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13 days ago
Current Today is the day everyone tells you why they hate today and try and sap your enjoyment of it because they can't enjoy it themselves.
2 yrs ago
Had family over for a week, so been pretty busy.
2 yrs ago
Long work days. I'll respond to stuff when I can.
3 yrs ago
Trying out this here RP-Guild thing.


I've RP'd for many years now... okay like, 15? That's a lot right! I'm a native English speaker, central US though I can never remember my actual time zone. But that should give you some idea of whether or not the sun is up or down for me, when it's up or down for you.

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Please read the following Disclaimer section fully and carefully before reading further-

This RP idea is very simple, but nonetheless has what I believe to be a lot of potential.

You are one of a handful of winners of a giveaway, and are now on your way to a weekend vacation at an unbelievable location. However, you didn't quite understand the whole idea of 'bring a +1 on an amazing weekend getaway', and you ended up bringing a friend, only to find out most everyone else brought their significant others.

What's worse is something happens, something goes wrong, and you end up stranded, unable to go home until things clear up. So it seems you are stuck there until further notice. Guess you have nothing to do but get to know the other guests, and enjoy your now extended vacation!

There are a few options to pick from for this 'Vacation Gone Wrong', though to call it that is unfair seeing as how most people don't mind being stuck where they are.

Examples include a Winter Cabin Resort in the Mountains, or a Private Island and Beach Resort.

PM me if you're interested!
Bump. Please read the post before messaging me, and don't bother messaging me if you're just gonna go quiet for days on end desite being online every few hours.
Bump. Special interest in more random, original settings or Slice of Life stuff.

Also added a new RP idea, 'This Paradise of Ours'

Updated, willing to play most any gender.
Bump with special interest for 'World Jumpers' and 'League of Legends'
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