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13 days ago
Current @Kuro Happy Early Birthday!!
25 days ago
Is looking for a new job! Tired of this one making me feel not good enough and effecting my mental state so much.
1 mo ago
12 days until I get old.
1 mo ago
Sorry to my ppl.. had a really rough day so I'm just going to be calling it a night.
2 mos ago
I've officially become so socially awkward that I am going to keep away from ppl irl.


Hello Everyone. I am a 32 year old girl with a heart for the dramatic role plays.

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o.o *dances in weirdness*
Guess no one is on late like I am.
*watches tumble weeds*
*is bored*
*dances happily*
Pretty much.
*watches the thread while eating dinner*
Hey guys! I know I disappeared for a year but I am back now. I am looking to pick up roleplaying once more as I greatly missed it. I have thanks to my best friend in reminding me just how much I enjoyed it. I have some things I am looking for, roleplays I am eager to do, and some suggested plots. I would prefer to play a female as I am a girl but can do male if need be. ** Is my cravings

Please message me either on here, or in a PM about which RP you'd like to do. I'd prefer to RP either in pm or email.
Thank you for your time, patience and responses.
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