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When you're in a writing mood but only one partner is on.
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fractured my ankle so I'm in a lot of pain. Will be slow with replies as I'm on my phone.
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Packing and moving. I may or may not get posts out till sunday. Please don't hate me.
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Tomorrow starts my 7 day in a row shift work so I will post as I can. Please be patient and have a very merry holidays.


Hello Everyone. I am a 36-year-old girl with a heart for dramatic role-plays.

KrystalGamez#0980 - Discord. Have a headset and mic too! No webcam

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So I have this RP idea that I've been doing with a very good friend of mine. We've fleshed out the world, the laws and such so I wanna see if there is any interest out there. You can help me flesh out more 'Laws of Nature' or whatever we may need. I am also willing to accept doubling up. I am choosing to play the role of a male but I am quite capable and willing to play the role of a female. If you guys are wanting to help me flesh it out more, if you want to just 1x1 with me we can, if you want to actually group roleplay it, let me know. I am planning on turning this plot into an actual book, so no worries if no one bites.

Location: North America
Time Period: Modern
Generalized Plot but not limited to: A wealthy young lady grew up with a secret friend, a little boy who would sneak into her room at night to play... innocently. He vanishes around 12/14 years old and doesn't come back for 4 years. When he does come back, he sneaks into her room at night like he used to.. only to find out she is sick. She has a terminal illness that will kill her. He knows he could change her to save her life, but he also knows it is completely against the laws to change a human without prior permission. Does he admit that he is a vampire or not? And if he does, will he break the Vampiric Council laws about changing a human? Does he let her remain human and help her live the best life possible before her illness takes her? Does he become a fugitive of the Council and change her into a vampire?

For any of those interested, but not wanting to be having a melancholy rp, fear not! I want to focus on their adventures trying to complete her 'bucket list' before she passes. The risks of leading a rebel lifestyle under the Council's noses. Falling in love. Relationship building for both couples. Then if he so chooses to change her, what grand adventures they have together afterwards. We can have multiple groups going on, like Nixon becoming unlikely friends with a werewolf who in turn falls in love with a succubus or changeling. The group grows as they travel the world, running from the Council and various other dangers. I'd like to focus on the good, the bad, and the scary.

My preferred Character: Nixon Richards

Currently seeking:
Human Direct Descendant OG Male: (Human preferably, bodyguard to Young Lady, eventual spouse for Nixon)
Human Direct Descendant BF OG Male: (Human preferably, Young Lady)

Vampire Mentor: Nixon Richards
Vampire Charge: (Young lad who falls for Trinity, that Nixon is mentoring)

Species allowed for friends of main four:
Succubi/ Incubus/ Demon/Soul eater
@Ice Reaverhello!
Trinity Sanders

Age: 18 years old

Appearance: Trinity is 5'2 tall with a slender, almost malnourished frame at 98lbs. Her eyes were a vivid grey-blue, shoulder-length natural blonde hair, and soft pink lips. Her outfits tended to be one of flow and luxury. Her skin was pale though very soft and blemish free.

Background: Trinity was born to two absent parents. Born and used only as a status accessory, she was left to be raised by various nannies and tutors. She has one older brother who was the favourite of them both. He got whatever he wanted, and was lavished over and wanted. Her family was wealthy and had money to spare, yet she was lacking what she wanted most. Family.

As a child, Trinity was known as a 'wild child'. Her parents would prefer she stayed clean, neat, and quiet. The phrase 'children should be seen not heard' was a common tagline spoken in her household. Her brother manifested that perfectly. He was always clean-cut, freshly pressed tailor-made suits, and well-mannered. Yes Sir, No Ma'am often came from his mouth. Trinity was the opposite. She was usually covered in dirt or dust from hiding in closets during hide-and-seek, darkened passages that she'd jump from to scare staff members. She was outspoken, running around, or even escaping the property on her horse.

