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Sorry guys, been so busy for the past 2 days, Replies will come today.
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Wei, Wu or Shu??? Hmmm what to pick?


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@Crimson Flame

thanks man :) much appreciated

I have gimp too, but I use it to make wallpapers lol

How do you guys come up with the crazy fonts for your character's names?

I have been meaning to ask
@Ice Reaver Yep that works better, although there isn't a swarm of them. There may be a few other, weaker onryo besides the main one though, because of the people who died via suicide at the hotel.

Noted and edited
@LuckyBlackCat Right okay, I'll delete my reply now and and amend it tomorrow.
Intro Theme:

Xiahou Chong

A white cab pulled up at the hotel carpark which was behind the entrance. He got out of the cab and thanked the driver after grabbing his luggage. He walked to the entrance of the hotel to get booked in. His appearance was clean and stood out to most than the generic people. For he was a hunter, who could sense other hunters. He was a handsome man who almost looked identical to one of his ancestors, Xiahou Ba. He had short black hair with sharp facial features. He wore a long coat and a suit underneath with black cuban heeled shoes. He also had his companion, a Tsukumogami. who pretended to sleep in normal circumstances. Tsukumogami was always around his neck as if it was a scarf, but can give that illusion to normal people.

He checked into the hotel and was shown to his room. Inside he put his luggage and wasn't bothered to unpack them. He stretched his arms and let out a sigh of relief. "Glad to be back" He said as he looked through the window at the billboards.
"Man I am starving to kill some Onryo bruh!" the Tsukumogami replied to Xiahou Chong. "Oh by the way, you do know that your mother going to kick yo ass if yo don't call her. Kapeesh"

Xiahou Chong smiled at the Tsukumogami and covered his mouth as he laughed. "Well we will see her soon enough. I will surprise her. Seeing that she is popular in this part of the realm, I doubt that we are not further from the small little town she lives in." Xiahou Chong said said optimistically.

The Tsukumogami sensed onryos on the same floor as them. It has seemed that fate put them in this position to meet the onryo face to face. "Something fishy is going on here. Onryos....... They're here!" Said the Tsukumogami.

The air in the became dim and the atmosphere changed to a green and purple toxic mist that usually would make normal people hallucinate, but not Chong.

His appearance changed to that of a handsome man, with blue and white robes. Decorative pauldrons on both his shoulders and a few pieces of armor around his chest, waist and legs, all decorated with gold gilt.

His hair became long and flowed subtly complete with a bun and a crown and pin to conceal and hold it in place.
"Now the hunt begins. Time to rid this world of filth and evil by force. I Xiahou Chong, descendant of both Cao and Xaihou clan, will reign supreme" with that statement he rushed out of his room, meeting a few of onryo's running amok.

Thank you. :) I am grateful

Ohh right I will change that now :) I forgot the anime too yeah
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