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Frankie didn't react to Soldier's animosity. The man wasn't the first to want to kill him, and the super mutant doubted that he would be the last. Frankie himself mostly kept his distance from the group, talking to himself or into his recorder as he looked around him. He seemed particularly interested in the Brahmin, occasionally wandering close to the creatures to examine them, offer food, or idly pet them. It looked like he found the creatures cute. He'd ask Isaac or his father about the creatures periodically, regardless of what replied he would get the previous times, and then return to his comfortable distance from the rest of the group. Occasionally, the super mutant would wander off to the side of the road, excitedly talking to his recorder about something he had seen, and then hurriedly catch up with the caravan after satisfying his curiosity.

Of the rest of the caravan, Frankie found Rocket most endearing. The girl, at the very least, wasn't scared of him. She flitted around like a giant mosquito, quickly going from one person to the next with an almost infectious energy. It was almost enough to make Frankie smile. The rest of the group was less forthcoming. They hadn't really introduced themselves yet, and seemed to keep to themselves. He noticed somethings about various members, however, that caught his attention and caused him to stare.

Soldier, for example, seemed to be completely numb and deaf on his right side. He kept Frankie on his left at all times, and didn't react to things on his right as he would on his left. The blonde woman was definitely addicted to Jet. Hyperactive, seemed to think everything was too slow, occasional itching. Frankie wondered if they'd have to break her of the addiction cold turkey during the course of the journey or not. The man with the gas mask was blind in the left eye, as he kept most things on his right side and didn't react to movement on that side like he did the other. The tall, quiet, man with brown hair was off-putting. Frankie couldn't figure out exactly what but there was something...inhuman about him. The loud woman with the abrasive attitude, a former raider he had heard her called, had a nicotine addiction. Raspy voice, marred teeth, smokes always close at hand.

Fortunately, something else would always catch his attention before he stared to long, and he'd be back on his mutterings, examining something else.

As night fell, Frankie kept his armor on and a short distance from the fire. He didn't need the warmth or a bedroll to survive. His tough exterior protected him far better than anything the others could offer. Putting his puzzle ball up, he rolled on his side to sleep, wondering if Soldier would take the opportunity to crush his skull while he slept.

His question was answered as he awoke to screaming and death, none of it his own.

The super mutant moved as quickly as he could, staring at the corpse and the father, before moving his attention to the head as it fell from the trees and the devastation. He would help bury the boy and help the father grieve later, right now, Rocket and Soldier needed help. Picking up the aforementioned decapitated head, heedless of the blood, he examined it closely. Puncture wounds at the top of the head, messy cut. Not human then. Not Silverfish either. To much damage, not enough traps.

He looked over at Sylvia, and those joining her, briefly speaking.

"I will stay behind and help bury the boy. My size will only be a detriment in there. Be wary. Whatever killed him has claws, and it wasn't a silverfish. Something large did this. Find Soldier, you'll need his fighting skills, and Rocket as we don't want to explode."
Serena found the exercise exasperating and educational. Exasperating because Kargard did exactly what she told him not to and expected him to do, and charged forward like..well, like a krogan, and educational because she now knew she'd have to update Del's evasion protocols. He shouldn't have been almost entirely taken down by one sniper, biotics or no. It was fortunate that the exercise had ended when it did, otherwise the attacking team would have lost. With two members down and the defensive team already well set up, it wouldn't have been pretty. Unfortunately, the exercise ended because researchers were under attack and desperately needed help.

She had switched out her weapons in seconds, and Del had dumped all of his nonlethal rounds immediately. She had gone over all of her equipment while Sabinius had given them the briefing, reassuring herself. It was fairly standard. The Kett were testing their newfound strength, and they needed to prove that they weren't going to give in easily this time. This time would be different. This time, they were settled in, the planet was hospitable to them too, and they were prepared to retaliate.

Her helmet was securely on her head and she was sitting, hands clasped together, quietly praying in latin as they drew ever closer to the site. She prayed for their protection, the protection of the scientists, the souls of the scientists already lost, and the souls of the Kett about to be killed. She didn't know if they knew what they were doing, if they regretted it, or if they enjoyed what they were doing. She did know that they deserved her prayers as much as they deserved their deaths.

As they landed she felt the usual fear rising up within her, the choking panic and terror at what was going to come next. She took a deep breath, calming herself. She had done this before, and she will do it again. Another deep breath as she disembarked from the shuttle, hands briefly clenching on her valkyrie, and she was okay. She could still feel it, swirling beneath the surface, but she had it under control. It wouldn't weaken her this mission.

She nodded as Tazen explained the plan. "Sarah will go up, cloaked, to give us an overview. She'll be able to tag targets so you guys can move around them appropriately." The small drone flashed its acknowledgement once, cloaked, and then flew up into the sky. Once it was an appropriate height to see everything, Sarah stopped and started tagging targets to appear on the extraction team's HUD. The small drone was practically invisible against the sky, a tiny warp only noticeable if you looked straight up and straight at it. Settling in across from Ryria, Serena spoke quietly into the Asari's personal comms. "If things go south and we have to start supporting directly, I'll have to move up. All of my things don't have enough range. I'll leave one of Del behind to cover your six, and alert you if a Wraith slips behind you. Sound good?"

