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Hugon's eyes snapped towards the curtain as it began to move by itself, his hand instinctively going towards his dagger. The hair on the back of his neck began to stand up as he heard the rings of the curtains scrapping against the rod. Something awful was coming, he could sense it. He watched the servant approach the curtain, waving the man forward. Hugon's dagger was ripped out of its sheathe as the servant suddenly fell to his knees and wailed, a sound reminiscent of the screams of the dying but somehow so much worse than any Hugon had heard in his long years of violence and war. What is out there? More importantly, what is coming? Hugon thought, tightening his grip on his dagger. Maker how he wished he had his axe and his armor, but those were both carefully stored away in the manor. He had assumed that even with how bad the surrounding area was, the darkness hadn't crept fully into the town yet. That it was relatively safe for him to let his guard down in. Now it looked like he was going to pay for that foolish assumption.

Hugon carefully began to move to check on the screaming man as the orc servant panicked and attempted to run. The door was jammed by some foul magic, Hugon could hear the desperate struggles as he drew near towards the other man. When the orc began howling as well, the paladin turned around in time to see the light in the room be snuffed out, and a creature straight out of the depths of hell enter the room. The hideous screaming of the servants suddenly ceased, and the silence that followed was thick and oppressing.

Terror raged through Hugon as all the symbols of the Maker on the walls of the room fell to the ground, destroyed. He had been afraid before. When his brother was destroying the village, during battle against the orcs, hunting rogue mages, charging into the lines of heretics during the crusade, but he had never felt pure primal terror like this before. Everything in his being told him to flee this place. Flee this town, this area, this entire country before that vile thing came any closer. But he could not. He had made a promise to Lord Lochborne, and if he abandoned his promise now, not only would he be a wretched coward but what happened in Yolocto would happen here. It took all of his might, but he managed to keep the terror from his face. He wouldn't give this creature the satisfaction of seeing his fear on his face.

As the monster leaned towards him, his palms began to burn with an old pain.

He didn't hear what the creature said to the others, too focused on standing his ground to bother paying attention to what lies it was spewing. Faith was his corner stone, and he would not lose it. The Maker provided, even in dark times such as these. He glanced down at the servant at his feet. The man was dead, that much was obvious. The paladin doubted that the orc had survived this ordeal either. Hugon's eyes widened as he saw his own mutilated corpse swaying in the noose. Then he gritted his teeth. He would not let the creature get the best of him. He would not. As the monster finished his prophecy, Hugon's free hand reached up and clutched the symbol of the maker around his neck. Courage. The Maker provided. He would not be bested by such a horror.

"Begone, demon!" Hugon forced strength into his voice, making himself look the blackened skull. He would not let fear control him, or this damned monster have its way. Righteous fury welled within, giving him strength to speak past his fear. "We may not be the chosen, but we are the ones who will succeed! We will fight our way through these cursed lands, we will cut down the monstrosity that hangs over this city, and we will send you back to hell! The Maker wills it, and it will be done! Begone! You cannot turn us away from our path!"

For all of her bravado and cutting remarks, Andrea respected Ansgar as a mechanic. As asinine as he could be, he knew what he was talking about and wasn't prone to crying wolf. Which was why she cut back on the throttle as soon as his yelled warning came through the comms. The ship shuddered to a stop a half second before an explosion rocked it. She clung to her chair as the Lux shuddered and groaned under the impact of the explosion, and hoped that this wasn't the straw that would break the camels back and kill the ship for good. As everything calmed down and they were all still alive, she turned her attention to checking the rest of the ship's systems and her thoughts turned to what could have caused such an explosion. Andrea's first instinct was sabotage. Ansgar would've already said he was fixing it if something critical had given out in the Lux (something that had happened more times than Andrea would like to admit).

Andrea was finishing quickly checking over the ship's systems as Teg made her way out of the area. The pilot gave the mercenary a half-distracted wave just to indicate that she had be, mostly, listening. Andrea breathed a sigh of relief as she saw that none of the other essential parts of the ship had given out under the stress of the explosion and leaned back in her seat, looking over her collection of figurines to make sure that they hadn't been knocked loose, or worse, stolen by that damned cat again when she wasn't looking.

