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Current College beginning Aug. 20th, replies might slow down.
1 yr ago
Finals just around the corner, should be able to reply more promptly afterwards!
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Won't be able to reply at all Jan 2nd through Jan 8th, going down to Texas to help rebuild.
2 yrs ago
School begins again. Replies and posting might be erratic. Sorry in advance!


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Heavy WIP but I got started.

@Xanadu What's the general layout of the ship? I'm pretty sure my character is gonna be in the Medbay but it'd give us an idea of how the ship is put together.
I like the idea of a Discord.

In my experience Discord makes communication super easy and, provided there's different channels for OOC chit chat and things like collab discussions so they don't get mixed and one lost among the other, helps greatly to keep an RP alive.

If you're worried about the OOC appearing dead, you can always put little prompts here.


Quick question about the CSes. Can we use abilities and gear that are from Andromeda and the Multiplayer, or would you prefer if we stuck to the main single player games?
@Rtron Looks good! Like I've said to pretty much everyone else, as long as she can follow orders and listen to the captain, she should be fine. As long as you think Andrea can do that, then you can go ahead and post it.

Easy peasy. She'll get snippy with the murderous drone bastard Judge, and anyone who messes with how she has her things, room, and piloting stuff, but she'll obey and listen.

Quick question because I forgot to include this on the character sheet (like an idiot). How long have you guys' characters been a part of/with the crew? I imagine most of the passengers/others have just gotten on board, but as far as the actual crew members go?

Depends on how long the ship's been running. I imagine Andrea joined fairly early because everyone needs a good pilot.
@Shiva All done!

WIP but I've got started.

I'm gonna be making the pilot if that's available now.
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