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Current Disability flair up, posts may not make it out today.
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That birthday was a success. A couple games of Drunk Crazy Rummy. Family time. Music. Good food. Enjoyed it a lot.
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6 hours till my birth time! Happy Birthday To Me!
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He's the ultimate Chad build. Str/Faith.
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My brother called you a mouthbreather, but it's okay. He is a mouthbreather too in Elden Ring.
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Hello Everyone. I am a 34-year-old girl with a heart for dramatic role-plays.

KrystalGamez#0980 - Discord. Have headset and mic too! No webcam

Even if you just put a video on, mute it and do other things while it plays!

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Zara shook her head as she watched the meat being turned. She could see about grabbing them a pan or two in the following resource hunt they did. "No clue about siblings. I didn't have any when I was just a kid, though I'm not really sure if my mother did have more. A farmer and his wife adopted me at a young age. They had no children of their own and they told me that my mother was unable to care for me. She was a drifter as well, though from what I hear, not a very successful one. When I was about 8 years old, I had been snatched up by the Diamondbacks, so I really have no clue. It was not a fun beginning, it has not been a fun life. I don't remember having any good or fond memories. Even life with the farmer and his wife was difficult." Her tone was one of desolation, though she shook her head.

"I intend to give any children I have a chance at happiness. At joy and to actually laugh. I may not know how to be a kid, and I may have lost my chance to do so, but I do intend to give the next generation a bit of hope." She tried to turn the topic into something less bitter tasting. Hope for the future was always something pleasant to have. She did wonder when she'd be willing to have children though, as birth control was not exactly common place in the wastelands.
Zara looked up at him as he spoke, finding a good little spot to settle her body down for a rest. She was so happy that he was opening up to her, telling her about his past. She was shocked to find out that he was a vault dweller. They still had active vaults out there? How many of them were unopened, unaware of how messed up the world was now? She shook her head, her mind going to the impending genetic fuck ups that would be coming out into the world to play. How many untainted items they were hiding in their vaults? Maybe they could travel to his old one, and see if it's still sealed up or if they left it.

Detecting the slight change in his voice told her that he still felt some sadness and guilt over her death. He felt responsible for it, at least somewhat. She scooted herself over, placing her hand on his lower back gingerly. She knew what it felt like to lose a family member and be blamed for it. "I'm sure she doesn't blame you, she did what any loving parent did. She protected her young." She told him softly as she rubbed circles onto his back, letting him know she was there if he wanted to talk about it more. Sometimes just knowing there was someone to talk to made it easier to manage, even if you didn't actually talk.

"Were you the only child or were you plagued with siblings too?" She inquired, figuring she'd make it a bit more positive. It could be a positive topic or another dark one. Would he be missing his siblings? Were they passed on as well? She hoped he was fine with that question.
Zara had managed to hit most of the targets down when he finally spoke up about being enough for the day. She smiled so proudly of herself as if she hadn't expected to do so well with her target practice. "Shall I be the one to cook the steaks or will you, as a reward for doing so well in my practice?" She asked him with a sly smirk, biting her lower lip. She was so hopeful that he'd fancy her and that she'd have a chance at a real relationship. One that wasn't dictated by a man's sex drive or the need to control every aspect of her living moment.

Stepping closer to him, under the guise to pass through the door, she enjoyed the simple touch he was giving her. A hand on her lower back. Just to pat her back but it was rather enjoyable and gentle. She was in love with it and find herself wanting to find more ways to encourage that type of attention. Running her fingers through her hair, she managed to shake some volume into it. "Tell me more about yourself, Mr Issac. You seem to know plenty about me." She commented softly.
As the two parted from the kiss, Zara's cheeks went crimson. There was no way to hide the fact she rather enjoyed the kiss. The kiss she initiated as well. She had never initiated a kiss with someone before. Why him? What did he have that attracted her so well? Maybe it was because he was the first man to truly look at her like a person. Maybe it was because he seemed to respect her and want to help her to her feet. At the chased kiss, she could feel the warmth spread down her shoulders and chest.

