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Disassociated while writing a post and actually typed out what I meant to write, it was amazing.
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Posts may be a bit delayed. Busy packing up my room and I keep letting my ADHD take over haha.
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HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS from your crazy ass Canadian. โค๏ธ ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’› ๐Ÿ’š ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’œ
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@Kuro how do you know? I see joined 9 years ago, but idk the day count. How do you know?
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Hello Everyone. I am a 34-year-old girl with a heart for dramatic role-plays.

KrystalGamez#0980 - Discord. Have headset and mic too! No webcam

Even if you just put a video on, mute it and do other things while it plays!

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Zara walked with him to the town, enjoying the sights that were around them. The world was coming back, slowly recovering from the atomic bomb issues. It wasn't as beautiful and luscious as it was once told, but she was enjoying the views anyway. They just needed to find a way to eradicate all the ruins and broken buildings. She hummed to herself softly until they entered office. Opting to stay back and listen rather than intervene, she checked out the two deputies. Neither seemed relatively capable of doing their jobs either so why was one sneering at them?

His question irritated her. She wouldn't be that good but she had seen Isaac in action. That was a man of talent and of skill. She was sure he'd get it done before supper if he wasn't training her how to actually fight and defend herself. Keeping her opinion to herself, and her gaze hard on him, she balled her hands into fists. She flashed him the middle finger before turning to leave the office with Isaac. Maybe being around a bunch of men who always underestimated her and other women had an effect on her and now she was free to express her disdain. Or maybe she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but she wanted to fight him.

Her eyes went to Isaac as he spoke to her. "I'm fine. I'm doing okay. Wanted to make that man taste his own balls but that's pretty average for me. Mole rats seem to be my target practice today? Good, a moving object would be a great place to start. How are you holding up? Having to cart around a novice such as myself."
"Hey now, the slender body allows me to be stealthy." She giggled a bit, running her hand over her stomach and hip. Of course she was too slender, but she'd work on that. Food did sound good, though she wasn't sure what she would want. Maybe she'd let the chef decide something good for her. The freedom to be able to decide what to eat was a little overwhelming.

She glanced over to him when he mentioned the job. "Seems decent enough work and easy to do. Wanna head out there once I've eaten and gotten some rations for the road? Or are we staying here another night?" She asked him curiously, picking up the gun holster he had given her and strapped it to herself. It still felt weird to be carrying it, but she'd get use to it soon enough.

One last look in the mirror, she seemed to be pleased with her appearance and headed for the door. She was eager for their day to begin. She could work on her target practice dealing with these pests. She wondered if she should get a bladed weapon too, for the melee battles she was sure to get into.
By the time he arrived back at the room, Zara had aroused and washed up. She was currently brushing her hair out with her fingers as she stared out the window. She had been lost in thought, her eyes blurred and not actually taking in what she was seeing. She was thinking about her life and what had become of it now. She was a free woman, able to wake up when she chose, sleep when she needed or wanted to. She only needed to care for herself. Yet she felt oddly driven to care for Isaac as well. She cared to ensure he ate, washed and was looked after.

Giving a startled slight jump when he entered the room, she looked over to him as her eyes refocused. "Good morning. I figured you had wandered off early. Got yourself something to eat? Slept well I hope." She asked him curiously as she attempted to style her hair. She contemplated growing it out so she could put it in a bun or style it. She did notice the paper in his hand, wondering what it was for.
Zara added what she could to the updates, raiders tended to do more talking and gossiping then old women at salons did. Of course her additions registered more along the lines of who was good to steal from, who had already been robbed, where to find the best loot. Though she did have some additions for the best pastures and crops for food. She asked aloud to him if they'd swing by and offer some assistance to get some supplies. She didn't want to steal from anyone but she knew she didn't have much caps. A helping hand or two was usually more available for trade. Muck some animal pens, get a small bag of food. It was fair enough trade.

When the night was closing in, she stood up and followed him, finishing the last of her drink. She set it on the bar counter, giving a nod to the tender before catching up to Issac. As he expected, she was about to offer him the bed but gave a soft chuckle as he moved without comment to steal the chair. She'd need to talk to him about that. Was he providing the bed for her simply because she was a woman? Or did he truly find the chair to be more comfortable?

Silently, she moved around the room, having practised not being heard by slumbering men. She brushed out her hair and put a little braid off to one side. She washed off her face and stripped down to the bare minimum clothing. She wanted to be comfortable and this place was supposed to be safe. Nothing private was showing, though if she moved in her sleep, that would change. The grungy white tank top wasn't as form fitting as one would expect. It did have plenty of movement. Clad in only the shirt and a pair of underwear, she slipped between the blankets and settled in for a good deep sleep. The area around them was fairly quiet so she was able to drift off easily.

Her dreams were less peaceful though. Nightmares plagued her, sleep fighting her blankets and small whimpers in her sleep. When morning would arrive, she wouldn't feel as rested as she should.
I would like to add a suggestion for font sizes. I enjoy having various size options in font for various reasons. Larger for things like CS's, louder talking that's not quiet yelling. Smaller print for whispering or mutterings under the character's breath. I know we have the 3 different header sizes that get bigger and bigger. But I would like something for smaller and smaller.

header 1
header 2
<-- but opposite.

I don't know if other users would use this function or if I'm just unique.
@Lord OrgasmoThank you, I shall head over that way and submit it!
@Kuro Thank you for your answers. I will stick with the SUP command then until further notice. Been doing strike through, but it just doesn't appease my OCD. I learned two new commands. Thank you again.
That would work, gives the distinction between normal speech and a whisper speech.. but
we have bigger
sizes like this
. I was just thinking of instead of bigger.. smaller.

Hey, I was wondering if there's any foreseen changes to be able to adjust font sizes? Like, I know we have the bbc header 1, 2, and 3.. but if we wanted one of our characters to whisper, and actually make the print smaller. Is there a way to do that? Just my way of writing some times. Thank you for the time.
@YoumuI'll PM you.
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