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16 hrs ago
Current BACK! no more really early shifts this week... I should be able to be on again!
2 days ago
Got home way too late.. Will send replies tomorrow.. I promise!
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3 days ago
Sorry guys. Huge migraine. hoping it will go away but I can't think to RP
7 days ago
Another really early shift week! Like.. 5am wake ups so I won't be on nearly as late.
8 days ago
For the past few hours, all 30 of my PMs were last responded to by me. This is awesome!


Hello Everyone. I am a 31 year old girl with a heart for the dramatic role plays. I hope all is well, and I'm glad to see the site starting to come together.

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*howls loudly, cuddling my pups*
Hello My dear. Remember me?
Home from work.
HAHA, thanks Morgin
*pokes pokes*
Feeling either my werewolf plot or a slice of life.
Just because people tend to fade away on me.. *pokage*
*pokes again*
*pokes the thread*
I work shift work so when I'm on varies but I am on once day at least. I prefer PM posts, just because it's easier for mature content. I'm going to be heading home soon so we can hash out more details.@pops
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