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Hello everyone. I'm Dutch, a mother of a 8-year old boy and I love both rp-ing and writing. Since May 2020 I'm one of the contests mods.

I started with writing Dutch stories in 2002, I was already 19 at that time. I joined a writing competition and that got me started. Soon I started to write down all the stories my over-active imagination came up with. I had my first forum rp experience in 2003 on a Dutch fantasy forum. While I continued to write, I stopped rp-ing when the particular rp and forum slowly died. In 2011 my love for rp's rekindled when I joined a site with a forum and I started to RP solely in English since that is the language of the site. This is also when I wrote my first story in English.

I've got a few 1x1 rp's going on this site and a couple more on another site. I've always been a fan of writing competitions and I joined a lot several of the ones that were hosted on this website. Now I get to host them myself and really enjoy that too.

When you come here to check if I'm online, know that even when I show as online I might not be able to respond to RP's. I open this site so that when I have time I can spend some time here, but I don't always end up with the time to do so.

If I haven't replied in a while, feel free to poke me. I don't ghost on purpose, sometimes I just forgetful and if I read your reply and accidentally closed the tab I might forget I was supposed to reply T_T

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When it appeared they'd be attacked, Fenna had her spear ready, but soon they turned out to be adventurers like themselves. So many cultists that only two remained of a party? That made her pause and ponder, but maybe these two could accompany them? Zell moved in for his greeting and things happened quickly. Four archers appeared on top, eight more came out of hiding on ground level, James gave them a blessing and Barracker charged forward. Even though there were more swords and spears, the archers were a source of concern.

Two spear-wielders approached her, smirking at her shorter spear.

Sil caught on her feeling of worry Fenna looked at the archers and she swooped down, talons ready, onto one of the archers just as Mackensie and Zell came up. The archer backed away as he tried to shield himself, fell off the roof and landed on the ground. Sil couldn't determine if he was unconscious or dead, and lacked the conscience to care, and launched a talon attack at one of the spearmen.

With only one to worry about, Fenna grabbed her spear with a second hand as it grew in length until it was longer than her opponent's spear and she thrust it forward. The other backed away to dodge her attack and used his spear to deflect her charge. They moved back and forth, attacking and deflecting until Fenna crouched down and pierced her opponent's thigh. He let out a cry of pain and stumbled back a bit, covering his wound with a hand. Fenna used this moment to thrust her spear forward again, this time piercing skin and flesh in his abdomen.

With one opponent less to worry about, she quickly glanced over the area to see how everyone was doing and who would be her next target.
"That's okay," Lily said to Steph. "You are beautiful the way you are and I'm blessed to have you here."
After that she turned to Gaia. "And you, my dear, gorgeous. You do need a bigger room, you can't stay here. Poor thing. You need to fly. Does the light bother you?"
Options for new accommodations already formed in her head. Somewhere spacious, dimly lit perhaps. More cavern-like. Or somewhere confined to see how long it would take her to get stir-crazy. No, that was too early. First everyone had to feel at ease before she could do the real tests.
"Oh, we do have a hangar I can clear out. I'll need to relocate some things, but I'm sure the boss will understand you simply cannot stay in that tiny room of yours."

Netherlu nodded with understanding and placed a fatherly hand on her shoulder. "I'm here now, why don't you take a moment for yourself. We can be human, but that doesn't mean we should stay human too long. It's not our natural form." He glanced at Niccia. "It may have consequences to stay in human form too long, Father wouldn't have made a new Mew if it wasn't needed." His eyes moved back to Frosiien. "Take a flight," he suggested. "I'll keep an eye on everyone."

