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I'm dealing with some stuff at home rn, just give me a bit and hopefully tomorrow I'll have things sorted. Just been a stressful day today.

Hope everything goes well my dude!
Of course, the Humans would alter the deal at the first opportunity to create more destruction, foolish of him to assume otherwise really.


At the Sand King's announcement, he readied himself and looked directly at his opponent who seemed bemused, took a moment to deliberate... then ran after the guy that tried to jump at him at the start, he already disliked him the moment he appeared and if he went after him disregarding everyone around them then clearly this guy had some kind of stake on taking him out.

To the man's credit, he managed to rise a shaky defense before he rammed his shield at full speed against him, then the man discovered the hard way that defensive stance or not he really couldn't contend against the might of a Jotun. The result was an opponent down and a crack in the wall of the Arena, sadly (or maybe fortunately) that marked him as a threat to the several contenders around, two in particular had obtained a shield from the generators before everyone else on this side.

Without losing time he launched himself at the new group of enemies and the fight finally began in earnest, a sable hit against his shield and he responded with a strike from his axe, a returning swing to the rib stopped a sword from stabbing as a leg with grieves hit him on the back of his legs, he responded by letting go of his shield, grabbing the human by the leg and then using them as an improvised flail to hit another before throwing them at the bow user that was about to fire in his direction, missing the maze that was about to hit his back, chaos was on all sides of him and although he was winning he was still taking too much damage, a sudden activation of the chained enchantment on his weapons recalled the shield to his hand in time to met with a shield bash from a someone who didn't think things through.

A scream rippled through the air as another human flew in the path of one who was about to stab him in the back with a dagger and he saw how both groaned on the ground against each other before looking in the direction it came from.

There his original opponent was watching him eagerly, a hand on the pommel of his weapon and another signaling at him and then at himself in quick succession before dipping into a battle stance.

He delivered once more, on one hand, the youkai was being outright polite considering the situation surrounding them, on the other he could be bashing Human heads at his heart's content. With a sigh, he fell back into his own stance, he was raised to respect others and the youkai appeared to be asking without any malice, declining after he had gone out of his way to help would be unnecessarily rude as well.

The Youkai widened his grin and let out a laugh before speaking for the first time since they entered the Arena.


He gathered strength in his legs and responded.


And with that, both launched at each other with the intention of causing harm.
Thanks for the patience! Had to scrap a few things and change others

"Hey now, Toby!" she called out, wading toward the panicking zombie. "It's me, Aud. Will's here too, we all look a little different. You're okay, here, look," when she got to her cousin, she tried to gently steer her to see the man at the bridge, rather than the dragon in the distance, which would only serve to alarm her further. "This nice man is here to help us out, let's ask him what's going on, okay? You're safe, Tobes, I got you."

As she spoke, she looked sharply at the stranger, as if to say That had better be why you're here.

Somebody saying his name attracted his attention and turned his view to a... zombie girl beside a person with strange patterns across their skin? A second later his brain caught in exactly who those people were and a small wave of guilt crashed against his mind, the moment he had heard the beautiful song playing all thoughts other than walking towards it had fled his mind. Furthermore, the fact that Toby was at his side during the whole thing felt weirdly out of focus like it was somebody else memory, it wasn't very nice of him to get distracted to such a point so he would have to apologize later, not right now because Audrey seemed to be doing a good job at calming her down and he didn't want to intrude in what seemed like an intimate familiar moment so he just flashed Audrey a small thumb up and small smile to signal she had his support if she needed it.

He was so distracted by staring at them that he almost missed the stranger approaching but Audrey's words caused him to look up just in time o focus on him as he explained.

"I am Eckehart, herald of Rulania."

"The True Voice has been waiting a long time for you. Come. Follow and be merry for this is the Eve of the New Year and you are guests of honor. Stray not from the path I take, lest you get swallowed in the festivities. All will become clear as we travel."

He could feel himself almost vibrate on the spot in pure excitement, how could he not when watching the strange man(?) walk away to the seemingly impssible city in front of them, with just a cursory glance he could see several creatures of odd proportions and humanoids in equal measure, several even had wings like him!!, there was also a man riding some sort of box similar to a refrigerator that emited mechanical noises and a cat that seemed to be carried in a palequin by a squad of mice.

"Will has wings." Freyja says in the manner of one whose thoughts escape their lips. "Wow." It was idle but an observation which seemed uniquely astounding to her.

At Frejya mention of his wings he couldn't help but preen a little and flutter them around in a chaotic manner, he was as amazed as she was and he was equaly in awe at her antlers. Following along the group just proved that the strange sight didn't end in just the front, there was a house that looked to be made of sponges, a trio of ladies that kept aging and getting younger at random intervals appeared to be gossiping among themselves, next to them was a hairy giant of blue skin with several arms that released bubbles from the sleeves of his jacket and many other exotic views.

His was getting a little dizzy with how much he was turning his head from side to side in order to watch everything but he couldn't help it, he just wanted to see everything. However it was at that moment that David called to him at his side.

David looked around if there was anyone having the same kind of items. Next to him was William, someone David knew more than others, so he gladly leaned over to check up on him. "Hey man, glad to see you have the better end of the makeover." He said with a wave before holding up the item he was given. "Do you have one of these as well?"