At the age of 16, she went on a trip to Pakistan to see the world and get more culture. Unfortunately, while she was there, she caught an incurable strain of Tuberculosis Pneumonia. The doctors were unsure of how long she'd live but they did have her on a ton of various medications to try and combat her symptoms and hopefully cure her illness one day.
Brandon Dawson

Basic Info
Name: Brandon Dawson
Gender: Cisgender Male
Age: 28 at time of time dilation.
Birthdate: November 25
Race: Human

Height: 6'2 (189cm)
Weight: 198 (90kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Darker Brown
Scars: Three bullet scars on his left bicep though spread out. A cut through his right eyebrow. A large gash on the abdomen that was poorly sewn together.
Tattoos: A paper airplane casting a shadow of a fighter jet on his left inner bicep. A compass on his right forearm. A small flying eagle dead center on his upper back.


Temperament: A mix of melancholic and choleric. He tends to keep to himself, follows the rules and rarely smiles. Though he is quick to anger and has a very short fuse. Anxious, Suspicious, Serious, Thoughtful, Hotheaded, Quickly-roused
Moral/ethical beliefs: He will do anything to spare the life and suffering of any sentient being. If peace can be reached, he'll aim for it.
Hobbies: Reading Non-Fiction books, Woodworking, Playing piano
Habits: Running his fingers through his hair when stressed, Pinching the bridge of his nose, Standing with his hands behind his back
Likes: A good book, a good piece of wood, and music
Dislikes: Squid, Unnecessary drama, and dishonest people. If you're self-centred, be self-centred. At least he knows where he stands with you.

Brandon was a citizen of the United Worlds, a democratic federation of 1,022,347 planets, drifts, space stations, various orbital habitats, and even entire solar systems. He was born and raised on Earth with dreams and hopes to become a great military captain like his father. His father was not around when he was growing up, but his mother spoke often of him and usually very proudly. He worked his way through school, achieving mostly top grades of 95% or higher. His application to the United Worlds Academy had been quick enrolment was efficient. He was only a lowly ranked ship member when the word of war broke out. The UW scrambled those who showed great achievements and loyalty and gave them ships, great big ships with great big guns. Brandon found himself suddenly the Chief Master Sargent of one of the greatest star ships ever created by the UW. The great Infinity Nexus which he fondly nicknamed Nexi. It may have also helped that the ship's Artificial Intelligence resembled a human enough that he may or may not have a crush on her.

Heading to a known battle 'ground', Brandon encountered an ambush laid out by their enemies, the Terok. He tried to fight them, to take care of the problem himself. Unfortunately, he was massively outnumbered and even under-trained for his position, despite having it for nearly three years now. His order to abandon ship came as no surprise and all four thousand of his crew members took various escape pods. He didn't know if any or all would even survive, but he refused to let them go down with the ship. He stuck around to try and take the heat off the escape pods. At the last possible second, Brandon took off to the last escape pod, but alas it was not ejected when the big hit came. Trapped inside his exosuit, inside the escape pod, inside his spinning out-of-control ship, they were headed right for a brand new black hole. Fortunately, it stopped just far enough away from the event horizon to become destroyed. Brandon and his ship became frozen in time, trapped near the event horizon of a black hole leaving them in virtual stasis for over 300 years however for Brandon it merely felt like the "blink of an eye".

@cosmiccowgirl Are you interested in the idea?

Willing to play any roles, so you have full freedom as well!
A captain/commander (Chief Master Sargent) wakes up years (maybe even centuries) after being frozen in a time continuum where he does not age. Maybe the military spaceship is rescued by some smaller salvage ship with a handful of crew. They decide to work together to restore peace and order to the known universes and planets. Of course, a blossoming romance can happen between the salvage ship captain/crew members and the military ship captain. Maybe one of the planets they help has an adventure-seeking, skill-heavy (medic, herbology, engine, or technical skills) that wants to come along and join their cause, and ends up falling in love with the military ship captain.

Figured there are worlds of enemies to fight, and there are lots of excitements that can happen. I'm good with either or.. If someone would love to join me!
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