"They seem to get along," Michael commented when he followed her gaze. "Merlin never stays close. He's always somewhere up high. From what uncle told me, he can be a bit condescending and it's entirely possible he doesn't think very highly of anyone. Or maybe just the ones without wings." Michael chuckled a bit. "I'm sure he is kind-hearted, and he cares about uncle and the rest of the team, but I don't think he's unsure about being around others, he's very sure about the distance he wants to keep. You and me are just not worth his time."
"Whose time?" Andy asked, catching the last bit.
"Merlin's time," Michael said.
Andy laughed. "Oh definitely. Merlin is a reliable partner, but he needs his alone time for thought and contemplation. Since I can understand him better now I had a talk with him, a good, long, intellectual talk. Turns out I was right about most things. I have not imagined the condescending looks he gave me, but he considers me smart enough for him to stay, but I'm also very tiresome and so are most other humans and Pokémon like Bear."
"I heard my name!" Bear said.
"I said you are very tiresome." Andy repeated.
"I'm not tiresome! that Featherball over there is, when he starts droooning on his theories." He huffed and put his fists in his side. "I am energetic."
Andy chuckled and turned to Niccia. "I wouldn't have caught Merlin if he wasn't the condescending and stuck-up Hoothoot that I met. I love it. But deep down inside he has a good heart and I know he's ready to swoop down from that tree to protect any of us."
Fenna had been in the church and watched the emotional exchange between Lilliana and sister Gwen, she had heard everything Feanor Moss had told her. And still she was surprised Lilliana was adamant to return to the Mazy Hillocks immediately to help the spirit she had been in contact with. There was no stopping the mage, so Fenna hugged her. "Go to the Adventures Guild, ask for aid. Do not go into the Mazy Hillocks by yourself. It was the only advice she could give, because their current quest was also important and she didn't feel much for delaying it by joining her in the quest of the spirits. Surely there were other adventurers who could help her and if all went well they would see each other back in city.

After she left it was time to focus on the mission. The diamond shape made sense, Mackensie's stealth idea made sense and focussing on the wraith itself seemed like their best shot.
"I have nothing to add at this point," she said. "I agree with the points raised."

They continued up the hill and to the temple; it was an impressive structure and, as Barracker explained, it had several rooms. She sat down and took some bread from her bag to eat. She watched Adam collect some acorns and from what she had seen from his magic didn't doubt they would be useful at one point.

"Are we going to attempt the locked puzzle doors or go straight through the other rooms?" she asked the others. "I suppose going through the other rooms will mean we're at risk of running into cultists and whatnot, but having to wait at every door and figure out how to go through will delay us and cultist may catch up to us. Either way, I don't think we'll reach the wraith without running into at least a few cultists." She paused. "Personally I wouldn't mind trying the doors and if we fail to get through we can still decide to try and go around them."
"I... I was hired to help people, I..." Marc scratched his head. "This is a mental institution, it's registered as one." He paused. "Although, a couple of asylums in the past did do shady things. To be fair, I guess it's not that far-fetched to consider this one might be, but I'd be really disappointed. I really thought I came here to help people."
It was disappointing to think this could be one of those asylums. Something dawned on him. "You know, in the past, sometimes people did tests on the insane. I thought that was long being us, but... but, what if..."
That was a thought he'd rather not finish.

Benjamin blinked. Ari was starting to be translucent again. He still saw her, but he could tell she was losing her physical shape. Ari's hand passing through Dia was the beginning of it. Did that mean Dia would return to being a spirit as well? He hoped not, but if that happened, there was nothing he could do to stop it.
He felt for Ari, but at the same time this was an opportunity. Could he ask it of her so quickly? Better not, maybe she needed a moment to come to terms with it. So he stood back and watched Dia and Ari for a moment.

Lily made a dismissive motion with her hand when Gaia said she didn't mean to and assured her it was fine. "Oh honey, why do you think I would be scared? I bet you are beautiful. Please, let me have a good look at you," she urged her.
She ignored the stench and the mess around her, her eyes were fixated on the shadow where she could see Gaia's shape.
"Isn't this an exciting day?" she asked Steph. "Do you have any hidden metamorphosis in you? I'd love to find out what secrets you have."

Netherlu turned to Niccia. "Netherlu doesn't mind at all. Actually, Netherlu has never camped like a human before and it sounds exciting."
"Expect to sleep poorly because of twigs and stones on your back, and being either too hot or too cold in your sleeping bag," Andy said. "And yet humans love it. I don't get it either."
Since Kim and Benny were already outside their Pokéballs, Andy released Bear and Merlin.
"That was a good party and a good nap!" Bear exclaimed and proceeded to do some stretching exercises. The well-rested Primeape was now full of energy.
Merlin spread his wings, lifted into the air and flew to a tree to sit on a branch.

