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Current So Bored!! And New Craving:…
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Anyone on that's handy with X-1 gaming controllers? Not Xbox 1, the actual brand x-1
16 days ago
Scam job sent me a fake check, told me to deposit it in my account and go buy supplies with it, using bitcoins! From their specific supplier.
17 days ago
New job.. turned out to be a FRICKING SCAM! Caught it before anything happened except for a couple wasted days.
18 days ago
First day of new job, work from home, and it's super slow setting everything up
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Hello Everyone. I am a 32 year old girl with a heart for the dramatic role plays.

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Scarlett wasn't impressed to be wearing a pair of baggy jeans, they didn't accentuate anything she had to offer. Instead of complaining though, she simply put them on and tugged her tanktop down. She thanked God that she had a firm pair of globes so a bra wasn't necessary. Once in the truck, she got herself comfortable and began working on her hair. Being the passenger wasn't as much fun as it sounds. She managed to get three thin braids in her hair before the reporter was speaking. Her eyes got wide and she sat up listening.

"He killed them? They killed him? Oh fuck, I could have been dead. That should have been me Eddie, I was the one driving that truck." She was pale, the realization of how close she came hitting her. She expected something to go down, but there was a ton of collateral victims in shootouts.
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Scarlett smiled softly as she pressed herself up against him. Soft moans and content sighs came from her lips until she heard the phone ringing. She remained silent as she listened to the conversation. She couldn't hear Daryl's end but she could figure out what the man was talking about. Part of her wanted to test how cool this man could be when giving orders and distracted. Her hand slowly moved below the blanket, looking up into his eyes. "I have no clue how they tracked it. It was swept and checked before we left the base. The truck was only left alone when I was in the room." She whispered to him, working on her mischievous task. "I did send Daryl out for dinner and beer while I showered." She offered him curiously.

"You saved my ass, I could be in a small room right now or runnin for my life. Maybe I should find a way to thank you." She spoke, an innocent look on her face.
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Scarlett dropped the location for him before going to check on Daryl in his room. Faint snores were coming from it so she trusted it to be safe enough for her next plan. Unknowing how long she had, she scurried down to the truck and began looking through her travel bag. Where the.. where is it? Finding what she was looking for was a tad difficult but she managed to get it under her fingertips.

Turning it on and hearing it beep once to show it's active, she slipped around to the front. The back bumper was usually checked for devices such as these, but not the front. Thank god for tiny hands! Her hand slipped between the truck and the front bumper. She secured the tracker inside it, checking to make sure the blinking red light wasn't visible in even a reflection.

A quick look side to side, she couldn't see the other truck and took off back to her room. She quite literally just reached her door when he messaged her about coming down. "For fu.. I was.. " She muttered to herself before ensuring everything was locked up and she headed back down to meet him. "Maybe it's not the charm I couldn't resist." She smirked, spreading her legs just a little for him.
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Hearing her phone whistle again, she chuckled as she picked it back up. Reading his messages, she couldn't hide the fact that they intrigued her. A good roll in the sheets could be just what she was missing at this moment. The trucks weren't moving until morning so she was pretty sure they couldn't get into much trouble. Reaching one hand down and taking a sip of her beer, she hit the reply button.

:You be driving, I've already dipped into the liquid gold.:
She purposefully shoved the chilled beer into her cleavage, after rolling it over the points to make them stand out against the cold. She sent him a photo right after the first message, her lips wrapped around the rim of the bottle.
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Scarlett had parked up to some run-down motel that was barely filling four rooms a night. The kind that ladies of the night tended to bring desperate lovers. A hot shower was what she was craving, opting for sending her lackie out for some McDonald's and beer. A clean shower and a greasy burger got her nice and relaxed. She turned on the ancient television, not surprised that it only had four channels to choose from. The news would have to do for background noise.

Hearing her phone whistle at her, she rolled her eyes and picked it up. :Better time than you I can bet. Five star or cab sleeping it? Why'd no one remind me that Daryl doesn't shut the fuck up?: She sent him with an eye-rolling emoji. She set her phone down beside her and rolled onto her side. Double checking that her defense was under the pillow, she closed her eyes wanting to get on the road early.
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Scarlett wrinkled her nose at his comment about eye candy, tossing her head lightly to the side with the flick. Eye candy... I'll show you eye candy. Her eyes betrayed her thoughts as she looked him over and pausing on the retreating rump that seemed to jiggle just right with each step. As silent as heels could be, she went down the stairs to the loading docks with the trucks.

Turning around, she tossed her hair over her shoulder and barked at the men she'd be traveling with. "You heard him! Do not bumper hump and swap out!" Grabbing the door handle of the truck, she pulled herself up into the driver's seat. A quick check to make sure her desperate feminines were stocked and that her pocket pistol was conveniently hidden below them. She didn't trust any of these men she was riding with. Her loud mouth and take no bullshit attitude earned herself enough fear amongst them to be respected, but there were the odd acting out that she had to prepare for.

Firing up the truck, she revved it a couple of times missing her bike. CIA wouldn't let her have it on the case, saying it wasn't believable that a woman would ride a Harley. Women don't ride Harley's my ass. I'll show you where to shove that Harley. Her mind drifted for a few moments until the passenger side door slammed shut as her co-pilot decided to join her.
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Scarlett rolled her eyes as she pushed herself to her feet. She walked slowly over to him, her thin heels clicking on the floor as she moved. "Feds can never catch us, you have enough smarts to stay ahead of all of them. Feds, terrorists, all of them." She traced her finger along his jaw line.

Watching him head to the door, she rolled her eyes. "One of us has to ride with the lackies so they don't get lost or drive right into their arms." She pulled her hair over one shoulder as she went to follow after him. "Just don't kill anyone."
*poke poke*
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Scarlett Rose
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