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11 days ago
Current Sorry to my rpers, I'm sick so idk how much I'll be posting.
15 days ago
Craving rps but all my partners are all celebrating Halloween while I stew in my basement and brokeness.
25 days ago
My life has been a lie! *cries* Coffee cake doesn't have coffee in it!
2 mos ago
I am so sorry to all my partners. Looks like it's going to be a LOONG week. Co worker laid off for 4 weeks and I'm the next best.
3 mos ago
My Dog, Chai crosses that bridge tomorrow
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Hello Everyone. I am a 31 year old girl with a heart for the dramatic role plays. I hope all is well, and I'm glad to see the site starting to come together.

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Slave/Master plot.. Multiple masters, like maybe brothers or really close friends.. Just purchased a slave girl for various tasks.. One of them falls for her and starts getting jealous?
FriendxFriend would encompass the one I'm feeling like.
No one wants to? I've never had this long of a wait before!
Still craving the same slice of life people!
*randomly pokes the thread* Any action or shall I just turn in for the night?

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