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2 yrs ago
Current I have returned, but I am not super active. Mostly because I am not seeing too many interesting threads. Will only play in small group as big groups get messy real quick.
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3 yrs ago
Gonna have to step away from playing for a while. Its a bummer but I just dont have the focus.
3 yrs ago
Thinking of starting a new Advanced small group adventure after the new year.....
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4 yrs ago
... waiting for my Character profile to be excepted....
4 yrs ago
Would like to jump right into something....


I am a 30 something from California who enjoys all Nerdy things.

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Sep 3 yrs ago
Kinda similar to what I had in mind... but different. That'd be too collab intensive.
Sep 3 yrs ago
I'm actually considering retrofitting NTB and bringing it back. The wikia still exists.
Sep 3 yrs ago
Yesssss, Haaaaaai.

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