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Junpei Kato

Her name is Ichinose Kurenai, she is 28, a biology teacher at Yamazaki High School, she is single but interested in a friend she made back in college. She has a corgi, an apartment she can barely afford, and drives an old Toyota she got for cheap, her parents are proud of her but she feels they nag too much about her career choice. Today she had toast for breakfast and a salad for lunch, for dinner she is planning on reheating the Tamagoyaki she didn't finish yesterday.

All in all, Ichinose Kurenai is a completely normal woman with a normal life and a normal future.

How beautiful.

Jinpei allowed the book to disperse as the older woman drove away from the High School. Silently he brought his hands and gave a quiet prayer for Ichinose-san love life, may she finally gather the courage to confess to Hinata-san. Once his praying was done he focused back on the other members of the North team, should he say something? He didn't really know what to say and was feeling kind of shy so perhaps another time. Instead, he focused back on the High School where the Grudge was set to form, he could try to gather more info about it but he had already given in to temptation so he was not keen on losing more memories than needed. But he was really curious about the school (and his teammates), was he willing to risk it? The responsible thing was not doing it but hadn't Grandpa Jun said it was okay to play around from time to time?

What a conundrum.

Hopefully they would give the signal soon.

Shorter post than I would have liked but lets keep the ball rolling

"Sup, so far it is a good morning, how 'bout you?"

Adam's joining was not a surprise, the younger man was an early bird if he remembered correctly, now that he thought about it when was the last time they just sat down to discuss and make small talk. Fenna not sitting down wasn't surprising either, she was probably still restless after yesterday's news.

"Mornin lads,"

Looking at Zell enter the Mended Drum covered in sweat was weird in how expected it was, of course the taller man would go exercising in the mornings, probably meet some new people or started an armed conflict somewhere, he still returned the greeting and watched him go up the stairs

Back to Adam.

"So Adam, how did your last Ascension go? Got anything fancy? since my last one I got some new spells"


Eventually after what he hoped was a shower Zell returned and sat beside them, at his words he felt himself little by little. 9 days and outnumbered, there was a quiet part of him that was convinced abandoning the city was the correct move, evacuate whoever you can and leave behind volunteers to serve as scapegoats. Not ideal but would allow the civilian population to survive. If done correctly it would even secure a small force of adventurers to fight in the next conflicts.

They wouldn't do that obviously, this was the hometown of one of their members, and fighting a retreating war was not in their best interest when the enemy used necromancer tactics. Once more he cursed The Marquis, that paranoid old fuck and his tendency for overkill tactics and risky maneuvers.

Ah fuck, they would have to pull a miracle to survive this.

"Ay, bro," he said to James, some time after the conversation petered out. "I wanted to show you a few things with that anchor of yours. You swing it like a madman. A few tips and tricks wouldn't hurt. Wha'dya'say?"
This fucker



He felt his scowl worsen. Did this asshole really say that to him? He had been fighting for decades longer before this fucking welp even stopped sucking his mother's tit! How dare he say that... that...



James had no experience swinging a weapon, did he? Of course he would just use the anchor as a club. He felt the tension leave his body at once, shoulders slumping in defeat he gave his confirmation.

"Yah, I really need to learn how to use that thing, thanks for offering to help, I will gladly take it" Zigmund was bitter that he had accepted the help, it rankled but he needed to get good at it before the invasion started and Zell is their Fighter, it made sense to get help from him.
I am back! the dengue couldn't kill me.

Um... hello.

Hello to you friend!

He turned to Kass to listen to his words.
Barracker stuck around for a moment, to be there for his friends in their time of need. He went to his captain and clasped forearms in a warrior's embrace. “I will retire for the night,” he said, and then added a few quite words in his ear. “This may not be my place to say, captain, but their is a web of lies and truths surrounding you and our friends.” he looked James in the eye and said. “Be careful.”

He gave the man a nod.

The warning was appreciated if slightly useless, out of everyone present he was perhaps the most aware of HER, everything SHE represented and was capable of. To be perfectly honest the panic was not lowering at all, it was just being shifted to the background until he could decompress in his own room. this felt like a mess.

Eventually, Zell and Fenna came back for them, followed by Adam and Maz shortly after, Kass having gone earlier meant that they could retire to the Mended Drum for the night, the chatting continued on the way but he could tell his party members were not really feeling it. He was the same, the only thing on his mind was the bed.


His eyes opened.

He allowed himself a moment of stillness before rising up, years of rigorous routine having transformed him into a morning person by force, a few light stretches and he was feeling good, after everything that happened yesterday getting a full night of rest was sweet and he was raring to go through the day, if only his Ma could see him, she wouldn't recognize... him...

He stopped.

A quick look at the window confirmed that yes, it was indeed the early hours of the day and he wasn't the usual sleep deprived zombie he tended to become.

"What the fuck..."

The sudden feeling of wrongness was invasive and it was coming entirely from James, okay okay, deep breaths, this is... unusual yes, but is it truly unexpected? Zigmund had been an early riser for longer than James had been alive so it made sense that some things got a preference, becoming a morning person was not the end of the world. But he could admit that it just felt wrong, an antithesis to everything that James was. If this was different what else got changed?

