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1 day ago
Current @MUS I shall send the Emotional Support Pups if we don't hear from ya by morning. #SupportAdulting.
1 day ago
@MUS I guess when becomes more frequent than not? I am not sure, it's pretty frequent for me. XD
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1 day ago
If you haven't sat in the shower and cried, you aren't an adult yet!
2 days ago
What happens when the Rock has kids? He gets Pebbles!!! Okay, going to bed after that one. XD
5 days ago
Again, in the mood to rp and no one's on, XD. oh well!


Hello Everyone. I am a 32 year old girl with a heart for the dramatic role plays.

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Love me love me
Say that you love me
Fool me fool me
Go on and fool me
Love me love me
Pretend that you love me
*dances softly, sipping a nice cold Slushy.*
Welp, heading to bed. Anyone want to reach out, I will respond after work tomorrow.
Maybe no one wants cookies and hot cocoa.. maybe.. Oooh!

*fires up the bbq* I have Soda and bbq!!!! Vegan and non Vegan options!
*poke poke*
*hits my F5*
*Sips my coffee, watching the threads*
Why are my fridays always so boring!!!!! I feel like RPing.. I don't get a chance to tuesdays to thursdays.. so friday I need my fill!!!
o.o *dances in weirdness*
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