Frankie 'The Friendly Super Mutant'
25 (He randomly picked the number, not really sure how old he is himself)
Super Mutant
Jamortown, formerly Camden Arkansas.
Current: N/A

Formerly: Jamor's Warband- A Super Mutant group hellbent on eradicating all inferior races and conquering the southern half of Arkansas. Eradicated by the BoS years ago.

Standing at a hulking 10ft 8in (3.25m) tall (straight backed), with muscles that would put the most dedicated of body builders to shame, and a face that scares small children, Frankie looks terrifying to all but the more seasoned adventurers and soldiers. It isn't until someone gets closer that they see how hunched over he keeps himself(bringing his height down to around seven feet), as if ashamed of himself, how his hands are constantly fiddling with something, and how he can't quite bring himself to meet your eyes (his own pale white ones darting away), as if he's afraid of what he might see in them. As if he needed more help being off-putting, he can often be found muttering to himself or into his personal recorder, talking about notes and theories.

He puts effort into making himself look as non-threatening and quiet as possible, with his back hunched and shoulders slumped. His eyes are almost constantly darting around, studying one thing and the other. They light up like beacons when something interesting or exciting catches his attention. He moves with great care and gentleness, even when excitedly hurrying towards something, careful not to accidentally break or hurt something. His dark green skin usually has peach colored paint on it, carefully applied to cover as much of the characteristic green as possible, giving him an odd and distinctive appearance. On the rare occasion he is without his armor, he wears a kilt made from leather and nothing else. It is simply for everyone else's decency and propriety, and has little to no protection value.

TYPE INTJ-A (Architect)
SPECTATOR'S REACTION If he wasn't a super mutant, Frankie would be a perfect researcher. He certainly demonstrates all the traits of a stereotypical absentminded scientist or doctor. He gets lost in his thoughts, he seems completely oblivious of all social cues and norms, and will singlemindedly pursue his goals to an almost obsessive degree. Due to his condition, however, interesting quirks have appeared. In spite of, or perhaps because of, what he is Frankie genuinely seeks to make connections with everyone he meets. He seems to crave even the most basic of politeness, even from people who make it clear they'd rather kill him than understand him. On the subject of mental illness, the mere idea terrifies him. He's desperate to prevent himself from losing his mind like so many other super mutants, to a degree that he hinders himself excessively, restraining his natural urges and power.

8 4 10 1 9 3 5

Wild Swampland
You’ve somehow managed to summon the weird around you. Things will get odd quicker than they get normal.


Active Skill(s)

First Aid
General healing skill. Used to heal small cuts, abrasions and other minor ills. Can’t handle surgery, bone fixing, or paralysis/coma.

Covers a variety of hi-technology skills, such as computers, biology, physics and geology.

I'm SPECIAL: Sacrifice a point or more of INTELLIGENCE for an equivalent boost of STRENGTH. This is permanent until the next day when it resets.

  • Strong Like Bull: Due to his Super Mutant biology, Frankie is immensely strong, capable of feats of strength far beyond natural human capabilities.
  • Tough as Steel: Once again due to his biology, Frankie is ridiculously tough to take down. He's immune to the effects of radiation and diseases, his skin and bones can take an immense amount of punishment, and he possesses an enhanced regenerative factor that allows him to heal from wounds faster than normal.
  • Obsessive Learner: Frankie is obsessed with knowledge. He believes that learning and complex problems keep his mind sharp, keeping him from descending into the frothing madness his brothers live in. He regularly explores or breaks into libraries and read all of the information he can find, particularly on anatomy and the healing arts. He has become an excellent doctor and medic, provided you trust and allow him to work on you. Frankie has always possessed a talent for retaining and understanding information, and almost never has trouble remembering what he has learned. As such he's got a huge amount of information stored away, sorted and organized neatly in his mind.

  • Almost Pacifist: Frankie doesn't like to fight and kill. Mostly because it gets his blood up, and encourages him to act like his brothers. He's spent a long enough time on the Wasteland, however, to know that it is inevitable. If he absolutely must fight (when refusing to fight will result in either his death or the death of someone else), Frankie attempts to use his great strength and resilience to neutralize whatever is attacking, non-lethally if he can. He's also constantly holding himself back, keeping his urges and power in check. This results in him seemingly being weaker than he should be, and seems like he's unused to a fight the vast majority of the time. Should he ever be pushed to the (very far) point to give into his urges, Frankie is more than capable of demonstrating why his species is feared across the wastes.
  • Oblivious: Frankie isn't really the most aware person, of himself or his surroundings. Being a Super Mutant, he has never really needed to be concerned with or aware of dangers. He regularly just wanders into incredibly dangerous areas without a care in the world, and seems to be completely ignorant of the fact that his stature, appearance, and manner of speaking all make it all but impossible for him to convince anybody to do anything.
  • Nimble as A Falling Brick: Frankie isn't agile or nimble. If he dodges something its because he had way to much time too, or pure luck.

