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Finally posted, also wooo, its real!, the James-Fenna conversation has officialy been started

Fuck he loved coffee

Without it he probably wouldn't even be aware or even awake at all, sure it might have prevented him from sleeping all that much but all was forgiven as long as it kept waking him up in the morning. A final sip and he reclined in his chair with a long exhale, his preparations yesterday meant that he felt somewhat comfortable with the quest they were about to embark on, or at least as much as they could given the circumstances, they had secured a new member, healed all their members and even gotten clues about what was going on, by all accounts this was a huge win, the only part of him that still was hesitant was the fact that he had didn't had the time to practice with the new blessings, the Sillagy one and... the other one he didn't want to think about. He knew he would have to face address it eventually but he wasn't ready, not yet.

Still, thinking more uplifting thoughts, it seemed like things were going back to normal with the party, a few days of rest really did the trick and if he was to judge the rest of the party appeared to be a little bit closer than they used to be before entering the city, though, he still had needed to have a normal interaction with Lily and an interaction at all with Fenna.

"Well not time like the present right?"

Getting changed in his fresh robes and with his usual grimace on his face he made his way down towards the first floor, eventually finding some of his party members already there. Fenna, Lily, and Zell were not a combo he expected but maybe that was for the better, it meant they got along well enough. Making his way to Frederick he ordered some eggs and meat then moved towards the rest of his party members.

"Hey" He gestured to the empty chair "Can I sit?" Was it Zell alone he wouldn't have asked but with Fenna and Lily here he felt somewhat awkward just assuming they would be okay with it. Once seated he started eating while his mind worked, he wanted to finally talk to Fenna but now that he was here he wasn't sure what exactly he could talk about, it was too early for heavy stuff and they didn't exactly appear to share things in common besides the obvious.

Ah, this is why he preferred the blunt approach, it made life a lot easier.

"You know Fenna? I think you and I should have a talk, not like, a serious one or anything but more like a normal one, I think you are the only person I haven't spoken to" There, that served as an ice breaker but how else to follow it up? It was amid a bite of his scrambled eggs that the thought "Uh, that looks like a bird" appeared in his mind, consequently creating the perfect topic to break the ice "So Fenna, what's the name of the bird? I saw it following you around and it seems pretty attached to you" Supernatulary fast if he could say so, and if his theory was true... "You know, that bird attached itself to you pretty quickly right? and, well, I have this theory if you want to hear it" Saying so he inclined himself slightly forward "See I think that when we 'crossed over' we all were given a something extra, like Zell ability to teleport or Adam's green touch, I don't know by what or by whom but if I am right then that Falcon -It's a falcon right?- may be part of yours, what do you think?" He glanced at the wizard and swordsman "What do you think guys? you both are smart"


Despite the chats he had with the rest of the party a small part of him couldn't help but keep going back to the thought he had earlier, if he was going to go on the quest he really should practice with what he had, if anything knowing exactly what the Sillagy blessing did could save their asses if the situation called for it. It was with this thought that he asked Zell and Mac to talk a little in private.

"Hey dudes, look I am going to be frank, I need help with something and I want someone there to make sure I don't fuck it up too bad" A hand went to the back of his neck "I want to try a few things but I need a partner and I trust you guys" His scowl became more pronounced, it was embarrassing admitting that aloud "Ah right, if you need to practice anything I am also willing to help" It was fair, help for help.

"So what do you say?"

Day 1 Time: Dusk/Evening Weather: Light Rain Location: Harold's Academy, Main Ballroom Participants: Myrion Stevar @Teyao Mentioned: Fasha Sambul @jasbraq, Lhoren Faith Ashdale @Silver Carrot

Miss Ashdale's words proved true, the further they separated from the rest of the student body the easier it became to concentrate on searching for others, they had adopted something akin to a square formation. Taking advantage of the small lapse of quietness that had fallen over the group he revised what he knew about them, specifically their names, years and Gifts.

There were ten in total including himself, Miss Sambul, and Miss Ashdale, besides them there were:

  • Aarakocra: 8th year, Gift "Gigantism" he could grow 5 times his own size and enhance his strength and endurance to match, he would be useful in clearing rubble, carrying injured, and in case of a fight.
  • Gati: 3th year, Gift "Momentum" a speedster, she didn't have an upper level of velocity, she could just keep accelerating and her body would handle it, emergency cases should be handed to her to bring to the infirmary, her Gift consumes vitesse at an alarming rate.
  • Kynigo: 5th year, Gift "Bloodhound" his sense of smell was enhanced to superhuman levels, the best alarm they had for injured students and Ni-seraphi.
  • Terren: 6th year, Gift "Tactil Geomancy" earth elementalist who could control earth by touching it directly, will take the front in rescuing those who have become buried under debris and could create shelter in an emergency.
  • Yazi: 2th year, Gift "Phantom Grab" she possesses a strong version of telekinesis but is focused on pulling or pushing objects towards her, could be useful in case another student had a hostile Gift to be carried normally.
  • Gewalt: 4th year, Gift "Force projector" his gift allowed him to create flat barriers of force sustained by Vitesse, he swears for their durability so in case they need to retreat or defend a position his gift could be very valuable.
  • Sabunta: 8th year, Gift "Hydra" their crown of the jewel, his ability gave him a strong regenerative factor but what made him significatively more valuable for this operation was his ability to 'share' his gift with those he touched, in the worst case he would be the factor that decided between death and life.

