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5 mos ago
Current Never knew that the hurt could still be there even after it been over a month.
1 yr ago
I’m at a cross road I don’t know where to go... I feel like I’m not sure where I belong...
1 yr ago
Im an energizer bunny I need peopl!
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2 yrs ago
I’m done trying to please someone who won’t accept me for me...
2 yrs ago
I should feel happy this time of year... but there been days this week especially tonight that I feel totally depressed...


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I am interested in some of those pairing options. I will come up with some ideas and pm them to you.

Awesome sound great!
id love to do one of these with you im looking for more people to rp with. do you have discord?

Hi I don’t have discord
We can talk on pm though!
I would love to do forbidden love
Looking :)

I would be interested in the hero academy
Hey I would be interested in rping with you!
@Moonlightsky Sorry ;^_^ I'm only looking to play the female character at the moment.

No problem. Thank you for letting me know. :)
Would you be open to playing the male instead?

Or doing two rps where I could play female in one of them?
great! :)
wanna talk in pm?

Yes I messaged you
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