Netherlu saw Frosiiens longing look and joined her. "How long have you been in your human form?" he asked her after making sure Andy was busy with something and not paying attention to them.

Michael let out all his Pokémon so they could stretch and have dinner with them. His Fletchling greeted them and then flew to where Merlin was. "Missy, maybe you can help Spary look for some firewood," he suggested as he looked at the Poochyena.
Marc examined Sara for a moment and then nodded. "Okay, this way."
He supported her as he would with other patients. As he had supported Carol when he brought her to and from her room. He still couldn't believe she suddenly had been transferred, there had be no communication about it. And now Ray, it was strange. And Simon too, he had worked here long enough to know Simon, and even like him, and Simon had been a patient who was very unlikely to ever leave this place, but for some reason he had. This place was supposed to be an end station for people with chronic, untreatable or unmanageable mental illnesses, it didn't make sense for anyone to be transferred or go home, as usually patients were transferred to this place.

With these thoughts in his head he opened up an empty room and went inside. "We can tell people we are preparing this room," he told Sara. "What do you know?"

Benjamin turned to Ari when she spoke. "Of course," he said and stepped forward. "What do you feel?"
The thought that she was new to having a body crossed his mind, maybe she was simply tired or hungry and didn't realise it? Or had she experienced it through Ray?

Fenna listened as James explained his idea. Splitting up, it made sense. It was the best way to gather as much information as they could. When James asked if she was okay going with him, she smiled reassuringly. "Of course I don't mind." It would be up to the others to see who would join them. She listened to his follow-up question and nodded. "That should be doable."

There was no doubt in her mind Sil could recognise the people who were with her and that she understood danger, protection and being on the look-out. It didn't take her long to find the falcon, perched on a roof. The moment Fenna looked at her she flew down and Fenna extended an arm. "We need your help, we're all going separate ways. Keep an eye on everyone, will you? Like eggs in a nest. Come to me if the others are in danger." She did her best to think in images and feelings as she tried to explain what she wanted from the bird. If she was not mistaken the bird understood. It was hard to tell, but just as she knew where Sil was, she also knew about that. As if there was a feeling of understanding coming from the bird.

Sil flew up and choose one of the tallest building to sit, her eyes focussed on the village.

When Fenna turned to the others it seemed like the decisions were made. MacKensie had chosen Barracker, and Zell decided to go with Adam. That left Lilliana to go with them and by the sound of it they would be visiting another church. It worked out well this way, Fenna had accompanied Lilliana before and James was a cleric.

After the others went left and right, Fenna turned to the other two. "I suppose we'll head straight the the center and towards the church then," she said. "It's a good starting point and Lilliana needs to be there as well."

She started walking, taking in the small village as she followed the earthen path between the houses. One woman looked suspiciously at them from the doorway and Fenna smiled politely in response. Not all villagers would be happy about foreigners, especially with that cult in the area. A man with a chicken under his arm nodded a greeting and directed them to the church when Fenna asked.

The building wasn't as grand as the one in the city, which was no surprise. It was only slightly bigger than the houses with a roof that stood out a little above the other houses, but it would have been easy to miss.
Netherlu and Andy led the way, going through the forest. Benny, who decided to be lazy, hand on Andy's shoulder instead of flying around. Kim followed close behind Andy, walking slowly on all fours to match the speed of the humans.
They talked about humans and Pokémon, Netherlu was curious about some behaviours he had observed, and Andy took this opportunity to learn more about Pokémon, and Ho-oh in particular.

"They seem to get along well," Michael commented. It was surprising. Not the fact his uncle was able to socialize easily, but that he was able to do so with Pokémon as well. Legendary Pokémon even. Then again, most of the legendary Pokémon he had met were pleasant to be around. One of them in particular. He opened his hand and moved to take Niccia's hand. They would be walking for a while, and he might as well try to make the walk more pleasant.

When dusk set in, Andy stopped and turned to the others. "Camp time?" he asked. "It should be another hour or two before we reach the edge of the forest, but I don't know if we can reach a Pokécenter before it's really too dark to travel."
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