Frankie's custom Armor: A conglomeration of thick pieces of metal, rubber tires, and bits and pieces of junk Frankie has attached to himself in a typical Super Mutant fashion. Metal beat into, surprisingly careful, shape covers his torso, arms, and legs. The shoulders are large pieces of tire, likely stripped from an old tractor or semi-truck. Chains serve to keep the armor on his body, and for a helmet Frankie has a piece of steel shaped like a welding mask without the glass. The helmet has a yellow smiley faced painted over it, and his armor has peach colored paint slathered all over it.
3 Stimpaks (Not for himself)
Frankie's Bag: A large travel bag that Frankie uses to store his various boxes and knickknacks.

Frankie's Box of Mind Challengers: Frankie has a large box that is filled with puzzles and books of logic or math problems. The puzzles are typically small things that can be easily held in the hands, designed to distract and challenge the mind.

Frankie's Recorder: A recorder that plays and copies onto holodisks, Frankie uses it for taking notes when studying something.

First aid box: A box filled with medicine, poultices, bandages, alcohol, and other general first aid supplies.

Mysterious Vial: A vial of grey liquid, carefully wrapped and hidden in Frankie's bag. He is extremely protective of it.

"Excuse me, but I have heard that the Governor is looking for adventurers for a mission. Can you point me in the right direction to him?" Frankie spoke softly, or as softly as his massive frame and rough voice could, his hands held in the air. He had taken to doing that while approaching unknown humans, as it at the very least confused them long enough for him to explain himself so they didn't shoot him on sight. The man looked up at the rough voice and jumped back from the wall he had been leaning against with a shout of alarm, hand reaching for his pistol. Frankie took a step back, hands lifted higher. "I mean you no harm. My name is Frankie. I am looking to be in the Governor's employ." He hoped that what was coming across was soothing, rather than menacing. He had trouble sending across the proper messages at times.

The man paused, looking over Frankie's peach colored armor and skin, squinting. "Are you that 'Friendly Super Mutant' wandering around trying to help people?" Frankie nodded eagerly, stopping himself from smiling. That scared people. "That's me. Could you please point me in the direction of the Governor? I'd like to offer my services to him." The man paused, clearly thinking over the wisdom of leading a super mutant to the Governor of the Northern Province, Friendly or no. Frankie didn't blame him. He wouldn't have trusted himself in the man's shoes either. "I suppose the Governor could use someone like yourself on his special job. Wait here. I'll bring the Governor's men. Frankie nodded, saying his thanks, and settled down to wait as the man walked off. He hoped that a posse wasn't being rounded up to kill him again. It would be bothersome to run away and walk back in later, and he might miss his chance to explore the rest of the state in relative safety. The man came back with a dozen of the Governor's men, all armed and wary. Frankie didn't blame them. A super mutant was dangerous, especially if it wanted to meet the Governor. What happened next was a tense interrogation. Well, tense on the part of the Governor's men. Frankie himself was rather relaxed, sure he could escape these men if they tried to kill him. It was all the usual questions. No, he wasn't interested in hurting the governor. Yes, he really was just interested in helping. Yes, he really did detest violence. Yes, he could actually help. No, he didn't have any super mutant friends waiting outside of the city. Yes, he would obey all commands. No, he didn't have any weapons.

Finally, satisfied that Frankie at least didn't plan to murder them immediately, the leader waved a hand."At the very least you would be a good distraction in the event of an attack. Lets go, we'll see if the Governor even wants to see you." Frankie nodded eagerly again, passing his last cap to the man who had helped him "Thank you, friend. May the rest of your days be blessed." The man watched as the towering Super Mutant walked away, shaking his head in wonder and pocketing the cap. A strange incident. One that he hoped he never repeated.

@Sofaking Fancy well i hope Soldier likes Rocket because the rest of us are assholes

Hey hey hey

Frankie is nice. People just don’t like him:p
On an entirely different note, where my ghouls at? I'm missing my melty-faced kiddos. :D

So you can have soldier be speciest to someone other than Frankie and T? :p
@Sofaking Fancy

Pfft me. Miss something. Preposterous.

Pertinent note: Following complaints of over-representation of Australian Convict Scum in the GM team, I shall be participating in a cultural exchange program. Starting this Thursday, I am moving to the US on a working visa for...well, who knows how long. Probably a couple of years at least.

The good news is that US collaborators may have an easier time working alongside me soon. I'll even be getting familiar with your economically backwards tipping system, dodging your corn syrup, and wading like a synchronised swimmer between your high-decibel political factions!

The bad news is that I'll be busy while getting settled in, not to mention posting around a full time job. Those waiting for a PM about the Xos showdown may have to wait a little while for me to get my arse into gear.

Anyway, if anyone is in the Pacific North-West, I might even inadvertently see you!

Wish me luck, everyone!

Welcome! I promise we're only sometimes as bad as you hear about. Unless you're in the lower half of missouri, chances of us meeting are slim, but good luck!
Annd Frankie finished.
EDIT: Also, DAMN this is a sausage fest. XD

Technically Frankie is sexless

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