"Uh, toothpaste. I can do that.. I can do that." She tried to focus on the task at hand. He wanted her to work on her aiming and her target practice. She let out a shaky breath as she tried to control her heart. Smiling softly, she leaned against him and followed his instructions.

Feet apart, one slightly behind her. Tilting her head, she looked down the sight. The first shot sent her arm back as she didn't brace for the recoil. Her hand had raised which sent the bullet off into the rubble behind the target. She frowned a bit and readjusted herself then tried again. This time she managed to hit the can and send it flying back.

The squeal that she released when she saw the can move filled the air. She bounced excitedly on the pads of her feet. "I got one! I did it, Issac! I got one!" She was proud of herself.
Zara walked with him back out of the temporary home they had found for the night. She could tell it had once been very beautiful in it's day, before the bombs sent it into rubble. The garden lay outs, the paths, even some of the detail in the concrete was pretty. She'd love to find a place and work towards restoring it's beauty. Would he ever settle down and work on making a home beautiful? She didn't think so. He seemed like the kind who liked always being on the road and moving. Tonight, for instance, they could have just relaxed and rested but he had more lessons to teach her.

With an audible sigh, she looked over at him setting up the cans. He figured she could hit these? She couldn't hit a mole rat four times it's size. Oh well, he wasn't expecting perfection. He knew how inexperienced she was. "Alright, got it. Like this?" She asked him as she tried to mimic his stance. After a few adjustments, she figured she had it straight. She thought she had him mimicked quite sufficiently. Apparently not because his chest was against his back.

Anything he said after the first inhale of his natural scent just fell on deaf ears. Her breath hitched in her chest and butterflies sprung up in her stomach. Her lips curled up into an uncontrolled and unaware smile. He was standing so close, she could feel his breath on her neck. She could feel the heat of his body seeping in her clothing and mixing with her own. Why? Why did he have to stand this close? Instinctively, she leaned back a little into him and turned her gaze upon his face. The way the setting sun sent different shades of colour over his features. His eyes were so blue, they almost seemed unreal in his head. The shape of his lips, oh.. those lips. Were they as soft as they appeared, or were they rough and chapped?

Heart racing, she tilted her head slightly upwards which closed the gap between them. Her lips found his and for the first time in her life, she was kissing a man she had wanted to kiss.
Hearing his plans for the evening caused a groan to come out of the woman. They had been walking all day and her feet hurt. There was one thing that had to be said for her past life. She was mostly safe to spend the days in the compound as long as she did her tasks and required jobs. Setting her bags down the a flomp sound, she rubbed her face and smacked her cheeks to make herself more alive. She knew he wanted to teach her to shoot. It would be wise if both of them could at least hit the broad side of a building. Her inner voice began rattling off things she'd rather do then to work on her technique.

Silencing it though, she nodded her head. "Alright, that sounds decent enough. I do need to work on my gun skill. Can't cover your ass if I can't aim the damn thing. What if I go through too many bullets? Shouldn't we try something less.. important? Like a sling shot and pebbles or just tossing rocks in general?" She inquired, though she figured she knew the truth. She needed to get used to the recoil of the gun to be able to master actually hitting the target.

"After some target practice, can we have some food? I grabbed some meat off a couple mole rats so we can fry them up and turn them into steaks." She suggested, hoping the sound of a decently hearty meal would distract him. There was a difference between wanting to do something and needing to do it. Right now, that distance felt as apart as the sides of the Grand Canyon.
Zara had taken to sorting out a pin that she could use as a needle to stitch the bear together. She remained silent throughout most of the conversation, only giving a slight shrug or nod where appropriate. At the comment of it being her doing, she gave a small shrug. "It is a group effort." She spoke, though didn't indulge how it had been. She didn't want to give away that she was useless with a gun in her hands.

