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Guy at work wants robotic heads kn self scan cuz its missing the 'human interaction' instead of using human cashiers we have working.
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Hello Everyone. I am a 34-year-old girl with a heart for dramatic role-plays.

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Zara rubbed her face as she trotted off towards the bathroom he had pointed out, slight nods of her head in the process. Work sounded like a good idea, though she'd like to have slept longer. Couldn't do that, work always needed to be done and if you were lazy out here in the wastelands, you'd just become food for those more driven to survive. Besides, this work she'd actually get paid for instead of just 'do it or die' rules. That felt pretty uplifting, knowing she'd be able to actually earn something for herself.

After washing her face and using her finger to clean her teeth the best she could, she ran her fingers through her hair to get out any knots that had formed in her sleep. She used some water to dampen it so it wasn't poofed up in the wrong places and looking messy. She walked out to Pistol Pete as she gave him a weak smile. "Thank you for the opportunity and the safety to rest. It was much needed." She explained to him, sticking close enough to him that she wouldn't get lost. "Has anyone come calling for me? I'm expecting a friend of sorts." She didn't know what to call Issac. Was he a friend? Was he actually going to come here to meet her? Did he survive? She had a ton of questions but no one would know the answers.

Watching him with the kids made her smile a bit, loving how lively the city was. It was bustling and in a good happy way. Not the grumpy, horny men who focused on pleasures of the body and funds of the pockets. Kids were actually safe to play in the paths, adults moved around without checking over their shoulders every few moments. This seemed like a very pleasant place to be after all. Maybe Issac was right about directing her here, despite her raider owners being only a few stones throw away.

Meeting the tavern owner actually brought a wave of nerves upon her. She hadn't felt them in years so she wondered why this man made her feel that way. She wanted desperately to impress him so he'd keep her on his staff. Extending her hand to shake his, she gave a single nod of her head. "Yes I am. Zara is the name and I am willing to do almost anything and almost everything. I have skills in cooking, cleaning, waiting tables, and even tending bars. Though I'm sure you're reserving that for someone who has proven themselves more." She told him as she met his eye so he'd know she was an honest person.
Zara dropped to her knees as soon as she was within talking distance of the guards, a mix of dirt and pebbles being displaced by the sudden impact of her body. Deep breaths were ragged as she inhaled, knowing she needed to breathe to speak. His question, if she was okay received a gentle head shake, though it was accompanied by a smirk with his observation. "I'm - I'm exhausted. Diamond back settlement." She gestured behind her vaguely as it was more effort to point than it was worth. These were city guards, they wouldn't be going in search of the settlement. They probably already knew where it was anyway, the statement was more of just so they knew why she was running and looked like hell. She had been to hell and was coming back.

Hearing his offer of a bed to rest her head was music to her ears. She slowly rose herself up to her feet, stumbling a couple times. She wasn't sure her legs would get her that far but she was adamant on making it that far at least. She nodded her head with a gentle smile. "Thank you. I do intend on doing work, I just need rest first." She whispered to Pete before following the one called Paul into the gates of the city.

For it being the middle of the night, the place was alive with people. Most shops were closed but there were a couple open like the blacksmith for weaponry and armour. She was lead down a hill which passed a tavern or someplace that had a few drunks at it. A few young women utilizing their bodies for caps that weren't very well hidden. Zara wrinkled her nose at that idea, shaking her head. Why would anyone stoop that low? She didn't think she could ever do it. Prude? No. Pure? Hell no. That had been taken from her a long time ago. But to willingly set your standards so low?

She paused when she saw Paul start going up another hill, towards the large wooden and scrap metal building up top. A couple single lights haphazardly attached to the walls. A hill? She had to do another hill? Her legs burned as if she had dipped them in acid. 'Come on' was barked at her by her escort, already half way up the hill. Stones had been placed as a loose excuse for a stair case.

Once brought in to the barracks, Paul explained the deal she was offered so she wouldn't be seen as an invader. Being shown to her temporary bed was rather quick and silent as there were others actually sleeping. The woman who showed her apologized for it not being comfortable but Zara waved off her apologies. She didn't need comfort. She needed safe. Last time she tried to sleep, she wasn't safe. Finally getting to lay down, Zara was out within moments.


Morning came much sooner than Zara had hoped, pulling the blanket over her head to block out the sounds of people getting ready for duty or coming off night-shift. She was hoping to get a bit more sleep, curling up into a ball as if that would also keep the sun from lighting up the inside. Once shift change happened, she managed to get a bit more sleep in the silence.

Noon came and she was prodded with a foot to wake up. Couldn't sleep the day away like she had been needing to do. Body demanded rest but the deal and the city demanded she make her own way now. She slowly sat up and nodded, waving her hand gently to Pistol Pete, showing she was awake.
Zara managed to get behind a wall as he was spotted during his escape. It was dark enough that she wasn't easily spotted. If one had focused in her direction though, they would have seen movement in the night. She hugged the wall as the grenade exploded, lighting up the area with a quick flash. "Please be from Issac, please be from Issac." She whispered to herself, trying to peer back to the building to see if he escaped.