Fuck it was too early to have an existential crisis.

Getting dressed with his usual gear he arrived at the restaurant portion of the inn, seems like he was the first. Might as well wait for the others to to wake up, albeit knowing some of them might be up already. He wondered if anyone would join him for breakfast.

"Hey Freddy boy!, the usual please"
As I understand it, he can force someone to work on his narrative? I'm a little sketchy on that, because it takes away pretty much all control from the other player.

No, no, its more like nudges, the idea is not that he forces someone to change their actions or opinions, its more like a random thought that offers a new or different opinion.

Plus, the ability is desgined to be used as little as possible, at least the second part.

If you have suggestions I am all ears my dude, god knows I don't want to make a character that steals the fun from other players.

Words carried weight, there was a saying from where he was from 'An action is worth a thousand words', while that was true it often blinded people to the fact that words carried their own value, people died just because someone uttered the wrong words. This was especially true in fucking politics.

Fortunately for them, Kass' word was worth gold inside Valheim, sure they would have been accepted either way, but the people inside knew they weren't in a position to refuse aid.

Grabbing the Alarm Receiver he spared a nod to the Paladin, it was a surprising kindness that he decided to extend and James was thankful for it. He wasn't the only one if the looks on his party faces were anything to go by, the mayor being the one to speak was surprising but perhaps it was to be expected, he wasn't sure what factions existed inside Valheim but it should be safe to assume the mayor would seek to present himself as a big player, regardless of how much power he actually had at his disposal, he had to admit, the way he carried himself didn't really imply confidence.

When Mackenzie and Fenna decided to speak about their equipment he simply raised an eyebrow, will he would have preferred to play the cards close to his chest that was just his paranoia or maybe Zigmund talking, as far as they were aware what equipment they had when they arrived wasn't anything out of the norm, at least not by his memories, custom made yes but not out of the realm of imagination. Still, it was not surprising that the abbr=Nerds]Academy Officials[/abbr] wanted to give it another look, parting with his idol was easy, most of the time he tended to forget he even had it in the first place, and he wasn't wholly concerned, he may use it for blessings but the lasers were all him. It was when they asked for the anchor that he hesitated.

The anchor was a memento of a dear friend, someone who had fallen on the line of duty helping them survive, it had become a staple in his life since he got it, and parting with it -even temporarily- just didn't feel right.

In the end he decided to just give his idol and keep the anchor, he may lose some info about it but the calm of mind was more than worth it.

After that business was concluded it was time to hash the details of the meeting with the commander. That done it was finally time to head back to the guild, one more step towards returning home, the situation was dire but he couldn't help but have a spring in his walk, nothing could ruin his good mood-

"Here we are," she announced as they arrived at the Guildhouse. But she stopped at the door and turned around to everyone. "You two," she said, looking at Zell and MacKensie. "I am willing to overlook your actions a few nights past, on this one occasion - I will go back on my word. You are unbanned from the Guildhouse, but know that you are on thin ice, my friends." She was deadly serious. "I won't hear of any apology or excuses, or relitigate the issue, so don't bother." She wagged her finger at them both. "One slip, and I will see to it that you never step foot in this Guildhouse ever again."
The Guild Master


He froze.


He forgot about that!

Quick deflect! Don't let them-

“If you don't mind me asking, how did you get banned?” Adam's question was delivered quietly, with the skepticism in his mind apparent on his face.


He felt the familiar feeling of panic rising, he had to do something... or did he? Huh? At this point wouldn't it be better to just man up and admit to Mac that he forgot to come clean?

But it would suck.

But it was something that he should do instead of continuing pussyfooting around.

Fine, he would do it.

Walking behind Adam he made a gesture to Mac and mouthed the words 'I tell you later'. Admitting the whole thing would take some time (not to mention the fallout) he preferred it happened after they got what they needed,


All the thoughts fled his mind at the message. To James the contents were suspicious but worth investigating.

To Zigmund?

Fear was an emotion the old Blessed didn't feel often, bravado was what saved his life in more than one location, and the things he had done curved the impulse to feel fear. And yet he would never forget the one and only time he met the Witch Queen, even now the urge to whimper and cower was still present. Like prey in front of a predator knowing the slightest move could set them off.

Fear was not an emotion Zigmund Mugba-Zarack was familiar with but in HER prescence? He was terrified.

He needed to distract himself, Lucy!, he should- no, he was panicking, acting foolishly, yes this was uncommon but Hacking was a known practice, of course SHE would have access to it and if she had caught on their existence it was rational to guess that she would try to do something about it.

Just in case better keep it under wraps at the moment.

Walking towards Lucy he spoke loudly "Thank you, the message was not what we expected and it raised some questions but is good to at least have a lead" giving her a nod he moved towards Clive "How you holding big guy?" He could see some of the other members of the party not dealing with it particularly well. Not that he judged them after reading all that.

Oh, right, he wondered how what insights could Kass have.
Light returned! Now let's just pray water returns soonish (It disapeared a week ago), mi Mexico di oro is beautiful but damn it has problems.
Sorry for the delays, heat broke our electrical transformer, been without since a couple hours ago
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