It was a good mix, they had varied utility and could adapt to the situation, the worst-case scenario would be direct combat but as long as they could evade any Ni-seraphi then they should be able to pull this off, he just hoped that the casualties were as low as possible, he wasn't naive enough to believe that an attack on this scale would leave people unscathed but he hoped nonetheless that-

A sudden thought from a foreign mind entered his own and he whirled in the direction of Mister. Kynigo, making the older man close his barely open mouth, a look of confusion appearing on their face for a second. A nod from him made the other mand refocus once more and point in a direction. Arriving at the point the man signaled they came across a collapsed hallway, and the absence of a thinking mind made a pool of worry form at the bottom of his stomach.

"Mister Gewalt, please clear this rubble carefully, we believe there is someone under there" The younger man didn't hesitate, he gave a smile and a quick nod and set to work on slowly making the earth rise to envelop objects and push them slowly "Everyone else keep on guard, we don't want any problem"

Privately he sent a thought to Miss Ashdale "Excuse me for asking Miss Ashdale but... but if we didn't arrive on time could you make sure the rest of the team focused on the mission? I know I am asking for too much but I fear they may become demoralized" Being unable to save the first person they came across would most certainly deal a blow to their spirit, maybe it was underhanded from him to use means like these but if it meant they would be safe then he was prepared to act. And speaking of underhanded "If possible also inform Miss. Sambul of our intentions, I am sure she will act accordingly"
Okay, I am likely to post tonight

edit: Post ready, just checking some things before posting

"Leaving so soon James? My, you have been busy today. I should have probably been doing the same, today, instead of purchasing outfits. If you see any special kinds of crossbow bolts on your route, perhaps you could get them for me? Just anything that might be more effective than ordinary ammunition. I trust your judgment. Thank you, James."

"Nah, if anything I feel like I have barely done anything today" Grabbing the money he pocketed it on his own pouch "I will see what can I get ya, with some luck I find some really zany stuff for the next ogre fight"

Turning to Adam he received the other man's refusal, shrugging his shoulders he bid the two of them goodbye and exited the Mended Drum with the market in mind. Just in time to come across two familiar faces.

"Hey James, look who I bumped into whilst taking a walk in the park. You off out? Cleric business or something?"
[@Big Z]

"Somehow it doesn't surprise me it was you who found him" It was relieving, Zell and Mac were the most outgoing and friendly members of the party so that was a good first impression "And hello again Barr- Kas!, you are part of the party after all, and that means a nickname" It wasn't the most imaginative one but it was good enough, it was either that or Bar and he didn't think the calm man would appreciate being called that "But nah, it's not 'Cleric bussiness', I am just going to run some errands that I want to get done before we depart" They came from that direction but it would be polite to ask "I will visit the market, do either of you need anything?"

Saying his goodbyes he continued on his merry way, the day was not over.


Thank God the day was finally over

Having bathed and eaten dinner there was nothing he wanted more than just sleep, the visit to the marked had gone reasonably easy, he had managed to buy the medical supplies from a local merchant as well as a set of eight daggers (that he still had to deliver) from a blacksmith and some seeds from vegetables and fruits that grew in the surrounding area plus some exotic ones (and he found a local coffee beans supplier) from a farmer, he had even managed to corner Fred to 'negotiate' his beef and eggs recipe from earlier, that was a few articles off the list let's go! now he just needed to sleep and everything would be alright until the next day.

Yeah he just needed to fall asleep.








In hindsight he may have gone too crazy with the coffee but he couldn't be blamed! They literally had blends he had never even heard about! He knew people who would commit questionable acts for such a thing. Ah whatever, he still had to read through the theology book he had on his pack.

Grumbling he got out of bed.

A few minutes later he was seated on the bed reading through the thick book, at the very least the book was entertaining and informative, as well as a little baffling, he wasn't the best read individual but he knew some of the godly tales from back home so the stories he found on the book were... surprisingly humble? no, humble was not the correct word, more like grounded, down to earth, while there were tales of extreme power (especially from the big five) most of the tales focused on interactions with mortals, not necessarily nice ones but they weren't as petty as he was expecting, seemingly the gods here were more focused on their domains and expressing themselves through those. Shit was interesting nonetheless.

