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Bonjour everyone I'm back!
Sorry for disappearing things got crazy. Any way here is my rp list of fun stuff to rp!

*Romance I love doing
* I play female and I can play male but I rather play it as my double cause I'm a bit rusty so be patient with me
* If your going to drop let me know so I'm not wondering where you went it won't hurt my feelings.
* I post 1-3paragraphs I try my hardest to not post one liners.
* I don't do fxf or mxm
* I don't do incest
* I do fade to black for sex scenes
Student x student
Teacher x student
Bestfriend x bestfriend
Nerd x jock
Shy x popular
Human x vampire
Human x werewolf
Demon x human
Angel x demon
Angel x human
Rockstar x shy girl
Princess x prince
Prince x servant
Royal x bodyguard
Princess x knight
Princess x servant
Blind girl x seeing boy
* Please Make any suggestions and I will mostly likely say yes as long there not fandoms I don't do those sorry.
* I rather you pm me I may not check here only once a week maybe two so pm is better

I also have plots that I can tell you of if you ask

plot ideas
A Cinderella plot idea ask me about it
A beauty and beast idea ask me about it
A time travel plot idea ask me about it
And a few others you can ask me if you wish to know them
And I have a Peter Pan type idea as well
Hey this is Wintersunshine
Got logged out of that account and can’t get back on cause of a email that I don’t have so for now I am on this account
Message me if you want to Rp :)
Hi this is wintersunshine I got logged off that account and I don't remember the password so ya I will use this one till further notice
This is wintersunshine
Long story short forgot password on that account message me on this one until further notice
Hey guys
This is actually wintersunshine I got logged off on that account and don't know the password so if you rp with me on that account message me on this one until I can figure out the password for that one
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