Just as the deputy arrived, she managed to separate the pin from the front of it. It went flying off with her force. She blushed bright red as she scurried over to pick it up. Maybe they could trick some poor person that it was a rare cap or something. With some weight to her own change purse, she followed him out of the office. "A job well done. Do you think we will actually make it there by dark?" Zara inquired, her hands going into her pockets as she walked next to him. The adrenaline of the hunt was over and now she was back to being bored.
"Hit one? I'd be surprised if I did. I didn't kill any of them. All of them were fallen by your skills. I may just stick with sharp pointy things and my own two hands." She smirked as she glanced over to him, shaking her head as she felt warmed by his pet names. They were mildly infuriating, seeing as he only seemed to compliment her looks but they also made her feel seen. He wasn't complimenting her chest size, or her slender waist, or how much he'd love to bend her over. He was actually complimenting over looked parts of her.

Turning said emerald eyes back to the task at hand, she nodded softly. "A few caps, a couple decent knives actually. Stuff we could sell for caps to merchants. Though I don't know how laden we want to be with random junk. I could patch up this teddy and sell it for a few caps." She picked up a stuffed bear that had a missing eye and a few patches where the mole rats were digging for it's fluffy insides. She kept moving around the den to see if she could find more. There was a small pile of canned foods that they hadn't figured out how to break into yet, though her attention wasn't there.

"Hell, we could even set up shop here for a couple nights and rest our heels if we needed to. Though I am rested enough right now." She added to her own thoughts, thinking about moving away from her captors.
Zara wasn't near a good enough shot like he was, though it was to be expected at her first round of actually shooting the pistol. She had no idea how to properly aim or how to actually brace for the recoil it gave her. This was not something she was eager for but it did have to happen. He needed to know where to start with her and where she was already skilled so he could properly teach her.

First shot - missed. Went no where near the mole rat she was aiming for. That poor rock now had a dent in it's side. Second shot got close but only because the mole rat had jumped towards the raging bullet. Third shot wounded one in the rump as it attempted to flee from them. Her next three shots were way off mark again, the recoil of the gun actually hurting her arms. It wasn't a very big pistol, the recoil wasn't actually that much. She just wasn't used to it at all.

Once every single one of them were did, she holstered the gun, swung her legs down and dropped out of the tree. Oddly enough, the sound of her feet touching the ground was fairly silent, as if someone had put her feet on mute. She smiled up at him nervously. "I think you got that one. I need to work on my shooting skills, though I can fight melee just fine." She blushed softly.

Slowly she began to make her way up to the den. She wanted to make sure there was none left and see what goodies they had taken. Maybe one of the mole rats had stolen some good weapons or armour. It had been known to happen once in a while.
Zara followed him towards the tree and looked up to it. Well, it was as good as it was going to get. She worked her way up the tree, and got settled in her spot. She pulled out the knife he had given her and was using the tip to clean out from under her nails. She glanced over to him when he finally spoke, she wasn't expecting it. "Oh? Uh. I've just always been good at tracking. Ever since I was a little girl." She shrugged one shoulder, going back to picking at her nails. Just because she lived in the waste land didn't mean she had to look like she lived in the wasteland.

"I think that's why Hunter was always keen on me. I could track anything for miles. A creature or person would need to go through a lot of hard work to avoid being followed by me. You'd think with my ability, he would have trusted me more than as just a slave huh? Given me a role with some power to it. Even if it was just 'tracker.'" She shook her head, wondering if she'd have stayed if she had been seen as something more than just a warm body for them to plug into.

Something up in the cave was rumbling. Faint sounds of scratching could be heard approaching the entrance. It sounded like the molerats were heading out for more goodies to get. She froze for a moment, leaning forward to listen better. Slowly she moved to the middle of the branch, where it would still hold her weight. She was eager to see him shine now, see his shooting abilities.
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