Reassured that her prized figurines were still in place, she leaned forward and activated the comms for the entire ship. She didn't know where Ansgar was and also needed to make a general check of hands anyways. "Everyone still in one piece? Groan in agony if you're dying. Ansgar, what the fuck happened down there, and how soon can we get back up and running? I don't wanna try to fly all the way to Glao space with only half an engine to putt us along." She was already getting nervous as it was. Damaged ships like this were prime targets for piracy, and she didn't fancy their chances if the wrong types of people happened to fly by.

Leaning back she rubbed the coin on her necklace again, muttering to herself, "Never should've taken on that Judge. He's a fucking curse."

Posted! Hugon has arrived and we're ready to leave this cursed place immediately rock and roll!

Hugon watched the carriage make its slow way through the crowds and the bleak city. The paladin was out of his plate armor, dressed in light furs to combat a chill he could not seem to shake, and armed with a dagger at his side. There was a symbol of the maker hung around his neck that he idly played with, partly out of habit and partly out of reassurance. He had arrived a few days earlier, exploring the town a little before making his way to the manor. It was a dark place. Hope was nowhere to be seen, faith in the Lochbornes was gone, and faith in the Maker was all but faded completely. The people were beaten down by the evil that had crept into the land, the air, the water, the very soul of Malacast itself. They felt, no , they knew that there was nothing to be done about the curse and that anyone summoned by Lord Lochborne would just be driven mad or cut down like all the others before had been.

Hugon had done what he could to ease the suffering, but there was only so much one man could do against such darkness, especially a man such as Hugon. His talents had never laid in healing or aiding those harmed by magic, but in cutting down the creatures and villains who had harmed them. The paladin's thoughts turned to the Hanged Man, and he felt a damnable, irrepressible, shiver go down his spine. He had only seen the cursed cadaver from a great distance, swaying gently from his tree on the hill, but he had been certain that the monster was looking right at him, cutting through his armor and demeanor to leer directly at Hugon's soul.

The paladin had made sure to avoid looking at the cursed creature ever since.

He looked on impassively as the crowd was ruthlessly dispersed by the guards. Fear lead to madness, and madness had to be repressed at any cost, or all would be lost. Hugon turned from the window and made his way back farther into the house to prepare for the meeting with Lord Lochborne and the rest. Hugon had not been told anything by Lochborne since he had arrived at the cursed city, simply told that he would be told more when the rest of the Lochborne family's friends arrived. That time had arrived, and despite a feeling of relief at finally being able to begin taking action against the curse that hung so heavily over Malacast, Hugon felt a growing sense of dread at what was to come.

The dining room only made the feeling worse. The symbols of the Maker, usually symbols that brought comfort, seemed to bring the hint of hysteria and despair by the sheer amount present in the room. To say nothing of how the books seemed to watch his every move with a disturbingly predatory gaze. Hugon entered the dining room right as the last of their number finished introducing himself, a young man covered in grime and dirt from the road with a heavy gaze and a scarred visage. The man seemed ready to leap out of his chair at any moment. At least he kept his gear well maintained and clean. That, Hugon supposed, was a small blessing. The other warrior of the group was a dwarf, one of the few Hugon had seen in his travels. A friendly face covered in wrinkles and a large white beard, with a stout frame and scarred face. Hugon hoped that the dwarf's age meant he was someone to be relied on when they undertook this cursed quest, for the Paladin didn't see things in the others that he trusted.

The other two were less reassuring. One was a human woman, with strange facial tattoos and jewelry on her clothing. Her clothes were at least practical, but something about her made Hugon's skin crawl. She looked like someone who had delved where she shouldn't, and that was someone to be wary of. The other was an elf, whose face and skin was as gnarled as the dwarf's was. Dressed in tattered clothes with a seemingly endless number of pouches and pockets, she seemed kind. What was more concerning was the bandages that could be seen, peaking out of her torn gloves.

Strange company the Lochborne family keeps.

"I am Hugon. I arrived here a few days ago at the same request of Lord Lochborne's as you all. He has told me nothing more than what he has told you all, I'm afraid, so we will simply have to wait for him to return."

Hugon meeting the rest of the group be like

OKAY. That took entirely too long and it isn't my best work, but I've got the CS up and ready for review @Lauder
How are your characters coming along? Haven’t seen you two post much, just want to be sure y’all are still cracking at it!

Puttin along! The Fourth and some RL things derailed by plans of posting it, but I should be able to post the CS tonight or tomorrow.
I'm interested, as you know, but your discord link has expired
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