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1 yr ago
Current There a difference between being annoyed and mad… morons…
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1 yr ago
And they wonder why I don’t drink….
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2 yrs ago
I want to give to those who need it… whether it outside a store or at a toy drive… something…. I am not living in the past I am simply deciding I am not giving my heart to anyone only to those in need
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2 yrs ago
The fact that not one of them asked my side or even cared to wonder why I don’t come around the group… It got me to realize this year I want to focus on others more…
2 yrs ago
This time of year got me thinking of last year and earlier this year… the events that took place amongst people I trusted…


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hi i would love to come up with a plot with the teacher and pregnant teen and if your open to double that would be amazing
Hey I’m interested in RPing with you!

I am interested in the plots of married at first sight, beast, and love is blind. Message me if you would like to decide and rp one or maybe two of them even. :)
Messaging you
@AdriftAstray hi I would be open to the vampire x human plot!
Plot idea: A academy for those who are gifted, whether it in magic, a shifter, or is a hybrid of some sort.

This is a MxF and I prefer to play female but I don’t mind doubling since I imagine we will want to play several different characters.

Either PM me about this or comment on here but tag me in your comment so I get notified of your interest.
Searching for a few more one on one partners!
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