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Updated with a story I have particular interest in:

Legend of Zelda: Crossover of the Wild.

Basically just an excuse to do a Lucina/Zelda ship.

And some appreciation back at you for putting up with my long pauses lol.
Did a little bit of a list update.
A little update to clarify on the FF RP.
Got the idea list updated. Also added a second Genshin idea.
Typed up a fair few more ideas... and then my computer crashed downloading Dota. So uh. Yeah, gonna type those up again later, but for now, the ideas were:

League of Legends
Metal Gear Solid 5
Kingdom Hearts
Conan Exiles
Action Taimanin (Or any version of that universe...)
Looking for people interested in some RP, preferably people who are looking for long-term stuff! I have some fandom ideas, and some original setting ideas. But before I get to the ideas, there are a few things I'd like you to keep in mind before going any further.

Firstly I'm looking for a partner comfortable with mature themes, including smut. I'm not really looking to fade to black things, or hold back on more serious, darker, or just more mature themes.

Secondly, I'm exclusively looking for someone to play female characters. I myself tend to play girls who are, not exactly transgender, but not fully normal girls, if you catch my drift. If you don't feel free to ask, you should be 18+ if responding to this at all anyway! I am also willing to play other types of characters as side characters, or main characters depending on the RP.

Thirdly, you should be comfortable with themes like adultery, playing canon characters (Depends on the RP), playing multiple characters (As in, multiple characters over the course of a RP. This might mean playing a couple characters sitting around chatting, or in something more intimate, but I'm not expecting you to be playing half a dozen characters in a single scene or anything.), and playing girls who are exceptionally gifted proportionally speaking! I like large chests. Very large. How large is very large? I'm pretty sure it's not allowed to give an example so we'll leave that for private.

If you're still here, then let me throw out the ideas I have! I'll update this as I think of more... I've likely just, forgotten some.


Final Fantasy 14 - The basic premise is... what if there were two Warriors of Light?

Genshin Impact - What if there was not one traveler, but two? Two Lumines... one light, one dark. One following the path of the Traveler, the other, the Abyss Princess. Except they journey together, each trying to pull the other to their side. The Traveler trying to redeem the Abyss Princess and show her that some good is worth doing, and the Abyss Princess, trying to show the Traveler that she should stop buying into the whims of everyone who needs help.

Genshin Impact 2 - The Great White Fox - A much more story driven play, hardly any, if any smut at all here. Although it's not entirely out of the question. This will take place almost entirely in Inazuma, will involve original characters and an original story. The general theme is: What Makes a God, a God? and will heavily involve characters such as the Raiden Shogun.

League of Legends - Journey across Runeterra! I don't actually have like a super specific idea here, maybe something involving Gwen and Neeko. But the general idea is traveling across Runeterra, going around having our own stories in each location, meeting all different characters, canon and originals, things like that.

Metal Gear Solid 5 - Not much for canon characters, maybe Quiet, but otherwise it'd likely just be Diamond Dogs doing Diamond Dogs things. Sneaking around in more ways than one, life on base, things like that.

Kingdom Hearts - A journey around Disney worlds? Canons and Originals, doing whatever we want! Could make up our own story, our own Keyblade Warriors doing their own things and whatnot.

Valheim - Trapped in the world between life and death, forced to prove their worth to their God, will these people survive the harsh wilderness, or will they succumb to the dangers that plague the land? And how will they react when they find they aren't alone...

Palworld - Uh... Pals and stuff. Yaknow?

Conan Exiles - Just a general story of outcasts trying to survive in the... okay it has been a while, I forgot the names of things but you get the idea. Similar to Valheim.

Action Taimanin - Let's go kill demons, monsters, and criminals while wearing the tightest outfits known to mankind.

Legend of Zelda: Crossover of the Wild - Pretty simple. I just want an excuse to play a Lucina/Zelda ship and this is is. Replace Link with Lucina. As for what the actual plot is beyond that, I have some ideas but nothing set in stone.


Kingdom Lost - A Witch's Curse spreading across the Kingdom, a Princess desperately trying to outrun would-be captors. A Loyal Knight trying to protect her Princess from the evil that seeks to shroud the world in darkness. Can they find a way to stop this evil? Can they even manage to keep themselves safe from it?

My Robot Girlfriend - What if you lost someone so dear to you, that you went and make a lifelike robot to replace them? What if that robot became so lifelike, that they are indistinguishable from the person they are meant to replace? Worse yet, what if it was built upon a personality you thought the person had, never knowing the REAL them?
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