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Current I have returned, but I am not super active. Mostly because I am not seeing too many interesting threads. Will only play in small group as big groups get messy real quick.
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Gonna have to step away from playing for a while. Its a bummer but I just dont have the focus.
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Thinking of starting a new Advanced small group adventure after the new year.....
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... waiting for my Character profile to be excepted....
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Would like to jump right into something....


I am a 30 something from California who enjoys all Nerdy things.

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I'm interested... if it's still open... I'll play whatever the party needs. I'm a experienced dnd player so this is up my ally.
Riley Cavill

Riley Cavill did not have much time to decide what the team was going to do. Sergeant McCormick’s suggestion was a good one, and under normal circumstances she would have agreed.

“Thank you Sergeant, but the quickest way back to the ship is the way we came in.” she said as she watched the sergeant lift the wounded soldier on to his back. It was unfortunate that they would only be as fast as their slowest member. By lifting the wounded onto his back McCormick was making himself over encumbered and had taken himself out of proper tactical form. They would lose points for that decision. Though, the decision had already been made and it was up to her to make the best of it.

“Alright Boys, Move out! Stay tight! Ford, Knight, take Lead. McCormick you stay to the interior with the Scientists. Do Not Stop Men. Our lives depend on it. Do whatever it takes to get everyone on that ship. THAT’S AN ORDER.” She yelled and they all quickly fell in line. They were on the move in the next breath.

Riley positioned herself at the rear of the unit this time. She didn’t want to take the chance of being ambushed again and she put herself in the vulnerable spot. She trusted her team to get where they needed to be. What she did not trust was this simulation not throwing them another curve ball. She needed to get ahead of it, and she had a risky plan to do so.

After a few moments, Riley slipped away un-noticed by her unit and headed off into the forest alone.


Unit Moved as fast they could through the forest. They followed all the markers they had set in the beginning so they could easily find their way back. It was eerily quiet however, and it was making everyone very uneasy. The scientists were uneasy because they had no idea what was going on. The Unit was uneasy because they expected an attack at any moment.

Then an unexpected blasting sound broke the silence, but it was some distance away. The Unit did not stop, and an attack never came as they expected it to.

Within 15 minutes they finally broke through into the clearing where the ship had landed. The clearing was littered with the broken and mangled bits of those alien cyborgs along with several still intact ones. The clearing was a small battle field with both the cyborgs and the units assigned to protect the ship attacking one another.

Again Riley’s unit did not stop or hesitate. They made a straight line for the ship; blasting away any cyborgs that got in their way. When they finally made it to the Cargo bay doors, they rushed all the scientists inside.

“Welcome Back Unit 3112” one of the commanders on board the ship said as the sound of the engines could be heard firing up. “Umm, where is Master Sergeant Cavill?”

The Unit looked around in utter confusion. Apparently no one had noticed their leader was not with them. Then right on cue, a blast across the clearing caught their attention. A lone figure was racing across the clearing followed by a rather sizable group of alien cyborgs.


Riley Cavill ran as fast as her feet could move her. Just up ahead was the ship and she could clearly see it was just minutes away from taking off. She pushed herself harder jumping over bodies and dodging shoots from behind her. Her risky plan to find and distract the alien cyborgs had apparently worked as she could see the members of her unit currently watching her from the ship.

She reached the ship just as the engines lifted off the ground and a cloud of dust filled the air. With grunt she leaped off her feet and landed on the ramp leading up to the cargo bay. Several hands then reached down and pulled her safely aboard. She quickly rolled onto her back as she heard the sound of the cargo bay doors closing. Several faces appeared and looked down at her in shock.

“Is everyone accounted for?” she asked breathlessly. Suddenly a small loading icon appeared at the bottom of her vision. It was letting her know that the simulation was about to end.

“Yes, sir’ one of her unit members answered.

“ooorahhh!” she exclaimed as her vision went black.
Riley Cavill

Riley Cavill saluted the Captain as he dismissed them all. She turned on her heels knowing that her team would still be in formation until she gave them the go to prepare for the simulation. She was not prone to speeches, but in this case she wanted to give her unit a few words of confidence before probably the hardest simulation they will ever go through. Sure they had been through the maximum reality setting before, but no one likes a test.

“Listen Up, this will no doubt be one of the hardest things you will ever do.” The thought of leaving Earth forever came to her mind as the hardest, but she continued. “If you find yourself doubting you can go on, just remember how far you have come. Remember all the fears you have already overcome. The Body always follows the Mind. Take another step. Show the Captain you have stones bigger than a Martian Bull and WE ARE NOTHING BUT THE BEST!”

“NOTHING BUT THE BEST!” The Unit all shouted in unison as Lt. Harrison walked up to Riley. Then Right on cue an alarm sounded letting the team know that their training dome was free.