"David!!!!" At his word he flapped his wings once more "You look amazing too! You look like the mix between an android and a ent, it looks so cooool!" He was being sincere, David transformation really suited him with how well it adjusted to his natural features "Ohhh that glowing looks so cool and pretty, maybe it's magical!, they game me this" He signaled at the necklace that had landed on him after a cloud with hands had throwed it (He didn't notice that his hair moved to grab it and drapp it on his neck) "It reminds me of those old style necklaces on cowboy movies"
Wrote half of it bit had tobgo to sleep, will post it today

Setting the bedrolls into the proper places and correctly took a little more time than he expected, both because they were no convenient modern equivalents where customer satisfaction(plus ergonomy) was the highest priority and because he had never gone camping in his life. Not that he didn't want to, just that he was always too busy doing something to really get into it, well at least he had figured out how they were supposed to be set just as the dinner was announced. Then he was pleasantly surprised when Zell decided to take the initiative and propose a sound strategic placement for all of them going forward, he had been toying with the idea of doing this but had shelved it as he didn't know how to breach the subject without sounding like an asshole giving orders (Which Zell somehow avoided, fucking charisma!).

He pointed at the triangle. "Lillianna, Adam, James. You guys need to be here." Then he pointed at the X's. "Fenna, MacKensie, you position yourselves on either side of our wizards. As Rangers, you can shoot too, but your speed and melee weapons mean you can take a bit of contact, defend yourselves and the magic users should any enemies get through our formation."

Yeah that made sense, he surprised himself by fighting against a few of the skeletons and winning but that was mostly because the skeletons were literally a bag of bones without a single muscle or any technique, against any other stronger opponent (cough ogers cough) he had been THE bag of bones without a single muscle or any technique and that was not an experience he wished to repeat. He had to admit Zell was surprising him by being this thoughtful, he hadn't taken the guy as an idiot or anything but it felt good to know someone else was watching out for the formations and the flow of human resources.

Satisfied he took a swing of his waterskin-

"Our most important piece of this formation is our Cleric: James," he grinned at James, knowing this might make him uncomfortable. "James is the only one who can use healing magic, which makes him key to all of us surviving battles. And perhaps more importantly; he's proven himself a capable leader in battle. He has a voice loud and strong enough that even hardened soldiers will listen to. And he has the level-headedness and wits and make good tactical decisions in middle of a chaotic battle." Zell pointed at the traingle again. "Here James can see everyone and everything, we can all hear him and he can make adjustments to our focus or our direction mid-battle."


-Then started coughing as the water flowed the wrong way at Zell's next words, glaring at the bastard as he tried to communicate his desire for seeing his demise while trying to get his breathing under control, fuck the praise, he could see the asshole's grin and knew that he had been played then swore under his breath as his mind caught on, even if he had some reservations against going for the position of a battle strategist he had to admit it would be good to be recognized as such, in the previous battle they were all disorganized and even though they had won a lot of people had died. The faces of the guards who followed him flashed through his mind.

Grimacing he contemplated another piece of information, Zell had called him and cleric and with the whole blessing/priestly robes+accesories/magic thing it wasn't difficult to arrive at some conclusions, even more so when he looked around him to his fellow weirdos and if focused saw walking tropes instead of people, he never thought that agreeing to watch a few anime shows with his cousin would someday come in handy but here he was, man if she knew she would be livid, she was always the one who talked about what she would do if it happened to her. Was she okay?

Angrily he snatche-FIREPAINDEATH carefully he grabbed one of the fish sticks and brought it to his mouth, at least the food was fresh, then he started listening to the conversations around him until one of them caught his attention. So the woman with the Falcon (Hawk? bird of pray?) wanted to set a watch through the night? Yeah, he could get behind that, it seemed like a good idea and the last thing this shitty day needed was a shitty night. As Mac volunteered to take the last watch he also offered and talked to the group in equal measure.

"I can take the watch in the middle if anyone wants to join me" Saying so he got to his feet and then started moving towards the stream. "If anyone needs me I will be in the stream trying to make sense of the magic thingy on my head"


The water of the stream was uncomfortably cold and his ankles didn't appreciate it, good thing he remembered to enter in just his small clothes so his robes weren't at risk of getting wet.

"Okay, Mr. voice in my head, I know you helped me last time and I am thankful for it, really I am, but telling someone to go jump in a river it's not a great way of explaining things!" He waited for a second for a response but sighed once it was clear that none would come, okay that only left the other option, before he could think and postpone it he started running towards the deeper part before jumping once he was sure it was enough to submerge him.

"Shit, shit, shit, this was a bad idea, this was a bad idea!" Of course it was at that point that he felt the symbol on his soul that represented the blessing start to, for a lack of a better term, fill up. At the rate it was filling up it was likely going to take him an hour to reach maximum and quick exiting and reentering at the stream told him that the charge didn't accumulate so he was going to be forced to spend the next hour inside the cold waters submerged to his chest.

will try to post today
Will post tomorrow, too busy today
Clive gets a fucking ABSOLUTE RAGE MODE.

He is an absolute unit of a guy and you want to make him even more powerful? ... hell yeah!!!
Okay so, this afternoon I was assailed by an idea that refused to leave my brain until I got it on "paper", so here it is if any of you wanna take a look. And if any of you are fans of the Fate franchise then this must look vaguely familiar.
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