He kept reading until he finally fell asleep.

One question; is Lhoren's evolution just this ability, or does she have any range increase too?

It was just the ability, would you prefer the expanded radius instead?

James watched as Adam returned his glance towards himself rather than towards the stairs MacKenzie had just used, he didn't manage to get a good look but she appeared to be pressured to go to her room, probably because of the bags she was carrying, he would have offered help but she ran before he could,

"I don't know dude, a week ago I didn't think I would ever visit another world, and look at us now, who is to say something like that doesn't exist?" There were enchanted objects so that wasn't out of the question, Ar-his anchor and Fenna spear were proof enough that spells or something similar could be placed on objects so who was to say that Adam ideal bag was impossible "But it's nice to hear that you can take care of our veggies needs, that takes a huge load off my back" There goes the need to worry about buying dried or preserved vegetables, just pop some fucking seeds and BAM! full salad, man he was glad he could get that off the list now.

Finishing his meal, he stretched, despite how he complained the meal was a certified 'Will eat again' out of 10, he would have to bug Freddo about the recipe when nobody was looking, idly he waited for Adam to finish his own meal in comfortable silence, Mama didn't raise no rude person (on the table) and he wouldn't disappoint now, instead he started to organize a mental list of what he needed to do.

Which as far as he could tell was:

  • Get some spare weaponry for everyone, knives or small daggers preferably
  • Get a blacksmith to make a damn strap or something for the heavy anchor he had to carry with fucking chains
  • Track down the local supplier of coffee
  • Buy good cooking equipement
  • Buy seeds for Adam and dried meats in case of emergency
  • Seek if anyone around here sold Chile or spices, preferably both
  • Grab his new shawl
  • Have at least one conversation with Fenna
  • Visit the Academy
  • Re-estock on medical supplies
  • Learn common medical procedures he wasn't aware of
  • Taste the local cuisine
  • Visit the local tourist spots
  • Be social with as many people as possible
  • Have a conversation with Lily that didn't end with her getting traumatized
  • Get drunk after the conversation failed
  • Fuck around with his new spells
  • Learn to use the damn anchor
  • Convince the authorities he was practically the Pope so he shouldn't get jail time
  • Fight the local authorities
  • Convince whoever busted him out of jail that everything was part of the plan
  • ...Profit(?)
  • Seek more things to do

...Maybe Pedro had a point when he told him he sucked at making lists.


He got to his feet once they finished their meals "Well, I don't know you Adam but I got a few things I gotta take care of, mostly buying things for our quest, so if you got anything you want me to keep an eye for I am all ears"
okay, so Myrion just used his Gift on Fasha @jasbraq and maybe on Lohren @Silver Carrot, but what does that mean? well:

Fasha learned 'Ensnaring Fragrance'!: I went with the idea that was discussed on Discord, that's to say that her pheromones now can, at her command, block external stimulus from affecting those under her control, essentially preventing people from feeling things she doesn't want them to feel.

Lhoren (If she accepts) learned 'Siren's Echo'!: Again I went with the Discord conversation, this ability lets Lorhen implant thoughts in the heads of others but makes them mistake those thoughts as their own, complete commands or appealing suggestions are up to the player.

How your character reacts to the evolution (automatically know, have to discover it, feels the change, etc.) I am leaving for the players too.

Finally, @Aeolian or @Mirandae, are these evolutions okay? I went with them because they are things that the characters should be able to do similar things (but not quite the same) if they were trained to do them specifically

I can always edit if someone disagrees with something.

Day 1 Time: Dusk/Evening Weather: Light Rain Location: Harold's Academy, Main Ballroom Participants: Myrion Stevar @Teyao Mentioned: Fasha Sambul @jasbraq, Lhoren Faith Ashdale @Silver Carrot

Myrion looked at Miss. Sambul directly in the eyes, he hadn't interacted a lot with her before, just enough to be acquaintances with each other, but even from their first meeting he had recognized the way she talked and acted, a manipulator, with the number of noble kids that ran around the school it was not difficult to find someone that didn't waste any time trying to get an upper hand against their peers in some form, whether with money, skill or social aptitude, but having said that he could admit in his mind that she was one of the -if not the most skilled one he had met yet, something about her just managed to lower your guard.

Case in point her suggestion seemed completely good-natured, and the current situation as well as her status as Illuminaire added weight to her proposal, but that didn't mean that those were the only motives, she would gain a certain reputation out of this and she would be remembered as one of the model students that stepped up to handle the situation.