“Helmets On MEN!” Riley said with massive grin as she looked over to Lt. Harrison who raised an eyebrow at her.


Riley and her team entered the simulation with ease. She was always the first to enter and would be the last to exit. The few seconds of pitch black always unnerved her. It reminded her of a time she had to hide in a crate to escape a particularly hostile territory back on Earth.

The simulation loaded and they found themselves in a familiar landscape. Though it would be laid out differently than any location they had trained in before. It was the machines way of making it more real. The jungle before them was massive and dense. Its humidity was so oppressive that they were all sweating before they even took one step. They were also standing at the base of what looked like some sort of Alien Ruins. There were three scientists gathering what looked to be their important equipment rather quickly.

“We are ready to head out Major” One of the scientists said with a bit of a stutter in his speech. He must be afraid of something. Whatever it was had them all spooked already. That made the situation more dangerous and would make it harder to control.

Riley nodded and signaled to her men to get into their usual formation. She didn’t need to tell them where to go, they just did. During their first year together she had let them hash out their own pecking order since they were all of a similar rank. It changed from time to time though, just as she noticed it had now. The two notable changes were Knight and McCormick. Knight having been embarrassed earlier this morning had been given the rear post. It was the most dangerous position to take in the case of ambushes from behind. However, it could be the most rewarding if he managed to warn the unit before being attacked. Her unit was cleaver that way. Pay your due and reap the benefits. McCormick had not embarrassed himself. In fact last simulation he single-handedly took down six attackers without even breaking sweat. Obviously that had garnished him major brownie points. He stood slightly back from her and in front the small group of scientists. Riley took point but she relied on McCormick to keep the formation tight and the payload secure.

“Move out” Riley ordered as she moved just slightly ahead of the unit. She was scouting an appropriate route for them to take back to the ship she instinctively knew was waiting for them. Luck would have it that she also suddenly knew the path they had originally taken to get here. She decided that was how they were going to travel back.

They had covered nearly a mile in silence when Riley noticed something amiss. Riley signaled the group to come to a stop as she accessed the situation. That’s when they suddenly come under fire. Blasts of blue energy soared past them in high volume hitting trees and other vegetation.

“Get to higher ground” Riley ordered as she remembered the small slant they had traversed down just moments before. Yes, it was heading back the way they had come but the higher ground was best. Her feet moved fast and seconds later she was safely behind a fallen tree.
Their attackers then showed themselves. They were hideous looking things and Riley wasn’t sure if they were biological or mechanical. They were in fact humanoid, but with a third eye in the center of their foreheads and instead of one of their hands there was what looked like a massive pulse weapon.

Riley counted 4 of them. However, one of her men took one down with a shoot to the head. Vile looking goo exploded in every direction. The Just like the corks of wine bottles her united popped the last three remaining hostiles.

Riley let out a short breath just as the crackling of her radio com got her attention. She pulled it out to listen.

“All units return to the…” began the voice of an unfamiliar female, then there was sound of shots being fired. The com fizzed out for a moment. “I repeat. We cannot stay much longer” there was more fizz and then the com went silent.

They were now under a time crunch and the worst part was that they had no idea exactly how long they had.

“Umm, Top?” one of her men said getting her attention.

Riley looked over to him and noticed for the first time that one of her men had been shot in the leg. He was now bleeding and looked whiter than a ghost.

“Fuck” was all she could say.
Riley Cavill

Riley Cavill walked with purpose as she headed through the barracks level of the military complex. Most of the non Officer soldiers lived in groupings of individual rooms with a shared common area, nicknamed Bunkers. Each unit had a Bunker of their own to promote camaraderie. On her first day, Riley had been surprised that she would not be sharing a Bunker with her unit but instead sharing one with other Unit leaders of similar rank. However, she spent a good portion of her time with her unit anyway.

The first year had been a bit awkward and stiff within her unit. Three of the six members of her unit are Martian and they had not been too keen on having a Fed being their Unit leader. Nor were the two Feds in the Unit keen on working with Martians. Then there was the odd man out from the Nagasaki Conglomerate. Again, it was all that Nationalist bullshit that was making things difficult. Things mellowed out however, as they went on away missions and were forced to see each other every day. Sure there were still some tensions but that was to be expected. Riley had also made it clear that she wanted nothing but the best for her unit no matter their nationality.

Riley did not nor ever wanted to be more than what she was. She sometimes found officers to be a bit stiff and back on Earth too many of them refused to get their hands dirty. That was less so from the Martian officers that she had seen over the last five years. However, that had not changed her mind. She was perfectly content where she was, even though both her brothers were Officers.

