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Current Aww cats are a special kind of cute little jerks
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Quotev is for minors, you won’t find adults there hardly
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Dammit...can’t find my bow love to find it before photographing some costumes but it said “I’m out of here 5 years ago.”
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My professor: “you must have perfect spelling and grammar.” Also my professor: write “executive” as exicutoive
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Does my school really need an AI they call a “completion coach” that emails me that I’m not going to class when it’s all online and not on Zoom and I turn shit in?


Hello! I’m Rose, I love to cosplay, make short videos in cosplay, write, read anything you put in my hands to read, RP. I am just your average 21 year old who is attending school to eventually, in about 6 or 7 years become either a internal medicine Osteopathic Doctor, a DO, or Pediatrician, I decided I wasn’t too old to try pre-med. I am always looking for new rp partners so don’t be afraid to send her me a message if you have an idea for an rp

Some of my favorites:

- Korpiklaani
- Bear McCreary
- Dropkick Murphy’s
- Flogging Molly
- Seo Linn
- In-Grid
- AronChupa
- Caro Emerald
- Fever Ray
- Sabaton
- Parov Stelar
- Scythian
- The High Kings
- Wardruna
- Emilie Autumn
- Fleetwood Mac
- Stevie Nicks
- and many many others

- Repo! The Genetic Opera
- Tulip Fever
- Lady J
- Coco
- The Duchess
- Pride and Prejudice
- Emma
- Lord of the Rings
- And Many Others

Tv Shows (streaming included):
- Black Sails
- Alias Grace
- Eugenie Nights
- Versailles
- Outlander (except season 4)
- Turn
- Supernatural
- Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
- Santa Clarira Diet
- Atypical
- Agent Carter
- and many others

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Hi! :) I'm hopeful that this post is still active and you're still looking for an ACOTAR RP bud, because I'm your gal!

I could bore you with tidbits about myself... but if you think we're compatible as writers then I'll fill you in! I'm 26 years old and hoping to RP with others who are 21+. I do create OCs, and I write in third person.

I also double... D: Like OCxCanon.

I know for some people that's a total deal-breaker, hopefully it isn't for you though! I like romance in the stories I weave together with my partners, but I'm a total slut for angst too.

Okay, a bit melodramatic. I do love some angst though.

I prefer to write over GDocs, but I'm totally cool with email as well. :)

If this sounds appealing to you then please feel free to reach out to me:

Sent you a pm
@Gunther Okay, that makes sense. I got mine in high school when they grew in popularity. I imagine you at least have a house phone?

@LittleMouse Nice. In the past, I've had a few personal items I would much rather keep from my parents for the same reasons. One of those though arrived in the mail and my mom brought it to my room where I was hanging out with my friend and it looked somewhat opened so I don't know if she took a peek or not. I was mortified nonetheless.

Only people who’ve read where it’s from truly understand it
<Snipped quote by LittleMouse>

I'm a super curious person so you have to tell us what it is. Or at least me :)

<Snipped quote by Gunther>

I don't believe you. Nobody is able to live in this day and age without a phone.

It says “Impressive Wingspan: What I Look For In A Man.” On the front and on the back it says “Wingspan, If You Know What I Mean.”
I own a coffee mug that has a low key dirty joke on it and I keep it displayed proudly in my ultra-religious “modest is hottest” house and my family has no idea what it means
I love the ACOTAR series! Are you still looking to RP this?

Yes I am :) I sent you a dm too
Very patiently waiting
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