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Hey there! I'm a jellyfish, and you've just stumbled upon my trap bio, which is actually more of an info dump for prospective RP partners.

I'm a 28-year-old sea blob (ok, fine, I'm technically a woman) who is comfortable writing both male and female characters - usually one main alongside a whole cast of side-characters. If romance is a factor, I lean toward M x F and F x F pairings, but M x M isn't off the table. I'm interested in writing about different relationship styles and stages (maybe our characters just met, maybe they've been married for a decade, maybe they're polyamorous, or long-distance, or swingers, or friends with benefits), as well as non-romantic pairings (parent and child, siblings, close friends, rivals, mortal enemies, mentor and mentee - the possibilities are endless!)

I categorize myself as a high casual to advanced role-player, although my posts tend to vary wildly as far as length is concerned (rest assured you'll never get a one-liner from me.) I'm a fairly reclusive, so you won't catch me on the forums or participating in any kind of group. That being said, I have provided several writing samples below (three introductions and one mid-game post, to be specific), in case you're curious as to whether our writing styles are compatible.

I don't do fandoms - mostly because I'm very bad at it - but am more than happy to write something inspired by other works (in fact, I'll often reference movies or TV shows with similar plots when explaining an idea or concept to someone.)

I work 44+ hours a week, but will usually get in a post or two on the weekends at a bare minimum. My job is the sort of menial labour that allows me to OOC chat sporadically throughout the day without getting into shit for it, which usually happens over Discord (less so PMs, since this website is in no way formatted to be mobile friendly - sorry, not sorry.)

I'm interested in partners who are 21+, don't shy away from mature themes (including, but not limited to, graphic violence, strong language, sexuality, etc.), possess strong writing skills, and a solid understanding of the elements of good storytelling. If this sounds like you, and you have an idea for a plot (or want to hear one of mine), don't hesitate to drop me a line via PM!


Action/adventure, crime, drama, fantasy (supernatural, urban, paranormal, Grimdark, and Gothic especially), historical (more so "recent" history - basically anything from the Industrial Revolution up until the Cold War Era, bonus points if it includes a paranormal or supernatural element), horror (one of my absolute favourites; demonic possession, bloodthirsty vampires, chainsaw-wielding maniacs, flesh-eating zombies - give it all to me), mystery, science fiction (particularly if it’s within the cyberpunk, space opera/Western, post-apocalyptic, or dystopian sub-genres), slice-of-life, and thriller (psychological and/or crime)

Mixing and matching of genres is highly encouraged!


A collection of a handful of my RP writing samples (reader beware, strong language, violence, and a few mentions of drugs and nudity ahead)


This spot is reserved for my weird and wonderful plot ideas (as you can see, I don't have anything listed right now, so sad...)

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