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Current Wish I wasn't. But I don't like Pokemon.
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King of Fighters Destiny. What an awesome animation.
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Arashi No Saxophone 5 is the coolest theme for Team Yagami, KOF 13
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Yare Yare Daze
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満足したか、八神? Manzoku shita ka. Yagami?


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I am deffo interested

Former name: Charlie Ulrich Adelstien
Current Name: Skyler Edwards

Martial Artists, Cryomancer, Adoptive son of a Spirit

Age: 20
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150KG
Build: Mesomorph
Skin tone: Medium
Hair colour: Black, sometimes changes colour to brown
Eye colour: Icy blue
Marital Status: Single

Other info:
Languages - English, Korean and German
Skills: Tae Kwondo Mixed with a bit of Shotkan and Ansatsuken. Cryogenic abilities such as ice projectiles, ice weapons weapons, using environments as an advantage for his ice powers.


Skylar Edwards was formally named as Charlie Ulrich Adelstien. Born to a Rich German Entrepreneur and Korean K-Pop artist, the pair had twins. The father, Mr Adelstein wanted just a female heir who would take over his company, instead of two peas in a pod.
As Charlie turned 16, he was kicked out of his parents mansion, his mother looked at him with an unwelcoming glare after kicking him out and throwing his bags. He watched at how cruel his parents treated him. This was treachery in his eyes. He turned both hands into a fist and swore revenge.

He walked through the streets begging for cash, but no care was given about him. He was starved, cold and homeless for a time.
One day, he trespassed into an Elven property for food. One of the servant's noticed him and told the owner.

The kind owner of the property welcomed him instead of calling the police. He was invited to sit with the family and eat. He shared his tale about his parents. He wanted revenge and he will do anything to attain that. Moved by his words, he was adopted by the Elven family and he changed his Name to Skylar Edwards.

He learned martial arts and mixed his style up a bit as well as learning to control ice. He travelled the world to gain fame by participating in fighting tournaments and he even opened his own company up to challenge what was now his sister's company. His goal was to make it go bust so that she feels the same way he did.

Hey I'm interested in this :)
hey welcome

Ahh thanks for the feedback. It's people like you who make me want to improve my characters, so thank you :)

I'll tweak it

I'm back to Rise (Killer Instinct 2013) - Mick Gordan

Name: Kyle Joseph Blackwell
Age: 18
Likes: Fighting, spending time alone or with friends and family, women and children and animals.
Dislikes: Thugs, assumptions, villains and alcohol.
Personality: A straight A school student who beams with confidence. His outgoing and kind nature allows him to help people as well as being polite to everyone he meets. However, he has a darker side. He is also a killer. Not just any killer; he kills villains or people who love the thrill of crime. He believes by eliminating bad people from the earth, it will make it a better place for everyone. Right goals, but methods are wrong. He never hesitates to kill, but to some bad people, he may show mercy and allow them to live, if they turn themselves in.
Powers: No powers.
Weapons: Annihilator MK 7 Battlesuit, double claws: 2 on each arm.
Abilities: Eyelaser + shadow variant, Blade Dash + shadow variant, Plasma cutter + shadow variant, Energy Bolt, Plasma Teleport, Axis Slash, Gravity Strike, Charge reactor, Shadow Laser Barrage, Shadow Energy Bolt, Shadow Plasmaport, Devastation Beam.
Other: He lives alone and has a secret laboratory which he makes different versions of his battle suits and has them standing in glass cases; underneath his house.

Bio: A young adult who had his parents taken away from him by villains who pretended to be heroes. He holds vengeance for anyone that kills for fun thinking they're making a positive change to society, but not really. When he sees this he kills without mercy and never leaving traces. Sometimes he does to strike fear in the people he hates the most.


Battle suit:

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