it would affect me this way. My creative drive is just dried up. I plan on getting it adjusted, but it could take months to get it right, and I don't feel okay leaving you all hanging like that. So, I'll be withdrawing.

If you guys would like to continue the RP without me, that's perfectly fine. I may come back at some point, I may not. I just don't know right now.

Sure! Where at? Maybe the mess hall? Or whatever the food room on a ship is called.

@sassy1085 that's fine!
I'm feeling a little under inspired at the moment. Anyone have any ideas for character interactions with Sasha?
I may try to post tomorrow. This week has been pretty rough, and I spent a lot longer running errands today than I thought I would :P
Sasha is probably professionally cordial towards him, but inwardly thinks he's full of shit. I don't see him fitting in with the other "vague military guys" all that well.

Also, as soon as Thucy tries to hurt a hair on that innocent nerd's head, Sasha's comin for him >:D
I imagine Sasha will find Brook to be pretty endearing. He hangs around stoic tough guys all day, so a giddy, enthusiastic little nerd would be a great change of pace.
I went ahead and made a prince. A sexy prince.
I'm hanging on by spite alone
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