Finally Riley entered the Bunker and saw that her team was already up. A group was playing a dice game at the common table and another one was chatting while they cleaned some of their equipment. They stopped what they were doing the moment she entered the room and got to their feet. They gathered in the center of the Bunker in single file line and saluted her once before placing their arms at their backs.

“Good Morning Ladies!” Riley said with a stern face even though she found the quip to be humorous. It was just by coincidence that everyone in this unit was male. Then just as she noticed that one of the team was missing, he walked out of his room. The “oh shit” look on his face was priceless as he took his place in line.

“How nice of you to join us, Knight. I trust you got enough beauty sleep?” Riley said walking over to him in line and got in his face.

“YES, SIR” Knight’s voice cracked ever so slightly as he answered. He knew he was going to get punished with all the crappy jobs that day.

“Alright, you have three minutes to put on your big girl panties. GO!”

Even though Riley and her team had been the first to arrive at the training deck, she did not have them jump right into the simulators. She had her team warm up with several actual exercises, including the obstacle course, hand to hand practice, and even target practice in one of the firing ranges.

Riley believed that although Simulators were a fantastic tool, they were no comparison to actually being on the ground. There was just something in the back of the mind that told you it wasn’t real. She wanted her unit to actually feel exhaustion and push themselves farther than any simulation could. The Simulators were simply there to run scenarios so they would be prepared for any outcome. However, on multiple occasions she had told the programmers to make whatever scenario they were in that day to be unbeatable. At first it had brought down Moral, but eventually those failures only pushed her team to be better. No one likes losing, but it was reality they all had to face.
It was when her unit was next in line to enter the simulators when Captain Lopez appeared on the training deck.

"ATTENTION! CAPTAIN ON DECK!" yelled Lieutenant Harrison who had been watching the training up until that moment. Riley got into formation with her unit not far from the Captain and the Lieutenant.

"At ease people," Captain Lopez said allowing them all to relax.

Then the Captain and his Lieutenant began to speak to one another. Riley could not help but over hear them speak her name. She cracked a small grin, but it disappeared as Captain Lopez looked her way.

"Master Sergeant Cavill. Do you believe in your team's ability to perform in potentially hazardous or hostile environment at the best of their abilities?" Captain Lopez asked her directly.

“Yes, Sir” She answered sternly and confidently.
Riley Cavill

Riley Cavill groaned groggily. She shifted ever so slightly and ended up kicking both the blankets off her legs and an empty whiskey bottle off her bed. The sound of the breaking glass actually made her open her eyes. It took her a moment to realize where she was. Five years had not been long enough to get used to the fact that she was on a massive space colony in the middle of nowhere in the vastness of the universe. As old world as it sounded, she had never been into space before she had been accepted into the Genesis project.

She lingered a few more moments, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Then the small console next to her bed began to flash and beep annoyingly. With a heavy sigh she sat up, and reached for it. The bright light of the screen in her dark room made her squint.

“Lights On” she said and the lights immediately did she asked.

She returned her attention the console and realized that she was receiving a call from her superior officer, Lieutenant Harrison. She quickly pressed that the answer call button on the screen; not paying any attention to the fact her hair was disheveled and she was still in bed. She didn’t want to make him wait any longer than she already had.

“Sir!” She said the moment he appeared on her screen.

“Morning, Master Sergeant,” he paused for moment apparently amused at her appearance. “Have your team up and ready on that new training module ASAP”

“Yes Sir!” Riley said without question even though she obviously had some. Her small team had begun the training already but she had the assumption that it would not be implemented for a while. Apparently, there was something she didn’t know yet. It was not her place to question. She figured she would know if she needed to. Though she knew her team would be agitated by the upped time table.

“Master Sergeant, I expect nothing but the best” Lieutenant Harrison said with a smile before ending the call.
Riley let out a deep breath and then rolled out of bed. She liked Lieutenant Harrison. He was one of the few Martians that didn’t treat her like some dirty Fed. She got a different feeling about Captain Lopez. She had never really understood the whole nationalist mentality, especially now. Humanity was all that mattered.

After stumbling over to the coffee maker to make a cup she got into her wardrobe to pull out a crisp uniform. She laid it out on her bed before heading into the bathroom to freshen up. 25 minutes later she had on her uniform and that cup of coffee in her hands. She took a sip and grimaced. She looked around and then dug into a few of her drawers. Once she found what she was looking for she returned to her coffee cup and poured a shot of whisky into it. She took a sip and sighed. After she finished her cup she headed out to wake her team and get the day’s training started.
@Fuzzybootz One does not apply to the Genesis Project, one is chosen. Though it is possible I suppose that some people put their names into a hat.


Last one everybody :P

Prologue ends today.

She could have basically had her brothers put in a good word for her.

Here Is my CS. let me know what you think. Im trying to stay away from a Mary Sue.@Sep
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