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7 mos ago
Current I am back, sorry for disappearing.
1 yr ago
New proud owner of a Pomeranian dog. Love him so much.
1 yr ago
May not be on much if at all. Was robbed at work. Still shaken up.
1 yr ago
Internet at home is being really freaky. Will post when I can. Can only get good internet while at work.
1 yr ago
Purged my RP's. If nothing's been posted in the past 10 days, I moved them to the trash. Able to revive them, just need to keep track of my active ones.
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Hello Everyone. I am a 29 year old girl with a heart for the dramatic role plays. I do work night shifts so I may go a few days without posting. I do apologize for that but it is a drainer. I hope all is well, and I'm glad to see the site starting to come together.

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Alright, home from work and very eager to start more scenarios!

Great! Should I PM you?

Sure do so.

Would something like prince x halfling/elven servant be okay? Maybe if the female is a kobold or goblin? Or a smaller elf from a less developed culture than the prince is from?

I could do a smaller elf.
Roar! Peoples!!!
Hey guys. I'm back and I have an itch I'd really really love to do! Please help me.

*sighs softly*
*sighs and pokes the thread*
:-( I guess it was a crappy plot.
Is it really that bad of an idea?
No one interested?
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