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I'll have a post up tonight or tomorrow!
Zertus met the sight of a demon mixture of relief and distaste. There was thankfully one other competent warrior on the team now, someone he could at the very least trust to be a capable killer, but it was hard to not face an enemy for decades upon the battlefield and not hate them. Especially if one of their own was the reason the Prophets had died and the Jiralhanae were being hunted down by the Sangheili. Still, he could put aside his feelings. It would get him nowhere to be at odds with the only other useful member on the team.

Zertus instinctively curled his lip at Griffin Kelly's words. Commanders don't lead from the ship. Or hide their faces. He could practically feel the man making eye-contact from behind his helmet and while he had been informed that most humans do not think it means a challenge, he was sure that this man knew what it really meant. Still, he bit back his initial urge to strike out and answer the challenge. This was a test. They were seeing if he could play by their weak and backwards rules. Well, he could. It was just another indignity to suffer through, another foolishness he could wait out as long as they held up their end of the bargain. And they would hold up their end of the bargain, or he'd make everyone on this ship pay with their lives.

He glanced over at the mostly glassed planet and smiled to himself. Through all of the indignities, he had the battle ahead to look forward too. If he was lucky, he could slaughter a large group of pirates before they left the planet.

He examined the outpost map as the demon asked her questions, a plan formulating in his mind. Obviously, negotiating with the Kig-Yar was out of the question. Not only was it cowardly, as they could easily gut their way through the compound to get to the Matriarch, the filthy pirates would no doubt jack up the price of the ransom when they saw exactly who was coming for Nuc. A Brute, a Demon, a human, and a damaged Kig-Yar asking for the Matriarch? Even their greedy little minds would be suspicious.

Zertus waited for Kelly to reply, humming lightly to himself. His plan depended on the structure of the Kig-Yar's forces.
Currently crafting the cyber security and tech manager guy
I have failed the Migrant Fleet. Seppuku is the only option.

JK. Thanks for your consideration and for crafting such a good RP pitch. I'm excited to see where it goes and will be following closely for my chance to sneak in for the what I've no doubt will be an excellent story. Ciao for now!
She's the highest ranked member of the team, and and basically has worked for ONI her whole life, far as she's concerned, it -is- her team :P

Zertus is gonna have to be told by ONI she's in charge. As far as he's concerned he has the highest rank (which, in Jiralhanae structure, he is) and she's a demon who had to be changed to make powerful. So unless they tell him 'She's in charge' they'll pretty much be:

Pretty often off mission.
After a brief wait, she was on her way up, to meet her team, and get this mission started...

to meet her team, and get this mission started...

her team

Zertus be like:

Interested but I might not have time. I'll no for sure by tomorrow.
Finally! A demon Zertus can grudgingly deem β€˜capable β€˜!
The friendly kind of gentleman too! The one who is philanthropic, and helps old ladies across the street!

Honestly, don't understand why anyone would ever not want to immediately be completely under his leadership and obey him at all times like he demands.
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