Not seeing more than the raiders scramble to reassemble themselves for building penetration, Zara cursed under her breath. She didn't see him pop out another window, nor see him making a run for it. To her, he was still trapped inside the building and she had no weapon to try and rescue him. Squaring up her shoulders, she tucked her hair behind her ears as she prepared herself for a winless melee attack on the raiders.

Just as she was about to bolt for the closest raider, more shots rang into the night air. Was that him? What was he doing? Their intentions were get away from the raiders. Not draw them closer. Moving to the corner once more, she pressed against the cement wall and looked around it. The raiders she could see were going in the opposite direction of her. They seemed to be going towards the sounds of the gunfire. "Fucking moron." She muttered herself and shook her head. "Get your ass killed then." She shook her head, pushing away from the wall.

Slowly she began her walk through the shadows, heading west towards Grasscroft. At the very least, she could get herself a weapon and maybe trade a day or two of work for something to eat and a bedroll. Sticking to the shadows, she picked her way over the rubble. She managed to find herself on the second story of an apartment building that had leaned over onto a hill. Not very skilled at rock climbing, she did her best to maneuver her way down the side. Sliding the last foot though, she scrapped up her left forearm and right leg.

It was already sunrise by the time she managed to see the city over the horizon. Beyond exhausted, hungry, sore and very irritated, Zara approached the gate guards. She looked ready to pass out, having been up for nearly a full 24 hours now and constantly on the move.
Zara woke up to the sounds of the talking below, though she kept her eyes closed as tightly as she could. If she didn't make it seem like she was awake, or even there, they'd just move on right? There was no way they had tracked her here already. The duo had been walking for well over an hour at this point and she felt like she had only gotten to sleep. Little did she know that her light breathing had become deeper, almost held at some moments. Her eye lids fluttered with each movement her eyes did below them. She was trying to focus in on various zones to see where they could be coming from or if they were ambushing from all angles.

The sound of the explosion was hard to ignore though. She shot up and covered her own mouth to prevent herself from screaming out in shock. Yup, they found the house, they found her. They were going to get her. Hearing the words from Isaac's mouth made her just stare at him in utter shock. 'And what if I do?' Her heart was racing as she kept shaking her head. Eyes begging him to not give her to them.

She ducked back onto the bed, covering her head as she heard the rain shower of metal bullets being shot at the exact window that Isaac was just at. What was he doing? Trying to piss them off more? They knew where she was and they'd be getting back up if too many of them ka-boom'd all over the place. The smile on his face frightened her as well. Was he really getting off on this? He was one messed up twisted person, whom seemed to be attempting to keep her safe.

Hearing the whispers, she nodded her head, moving to slide off the bed but keep her head down. She scurried off towards the room that had to be the bathroom. What escape route had he set up? She didn't think either of them would survive a three story fall to the cement below. Seeing the rope, her eyes widened as she got excited.

She grabbed it and threw it over the edge of the window and rappel herself down the side of the building as silently as she could. Unfortunately in her haste, she didn't grab his knife off the mattress, leaving her defenceless if any of the raiders saw her come down. Luck was on her side as the moon was on the other side of the building, providing a massive darkened escape route for her. Once her feet hit the ground, she didn't wait for him before rushing off to find cover behind some fallen cement walls. Where to go now? He had mentioned something about Grasscroft being west but wouldn't that lead them right towards the raiders? Wouldn't they go there to look for her as it was the closest place? She needed to convince him of somewhere else to go. Even if it was off his beaten path, she didn't want to be where Diamond Backs would think to look.
Zara didn't like the look that flashed across his features when she spoke of knowing secrets about the Diamond Backs. It made her feel dirty. Like when the raiders would use her to gain the trust of others. She shivered against the chill that went down her spine. She hated feeling used, she hated being kept around simply because of something she had to offer. Just once she wanted to be asked to stay because of who she was, or for companionship.

Shaking her head, she finished off the rations he gave her and laid down. Making sure her back wasn't turned to him, she didn't trust him enough to not hurt her or to take advantage of her. Slowly her eyes did drift closed though, falling into a deep sleep, despite how untrusting she was of him or her situation. Her body was looking for sleep and was going to take it whether she wanted to give it or not. Even the nightly howl of the wolf woke her up.


Tasha and the crew had gone back to talk to Hunter about the runaway. About how she had someone or two skilled waiting for her on the outside. About how it turned into an ambush, as if Zara had planned to meet the strangers. She spoke of what they found and how they just seemed to disappear into thin air.

"People don't just vanish! She's out there and I want her brought back. ALIVE!" He snapped at her, slamming his fist down on the table beside him. The vein in his neck pulsating with anger. He had bred her a couple weeks ago, she could be carrying an heir to his little kingdom here. She could tell outsiders how to fight back and everything Hunter had worked so hard to achieve would be gone. He was livid that his pet had decided to run away. He knew he should have tied her up, chained her or something to keep her put. She had been getting antsy, even a little rebellious the past couple days.