Ah whatever, it wasn't like that was a bad thing and her help would be greatly appreciated, giving her a nod he extended his hand and touched her shoulder activating his own Gift at the same time. Instantly his mind exploded with a new star inside of himself, the details instinctively settling into his mind, generation and control of pheromones, that answered a few questions about Miss. Sambul herself and raised a dozen more but he let them lay, more interested in what his version lacked, a gentle prod and he had his answer, control, he automatically knew that he didn't share the control that would allow him to direct the pheromones he could generate, the best he could do was create an area with him as the center, maybe adjust the shape but that was it.

Looking again at Miss. Sambul eyes he gave her another nod "You have ten minutes, make them count."


Myrion observed the young woman coming towards his small team of eight people, vaguely recognizing her as one Miss. Faith, from what he had heard she was one of the Psychiccers of House Ivar, and if judging by her words a really useful one at that.

He was presented with a choice, he had one slot remaining and if her radius could be expanded then that would be a huge bonus, even if the evolution pulled in another direction assuming he received that part of her gift then it would be the same thing in principle. The problem came with the fact that he would remain locked with two gifts without direct combat application, he would have to trust the rest of the team if or rather when a combat scenario occurred.

Sighing he extended a hand towards the newest member of the Recon team "Miss. Faith, you seem to possess a very useful gift for our current situation, may I use mine to make yours even more valuable for the time being?"

Activating his Gift he felt the sensation of a star exploding inside of himself for the second time for the day, Reception and delivery of thoughts, the way he understood her power meant that he could read the minds of every person in his 20 feet radius as long as they were having a thought, and he could transmit her own using the same 'channel'. Except that wasn't the case, he could feel that the channel let external thoughts without problem but if he tried to send one he would simply not find a hold, rather that the two-way road that the original power was his version only allowed thoughts from one side to pass.

Bright side they had now two users of her mind-reading gift

Giving her a nod he directed his attention back to the whole group, it didn't seem like anyone was going to join so better not delay "It is the time! There don't seem to be more volunteers and time is of the essence! Those of you with combat ability divide half in front and half at the back, non-combatants in the middle, we will start from the places that were hit the worst so be ready!" Saying so he activated his flight and took to the front of the group, toward the direction where the explosions resounded "Miss. Faith I would appreciate it if you could take a side as far away from me as possible, when I used my gift I obtained a reduced version of yours so it would be better if we covered as much area as possible" He knew she would be listening, the Gift didn't seem to cease as far as he could feel "Also may I ask how do you deal with the 'noise'? it is more than a little distracting" He didn't need to hear how scared some of the other members of the team truly were, he could infer as much from how he himself felt.

"Don't mention it dude, true be told at the time I didn't even know what I was doing, I guess I was still acclimatizing or something but at the time I wasn't as good as I am now with the whole, mhm, I guess the word I want to use is 'sensing'? Or at least it's the one that feels closer to it"

He continued to eat between bites, it was good but it could have used some more spice and salt... did they use spice in their local/national cuisine? This place seemed to follow European and American customs in the clothing and building department but maybe they had some more exotic aspects to their culinary culture? But the real question was, did they use spice like he was accustomed to? Or they used the Indian approach? Or perhaps they decided they didn't want spice in their food, in which case he would have to find a supplier for personal use.

"But frankly I should be the one thanking you, if you hadn't made the skeletons flee then we would have lost a lot more people"

He still remembered those guards that decided to help him and didn't make it, as well as those in the infirmary, for a moment he spared a thought for the apprentice that helped him but then his mind caught back on what Adam had commented on his day.

"Oh? Did you find anything useful in those books you got? I managed to get a copy of a book about the theology of this place but the most we know about this place is the best" Some things were common sense enough that he had figured them out without resorting to an explanation from a local but it would be better to have confirmation nonetheless "More than anything I am interested in the customs of this place, I skimmed a little on my book and some of the beliefs in here are not things that we would usually do"

The book was mostly stories about the Deities of Mytheria with some sort of lesson attached to it -most of the time- others were just recollections of what people observed and the common beliefs, like the deities that were more likely to give you some small modicum of attention based on what you were, what you did, and what you believed in. It was also thick as hell, just skimming through the pages took him a solid hour during the night, another reason he should thank god there was coffee in this place.

And speaking of coffee "Hey Adam, shifting the conversation to a new route, I remember you growing plants on the fly, you think you could do the same with edible stuff? I was thinking about buying supplies but if you could grow things quickly it would be easier to buy seeds or something, both for cost and weight" He left out the fact that he wanted to know if he could grow Chile and Coffee, that could come later once he found someone selling some. Even if he couldn't that ability of his was the most useful of all of them, from what he had seen they all had come with something slightly unusual for their classes, like Zell's teleportation ability or his own 'Open' nature, he wasn't sure what were the others 'Gifts' but he was sure they all had something, if they learned to leverage them properly then that would be for the best, they had already lost two people and he was not ready to lose more.
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