Taking a dozen of their more sober men, Tasha began the hunt for the suspected trio of trespassers. A few wolves on chains were being used to track them. To pick up the scent of the girl. No one cared to learn her name but for now, she was just going to be called Traitor.
She bit her lip as she heard him speak of the exit party she had coming after her. Of course they chased her down. Hunter wanted her to himself. Always had. No one was able to touch her except for him. She was thankful that for some reason or another, his attempts never turned her into an incubator. Then there was the knowledge she had. Most slaves overheard the minor weaknesses. She knew all of them, including Hunter's personal ones. She was a huge security risk if she survived the escape.

Snapping back from her thoughts as something landed on the bed beside her. She gave him a weak smile, thankful for something to eat and drink. "I have no caps to give you if you would charge me. I just have learned early on to not go into someone's rucksack, even if invited to. Those that invite me to, tend to accuse me of stealing and demand my head. Those that didn't invite me, threatened my hand or head. So it's just safer to stay out." She sipped from the canteen. She wad a bit surprised to find it not as bitter as the radiated water she normally had access too.

"I just need to get away. I don't care where. Anywhere close and they will find me. Hunter will be looking for me personally. I know far too much about him and his crew, including the base. He would rather a bullet between the eyes than to let me live free. Of course, he'd prefer if I just stayed put and never had an independent thought of my own." She shrugged before tearing a beef jerky apart.
Hearing his voice clearly for the first time, she couldn't help but give a slight brush. The deepness, the tone, even the accent seemed to be fitting of the stranger. His words though, top floor caused her whole body to slump where it stood. Mouth ajar as her eyes moved up the stairs to they disappeared on the next floor. He was mad, he had to be. Crazy mad, to think she would have the energy to go up to the top floor. Not to mention removing any real chances of escape if the raiders caught up to them. She figured they'd have lived if they had to vault out a second story window.

Surely he was joking right? Nope, they ascended the stairs. Second story, third story. She pointed up "Don't want to see if they have an attic as well?" Her tone almost sarcastically rude.

Following him into the chosen room, she blinked as the oil lamps came on and ruined what vision she had for the dark. She remained quiet as he sized her up, doing the same to him. He didn't look nearly as rough as the raiders she was usually around. "If you say so, though I feel I look a little grungy. You're actually quite easy on the eyes yourself." She smirked, moving to go look out the window.

His mention of food and water did make her salivate but she wasn't about to go rooting through someone's rutsack. She almost lost a hand once or twice that way from said owner of the sacks. Been accused of stealing as well when there was nothing of value to steal. Nope, if he was intent on sharing, he'd have to get it out and hand it to her.

When he finished setting up the traps, she moved to the bed so he could have the window unobstructed. She sat down on it, tucking her fingers under her legs, palms down. "Zara Singh is mine. I haven't Bern on the run long. In fact, it may surprise you, this is the first like.. hour or two I've been on the rub." She admitted to him, knowing full well he pegged her for a novice wastelander from the beginning.

"I've lived in the raider base for thirteen years and just.. I can't do it anymore. I refuse to do it. So I left. Tonight they were celebrating a recent ambush, were all too drunk to care of their own noses."
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Zara picked up the locket, rubbing it off on her tank top. Her eyes moved up to meet his for a moment. She sheepishly put it in one of her pockets before returning to him, unpausing their current task of escaping. 'At least he didn't leave me for dead.' Her thoughts spoke to her.

After their running, her lungs hurt, her legs hurt and she felt like she would lay down right there and not get up for hours. She crouched as she rested her arms on her knees and began looking around at the buildings too. Her eyes did spy the one he had, but had crossed it off as she didn't feel like climbing again.

Hearing that being his choice, she hung her head and groaned. "That one? Hope you plan on sleeping on the main floor cuz I can't make it up more stairs." She boldly assumed they were now traveling together, not just escaping the raiders then parting.

She began the dragging walk toward the bulding of his choice, very much mimicking that of a teenager. She got inside the door and looked around. A dirty but still intact couch sat along one wall, the television across the room from it. "You can have the couch, since I made you leave behind the bedroll you had." Once again assuming they'd be on the main floor.


Back up had arrived to the hotel where their injured and fallen members were. One had stayed with the injured one to tend to wounds he had while the others began searching the hotel.

"Second floor. They were last seen on the second floor." One of the female raiders barked out, taking lead on this scouting mission. She ran her hand along the wall freshly damaged from the bullets. Climbing the stairs up, she had her 10mm drawn and ready to go.

Spotting the make shift camp, she headed over to it and put her hands right kn the burnt wood. Hot or not, she didn't care. "It's still fairly warm. I see one bedroll. The dirt hasn't been displaced by another." She pointed out to her fellow raiders. "I'm thinking the girl and one, possibly two others."

"There is only one bedroll, so wouldn't that mean only one?" One of the newer members asked.

Tasha rolled her eyes and looked at him. "One to sleep and one to guard. Never assume someone sleeping is alone. Not out here. Not in these lands." She growled at him as she tried to look for other hints.
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